Did you know it ? 5 facts about the vagina ! by d_velvet_rooms

Most men think they know absolutely everything about sexuality… of course, this is often not the case!

Today, I would like talk to you about the vagina and explain 5 facts that could change your vision of your sexual relations and the importance of treating your partner’s little “apricot” well and handle it in an intelligent and sensitive way.


1- You are what you eat !

A healthy vagina has a smell (which is not supposed to sting your eyes or throat!).

An infection can intensify this smell and make you disgusted to happily „go down there“ with your tongue. Vaginal odour is influenced by diet.

Did you know that, for example, eating a lot of sweet and sweet fruits (such as pineapple or peach) makes the smell and taste of the vagina less harsh, even sweet?

On the contrary, vegetables such as cabbage or asparagus will make the vagina more acidic and much less tasty.


2- The size of the vagina can double when a woman is excited !

The shape and size of the vagina varies for all women.

Some are really small, with very short channels while others are much longer. If the average size of a vagina varies between 7 and 10 centimetres, once dilated by excitement this size can easily double.

Make sure your partner is well moist to facilitate penetration, especially if it is narrow. You will then go much deeper and she will feel much more comfortable!


3- Sexual intercourse maintains the good health and youthfulness of the vagina… 

Like all other muscles in the body, the vagina needs exercise to avoid becoming too weak.

During long periods of abstinence, especially during menopause or as age progresses, internal tissues deteriorate.

A regular practice of sex helps the vagina to keep in shape!


4- Vaginal secretions contain a component found in the liver of sharks.

By subjecting vaginal secretions to a microscopic study, scientists noted the presence of a residue called squalene that is found in some plants but also in the liver of sharks.

Squalene is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products because it softens the skin without making it oily. In women, this substance helps to keep lubricated and healthy tissues!


5- The vagina is self-cleaning !

A vagina is designed to clean itself automatically.

This means that rinsing it too long and too often is not necessary… it is even contraindicated, causing droughts and irritations. Make sure your partner washes with a neutral PH soap, so as not to damage her little “apricot”!

After menstruation, the vagina cleans itself and this process continues throughout the cycle.


I hope I’ve taught you a few new things, my dear Gentleman! 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms



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Not easy to make it as an Escort in Switzerland … by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my dear readers! 🙂

This morning, I received an unexpected WhatsApp message from one of the Velvet Model : Nadia .

Here is what she wrote me:

” Good morning Janet . Sorry is not for me here ! Really I’ m sorry!

The key is in the right side from the door!

Thx for all you are nice person and i m sorry because I go like this …but i was shame to tell you!

I wish all the best for you ! You are great amd good person! Thank you. “

Many girls in this industry want to come to Switzerland because they “heard” that Switzerland is good for work…

The reality is sometimes a little bit different from what they may have dreamed.

Indeed, in Switzerland (at least in the German part of the country), establishing a clientele takes time. Swiss men are generous but picky at the same time. They spend their money very carefully and will often prefer to go for a sure value (an Escort they already know, or who speaks their language or who has been around for a while or who has wonderful reviews) instead of taking any risk and giving it a “try” with a girl new on the market.

Some ladies will be very successful in Switzerland, from day 1. For some others, they will have to learn to be a bit patient… to give enough time to the Gentlemen out there to find them !

I will sincerely regret Nadia who left Switzerland after only a week. She was a lovely person.

Cheers from Janet


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Member Area : why you should register. by d_velvet_rooms

Hello All !

Since the beginning of the week, you’ve probably noticed the Member Area on the top right side of TheVelvetRooms website.

They are already 79 members since that area has been created and I am planning to make it very special in the future, as I never run out of ideas!

For now, here is what that Member Area allows you to do :

* Discover additional pictures of our Models in a private Gallery (a few of them don’t have pictures yet in that section but no worries, I am working on that)

* Listen to the interviews of our Models (2 Minutes with…). Before, the interviews were accessible to everybody. As I think they are something special, I decided to limit the access to Members only. Some new interviews are coming soon !

