Velvet Label

Men go from disappointment to disappointment and are constantly confronted with the danger of being “deceived” by Escort Girls.

How many of you thought you would meet the same girl as in the pictures and found themselves “face to face ” with a completely different woman (of course much less pretty) than what was advertised? How many of you have wasted their time and money “believing” that you can trust an internet picture?

Enough is enough!

Velvet Label should be a sure thing!


A logo that certifies two very important things:

* The photos were taken by TheVelvetRooms team. I am present at most of the photo shooting sessions. A photo is considered recent if it was taken less than 1 year ago.

* The TheVelvetRooms team’s photos are always natural and with a minimum of retouching to present the Model as she really is. So there is no “labelling con”.

We hope that over time all VelvetRooms Models (and why not other Models who are not part of TVR) will be photographed and certified by our team in order to reassure all potential Gentlemen interested in seeing them.

My dear Gentlemen, let’s build some trust in each other !

The motto of our Velvet Label is : “What you see is what you get !” 😉


The Velvet Rooms