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Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of receiving many messages/emails of encouragement and thanks from the Gentlemen who once trusted TheVelvetRooms and who have since contributed to its expansion and consolidated its reputation as an authentic, serious and reliable Agency. So I decided to create this space for you Gentlemen who spontaneously want to leave a message or comment on your experience at TheVelvetRooms and of course indirectly, share it with me and with the other Gentlemen.

Many men doubt and do not necessarily know how to make the right choice when they decide to meet an Escort. Reassure them and share your experience with TheVelvetRooms so that they too can take the plunge and turn to an Agency that is unlikely to disappoint them because we really work hard to keep the overall level at a certain standard.

These comments are also important because they are real, not falsified and will allow us to quickly grow the TVR community. The larger this community will be, the more we will be able to open new locations and larger the choice of our Models will be. The future of TheVelvetRooms depends a lot on this community (of you Gentlemen) that I hope soon, very big! Without you, my dear Gentlemen, there is no TVR.

Thank you for your trust!


What Gentlemen think about TheVelvetRooms

  1. TeddyBear:

    My LoveLetter to TVR
    The Service, the possibilities , and above all, the style that theVelvetRooms offers is just matchless.
    Her, first with a bit help of Janet, I met lovely, erotic, and uncomparable Ladies with a very high level of style and dedication to what they are doing.
    The dates with these beautiful and adorable women were completely from another World. They changed my Life (at least ab little bit) to the very positive.
    They definitely made my Day -> to an extraorinary one!

  2. ozonemantram7:

    It is absolutely the best you can find in Switzerland, in every sense.
    The only thing I regret is that there’s no way to meet a model south of the Gotthard; Lugano, Bellinzona or Locarno.
    I hope it can be done sooner or later.
    Thank you.

  3. BluBoy:

    The Velvet Rooms is an absolute panacea for men wishing to engage in the ultimate experience that female companionship has to offer. The woman welcoming you through the door looks like the one in the recently taken, untouched photographs on the website. You already have a nice impression of her character from the videos and audio interviews available. She has been carefully vetted to ensure adherence to strictly high character standards. The apartment she invites you into is always clean, well-presented and provides for a pleasant setting. She is one of a very select group of women who work for The Velvet Rooms because they choose to do so, value being treated correctly and rewarded accordingly for the very valuable and unique services they offer. 

    In turn, men such as myself are truly grateful for the outstanding and reliable service that The Velvet Rooms provide and I for one will only use this organisation for such experiences in future. Janet’s attention to detail, her diverse group of incredible women and uniquely customer-oriented offering is the absolute ultimate. No other organisation comes close.

  4. Little Goethe:

    TVR`s service is extraordinary, different and fine
    sweet like chocolate and better than any wine.
    I`m deeply impressed and very amazed day by day
    how you`re going with motivation your own special way.
    In this dreadful time without hug and kiss
    I have sadly realized what I truly miss:
    There is no more joy on this wounded planet
    without the wonderful Angels and Janet.
    You are all so perfect, lovely and smart
    and always provide best feelings in my heart.
    To those who never had the opportunity to meet you yet
    I can only say: don`t hesitate, you won`t regret !!!

  5. maximien:

    Today I met a TVR escort for the first time in Montreux and I am very satisfied. The escort girl was very kind and her massage was great. She speaks english very well and I had an interesting conversation with her.

    Thank you for this moment.

    • Janet:

      Hello Maximien ! Thank you very much for your lovely feedback! Selena is in Montreux for the next 4 weeks and after, another Model will be available at that new location we’ve just opened early this month. Welcome to TVR and thanks again for your support! Warm Greetings from Janet 🙂

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