Angelina : a Newbie who is getting more and more popular… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

I am receiving more and more emails from you Gentlemen and I wanted to tell you that I love it! I love to see that you are devoting time to write me the positive but also the negative feedbacks about everything related to TheVelvetRooms. This shows that you care and for me, it means a lot and it will help me to shape this VelvetRooms each day a little bit closer to what YOU, my dear readers are expecting from it be.

Thanks for your support! 🙂

Yesterday, I received a great feedback (see picture above, sorry but this is the original message written in German) from a friendly and very polite man who wanted to share with me the positive experience he had yesterday in the company of the young and charming Angelina.

There are currently 5 Escorts at TheVelvetRooms who are constantly giving an outstanding service that leaves Gentlemen wanted to come for more: Angelina is one of them. She worths the time and the money and despite her young age she feels very comfortable in the company of older men with whom she can easily hold any conversation.

You can’t see her in Unterägeri this week? Well, she will be in Küsnacht (Zurich area) next week !

Catch her if you can… 😉


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7 reasons why you should call and not text/Whatsapp by d_velvet_rooms

Have you ever tried to book an escort and once on the phone, she suddenly hung up the phone and texted you immediately after via SMS or WhatsApp messages , as if she wanted to avoid any kind of conversation ?

In this article, I will be talking exclusively about the escort who systematically communicates via text messages and deliberately never responds to a client when he is trying to call her.

I always wondered why independent escorts often try to pretend to be independent. Maybe because gents who know how to treat an escort are also those who know how to treat a woman. From their booking to their last goodbye kiss, those gentlemen represent the perfect dates: polite, gentle, on time, generous, friendly and respectful. All escorts dream of meeting only these kinds of clients who tend to prefer the company of real independent ladies. Usually, men willing to spend 1000 CHF for the company of a gorgeous lady will go for an established agency or seek a lady who is in total command of her skills; not pressured by anything or anybody. Gentlemen looking for an experience rather than just sexual intercourse will skip the Swiss brothels or the sex clubs to go for something more private, more discreet, more upscale.

In some countries, like the United States, men are used to contacting exclusive independent companions by email only. Phone conversations before an appointment are not very common or mandatory, not for the very first contact, at least.

In Canada for example, it is common for escorts to share both : their phone number and their email address, giving the potential client more options to contact them.

In Europe, it works slightly differently… in several countries, including Switzerland, independent sex providers will be reachable essentially by phone; and thus, calling one of them before a booking is strongly recommended to make sure that you are really dealing with an independent  lady.

The thing is that, often, these gorgeous ladies advertise as if they were independent but, a short phone call can quickly make one reconsider that idea…

Are you wondering why some “independent escorts” refuse to answer when you are calling for an appointment ? Here is why:


1- She does not speak the language well (or not at all)

Her advertising says she grew up in England but apparently…she did not. She seems to be using Google translator systematically, even for basic communications.


2- She is not a real independent escort 

Many agencies present the girls working for them as independents but they are actually employees of the agency which takes a cut (%) of the money they make. The agency will then answer the phone for them, manage their bookings, etc… These girls usually have no contact with their clients before the final meeting. A real independent escort will pick up the phone herself and manage her appointments and choose who she wants to spend time with or not.

They are only two reasons why an independent escort would not answer the phone herself :

* She is very popular and busy, and she has hired a personal assistant, to organize her schedule (yes, that kind of very upscale escort exists !)


* The girl is very shy, lacks self-confidence and for some personal reasons, picking up the phone scares her. She would then rather have someone manage her bookings (like the Velvet ladies who are part of Janet’s Models)


3- She does not want to “small talk” with you

Well, an escort who wants to keep communications to a strict minimum, without questioning or caring about what YOU (the guest) are looking for is probably a date to avoid… Minimum communication often leads to minimum service or no service at all.


4- The girl has an accent… 

Unless one is really bilingual, speaking a foreign language with no accent is not something very common. Some escorts will pretend to be Italian for example and will speak the language with a very strong accent that does not sound Italian at all… On the phone, it is not something one can easily hide. But why lie ? Not talking to you is a way of making sure that you don’t know where she is from until you finally meet… Is that the proper way to interact with a gentlemen ? I think not.


5- She has a very special (strange) voice

Many of us women, dislike listening to our own voice because we simply can’t stand it.  So, when this voice has something particular/disturbing we logically try not to expose it. An escort who is ashamed of her voice because she speaks like Mickey Mouse, or because she smokes 2 packs of cigarettes daily will of course do her best to avoid speaking with you.

A voice can be a turn on, or a turn off : check it out first if it is an important criterion for you.


6- She does not host at a private location

Many low to average escorts in Switzerland who wish to become independent will copy those who succeeded as independents without ever being able to reach their level. They will advertise their locations as 100% private for a booking but the truth often has a different taste…

In Switzerland, only a few independent escorts are really working out of private locations they do not share with other sex workers.

