Fancy working on a 450-Euros-Basis? by Janet

Last summer, crossing the German border, an advertisement on the window of a supermarket chain calls out to me (see the image above). Looking for staff to strengthen their team, I stood in front of this advertisement for a few minutes because I could hardly believe it… I wasn’t sure of what I was reading. So, I took a picture to give me more time to read and re-read this job offer which seemed surreal to me. Once back home, in Switzerland, I wanted to share with you Ladies this article which in the best case, will make you ponder and adjust your behavior or at least, open your eye and encourage you to alter the outlook you are having on your escort job.

What this ad really means?

For the English speakers here, who may not understand German, here is a translation of what this ad says:

“ We are looking for YOU to help us reinforce our Team on a 450- EURO-Basis. Leave your CV directly at one of our shop. We are looking forwards to hearing from you. Your Penny team in Jetstetten. “

What surprised me the most was the “retribution”. It is not clear whether it is a monthly or bi-monthly. But regarding wages in Germany, we are certainly not talking about a weekly salary here… That low pay does not allow us to believe that we are talking about a full-time job here. It is certainly a deliberate will of the company to remain vague on this essential piece of information which will motivate or not people to apply. And yet, by carefully analyzing the words (voluntarily written in bold to avoid talking about it again and telling you “we wrote it in the ad, and it is not negotiable”), we are talking here about 450-EURO -Basis. For me, it’s very clear, I know how to read between the lines, and I see the prank here, but I know that the vast majority of people, at least those targeted for this kind of “job opportunity”, may read this ad differently. But what does this intriguing wording (450-EURo-Basis) really mean? It didn’t take me long searches on the internet to find the definition of this new modern slavery. A recent article written by a researcher and published in 2021 tells us that these forms of employment called Mini-Jobs are very popular in Germany but also deepen inequalities between social classes. Here is an extract of the research paper of Regina Konle-Seild (2021) which full article (in English) is linked right below:

“Mini-jobs remain controversial in the German political landscape. The reasons to restrict or to strengthen the incentives for this peculiar employment scheme changed over time. However, there is still no political majority for its removal mainly because of its popularity among both, mini-jobbers and employers. Some political parties such as the Liberals and the Conservatives emphasise the contribution of mini-jobs to more flexibility for small- and medium-sized enterprises while others such as the Greens, the Left and the Social Democrats have called for a removal of the scheme by converting mini-jobs into employment fully covered by social insurance. Experts have also highlighted that in times of increasing labour shortages mini-jobs are a threat to securing a sustainable supply of skilled workers Mini-jobs have not stood the test in the COVID-19 crisis, either. One reason for its strong decrease since early 2020 is the fact that mini-jobbers are not eligible for the insurance-based short-time work allowance – the most important policy instrument to safeguard jobs in times of crisis in Germany” (Konle-Seild, 2021).

What are Mini-jobs exactly?

In Germany, these are part-time jobs that do not require any special skills, low paid and usually occupied by women, students, pensioners… One can have two mini-jobs simultaneously and expect to earn a maximum of 520 EUR a month brutto for 8 to 20 hours weekly work, which are tax-free, but for which you have to take out employment insurance. Another important thing to mention: Mini-jobs are not subject to pension insurance. Last but not least, Mini-jobs have flexible working hours and are very easy to find and require little to no qualification.

In other words, that’s the money you can expect to take home when you have no qualification, meaning that you are not competitive in the job market. Wages have been stagnating over the past 50 years. So, if salaries for unskilled workers are so low in 2023, how much can you expect to get in 5 to 10 years from now knowing that the cost of living won’t stop going up?

This is how many employers manage to recruit easily, at a lower cost and completely legally as these measures are being supported by the German government (the same work initiatives are spreading over other EU countries. Mini-jobs are ubiquitous and can be found in France, the Netherlands, Belgium…). And why don’t they raise wages? Well, because they have enough applicants, who do not see the trickery of these precarious jobs or who simply have no other alternatives… Yes, yes, there are many people ready to work for this salary and you know why? Because there are fewer and fewer options in the job market, in contradiction from what the media makes us believe that companies today roll out the red carpet to all  young people who want to join their company…Beware of what they say to keep you in the illusion. There is a job shortage, yes but not for everyone, not everywhere and certainly not for the best jobs on the market. Do you still follow me? In a nutshell, either you are highly skilled/highly qualified or you get the other jobs, those that cannot be automated, those badly paid. Switzerland isn’t trapped in that scenario yet, but it could eventually come. However, the EU has its two feet in it.

Any job but Sex Worker!

This is a phenomenon that has been observed in Europe for several years. Staff shortages are increasing in all sectors of activity and apparently, unemployment is low, and candidates have a choice of where and for whom they want to work. I find this media propaganda hard to believe. I know several people who have just completed their postgraduate studies and who after many months are only offered unpaid internships… Because in fact, what they avoid telling us is that what is decisive is what you studied, where you studied it and your social, economic and cultural capital. The rest matters less. It is your starting capital that will determine your future, your future work and the salary you can expect to earn. It is in fact a question of social class and no longer of meritocracy. There are of course exceptions to the rule but, very few.

The adage that there is work for everyone is partially true: yes, there is work. However, the best, most socially rewarding, highest paying and most interesting jobs are not accessible to everyone. This started in the 80’s and it will be even more so in the future. I have often heard people saying: “I would rather clean toilets than working as an Escort”. Sounds like being a Sex Worker is more degrading than cleaning public toilets. Well, the 450-Euros-Basis employee at Penny is not cleaning toilets and still does not get financially rewarded for doing that job…that gives you an idea how low salaries can go especially in certain countries of the EU (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany to only name a few) … which may ultimately make you reconsider/respect your job as an Escort and see it as a real job (and not as a hobby as many of you see it), especially if you have no education, incomplete studies and/or no clear perspective in life.

If you choose to be an Escort and do it the right way, there isn’t any average job that can make you earn what you will earn as an Escort, especially if you have no qualification. If you did not understand it yet, it’s about time. Be appreciative for what this Escort job is bringing you because anyone can end up at Penny. It does not only happen to others…

How not to end-up at 450-EUR-Basis as an Escort-Girl?

If you live in Switzerland in this economical context, you can consider yourself lucky. In this country (certainly among the few real functional democracies in the world), decency is still in order.

Did you know that 90% of the girls who work as an Escort in Switzerland comes from the European Union? The median salary of a young non-graduate in the European Union is between 800 and 1200 EUR per month (before taxes). Do you remember how many times you made that money in one day? But just because it used to be that way doesn’t mean it will always be so in the future.

To face the uncertainty that awaits us all, it is important to change your outlook on this Escort job that you have chosen to do. As an independent Escort, you’re constantly facing insecurity, competition, economic fluctuations and the fact that (for the vast majority of you) you do not pay taxes and do not contribute anything (or not much) for your retirement.