* Watch the short videos of our Models.

* Leave reviews about the Models you met. Reviews can be read by everybody but can only be written by those who are Members.

Being a Member is easy, quick and free of charge! Register now! 😉


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Kitty : from Guest to Exclusive Model ! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Yesterday, I was announced by KITTY  that she wanted to move from the Guest Model category to the Exclusive Model category.

Being a Velvet Model for over 18 months now, Kitty chose to be a Guest Model and did not feel ready to move into the other category. In case you don’t know, there is a little difference between the Guest Models and the Exclusive Models. I invite you to have a look at our homepage to understand the difference between those two categories.

Being an Exclusive Model also means that Kitty will now only be available at TheVelvetRooms’ locations and nowhere else! Which is making her even more special… :-).  It also means that TheVelvetRooms guarantees her a place to work based on her availabilities.

Last but not least, as an Exclusive Model, Kitty is now one of the Model you can enjoy the Velvet Bonus with !

You don’t know the Velvet Bonus yet ? Have a look here : The Velvet Bonus .

Kitty is one of our best Swiss Escort companion at TheVelvetRooms. She is the whole package any man will dream of : young, very beautiful, super friendly and very sensual and sexual…

You don’t know her yet? What are you waiting for ? 😉


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Emma and Charlotte stepped out … by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody !

Last week, I had to say Goodbye to two Models : the Guest Model, Emma and the Exclusive Model Charlotte.

After one year at TheVelvetRooms, (TVR) we had to separate from the Model Emma as the communication and the relation between TVR and her was no longer was it used to be… We wish Emma all the best, of course !

Charlotte used to be an Exclusive Model at TVR but was never able to be here on a very regular basis. Indeed, Exclusive Models at TheVelvetRooms are expected to be present at least 8 weeks within a year calendar. Charlotte had little availability and therefore, could not continue with us.

They are more and more Models coming at TheVelvetRooms and only those matching the rules and criteria are welcome to stay.

Next month, new Girls are arriving at TheVelvetRooms and I can’t wait to introduce them to you ! 😉


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Jasmine is back with a new hairstyle and new pictures ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Everybody!

Jasmine is back ! Have you noticed her new style?  She is now blond and sexier than ever! 🙂

I’ve just uploaded a few pictures of the photo shooting we had yesterday .

Have a look at them !

Next week, I will add some exclusive pictures of her in the private Gallery of her profile (only accessible o Registered Members).

She will be the whole week in Schindellegi-Feusisberg and next week for the very first time in the city center of Zurich .

Tall like a Top-Model, Jasmine is also an adorable young woman . Don’t miss her! 😉


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Tips for men : 12 things you should never accept from an Escort ! by d_velvet_rooms

Before accepting to see a client, an Escort usually expects him to meet a few basic requirements which are for her very important as they increase the chances to spend a great moment with her guest. Many things which seem insignificant to you (being vulgar on the phone, arrasing her by calling 50 times in a row or refusing to shower once at her place…)  could make that Escort not want to see you at all/again.

But it takes tow to tango !

Indeed, in order to spend an enjoyable time with your chosen Escort, an active cooperation is needed from both parts. She has the right to choose whom she wants to spend time with but YOU, as a client, also have the right to have expectations and to be as demanding as she is. It is about her time, that’s true. But it is also about your money, right? So, be picky ! There are many Escorts out there, why would you accept the unacceptable ? Don’t settle for less and discover here below what as an Client of Escorts, you should not accept :


1- Standing too long in front of the door

You have an appointment at 2pm with that Escort in Zug, you are on time but the lady does not answer the phone or does not open the door within 7 minutes following your first call ? Just leave. No matter what, do not wait more than 10 minutes. It can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing to stand in front of a door which is remaining closed for some unknown reasons although an appointment has been confirmed. Why would you accept to look like an idiot in front of a closed door ?


2- Service and price don’t match !