All the others simply rent a room in an apartment with other escorts or transsexuals with whom they must unfortunately share accommodations.  In these cases, speaking with you on the phone is only possible when the place is quiet, when flat mates are not making noise…

A girl working in these conditions may be an independent escort but she is working in a brothel context which will NOT match the expectations of a gentleman like you. You deserve much better, don’t you think?


7- She hates being an Escort

TheVelvetModels are part of TheVelvetRooms because they chose this job; they enjoy it and do it because they derive pleasure and satisfaction from it.

That it is not always the case. Do you think the majority of escorts love what they do? Well, actually, they don’t. Most of them deeply hate this job and what makes them stay in this industry is the money; their pimp (some girls have someone playing such a role in their life, unfortunately); they have social or psychological problems/addictions or they have little education and never thought that one day they could change careers…

What I have realized is that, when they have no plans for the future, the longer they stay in this business, the more they hate this job. So, asking them to pick up the phone and be kind, spontaneous, friendly to clients or potential clients is very complicated for such ladies. They know about their bad habits, their aggressiveness and lack of patience towards clients and therefore,  prefer not answering the phone at all.


Gentlemen, take my advice, a quick phone call rather than an SMS/Whatsapp message will help first impressions; make the right decision to book a lady or not. Trust your instinct: intuition does not lie.


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 


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FLAVIA : a long break needed, for personal reasons by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Readers,

Flavia is one of our best Escorts at TheVelvetRooms. She does not only provides a good service but she is also a very smart lady with her head on her shoulder and a great personality. If all the girls could be like her, running TheVelvetRooms would be a piece of cake!  She is way much above the average typical Escort and I think the Gentlemen who saw her can only confirm my words.

A few days ago, Flavia contacted me to confess that she had to leave Europe for a while and return to her native country because a close relative of her is currently seek and going through a hard time. That person needs assistance, care but above all, a strong moral support to deal with the disease she has. Flavia has flown to Brasil to be there for that person and she does not know yet how long her presence in South America will be needed. Therefore, she cancelled all her trips to Switzerland for now but will be back. She simply does not know when exactly.

Flavia was scheduled to be in Opfikon (by Zurich Airport) starting from May, 6th. She already had a few pre-bookings (as I said, this girl is popular and appreciated by TheVelvet Guests) which under the circumstances mentioned above, had to be cancelled.

I wanted to apologize towards the people who were planning to see Flavia next week, including the Gentlemen who wrote me to book an appointment with Flavia in advance. I did not response to all of them yet has I knew I would have published a message in this blog before the end of the week. However, they can expect an answer from me anytime soon.

Let’s not be sad! Flavia will be back and in the meantime we wish her and her family, only the best!

Gentlemen, I will inform you as soon as this princess is back to Switzerland !  😉

Have a lovely Sunday!

Hugs from Janet

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ADDA : New at TheVelvetRooms ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my lovely People !

Adda has just started today at TheVelvetRooms ! When she came to my office to introduce herself a few days ago, she gave me a very good impression

and I did not wait any longer to have her join TheVelvetRooms. I have a good feeling about that girl and I hope you will get the chance to meet her soon!

I’ve uploaded her pictures this afternoon. They are very fresh, genuine and recent as they have been taken on April, 24th, 2019, here in Switzerland, by TheVelvetRooms (thanks a lot to our new photographer!).

Enjoy over 15 pictures of her and 12 more are displayed in the Member area, only visible to those who are Velvet Members.

I will try to see if we can record an interview soon. This young beauty has a pretty voice and a lot to say! 🙂



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Chocolate: women’s favorite aphrodisiac? by d_velvet_rooms

You may have already read or heard it somewhere… Chocolate has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac prized by women because it seems to boost our mood, make us happy and stimulate our sexual desire.

On this Easter weekend, few people will not resist chocolate, whether it is white, milk or 100% cocoa!

But what is the difference between these three types of chocolates? Do they all have exciting virtues?


The different variations of chocolates

Did you know that?

White chocolate includes milk, sugar and sometimes flavors but does not contain cocoa. It is made exclusively from cacao butter.

Milk chocolate contains at least 25% cocoa. It is less fat than dark chocolate but sweeter.

Dark chocolate, also known as “bitter chocolate”, must contain at least 35% cocoa and 18% cocoa butter to deserve its name.

The first two families of chocolates contain twice as many simple sugars as dark chocolate and should therefore be consumed occasionally.

As for dark chocolate, rich in fiber, it has undeniable nutritional advantages!


The benefits of dark chocolate

Cocoa is naturally composed of polyphenols. These are antioxidant properties that help to fight stress in the body’s cells and help to limit the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

The more cocoa a dark chocolate has, the more polyphenols it contains.