My advice for lasting and maintaining your income in this industry is: respect yourself, respect your escort job, and behave in a way that good clients will show respect towards you. As soon as you lose respect in the eyes of these clients, you will start losing money because these customers will no longer come to see you. Having trouble working as before pushes you to lower your rates to be able to meet current bills and maintain your lifestyle. In general, when prices go down, the quality of service also goes down. When the quality of service drops, you no longer do this work with fun but rather in a constraining way. When you do something against your will, drugs, alcohol, illicit substances are often necessary to keep you going, especially if you have a fragile personality (like your Escorts peers). When you are under the influence of these kinds of substances, you become controllable and easily influenced, at the mercy of any predator. Suddenly you are working in a completely different context and you attract a completely different clientele who often do not wish you well. When you are controlled mentally and/or physically abused, you are disposable. And that’s how a gentle descent into hell begins. It’s not my imagination Ladies, it’s what happens to a lot of girls in this industry, girls who are full of themselves, who have no back-up plan, burn money as fast as they earn it, take clients for granted and think they will look like Cinderella for another 20 years. One day, they wake up doing their monthly accounts, deducting their expenses and realizing they barely have earned 450-EUR-Basis…  It does not only happen to others.

Why a “bad week” is still a good one?

Before the Covid-19 tragedy, many of you at TVR used to earn over 5000 CHF a week (as take-home salary). In 2022/2023, only the best among you still hit that weekly target and a few even overstep that figure.

However, as the global economic context has taken a different turn since March 2020, it is important to understand and accept that 5000 CHF per week is no longer considered the average but the exception. Yes, we are in Switzerland but still. Even here, money does not grow in trees.

Remember that a young general practitioner in the European Union earns between 2000 and 3000 EUR net per month. So, when you earn that net amount per week for a job you have chosen to do (and more than half of you at TVR earn at least that money per week, if not more) untaxed, you have no right to complain about anything (even when you have some rare weeks below 2000 CHF ). Consider yourself privileged because today, even in Switzerland, it is not everywhere that you can earn this kind of money by working under the conditions offered by TVR. Learn to appreciate what you have, stop complaining and stop living beyond your means (unfortunately, this is a problem faced by many escorts in this industry). If it was better in your country, you wouldn’t come to Switzerland and you certainly couldn’t afford all those sunny holidays made possible thanks to your work as an independent Escort in Switzerland. So before complaining:

“Oh Janet, this week I only earned 1500 CHF (1CHF = 1 EUR) for myself. What a bad week!”,

remember that nowadays, even a bad week in this industry is actually still a good one.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Prostitution in Spain: soon to be abolished. by Janet

Haven’t you noticed the number of Spanish escort girls advertising in Switzerland? They have never been so many before and their number won’t stop growing. Have you asked yourself why?

A law that plans to abolish prostitution, bit by bit…

Well, Spain, long known for being one of the laxest countries on prostitution in Europe, now aligns itself with France and Sweden. Indeed, a voted bill accepted by a large majority in 2021 is in the process of being put in place. Have a listen to this: 

Soon, it would make it a crime to buy sex, rent a property used for sex work, help a sex worker to do her job and introduce tougher penalties for pimping – seeking to effectively end prostitution and sex trafficking by tackling demand.

The police have already started ‘cleaning up’ in parts of Spain and advertising that promotes paid sex is now banned in Spain. All websites of this kind are not shut down yet, but it seems that it is only a matter of time.

It’s clear that this measure will not penalized sex workers but basically make it extremely difficult for them to earn money and will increase illegal work and push prices down (knowing that they are already at the bottom in Spain).

One option: to seek fortune elsewhere

Many Spanish sex worker are already affected by this progressive law change and are looking for other alternatives in Europe. This is why more and more of them dare to leave to work in other European countries because in theirs, prices are very low (and are constantly falling), competition is fierce and the new law will only worsen the working conditions of those who will not have the means to travel in hope for better earnings.

Many (Spanish girls but also of other European nationalities) are trafficked in Spain and their pimps are now looking for a new, more lucrative playground because in Spain things are getting more complicated.

In Switzerland, the presence of this problem is palpable. The increased number of Spanish Escorts is obvious and some of them do not hesitate to charge what they would ask for in Spain (50 EUR for 15 to 30min of service), thus jeopardizing the Escort market in Switzerland. But they don’t really care, as long as they make money.

Since many of them do not have the money to start as an independent escort in Switzerland or are hampered by the language barrier, it is in sex studios, brothels, sex clubs or in single rooms that we will find them in greater numbers. Most often, a pimp will answer the phone for them because they barely can speak English and no German of course. But that’s all fine for these guys so they can have a better control over them.

Prostitution in Switzerland: the low-end cantons and the cyberattacks

Working in Switzerland as an escort is becoming more and more difficult, especially for those who want to do this job at a certain level. They find themselves indirectly in competition with girls who have neither the same values ​​nor the same motivations or who find themselves in an emergency state and will do anything for a bit of money.

Of course, like everywhere, there are high level Spanish Escorts, who offer a superb service but in the present situation, it is not these girls who decide to come to Switzerland unfortunately… The more there will be girls willing to work for almost nothing, the less interesting it will be for sex workers who are worth your time and who like their job, to continue working as an Escort in Switzerland.

Among the Swiss cantons that have seen the level of pay sex drop shockingly over the past years are the cantons of Geneva, St. Gallen, Aargau, Schaffhausen, Graubünden, Basel City, Thurgau and Lucerne. Lucerne, which was for a long time one of the Cantons of the German-speaking part of Switzerland with very low sexual rates, has just put in place a law which will gradually but considerably reduce the number of Escorts on their territory (in German only) : Merkblatt_Sexgewerbe.

An article of this regulation (§ 29c Abs. 3 GPG) also stipulates that in the Canton of Lucerne, no apartment can be rented to an independent escort for a period of less than one month (4 weeks) and that no more of a person cannot work in the places simultaneously. The most active among you have probably noticed the large number of apartments that have closed recently in the Canton of Lucerne and all these small salons trying to sell their activities? Now you know why…

In Switzerland, generally speaking, prices for sexual services are constantly falling. Dear clients, by agreeing to pay only prostitute rates (50 CHF per quicki, between 80 and 100 CHF per half hour and 150 CHF maximum per hour), you will be treated as a client of a prostitute.

On top of that, what you don’t know is that many of these good deals are a way to have you jump in another trap. A much bigger one. Indeed, as time are getting harder, these pimps have found a way to blackmail clients using their phone number through which they will then trace their identity. This is what happened to a client who chose not to meet a Model from TVR but to contact another one on xdate. He broke into a cold sweat and even had to change his phone number because he was being harassed day and night. The Swiss police in charge of cybercrime has since this year set up a prevention website, for sex workers but especially addressed to their clients. Since they cannot reach these clients directly, they go through Escorts hoping that they will spread the message to as many people as possible. I strongly invite you to consult this link Gentlemen (sorry, the website only seems to be available in German): 

By choosing to meet an Escort (who wants to be there as much as you do) and to live an experience where you will feel appreciated and good about yourself, you are choosing the best outcome. Gentlemen, if you have a need to see Escorts, at least do it the right way.

TVR: the ultimate choice of those looking for more than just sex

TVR anticipated the fall in pay for sex prices in Switzerland and more than ever wants to position itself as the choice of men who want more than just emptying their balls. We also want to be a secured platform of trust for our local customers who are cautious, demanding but who we know are loyal when they are satisfied with the services they get.

Warned of this trend, within 2 years, we closed half of our apartments in multiple cantons that we now consider too risky for TVR’s reputation. In the spring of 2023, we will close our location in Geneva as well as one of our apartments in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg in order to focus on the 2 Cantons in which it is still worth working as an Escort in German-speaking part of Switzerland: Zürich and Zug. However, even in these two Cantons, there are men who do not deserve our time and whom we do not hesitate to add to our blacklist which is growing day by day. But in general, it is the region of German-speaking Switzerland where TVR is strongest.