Too many Escorts think they can just play around with clients the way they want to, especially when they look extremely attractive. Statistically, the more attractive they are (physically I mean), the less special is their service. Of course, they are always exceptions but most of the time it is like this. So, make sure to agree on the price before going to see her. If once in the room she is asking for more or not providing the service she advertised for, just pay her what you both agreed on, leave and never come back. Why would you come back just to look at a nicely warpped present which is empty inside?


3- No shower facilities at her Incall place

Seriously? Are you seriously going to pay 300 CHF an hour to spend some intimacy in a room which has no shower facilities? Do you think it is cool to go back to your office and have your colleagues telling you that you smell strange… ? Please Gentlemen, said no to that! Before confirming your appointment, ask the girl if you can shower at her permises, on your arrival and before your departure. If the answer is no , forget it ! No matter how beautiful she can be. In this kind of business, you should not mess with hygiene !


4- Answering the phone or texting while being with you

Unless we are talking about a very urgent call, there is absolutly no reason why an Escort would give her attention to anything else or anyone else but you ! That’s your time you paid for and her main focus should be only YOU. If this happens to you, tell her kindly to put her phone on silence as it is disturbing you. Answering the phone or texting  in front of you is not acceptable, disrespectful and unprofessional. Why would you accept your hard-earned money to be treated like that? No way!


5- Vulgarity and agressiveness

This applies for both parties, of course. Escorts often blame men for being rude on the phone or via text messages when contacting them. Well, they are some girls who are like that too. Within the first seconds on the phone, you can feel their agressiveness, their crude words. You haven’t met them yet but they already seem to be unfriendly and nasty. As long as you are kind and polite on the phone, you should expect the same from the Escort you want to visit and a short phone call can sometimes tell you a lot about the kind of companionship you may experience. Do not let an Escort talk to you like if you were a piece of shit as believe me, she will never accept to be talked like that either!


6- Fake pictures !

This has been a reccuring theme in this blog and I’ve already written a lot about that topic… But it is a real problematic in the sex industry. Over 80% of sex workers advertise their services while using stolen pictures. The girl opening you the door is completely different from the pictures she uses to work? Tell her kindly why you can’t stay and why you will not pay her. By cheating, one cannot win every time : hopefully she will learn the lesson !

At TheVelvetRooms, I guarantee that 100% of our Ladys look exactly like in their pictures and 70% of them have been photographed by our photographer. So, no bad surprises when it comes to meet one of our Velvet Models.


7- Asking you personal questions

Experienced Escort Girls will know how to lead an interesting conversation without being intrusive. Unless you start talking about it, she should not ask you any personal questions such as : „Are you married ? Do you have kids? Where do you work?“ She does not need to know anything about you if you don’t wish to, and the same applies to you towards her.


8- Strange smell in the room…

You are stepping in her apartment and it smells strange… Fried chicken/Mc Donald’s smell ? Smell of moisture ? Stale smell ? Why she can’t open the window to freshen up the room before your arrival and use some candles or airspray to have you feel comfortabe within the first minutes of your arrival ? If the smell of her room annoys you, kindly ask her to open the window. These little details are often much more important than they seem…


9- Dirty sheets and towels

At TheVelvetRooms, towels and bedsheets are being changed systematically. A clean towel (sometimes even two) will be always given to our guests.

Do you know that at many locations, bedsheets, pillow cases and towels are not regularly washed? Yes… ! I know, it is disgusting… But some girls don’t care about the hygiene of their work environment. They will have you lay on dirty bedsheets and they will not give you a fresh towel to use after your shower. No, they will give you a towel which has already been used three or four times by other clients (to save time and money or because they are too lazy to do the laundry)… I am not kidding. It happends very often. So, a little advice from me : pay attention to these details and be demanding. I am going to say it once again : an Escort who is enable to provide a clean Incall environement for her clients does not worth the price she is asking for. Keep that in mind Gentlemen !


10- Calling you each time she is in town…

Some guests like to be informed when their favorite Escort is back in town. The most discreet Escorts will let you know by contacting you discreetly via SMS or Email. Stay away from those calling you a bit too much, leaving you voice messages on Whatsapp to ask you when you want to come… No, no, no !

