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Most of the time, you have to do something pretty drastic to get blacklisted by an escort. But, clients often claim they really have no clue what it was about their behavior that drove an escort to block their calls and inquiries. Sometimes, it’s a combination of actions. Other instances may culminate due to a build-up of issues. If you are concerned that you might tick off your escort enough to put you on her “never again” list, avoid the following taboos:

Failure to show up and being late

When an escort books an encounter, she relies on you to show up. Her available encounters are valuable commodities that she depends on to earn her income. When you fail to show up for a booking, she is out not only for the time she had banked on with you, but also time she could’ve spent with another client. If she turned away a client who would have actually arrived as promised, she may be even more upset over your failure to appear. By not showing up, you are causing her to lose money. Additionally, when you are tardy for an encounter, it’s not her fault. She will not extend your booking period, simply because you were late. Keeping her waiting for bad planning on your part is discourteous. (She understands some circumstances may occur that will prevent your arrival and cause you to cancel a booking.) Being a no-show or a perpetual late arrival may get you blacklisted, for sure. Multiple booking cancellations will also put you on her blacklist.

Being a timewaster

Escorts attempt to target timewasters early on in the booking process. When you call and attempt to engage them in a bunch of small talk, without booking, they suspect you’re a timewaster. Clients (or prospective clients) who contact them and ask tons of questions, many of them not even applicable to booking an encounter, they are pretty sure you’re a timewaster. If you ask them what they are wearing, they may just hang up on you. Many escorts are pretty business like on the phone and during the booking process, as they need to nail down details about who you are, where to meet and their fees. If they suspect you’re trying to get other information out of them or obtain some cheap (free) thrills through talking to them, they will cut you off immediately. Calling back repeatedly with new questions or requests will label you as a timewaster Escorts don’t want to waste their time on would-be clients who are never going to book or won’t follow through with a scheduled encounter. When you contact them, get to the point. If you have questions, ask them directly. If you’re unsure you want to book, state that and let them get back to whatever they were doing when you called. You can always call them back when you’ve made your decision.

Poor hygiene

Escorts go to a lot of trouble and spend a lot of time getting ready for you. When you show up and are dirty, smelly or otherwise demonstrate poor hygiene, it fully negates their effort. AND, it turns them off. Who wants to become intimate with a client who smells of body odor or is all sweaty from gym? If you have a job where you leave from work dirty, let her know ahead of time and be willing to take a shower prior to intimate contact. This, however, is different than the client who shows up and hasn’t brushed his teeth in well over a week. Avoid showing up with scratchy stubble, do some proper manscaping ahead of time and slather on a little extra deodorant on your way to an encounter. Be willing to clean up before getting to the “good” part of the booking, if your escort asks you to. If she has to hold her breath the whole time or is grossed out by how dirty you are, she will blacklist you as soon as you leave. She may even turn you away upon first sight.

Displaying poor manners lack of common courtesy or no respect

If you can’t say “thank you,” “please” or “excuse me,” you need to learn these basic manners. Escorts don’t tolerate clients who can’t be just plain nice. But, this may be the least of your problem. If you’re a client who expects your escort to tolerate all levels of disrespect by berating them, criticizing them or insinuating they are a class below you, don’t even think about trying to find some companionship. If you’re rude and say mean things, you will find few escorts who will see you. Basically, you need to treat escorts like you would want to be treated. Exhibit common courtesy and compassion. Curb your tongue, as verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Essentially, if you can’t be nice, don’t expect to have any repeat bookings with escorts. And, your reputation may precede you with other providers who refuse to accept encounters with you, too.


Just like lying to your momma, your dishonesty will not be tolerated or accepted by escorts. They need to know that their clients are telling them the truth. They rely on you providing accurate information so that they may screen you for security purposes. Clients who lie about who they are or other details during the screening process throw up red flags for escorts, causing them to blacklist for safety threats. Being dishonest about anything may indicate to an escort that you’re hiding something. Of course, escorts don’t need to know every little detail about your life. However, they do need to trust you. If they feel like you’re constantly hiding things from them, there is no trust. Your relationship with your escort should include being able to rely on discretion and the truth. Lying to an escort will definitely get you on her (and others’) black list.