We will regret not seeing the very good customers that we have met throughout Switzerland over the past few years because we know that there are excellent customers everywhere but they are often not in sufficient numbers to allow us to keep a location in the concerned areas. We would like to thank all these Gentlemen and hope that they will make the trip to our other apartments, in Cantons further away from theirs.

Since September 2022, TVR has been contacted on average by 5 to 20 girls weekly who want to work in Switzerland as an Escort. More than half come from Spain. TVR does not feel threatened by the influx of Spanish escorts and wants to plan to continue to expand, within a limited scope though, but where the most stable, loyal and interesting clientele seems to have taken up residence. Those who trust us, who above all seek discretion and who value quality more than quantity. These are the customers we want and who want us.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Twitter : The hypocritical social media by Janet

Dear readers,

Let me introduce myself, I am Edra and I have been part of the TVR family since 1st February 2022 as Digital Marketing Assistant.

One of my responsibilities was to launch the Twitter account, so on March 1st, TVR released its first post. I was really very honored and happy with this possibility because our page always offered interesting, constructive content and a lot of curiosity, moreover, I really wanted it to take flight because in the past the experience with another social media, Instagram, had not gone well .

After just over a month, after obtaining about fifty followers, the account was permanently blocked. I reread the rules carefully, take a deep breath and acknowledge my negligence as I had not updated the privacy, specifying that it was sensitive topics.

Well, even if not light-hearted, deeply sorry for what happened, I rolled up my sleeves and created a new account and started from scratch with an ever-increasing desire to get our page off the ground. The work behind Twitter is not improvised or randomized. To create the Twitter posts I carried out a weekly editorial plan where two posts a day were published with contents that could interest not only the world and the life of the Escorts, but also the relationship between men and women, Glamour, the activities to be carried out in Switzerland and curiosities from all over the world, in short, a page that did not tire and that satisfied everyone and not just sex lovers.

After various searches, post after post I can finally recover the lost followers from the other account, obtaining many new ones. I don’t deny how difficult it was, but my satisfaction was really great because every single person who liked it appreciated my work. We are wary of accounts with many followers, buying followers is simple, but it is not part of our company policy, that of transparency and loyalty of our customers and readers.

It is said that after the storm comes the clear sky, after a few months of tranquility, last week I found the page blocked again permanently :

I was devastated. Hours and hours of work, down the drain on a click of a button but an entity which decides who is allow to publish what and how they can do it. No freedom of speech is possible here, contrary to what they try to make us believe.

We (95% of the population) are only instruments in the service of a handful of people who keep us down by selling us dreams and ensuring that some will remain down there forever: small, dependent, obedient and poor.

Our intention with that Twitter account was not to make money (because frankly, making money on social media nowadays has become extremely difficult. There are many do extraordinary well but the vast majority don’t make a penny from it) but to increase our exposure on the net. But even for that, we had to fit into their mould. They brutally deleted our account overnight and for no reason. I had even learned to be extremely careful with the content of my posts and to make sure that my publication did not go against Twitter policy.

So I picked up the rules (and I haven’t broken any of them) that I had carefully reread:


Violence: You cannot threaten to use violence against an individual or group of people. Glorification of violence is also prohibited behavior.

Terrorism / Violent Extremism: You cannot threaten or promote acts of terrorism or violent extremism.

Child sexual exploitation: We have a zero tolerance policy towards child sexual exploitation on Twitter.

Abuse / Harassment: You cannot harass someone or incite others to do so. This includes wishing or expressing the hope that someone will suffer physical harm.

Conduct that Incites Hate: You may not promote violence against other people, threaten or harass them on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, class, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or serious illness.

Violent attackers: We will remove all accounts managed by perpetrators of terrorist, violent extremist or mass violent attacks, and we may also remove Tweets that post posters or other content produced by those perpetrators.

Self-harm and suicide: You cannot promote or encourage self-harm or suicide.

Sensitive, explicitly violent or adult content: You may not post or share excessively gory, violent or adult content, either in videos or in profile or header images. You may not post or share any content that displays sexual assault and / or violence.

Illegal or regulated goods and services: You may not use our services for illegal purposes or to support illegal activities. This includes the sale, purchase and trade of illegal or regulated goods and services. Find out more.


Private Information: You may not post or share private information relating to other people (such as telephone number and address) without their explicit permission. It is also forbidden to threaten to disclose private information or to incentivize others to do so.

Non-consensual nudity: You may not post or share a person’s intimate photos or videos made or distributed without their consent.


Platform manipulation and spam: You cannot use Twitter’s services to artificially amplify or suppress information, or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts the user experience.

Civic Integrity: You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating elections or other civic processes, or to interfere with them. This includes posting or sharing content that could inhibit participation or mislead people about when, where or how to participate in a civic process.

Misleading and deceptive identities: You cannot impersonate individuals, groups or organizations in order to mislead, confuse or deceive other users, nor can you use a false identity to disrupt the experience of other users on Twitter.

Artificial and manipulated content: You may not misleadingly share artificial or manipulated media content that could cause harm. In addition, we may flag Tweets that include artificial and manipulated content to help users recognize its authenticity, as well as to provide additional information.

Copyright and Trademarks: You cannot infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights and trademarks.

After I made sure I didn’t violate any of these rules, I appealed. This time I didn’t really intend to throw months and months of work to the wind. When they replied to my appeal email they told me that this time the problem was that I was constantly publishing the same post with the same purpose or what TVR was about. They did not give me a way to reactivate my account, so I am left with a dry mouth one more time and with some work done that I will never be able to publish.

Another account will not be reopened. I do not deny that I was disappointed. I really hoped that the page would be seen by as many people as possible, but at this point I think that social networks are not as open to this world as they make us think and as in all things in life alas, those who put money on it go on, but it was not our purpose and therefore we are not interested in being part of it in this way.

This has been my experience with Twitter, but I don’t consider it as a failure, because I have learned so many things during all these months, I have met many people and sex workers and Tantra specialists who love their work and have made it their Business, and have made me grow.  For this reason I wanted to thank all the people who followed me / us in these past months.

Edra for TheVelvetRooms

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The 10 misconceptions “wanna be Escorts” have about being an Escort by Janet

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been receiving more and more messages and emails from girls who show some interest in becoming an Escort. They have seen documentaries on television, have read articles in magazines or have an acquaintance who does this work. In view of all the information they have been able to collect, they think they know exactly what this job consists of and feel capable of being an Escort. One day, one of them even said to me: “I know a not very pretty girl who has been doing this job for a few years and who seems to be making a good living. So, if she manages to do it, it shouldn’t be that complicated for me because without bragging, I’m much prettier than her”.

So, for all those who want to become an Escort in Switzerland, here are 10 misconceptions that you certainly have about Escort work. Make sure to get rid of them if you are seriously considering to become an Escort:

1- You have to be beautiful to be an Escort

NOT NECESSARILY. Physical beauty is important, but it is not the most important. I would say that you have to have charm and know how to play it. If in addition, you have an inner beauty and you know how to reveal it, this is what will put you on a footing compared to other Escorts. In the eyes of the client, your real beauty will bloom with your ability in making him feel special in your company.