The first quality of an Escort should be to be „discreet“ and avoiding to annoy their clients with such messages (unless they have been allowed to do so). You don’t want your wife or your colleagues to accidently find out these kind of messages in your phone. If you wish to keep track on your favorite Escort, simply look at her website and see when she will be back in town. If she has no website, ask her when she is planning to return and tell her that you prefer to contact her when she will be back rather than having her contacting you. Tell her that you don’t want to receive any calls or any text messages until you contact her.


11- No basics in the room !

The location is kind of dubious, once inside, her place looks messy… and on top oft hat, there are no toilet paper in the restroom, no mouthwash and no shower gel in the bathroom, no tissue paper to clean your fingers and your „best friend“ after the service? WTF ???


12- Pressuring you to leave

Many Swiss Escorts are simply low class. They will do anything for money and won’t care about the rest. They will not care about making you feel good around them. No, they will trick the time, make you ejaculate as quickly as possible, then tell something like this : „Time is over now, you’ve already come once. Now you have to go because I have another client coming in 5 minutes.“  No, I am not exaggerating: that’s the kind of service you will get in the vast majority of times…


Gentlemen, don’t get trapped by a pretty face! Do your homework first and take the time to choose properly your Escort encounter. Cherish your hard-earned money by being demanding with yourself and with what you get !

At TheVelvetRooms we are really doing our best to „keep our heels and standards high“ ,to create the best environment possible which enables our Models and their clients to truly bond and enjoy their time together, going way beyond a simple cash transaction…

Why?  Because it takes two to tango ! 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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4 ideas to make love without penetration! by d_velvet_rooms

Intimate caresses can bring a lot of pleasure to the woman and can go as far as orgasm, without necessarily intra-vaginal penetration.

Stimulation of erogenous areas, such as the clitoris, by the man’s hands or mouth can lead to sexual pleasure and increase desire.

The purpose of these preliminary strokes is to lubricate the woman’s vulva and vagina.

And for you men, it is also possible to get a lot of pleasure without being inside your partner. Here is how:


The foreplay

Make the foreplay (kissing, touching, masturbating) last until you reach orgasm and refrain from taking the next step!


Rubbing and flirty-flirty

The man comes and goes between his partner’s thighs without ever penetrating her vagina.


The Karezza method

This method invites the partners to snuggle up and caress each other for a long time. Also called “Caressotherapy” it has many followers around the world!


The Cybersex

Cybersex gives two partners the opportunity to have sex at the same time through interposed screens.


You’re craving to see an Escort but this exciting idea makes you feel guilty?

Why not getting around that problem ? Just stick to the 4 ideas above !  😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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March 8th : A fight for women’s rights! by d_velvet_rooms

Every year for more than 100 years, we have dedicated a day for equality (economic, political and legal) of sex and gender. A day of solidarity for women around the world.

Because some of the rights that we thought we had acquired are being questioned, but also because new demands are emerging, The International Women’s Rights Day, which is celebrated on March 8th, is still a hot topic today.

On this very special day, I wish to all women around the world to continue their struggle, OUR struggle towards universal recognition of our rights!



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Congratulations ! Two of our VelvetModels became first-time home buyer ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gent !

I hope this message finds you well on this March, 7th ! 🙂

Early this week, two of the Velvet Models told me that February 2019 was a special month for them.

Indeed, both of them purchased a property in their own country. One of them invested in a nice two bedrooms apartment in the city center of the big polish city she is originally from and the other one

bought a multiplex property in Spain.

I was very happy to hear these kind of news and to see that the money they earn thanks to you Gentleman is not spent in buying useless things like Louis Vuitton bags or Louboutin shoes…

The VelvetModels are not only beautiful Escorts but they are also down to earth and on average smarter than most of the girls in this industry.

They know why they do what they do and they have very clear goals to reach. This is what makes them so special !

Thanks for supporting them Gentleman ! All this would not be possible without you ! Thanks for being there!

Big hugs from Janet




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