Dark chocolate is also an important source of magnesium that helps to fight fatigue, stress and anxiety. The more concentrated the cocoa is, the more positively it influences our mood.

And as you know, Gentlemen, a woman in a good mood is often more willing to cuddle… 😉


Cocoa: women love it! 

A large majority of women who love real cocoa will tell you that after consuming it, they have a high mood, feel happy and sexually stimulated.  Why? Due to theobromine and caffeine levels that stimulate blood circulation.

In addition, phenylethylamine, also known as “pleasure hormone”, is a natural hormone found in our brain, which is also found in dark chocolate.

Phenylethylamine causes the secretion of dopamine, a hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure and which help to achieve orgasm…

Women addicted to dark chocolate would have a greater sexual appetite, more desire, more orgasms and, overall, a more fulfilling intimate life.

These surprising characteristics of dark chocolate partly explain why it is so pleasant to eat. But nothing says that a box of chocolates will suffice to spice up your evenings to make them unforgettable… so Gentlemen, never stop doing your best to please women! 😉

I wish you all my dear readers, Happy Easter holidays!


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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Fake pictures : Gentlemen, wake up ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone !


I was not supposed to post anything today but a girl who contacted me last November just Whatsapped me again an hour ago to tell me that she was looking for a place to work at starting from April, 29th.

I scrolled the chat exchanges with had last year (and remembered our phone conversation as well) and told her that I could consider her joining TheVelvetRooms if she was now willing to work with her own a real pictures.

Her reaction? Look at the picture above this text please (I know, it is in Italian…but maybe you understand a bit) ! She basically told me that she has been working very well with her fake pictures and that she does not see the big deal to use someone else photographs to earn money in this industry.

Dear Readers, you must know me by now : that’s exactly what’s against my principles. This way of thinking goes against TheVelvetRooms ethics. Girls in this business think that it is OK to lie and trick men to get what they want (your money) and then complain oft he rude attitude of some of them…. It could be similar to stealing money from you as this women will then ask you to pay for something you did not come for…

Sex workers using other women pictures to work as an Escort will come up with a lot of arguments to explain their behavior and why they cannot work with their own pictures. Here are the three most common „bullshits“ they will tell you to justify why they are lying to you :


Argment 1 : „I have family at home, if I use my own pictures, they can recognized me. „

Counterargument : The face can be blurred on Escorts’ pictures. An Escort who is afraid to be recognized should choose to blur totally or partially her face (and her tattoos if she has any) but at least, the potential client can see how her REAL body looks like. Even if the face is hidded, accurate and recent pictures don’t lie and can help clients to make an informed decision.


Argument 2 : „I don’t have money to make photos.“

Counterargument : Gentlemen, don’t believe this „vanilla talk“.  Escorts in general and Independent Escorts in particular earn VERY WELL their living ! More than many lawyers, doctors or bank Managers out there. Unfortunatly many of them will spend their money as fast as they earn it. Don’t believe everything they tell you. A professional Escort photoshoot costs between 150 and 400 CHF (depending on how many pictures the Model wants) and for many of those who choose to have the shooting made in their home country, the price drops to 30% to 40% lower than in Switzerland. This being said, there is no way a photoshooting will ruin them !


Argument 3 : „ I don’t see the problem : this girl looks like me. Clients will not see the difference.“

Counterargument : That statement made me exploded ! When an Escort is saying this, you have to read between the lines and understand two things in what she believes it’s OK but which is actually NOT OK. First, the pictures she is using are pictures of a Girl who is obviously more beautiful than her. Women are constantly unsatisfied with their body. No woman will ever identify herself with another woman less beautiful than her… No way !

Second, a girl having this mind set clearly does not care about YOU, your time or your wishes. She only cares about your money. She does not care about the one thanks to whom she is actually earning her living. It is a little bit like being promised to try the last Aston Martin Vanquish and being offered a trip in a basic monospace…  Well, in many cases, I garantee you that you will experience some disappointments and you may even feel used, betrayed or simply sad.


Gentlemen, tell me, why do you keep on calling these Girls working with stolen pictures from the Internet?  Why do you allow these Escorts to play with you this way and spoil the reputation of this milieu and of the good girls wo try their best to be as fair and honest as possible with you?

Please Gentlemen, do your „homework“ before booking an Escort. I have already written two articles about that same topic (see links below) in 2018 and I hope to slowly make you become more aware and active about the problematics attached to this „fake pictures phenomenon.“

It is not something acceptable. I don’t accept it and I think that YOU Gentlemen as main concerned, you should be the first to say „NO „ to it.


At TheVelvetRooms, I meet all Models who want to join the team. They come to my office to see if we can work together or not. Therefore, I can certify that the girl in the picture ist the same as the one who came to see me at my office. It is for YOU Gentlemen a „Janet no-bullshit guarantee! „ 😉

Half of our Velvetladies had their pictures made by a photographer of TheVelvetRooms and my goal is to have them all taken by us by the end of 2020 so you guys know that all our Models at TheVelvetRooms are genuine.