2- One should be slim to be an Escort

FALSE. More and more Size Plus Escorts (wearing XL or XXL) have been able to build up a good clientele. Indeed, there are men who prefer women with curves. Indeed, many of them have a natural body, which is what many men are looking for. A large number of clients rather go to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) over the slim ones as they tend to be on average more laid-back, less arrogant and more approachable and a lot more friendly.

3- You must have big breasts to be an Escort

FALSE. Against all odds, this is the most common prejudice! All girls get their breasts done because they think that’s what men prefer and/or they’ll work better with silicone breasts. Well, you will be very surprised to know that more than 70% of Escort clients prefer natural breasts and many even have a preference for small boobs. 🙂

4- Escorts over 30 years old are less in demand

FALSE. Clients prefer women or girls and for many, the ideal age for an Escort is between 28 and 40 years old. Note that many women over 40s (also known as MILF) are among the best Escorts! However, there is no age limit to be an Escort in Switzerland (from 18 years old). Beyond a certain stage, age does not matter if you know how to create this magic between the client and you.

5- You don’t have to be smart to be an Escort

FALSE. In a competitive market as the one we are currently in, being a smart Escort can set you apart from the rest. Men have become super picky. The way you speak, write, interact with them does matter and tend to influence their decision in dating you or not. Although intelligence is measured in various ways, it is clear that a girl who has “nothing up there” will not work as well/much or not at the same rates as an educated girl, who speaks several languages ​​and who has studied. The smarter an Escort is, the better her chances of making a good living as an Escort (better clients, longer dates…)

6- Being an Escort does not imply intimate relationships

FALSE. That’s the thing I hear most often. But from whence did they acquire this information? Do you really think that a client is going to pay 300 CHF to spend an hour with you having a drink and talking about the beautiful weather? Uh…no, not really. 95% of the time, the client comes for a GFE, deep French kiss, natural blowjob, sensuality, tenderness and a moment of relaxation. It’s mainly all about him and you are here to help him feel great. If you are not ready to provide this kind of service, forget about becoming an Escort, it is definitely not for you.

7- Escorts earn a lot of money

FALSE. Many, struggle to make ends meet. Other make between 3000 and 6000 CHF a month and the ones who have understand what it takes to be an Escort are easily making way over 12 000 CHF a month for not even working full time. The money you earn will be directly correlated with your positive attitude towards the customer, the quality of your service, the consistency of your service, your versatility, your patience, the regularity of your presence, your professionalism and your ability to adaptation. If you are not able to juggle with these essential and necessary qualities to earn very well as an Escort, you will become disillusioned very quickly. Along the same line, if you used to make a good living as an Escort and you start to slack off your professionalism, you will logically lose clients and money.

8- All Escorts hate this job

FALSE. Despite what feminists want us to believe, not all Escorts are victims. Some women have chosen this work deliberately and find great pleasure and satisfaction in it. Let’s not put everyone in the same basket, please!

9- I can start as an independent Escort without any investment

FALSE. You won’t believe how many girls want to start working as an independent Escort but are completely broke, have a “me-me-me” attitude and nothing to show for it! It takes money to make money. Having beautiful photos/videos, booking your apartment/hotel room, preparing your advertising… All this costs money and requires a minimum of organization to avoid burning your wallet… If you are poorly organized as an independent Escort and puts no money into marketing your services, you just can’t possibly get this kick off properly and your earnings will feel it badly…

10- Being an Escort does not require any special skills: anyone can do it

FALSE. Oh really? Ask one of your friends if she is able to open the door to a stranger, behave towards him as if he were not a stranger, look at him with a smile, talk to him and listen to him, as if all this was natural. Have sex with him as if he were her boyfriend, whether she physically likes him or not. Would she be able to ignore her own feelings, opinions and make this man feel the most valuable in the world within a time frame of an hour or two, without even knowing that she would see him ever again?

Can your friend do that? And how about you? Can you really do that?

Anyone can be a prostitute but not anyone can be an Escort. It’s NOT the same at all. Being an independent Escort is not for everyone. The girls attracted to this industry only see the financial aspect and attach no value to this profession, which they do not consider as such. This is exactly where the problem lies. Being an Independent Escort is a job. Not a common job but a job all the same and certainly much more challenging physically (it can be heavy on the body which constantly has to “perform” and “deliver”), psychologically (the importance of not losing the face in any circumstances as the client satisfaction comes first) and morally (having to hide it constantly to your friends and family makes lies an instinctive reflex to protect ones privacy) than many other jobs out there. Money can be great in this industry but there is also a price to pay for it and not everyone is willing to make these kinds of sacrifices…

Being an Escort may or may not be something for you. Give deeper thought to it before making that big leap.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 


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Tips for Ladies : 10 tips to save money as an Escort in Switzerland by Janet

There are no small savings, even when working as an Escort in Switzerland or elsewhere. Being an Independent Escort or an Independent Erotic Masseuse involves organization but also investment in time and money. Each year, the cost of living increases a little more although wages do not follow…Therefore, think before you spend!

Here are 10 tips that I hope will help you be more careful with your spending. Switzerland is a country much more expensive than the average European countries. If you do not pay attention to your expenses or if you spend impulsively, you will be left with the impression that your stay in Switzerland will not have been profitable at all.

Here’s how to avoid this:

1- Book your flight ticket in advance

In case you haven’t noticed by now, flight prices have gone up 25-50% in the last year. The later you book your ticket, the more it will cost you. It was already a reality before, it is even more so today. Planning ahead can save you a lot of money.

2 – Anticipate the search of your Incall location

Booking an apartment or a hotel room that meets the criteria you are looking for takes time. In general, in Switzerland, specialized apartments for erotic work are pre-booked by Escorts or Erotic Masseuses weeks in advance. The best apartments are rarely available at the last minute. Just like for your plane ticket, the search must be done well in advance so that you can have the choice of the place and that the price is in your budget. If you start too late, you will have no choice but to take what is left: low-end or mid-range apartment/hotel but at an already too high price, location too far and/or badly connected… And if these options are all too expensive for you, you will find yourself having to go to work in a brothel or in an Erotic Club when your first wish was to work as an independent Escort in Switzerland. Also find out about the law and regulations governing this industry in Switzerland to avoid unpleasant surprises that could cost you dearly…

3- Buy your supplies in bulk

Whether it’s your work products and accessories or even the drinks and sweets you offer to your customers, try to limit single purchases. Buying large quantities of a particular item, such as buying candles or condoms in bulk, can save you a lot of money.

In a long run, it can be a big money-saver.

4- Stop eating out

Did you know that Switzerland has been ranked the second-most expensive European country behind Iceland for consumer goods, which are 60% higher than the European Union average? Food and non-alcoholic drinks are particularly pricey in Switzerland.

Don’t waste your money on a fancy restaurant or take aways! Save money by eating at your Incall place (apartment you rent to work and live in and where you also welcome your clients). Girls who cook at home more often, rather than eating out, tend to have healthier overall diets without higher food expenses.

5- Use public transportation

Swiss taxis are Europe’s most expensive. Using Uber can be a more affordable option but still, prices vary a lot from region to region and note that Uber is not available everywhere in the country. If you choose to come by car from your country, think about it carefully. Between petrol, tolls, road tax, parking once there (if you are not lucky enough to be able to park for free here in Switzerland), speeding fines and the few fines that you will certainly take because of poor parking or prolonged parking, it is not always profitable to come to work in Switzerland by car.