Pushing boundaries

Escorts set up guidelines and rules for reasons, and they want them followed. Pushing boundaries means that you try to bend the rules or persuade her to change her guidelines for you. Staying beyond your encounter conclusion time, encouraging her to engage in services she’s prohibited, asking her to break the law or pushing her to do something she doesn’t want to are all ways clients push boundaries. Escorts need to be able to trust their clients to abide by their rules and wishes. If they feel like you are a perpetual boundary pusher, they may block you from future bookings. They may warn you ahead of time, or they may just quit accepting your calls. Pay attention to their rules and obey them. It’s a form of respect and escorts won’t tolerate clients who don’t respect them enough to follow their wishes.

Put the kibosh on the weirdness

Escorts pay close attention to your behavior when you schedule an encounter. Clients who act paranoid, overly suspicious or generally “odd” when booking, may be put on the “watch” list. Escorts have to pay attention to the weirdness that clients display to ensure their own safety. Psychologically unsound individuals who book encounters may demonstrate ahead of time that they have tendencies that threaten the safety of an escort. If escorts simply dismissed every client who acted off beat, they would put themselves at risk a lot. However, they understand that booking an escort for the first time may be an experience that causes you some anxiety and stress. Also, when you first show up, do your best to act “normal.” But, if you have some sort of condition that impacts your behavior, let the escort know ahead of time. Your explanation may provide ample reason for your actions that might otherwise be misread as cues for a safety threat. Some basics to watch out for: 1) Don’t act paranoid, 2) Maintain eye contact, 3) Speak clearly and 4) Be calm.)

Ignoring instructions might get you banned

Escorts often give clients clear directions about where to park, which entrance to use, how to confirm an encounter, etc. If you can’t follow her instructions, she may ban you from future interactions. Often, her guidelines ensure both of your privacy. Discretion is highly valued by both of you — and, her instructions may guide you to the least suspicious entrance to use, proper place to park to avoid attention and most efficient modes of payment. If you refuse to follow her directions, she may just tell you to find a new escort.

Not paying as agreed upon

Escorts rely on you to follow their directions about payment. They set a rate and that’s what they expect to be paid for the encounter you’ve booked. If you arrive to a booking and expect to bargain with an escort about the rate you’re willing to pay, you’re going to leave unhappy. There is no negotiation about her fee. If you attempt to talk her down in price, she will ban you. Furthermore, she expects you to provide payment in cash. If you plan to pay an escort in gift cards, vouchers, with a check or any other form of crazy currency, you will leave empty handed. She wants you to arrive with correct change. She doesn’t carry extra cash to make up for the change that is the difference between her rate and what you’ve brought. She will just consider the extra as a tip. Do not attempt to give her counterfeit money. Escorts will expect payment prior to any serious time spent together during an encounter. It’s best to have it ready at the beginning of your booking and not require her to ask for her. If it’s an issue to pay her before things get “good,” she will turn you away.

Arriving under the influence

Any client who shows up for an encounter drunk or high will be turned away. Firstly, escorts can’t depend on clients to behave “normally” when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Clients may act out in odd ways, such as being more aggressive or using poor judgment. Clients are more physical or may be verbally abusive, when they wouldn’t be otherwise. Showing up after drinking too much or getting high is also disrespectful to your escort. She expects that you will follow her rules, which prohibit such behavior. Not only will she ban you for being under the influence, but she will blacklist you because she lost income over losing your encounter. It’s just a no-win situation when you try to sneak into a booking under the influence.

Don’t try to make it an hour of pure sex

Escort encounters are not just about sexual intercourse. They are about companionship, intimacy, affection and, often, intercourse. Escorts usually spend a considerable amount of time acquainting themselves with you through conversation and innocent flirting. They may provide massages, witty discourse and friendship. It’s common for encounters to include activities far removed from sex. However, some clients are interested solely in intimacy they expect from a booking. When this occurs, escorts attempt to provide as much physical affection as possible. But, it’s physically uncomfortable for them to allow a client to pound away at them for an entire booking without a break for other intimacies. If you’ve taken an erectile enhancing drug prior to the booking, don’t be surprised if you’re left unsatisfied when an escort won’t allow you to engage in full-on intercourse for all of the booking. And, don’t be shocked when she won’t see you next time.

Making her read your mind may turn her away

Escorts always ask a client what their expectations are for an encounter. And, while she’s an expert at intimacy, she needs to know your preferences and hopes for the booking. She wants you to leave pleased and satisfied. If you don’t give her some hints, cues or insight along the way, she’s left trying to read your mind to figure out what you want. This is unfair to your escort, because you may not be happy with her efforts, in the end. Give her a chance to please you fully by laying out what your expectations are from the beginning. If she feels like you left her to just wing it, she may drop you next time you call. It’s hard enough to ensure a client is satisfied when you know what he wants, but trying to figure him out along the way with no hints is impossible!