Our Motto is and will always remain : „What you see is what you get !“ 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms



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Selena : her Interview available now in the Member Area ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello lovely People ! 🙂

Yesterday evening, I could record the interview of Selena and  it ended up being great !

Recording interviews is not an easy task for most of the Models as they often feel very uncomfortable and insecured when they have to listen to their own voice…but with the Selena, it worked out perfectly !

She is naturally very spontaneous and smiling.

Log in now in the Member Area and get to know Selena ! 😉

Greetings from Janet

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VelvetMembers: have a look at your Member Area ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my dear Members!

Those who are registered to our Newsletter already know that we are working hard on the Member Area to make it fun and entertaining before the end of the summer.

That area will also be used to communicate (and filter) with those we want to have in the future as VIP Members…

If you are already a Member, please, login into your Member area and answer our quick and anonymous survey which has just been published.

Your opinion is VERY important for us as we want to build and shape this homepage to YOUR image.

Thanks for trusting us, thanks for your support ! 🙂




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Candaulism : taking pleasure in watching your partner having sex with another man… by d_velvet_rooms

Candaulism has been gaining popularity lately. Is it part of your fantasy?


What is candaulism?

Candaulism is a sexual practice related to the excitement of seeing your partner exposed to the eyes of other men, or even having sex with another person. Men are excited in:

– revealing an explicit picture or pictures of his partner to others;

– watching his partner have sex with another man (or more)

In fact, this practice, which combines voyeurism and exhibitionism, is similar to swinging. However, we are not talking about an exchange of partners here.

In general, the man not directly involved in the sexual act that takes place in front of their eyes. It only gives him personal satisfaction.


The motivations

There are several motivations behind this fantasy. The man chooses to offer his partner to a third person for various reasons:

– He’s excited to see his partner having sex with another man.

– He wants to see other bodies next to his partner, especially after a few years of life as a couple.

– He wants to better observe his partner’s enjoyment.

– He is proud to “lend” his spouse

– He fulfills a homosexual fantasy by seeing another naked man in an erect state

– He gets pleasure in dominating/controlling the situation (and its protagonists)


In love and accomplice?

Don’t think that a man doesn’t love his wife while enjoying candaulism!  On the contrary, it is usually men in love who, excited to see the reaction of others in front of their partner, turn to this practice.

Often, they will show pictures of their spouse before they start the actual act.

The man plays a major role in this practice, even if he is actually only an interested observer:

– He participates in the choice of the person.

– He often develops the scenario.

– He establishes contacts with the chosen individual

– He can interrupt the relationship at any time.

– He derives great sexual satisfaction from it, in addition to fulfilling his voyeuristic desires.


The steps

The practice of candaulism cannot be improvised. The couple should:

– have excellent communication skills;

– feel sexual excitement at this opportunity;

– ensure that together they find the right person and the right place;

– determine the conditions of this adventure before even taking action;

– determine whether the experiment will be photographed or filmed;

– protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections;

– Get some feedback on the experience, evaluate its discomforts and the pleasure felt.


The risks

Of course, like any sexual practice that involves other partners, candaulism carries some risks for all participants.

The couple could experience major conflicts once the fantasy is realized, especially if the man is possessive :

– A break-up can occur if the woman and the “guest” fall in love.

– The couple’s sexual life can be transformed.

– Some resentment may develop if the woman accepts caresses or positions she previously refused (A-level, for example).

– Jealousy can undermine the relationship after the act.

– The woman may be uncomfortable with her partner if she enjoyed it more with the “guest”.

– She could be embarrassed in front of a stranger’s nudity.

– The “one night lovers” may decide to meet again, in secret.


This practice can have perverse effects. Indeed, if the woman is unsatisfied with her relationship and wishes to take a lover, her partner will open the doors of adultery wide to her, and with her “consent”.

Nevertheless, many followers report a significant improvement in their sex life, within the couple itself, as a result of this practice.

So, are you into candaulism ? 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Zoé’s interview is now available in the Member area ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my lovely readers!

Have you already registered in the Member area of our website?

If not, you should do it. I have a lot of projects coming soon to make that space, something very unique for special Guests like you ! Before the summer, you will see a few new things available only to those who have registered there…

The interviews, videos and a few pictures of our Models are also only available in that section.

Today, I have added the interview of the youngest Model of  TheVelvetRooms who is only 19 years old : Zoé.

She is currently learning English and I wanted to show you that although her language skills are a bit limited at the moment, she is full of energy, positivity and she is really doing her best to improve her English in order to better communicate with you Gentlemen. Be a Velvet Member and listen to her interview now! 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday !



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