To save money, my best piece of advice is to use public transport. Switzerland offers the most comprehensive public transport system in the world. It incorporates trains, buses, boats, lake steamers, funiculars and cable cars and makes traveling in Switzerland easy. The Swiss Half Fare Card is a travel pass for tourists. It allows you to buy 50% discounted tickets for nearly all trips in Switzerland for a period of one month. Go to any train station in Switzerland to get more info about this.

6- Lingerie and outfits:  target the sales!

Do you want to impress your clients with lingerie and shoes such as La Perla, Agent Provocateur or Christian Louboutin? Sorry to kill your mood but 90% of the clients don’t care about the brands you are wearing when they come to see you. That’s not why they are coming for. So, the expensive brands won’t make you work more. Therefore, save your money and rather go for affordable lingerie which looks beautiful and comfortable to wear.

And if you are still into big brands, make sure not to buy them at full price! Wait for the sales. You will get more of them at an interesting price.

Remember that, as an Escort or an Erotic masseuse, you should always be wearing something new (outfit, dress, skirt or lingerie). A client should never see you twice with the same outfit 8unless he asked for it). Go for nice lingerie at a friendly price.

7- Advertising: less is more

Many Escort-Girls and Erotic Masseuse think that to make more money, they have to be seen everywhere. So, they make sure to spend a lot of money and be seen on every single Escort portal in Switzerland (or in the region they are working in) without being picky and needling down which ones are worth it, which ones are a waste of time and money. Interestingly enough, they feel better when the phone rings 50 times a day even if only 1 client shows up instead of valuing their 5 calls a day which had them seeing 4 clients out of these 5 requests. Moreover, for some customers, it can be confusing to come across an interesting profile published on a platform with a bad reputation.

To avoid timewasters, spend money on a qualitative portal that will worth the money and bring you the nice clientele you are looking for. Be choosy: go for 1 or 2 platforms maximum but of higher quality.

8- Avoid exchanging your money at the airport

After a few weeks working in Switzerland, you may want to exchange your swiss francs into the currency used in your country of residence. As a general rule, try not to exchange your money on Sundays and avoid doing it at the airport (Zurich, Geneva, Basel), by all means. Currency exchange shops in airports are not the best place to exchange money. If you do so, you will simply lose a lot of money resulting in poor exchange rate and unnecessary fees and charges. Instead, plan to exchange your money during the week at a local bank or even at the post office. This way, you will get more bang for your buck!

9- Be an early riser!

Do you know the famous French proverb that goes: “ The world belongs to those who get up early.”? Do you also know that the most successful and the wealthiest people wake up early as this morning routine increases their productivity? In your Escort industry, getting up early means expand your chances of worker more and better. Influent people don’t party all night. If so, they won’t be able to afford the lifestyle they have today. To be successful, they had to lean over the years to wake up early.

Too many Escort-Girls wake up at noon or even in the middle of the afternoon. By that time, half of the day is gone already and those nice, interesting, polite and affluent Gentlemen don’t have time anymore for even considering to visit you. By not waking up early, you are missing a chance to meet good clients and to make more money. If you don’t make money, then you lose money.

Choose to be an early riser too and rather meet people in the morning than later at night. Indeed, in the middle of the night the type of clients calling is just not the same “caliber” as those you will encounter in normal hours…

10- Save automatically

Too many independent Escorts in Switzerland are constantly broke, although they earn more than the average citizen. How to put extra cash out of sight and out of mind? You need to start saving at regular intervals, whether that’s monthly, weekly or daily. “Start small. Think Big”. Set yourself short-term goals. For instance, committing yourself to saving 30 CHF a week in a period of 6 months is much more attainable than setting a goal to save 500 CHF a month for 12 months. Once the short-term aim has been reached, you will have created a habit of saving and you will be able to keep going strong with a new goal.

I hope these tips will help you better manage your unnecessary expenses. Just because an Independent Escort makes a good living doesn’t mean she has to spend lavishly.

And remember this: “Never spend your money before you have it!” :-).

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Escorts & communication: when written words count. by Janet

For me who loves writing and who is sensitive to words, I have always considered written communication as important as other forms of communication such as oral, gestural and non-verbal communication.

I have also made it a selection criterion. I believe that a “Hello”, a “Thank you” or a “See you soon”, are not forms of politeness exclusively reserved for oral communication. Since the monopoly of social media, a large number of people (and not only the young generation) transgress these marks of respect which often facilitate disagreements, misunderstanding of the message shared or which even in certain cases, reveal quirkiness, ignorance, distance or aggressiveness where there is none.

In this adult industry where clients and escorts strangely prefer not to speak to each other before meeting – while the possibility of exchanging a few words is accessible to them – knowing how to write a clear, concise, polite, well-punctuated SMS/WhatsApp/Email message and with as few mistakes as possible is rather a rare commodity.

They charge 300 CHF an hour but write as if their time was not worth more than 50 CHF. For some who read these lines, it may seem like a trivial detail, but what they may not know is that the way we write, the words we use, the idioms we choose to use and the style of our sentences says a lot about the nature of the service that will be offered to the customer. What they seem to ignore (which goes without saying, however), is that a client with a minimum of education will be sensitive to this kind of detail, which will inevitably influence his decision to meet this girl, or not.

When we are deprived of the crutch of gestures, voice and facial expressions that support our oral discourse, the slightest editorial clumsiness is likely to add fuel to the fire… with a lesser possibility of catching up or even to identify it. In written exchanges, words are wy more charged with meaning as they take on a much greater importance than in the oral.

Here below, discover 5 tips to increase the quality content of your SMS/WhatsApp/Email messages and not appear “Ghetto” (unless this is the desired effect…):

* Always include marks of politeness

“Hello”, “Thank you”, See you later”… It costs nothing and it immediately shows the customer that you are a well-behaved girl.

Beginning with a formula of cordiality is all the more essential as this first sentence privileges the relationship before entering the heart of the matter. On the other hand, do not start with a negation or a term with a negative connotation.

* Answer the question asked

There is nothing more frustrating for a client than asking a question and not getting a response to it. Even if you are not comfortable with this question, try to answer it in a direct or indirect way so as not to appear ostentatious. If, on the other hand, the message addressed to you is written in a vulgar language, it is best not to reply to it at all.

* Avoid overly emotional emoji

To appease the client, escorts tend to overuse emojis such as the heart, the lover… (😘 😍 ❤️). Note that these are strong vectors of communication that can betray you or insinuate things/feelings that you do not necessarily share. My advice: stay professional without overdoing things. Instead, choose emojis that are more neutral (🌹🤗 🌻) and devoid of double meaning.

* Look at your punctuation and minimize spelling mistakes

If you don’t speak the language of the country you work in (or if you speak it badly), use Google Translator (or a similar tool which may not be perfect, but certainly way better than your level in that language). There is nothing more repulsive than a poorly written message, without punctuation and which also contains vulgar or aggressive words. Because of this kind of icy response, some customers won’t even respond to you. Indeed, some clients “judge by the book”.

Note that in this specific context, making minor mistakes in writing in a language which is not yours is not a big deal. On the other hand, trying to write well is highly valued.

Therefore, if you do not master the language, avoid that the words betray you and use a translator to express yourself in writing and to read the client’s response in your mother tongue. This will allow you to translate your answer correctly, to master communication and thus to better manage your appointments. When you work in a country whose language you don’t speak or when you can’t speak English properly, you can’t afford to communicate poorly in writing, in which case this handicap will be reflected in your earnings.

* Refrain from writing in capital letters

A single word in all caps amongst other words gives that word an extra emphasis and draws more attention to itself. A vocal equivalent would be a spoken word that is vocalized louder than other words. This is why writing in all caps is taken as “shouting” via SMS/WhatsApp/Email; shouting is aggressive. Avoid using capital letters at all means while texting with clients.

Finally, remember that regardless the content of the message written, proofreading is indeed the phase that should not be neglected before pressing the “send” button.

Too many Escorts choose written communication to the detriment of oral communication because it seems easier to them when in reality, communicating well in writing is a difficult exercise.

Keep in mind that in any form of communication (including in writing communication), you only have one chance to give a first good impression!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Why certain Escorts won’t see black men? by Janet

“Sorry but I don’t see black men”.

This phrase may certainly shock you, but for some of you dark-skinned people, it is a familiar response. An unpleasant refrain that you have already heard many times.

And yes, many Escorts do not see black clients. They do not hide it and many of them even show this detail in their ad.

Although it may be entirely understandable that we are not all physically attracted to all ethnies, it may be difficult to accept that an Escort may reject a certain type of client simply because of their skin color.

At TVR, I have often been confronted with this type of questions from certain clients: “Does this Model agree to meet men of color?”, “By the way, I am black. Is it a problem?”.

I have always been unpleasantly surprised by the uncertainties of these customers who preferred to announce their race in order to avoid having to suffer rejection.

Being myself a black woman, this subject touches me particularly. In this article, I will first expose a few reasons why some Escorts have a discriminatory attitude towards black (and/or Arab) clients. I will then share my advice with these gentlemen who feel unfairly excluded so that they can better understand this issue.

Why this “no black men” policy?

Who are these Escorts who refuse to see clients of African, Black American or Arab origin? Among them are caucasians Escorts, Asians but paradoxically, also a lot of black Escort-Girls.

They justify their position by giving a few reasons. Some may be justified, others are sadly ridiculous.

* Fear of the Pimp

Escort-Girls, especially young Independent Escorts are often approached by Black men who are wannabe pimps and who want them under their wing. These Black men are usually in their 20’s and 30’s. Escorts are afraid of these type of guys because they are the most likely to want to play the pimp game. Unfortunately, the negative stereotype of the Pimp man portrayed on TV is young, black, drug dealer and aggressive with a lifestyle matches with those characteristics. These girls should know that a lot of Pimps are white as well. Moreover, a lot of Black men are also successful bankers, entrepreneurs, pilots, engineers, university professors…

* The fear of catching a disease

What the hell are you talking about? I’ve heard this stupid argument, many times. It’s just confirmed the idiocy of these girls and their low intellectual level. Girls who themselves do not get tested regularly. You would be surprised to know how many sex workers in developed countries have no knowledge or curiosity to learn about sexually transmitted diseases. It’s almsgiving that doesn’t give a damn about charity! For your information, on a global scale, more than 50% of transmitted STDs result from male-male relationships and heterosexual relationships in sub-Saharan Africa. Why do these girls think that being black and well-integrated7established in the West should be a justifiable status?

* Fear of the big dick

Blondes are stupid. White people can’t dance. All Asians are smart. Fat people sweat all the time. Indians smell strong. Black men have big dicks…

These are offensive stereotypes and usually media perpetuate these beliefs and keep them alive forever.

No ladies, not all black men have a big penis. There are differences in size across every race — very short penises and extremely long ones. But, overall, most men fall close to the average lengths, ranging between 14 and 16 centimeters.

The size of a man penis has nothing to do with his race. Individual genes are unique to each person and can influence penis size, as well as hormones and nutrition. Genetic mutations may contribute to penis length and appearance as well.

Prejudices die hard. Faced with Escorts who do not necessarily have a very advanced intellectual level or an open-mindedness that one should expect, this kind of state of mind does not surprise me.

Should I inform the Escort of my skin color?

The fact of having to ask yourself this question is simply “disturbing”. Why should a black, an Indian, an Arab or an Asian “warn” of his origins before contacting an Escort when this is not being expected that from a Caucasian?

Me, personally, I won’t do that. Of course, it is at the risk of finding myself  face to face with an Escort who finally decides not to open the door to me when she realizes that I am a person of color (and she has an issue with that). But personally, I feel that I don’t have to apologize for being the way I am. On the other hand, it will simply mean that she has not deserved neither my time nor my money.

If you prefer not to take this risk and choose to inform the Escort-Girl of your ethnicity, make sure to approach her by breaking the prejudices she may have about black people. Here is what I would advise you to maximize your chances of getting a positive response from her:

* During the first contact, choose to write to her rather than to call. If she has an email address, prefer this means of contact. Watch your writing and your turns of phrase, briefly introduce yourself (age, social status, origin, profession, etc.). Offer to call at her convenience.

* Do not discuss her rates and book at least one hour in her company. Don’t ask her for services she doesn’t offer.

* Arrive at the date on time and dressed very elegantly and remember to bring her a gift together with her donation (in an envelope) that you give her within the first 5 minutes of the encounter.

* Always be polite and listen to her need during the date. Go at her pace.

* Finally, thank her for this beautiful rendezvous.

In short: behave like a Gentlemen. She will certainly not expect that… Why such an approach which is like walking on eggshells to avoid rejection or disappointment? To sweep away prejudices as much as possible.

Deconstruct prejudices

Prejudice is one of the main obstacles to improving human relationships. Lightening your weight completely changes the relationship to others. It allows a real contact and makes possible processes of collective intelligence and the valuation of the contributions of each one.

Many independent Escorts have chosen this status to allow them to decide where, how, when they want to work and what type of clients they want to see (conversely, it is perfectly legitimate for a client to be more attracted to one type of escort than to another.). No one has a say about these choices which are personal to them. Many of them are very open-minded and tolerant. Others, on the other hand (like the vast majority of our populations) let prejudice dictate their actions.

The latter have more or less relevant beliefs. These beliefs are applied to an entire group regardless of individual differences. These Escorts who do not want to see black clients are filled with prejudice, which is natural because it is linked to the functioning of our brain and our life in society. It is therefore impossible to escape it. On the other hand, it is also the primary driver of discrimination. Discrimination that sex workers themselves face, on another scale.

At TVR we do not accept racial/gender discrimination and all customers are very welcome as long as they show respect towards our Models.

However, we are aware that ethnocentric discrimination is very present among Call-Girls. As a customer potentially victim of this discrimination, you have two very simple choices. Either you put your ego aside and contribute to the hard work of deconstructing these common stereotypes, or you move on. Which in my opinion, isn’t such a bad idea either. In fact, you can’t please everyone. In addition, changing mentalities is often an obstacle course, sometimes lost in advance. Save yourself unnecessary anxiety and stress. Her time and service certainly don’t worth it anyway. Instead, turn to those Escorts who accept you as you are.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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What’s happening on the biggest Erotic Portals in Switzerland? by Janet

If you are an Escort who regularly works in Switzerland, you certainly know by heart the different Escort directories in Switzerland where all the girls who work here advertise.

You must have noticed a significant difference between the period before March 2020 and that of March 2022. Indeed, the money you do invest in these advertising Escort sites in Switzerland no longer guarantees in 2022, the calls you use to get in 2020 of these same Escort platforms. If you are one of those who worked in Switzerland before March 2020, you have surely been able to retain a few regular customers. However, to grow properly, any business needs new clients.

Regardless how often you update your profile picture, modify your text, add more photos or change the catchphrase of your ad, nothing helps. The phone remains silent.

But why has it become so challenging for an Escort in Switzerland to acquire new clients?

The Swiss market: uncompetitive despite appearances

Are you complaining that there are more and more girls coming to work in Switzerland? Well what you don’t realize is that in Switzerland, the market is certainly less competitive and more secure than elsewhere. Indeed, in the countries of the European Union, the number of girls who praise their charms is even higher, mainly for 2 reasons:

* The free movement of people and their right to settle and work anywhere in the EU without constraint or without holding an EU passport (a permanent residence from any EU country allows you to live and work anywhere in the EU) makes the market extremely accessible.

* More than half of the countries of Western Europe have either legalized/regulated prostitution (this is the case in Germany, Austria and Holland for example) or tolerates it by letting it evolve in a grey zone (this is the case of Italy for example). This makes prostitution in the EU an activity devoid of criminal penalties (and if any penalties at all, they are minors) for the service providers.

In Switzerland, prostitution is legal and highly regulated. The market here is less competitive than elsewhere in the rest of the EU because only people with an EU passport have easy access to the Swiss marketplace. For a Brazilian or a Colombian Escort-Girl, unless she holds an EU passport, working legally as an Escort in Switzerland is almost impossible for her. While in the EU space, she can travel and work freely just with an EU residency card.

In addition, the criminal and financial risks to which the persons in charge/managers of activities related to prostitution in Switzerland are exposed mean that they prefer not to accept girls who do not have an EU passport.

Finally, life in Switzerland being expensive, the Swiss Confederation is not necessarily one of the very first countries Escorts think of when they want to work in Europe. Unless they know somebody, who has worked there or already have a contact on the spot, without knowledge of the language(s), many do not prefer to take risks and choose to abandon the Swiss adventure or put it off until later.

In short, the competition in Switzerland is less important than elsewhere in Europe, that’s a fact. So why does it seem more difficult than ever before for an Escort to work well in Switzerland?

The EU, economically weakened

For many years, the debt of European countries has been steadily increasing. Some, like France for example, doubled their structural debt between 2019 and 2022 during the period of restrictions linked to Covid-19. In Spain, that debt has increased by 10% in two years.

As the Health crisis is no longer on the agenda, here are the prices of energy, fuel and raw materials that are soaring…and sadly, this is just the beginning.

Despite what all the Western European media tries to make us believe, the price spike is not related to the conflict in Ukraine. The prices increase is linked to the consequences of the unilateral sanctions that the EU imposes on Russia instead of negotiating with it in order to find a consensual solution. And once again, it is the populations who pay the bill for the egocentrism of the leaders.

These consequences are felt in many sectors and the sex industry is not spared. Bills are rising for the middle classes and people have less money to spend on their pleasures and/or non-essential needs. These Europeans who previously worked as an Escort in their own country and/or those who had a regular clientele are facing lower rates and clients who are becoming rarer or who can no longer afford to go see an Escort, even occasionally.

These service providers are seeing their incomes plummet and are looking for other options. Many in possession of a passport from the European Union, consider Switzerland as an alternative. The problem is that more and more of them are coming to Switzerland, which is gradually saturating the Escort market in Switzerland. To the delight of customers? Not necessarily.

And6 and FGirl: are the 2 biggest portals still profitable?

If you work in German-speaking Switzerland, your Escort advertisement inevitably appears on And6. If you work in French part of Switzerland, your profile is certainly on FGirl. These are the two largest advertising portals in Switzerland. But does this mean that all you need to do is put your ad, a nice description and a few photos and your profile will get lots of calls? Well, actually, the answer is: No.

For your information, before the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions, the biggest Sex Portal in the German part of Switzerland had around 1200 to 1400 profiles in its busiest weeks. Today we are in April 2022 and this same portal has an average of 2000 to 2300 girls per week who advertise on their site. And you will see, that number will keep growing…

So, who benefits from all this? The big winners are of course the big sites which see their turnover explode. Paradoxically, Escorts do not see their number of calls double, quite the contrary. The sad reality is that the more girls there are on these portals, the more your chances of making money will decrease. Here are the main reasons:

* The large number of girls has exploded the competition on Escort directories in Switzerland where anyone can insert a profile whose content is generally barely controlled, selected, verified.

* The vast choice makes it harder for customers to choose and takes longer to decide before calling. Good clients, who always value quality over quantity, suddenly have a harder time finding the right girl they’re looking for. The exposure promised by these established Escort sites is therefore seriously compromised, both from the point of view of the client and the girl.

* Hoping to earn some money, some girls lower their rates, which directly affects well-settled Escorts in Switzerland

* Some customers witnessing the prices drop play the same game and no longer want to pay the regular price. They negotiate constantly and contribute to making the job very difficult for Escorts in general and for those of high standing in particular.

* Among this mass of profiles, many girls create several profiles to increase their chances of working, even if it means creating fake profiles. A deceitful and often unprofitable strategy.

Therefore, new Escort-Girls who come to work in Switzerland for the first time find it more difficult to do well compared to those who already have an established clientele. This is why, it is often better for them to start at a place wish has already gained an excellent reputation and which has a secure base of regular customers. Usually these places do well and are appreciated by Swiss customers whose mentality and habits encourage them to stay true to what they already know and where they have already been satisfied.

A multipolar online market ?

Just as a new world is emerging that challenges globalization to make way for a multipolar sphere, the same phenomenon is happening in the world of Escort advertising in Switzerland. The pandemic has put the accent on girls working in private apartments and this is a trend that has remained and will continue to be (which explains the large number of brothels and erotic clubs that have closed in Switzerland since 2020).

The current conflict in Europe has resulted in an impressive number of girls coming to work in Switzerland while the number of clients consuming Escort services in Switzerland is not increasing exponentially.

We can therefore expect the big portals to continue to pick up the biggest share of the cake in terms of profit (because they have no competitors they fear and because they have been established for a long time) but on the other hand, many girls who are looking for exposure and profitability will no longer cover their costs by advertising solely on those platforms. Then will have to look for alternatives.

This situation will result in the ventures of opportunities for smaller Escort directory websites to find their place in this empty market, provided they offer something different and/or complementary that will allow them to dissociate themselves from the larger and to gain the confidence of the Escorts, allowing them to generate the income that the big Escort websites no longer guarantee them.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms




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TVR-Members v/s non-Members : Why so? by Janet

For over 3 years now, we have a policy at TVR which diffears from most of our competitors. We foster quality encounters overs quantity and appreciate clients and Models who share the same views as we do.

This policy distinguishes Member clients from Non-members. Being a member on our website is :

* Free
* Anonymous
* Quick and uncomplicated
* Gives you access to a special offers such as the “Combo” and the “TopChef
* Gives you access to our private News section (only for Gold, Silver and Bronze Members)
* Allows you to enjoy the regular rates

Nobody is forced to be a Member in order to visit one of our Models but non-Members are subject to an additional fee which is 50 CHF on top of the regular rates.

This has been like this at TVR for over 3 years now. Thanks to the implementation of that policy, we survived the Covid-19 crises. Thanks to this price policy, our Models are still earning well at TVR, especially those offering a full GirlFriend Experience Service.
Our Model enjoy the quality of clients TVR allows them to meet and the Gentlemen appreciate the level of service they are being given by the Models who represent TVR. It’s a win-to-win situation for both parties, while making sure to keep a high level of service and a solid quality of the encounters.

I can understand that some clients don’t like this aspect of our concept and I respect their position (see picture above. This former client is now part of our Blacklist as it’s clear in his message that he deeply dislikes TVR). Many may have been confortable with our practice before (during the Covid restrictions, some took a great advantage of this system but now are spitting on it, like the author of the messages above) but no longer wish to take part of it. That’s fine. In this case, they should find their luck elsewhere, as they obviously do not value what TVR has to offer. And if they keep on contacting us, this means clearly that we do offer value. But this value should be appreciated by clients and cannot be taken for granted.

As for the TVR-Models, 80% of you are following the policy and it’s a great feeling to see them embracing the sense of belonging to TVR. The other 20% of them are sometimes making things complicated for the team, which leads to having clients devaluating the quality of what our concept has to offer. These Girls should know that this is conterproductive and in the long-term, they are put at a considerable disadvantage, if they want to remain part of TVR.
Please lady, stick to the rules as they are actually made for you, to help you work better, in a safer and friendlier environment and meet nice clients who really care and who will be considerate towards you.

One more thing: remember that the Sex Worker industry is becoming incredibly competitive. Keep your heels and standards high or you will quickly earn less than the cashier of your grocery store, for the same weekly working hours. But the difference between you and the cashier is that her job is considerated as being “acceptable” by the society. Yours not. So, as you can’t make it “acceptable”, make it at least “respectable”.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Ukrainian Escorts : soon in Switzerland. by Janet

Just when we all thought that the end of Covid-19 would finally allow us to regain part of the life we had before March 2020, now a European war takes over and reminds us that in fact, the real economic crisis that we have all been waiting for has just begun.

A two-sided medal

Since the beginning of the conflict, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe has exceeded 2 millions.

As you probably already know, a mechanism allowing immediate protection in the European Union for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict has been approved. This is a one-year residence permit renewable twice in the country of their choice and will therefore allow them to have immediate access to the European labor market.

Switzerland, which is not a member of the European Union, will follow the example of Brussels and abolish the three-month period normally applied before allowing refugees to work. Access to work in Switzerland for Ukrainians will therefore be immediate and thanks to their Swiss work permit, they will also be able to travel freely within the Schengen area (of which Switzerland is a part).

This initiative is two-pronged. On the one hand, it is a remarkable and indisputable humanitarian gesture towards a population that currently needs huge help. On the other hand, these decisions imposed by European governments will have inevitable and questionable repercussions on an already fragile labor market in many European countries and Switzerland is not exempted.

Some countries, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg, for example, have always been considered by foreigners as economic El Dorados. So, in times of crisis or war, these countries are naturally even more popular than the others.

Whether we like it or not, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will obviously accentuate the competitiveness of the job market in certain sectors of the economy and even if the media does not speak about it (not yet), the sex industry will not be spared, quite the contrary.

Russians and Ukrainians in Europe

Russians and Ukrainians are among the most beautiful women in the world. They have always been present in Europe and have always traveled and/or worked there (even illegally). It is well known that many of them have always worked in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium… as an escort but not always legally. Last year alone, more than thirty of them contacted me asking if they could work here in Switzerland. Not holding a European Union passport, I always had to decline.

Very beautiful women

Among their strengths? Their physical attributes. They are very beautiful women. Ukrainian women also have a reputation for being kind, gentle and many of them speak English well. Soon it is easy to imagine that a client will prefer to see a Ukrainian rather than any other girl from another Eastern European country. Especially since the Ukrainians who before this conflict were already traveling all over Europe to work as Escorts already had a solid reputation: excellent service and good value for money compared to the local market. If I were a customer, it is clear that I would let myself be tempted…

The Swiss market now accessible

In Switzerland, there have always been fewer Ukrainian Escorts than in the European Union because the risks and controls are higher here. Indeed, Escorts who do not have a European passport and are caught working illegally in Switzerland risk a fine, the confiscation of all the money earned in Switzerland and an expulsion from the territory ranging between 2 to 5 years.

Since June 2017, Ukrainians with a biometric passport can travel up to 90 days in a row in the Schengen area, without the need for a visa. From now on, all those fleeing the conflict in their country, can work legally in any country of Europe, including Switzerland.

Ukrainian escorts, soon in Switzerland

It is only a matter of time before the first Ukrainian Escorts officially appear in Switzerland. Within 6 months to a year from now, their presence should be felt in the sex industry all over Europe. This will logically put pressure on the competition and because of the recession that we will all face, the number of girls wanting to come to Switzerland to work will simply increase. Between those who will no longer earn enough in their country and those who will enter the industry out of necessity, the competition promises to be very tough.

What to do to continue earning a living as an Escort?

Good question. If you read my blog regularly, this is a question I answer very often.

As an Escort, your income greatly depends on the economic situation. If on top of that, you haven’t been able to retain enough customers, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting out of the game, especially if you’re starting in this industry in the midst of a recession or if your service has been stagnating for years.

For those of you who have been Escorts for a long time and who have a regular clientele, do not rest on your laurels because it is very easy to lose regular clients today.

Make sure to:

* Provide even a better service than before

* Create an offer/service for your regular customers only. Don’t take repeat customers for granted. Just because they come to see you regularly doesn’t mean they’ll always come.

* Invest in your virtual image (photos, videos, website) in order to stand out more easily/faster. When you find yourself on an advertising portal where there are more than 2500 other girls, the chances that good new customers will click on your ad are very slim, unless your profile is really special.

* Invest in your body (stay natural by taking care of your appearance, paying attention to details that often do not leave customers indifferent. These are the details that will make them come back to see you or not.)

* Avoid scattering yourself. Some of you are everywhere: OnlyFans, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Touring Escorts…. Refocus your energy on 1 strategy to maximize your chances of success. Have 1 backup option (in case plan A does not work according to plan) and that’s it.

* Learn how to save money today. Prevention is better than cure. Being an Escort is more and more difficult and uncertain (especially for beginners who do not necessarily have the right body and/or the attitude for the job or for those who have been on the market for too long and struggle to provide a service as good as before).

* Try to project yourself into a long/medium-term future and consider a transition that can take place smoothly when you will be ready for it (do continuing education, learn another job, make a real estate investment, a banking investment, etc.).

To avoid being trapped in an increasingly competitive industry that constantly expects from you a lot more effort than before but for the same earnings, it is important to be pro-active and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by the circumstances. This is especially true if Escort is your full-time job.

Redouble your efforts

If nevertheless, you still want to continue in this industry, so much the better. However, you have to know one thing: you will have to set the bar very high in order to be able to maintain high rates. Because in the very near future, the world of prostitution will have become like that of Social Media. Everyone will be welcome but only a handful of girls will be able to earn their living very well as an Escort. The others (not pretty enough, not young enough, not interested enough in this line of work, not communicative enough, not open-minded enough…), despite all their efforts and their head full of dreams, will only contribute to strengthening the reputation of those Escorts who are already well established.

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