Any tricks around the candom

Any escort who is worth her rate is going to make you wear a condom. Regardless of your pleas or declamations that you’re “clean”, no self-respecting escort is going to risk her health. If you attempt to proceed without a condom, she will have every right to walk out on you. If you refuse to wear protection, she will show you to the door. If she feels like you will try to sneak by without it, she will refuse to see you again. Using a condom during intercourse is a non-negotiable rule for escorts. If you’re not willing to follow it, call your right hand and celebrate your hitting the escorts’ blacklist.


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Why you should prebook by d_velvet_rooms

There are many benefits to both the client and the escort in prebooking an appointment.

For the escort, having a predictable schedule reduces financial stress, makes it possible to plan out her week and concentrate on the quality of her services. One cannot forget that at the end of the day, a lot of these ladies are entrepreneurs and basically self-employed with all that it entails.

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Why do men pay for sex? by d_velvet_rooms

What makes a man sleep with a sex worker? We asked 3 escorts to quiz their clients

David Cameron once described his Culture Secretary John Whittingdale as “a single man who is entitled to a private life” but it didn’t stop a media frenzy over revelations that he had a relationship with a sex worker.

Although the relationship occurred before Whittingdale was made a minister (he says he ended it when he found out about her line of work!) critics claim trying to keep the relationship under wraps may have clouded his judgement about press regulation. He was chair of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which was instrumental in the phone-hacking scandal.

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Escorts’ favorite clients: How to be one of them? by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen!

I am sure you’ve probably wondered -at least once-, how you could increase the odds of making that date with a beautiful lady a special moment for you, as well as for her.

Because dating an Escort is above all, going on the date with a girl. The main difference is that with a non-professional, you have no guaranty of ending up in her bed…with a service provider, you usually know from the very beginning that it will happen, unless something disappointing (the Model is not your type: she does not look like her pictures for example) or disturbing (for some reasons, the girl does not seem to feel very comfortable in your company) happens.

No matter if we are talking about Incalls or Outcalls, how do you maximize your chances of a smooth date with an Escort?

Here are a few tips to make things a little bit easier for you Gentlemen! 😉


Spontaneous short-notice appointment requests might sound very exciting for you but from a lady’s point of view, they are stressful. When you call at 11:15am for an appointment 15 minutes later, expect the girl to be slightly under pressure for the following reasons:

*She doesn’t have enough time to get ready and look great (hair, lingerie, make up, etc… As a man, you should know that we women need a lot of time for these kinds of things)

*She might question your seriousness and not see you as somebody special. If you make her feel like you are “nobody” how can you expect her to treat you like a King and provide the best service? Think about it…

The best is to email or call the Model at least 24 hours ahead of time to secure your booking.


Confirming your date at least 12 to 24 hours in advance is always very much appreciated by the Model. This way, she knows you are serious about that encounter and about coming for sure.


In addition to the donation, bring her a little treat (chocolates, sweets, a bottle of wine, perfumed candles …). It does not have to be expensive. It should just come from the heart and believe me: the lady will appreciate it! The smile on her face will be a very good way to start your date! 😉


You may not know it, but Escorts like long bookings and it is not only about the money! For many of them, having long-term recurring clients is very important. Building up a relationship (no matter the nature of that relationship) with the same repeat customers is more important than seeing new Gentlemen all the time. To get to know each other, a 1 hour minimum booking with your favorite Model is highly recommended. A shorter booking does not give you the chance to make the best of that encounter: small talk, cuddling and flirting are part of a great GFE! Give yourself the chance to experience that!


Are you looking for a specific service? Does the chosen lady provide this kind of service? Would you like to share your fantasy with her and maybe enact it ? Then, don’t be shy and let the Model know about it when you pre-book . This way, she can prepare everything to fulfill your dreams and desires!


Being kind, polite and respectful always pays off, no matter the circumstances. The more Gentlemanly you can be with a Model, the higher your chances are of having her provide a good service in order to please you. Don’t be rude. Don’t take her for granted. Be as nice as possible and she will return the favor. 😉


I may be the most sensitive and annoying topic for the Models:  having to remind you about her donation, also called: “Gift”.

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding or uncomfortable situation, clear up the financial part at the very beginning of the encounter by placing your donation in an unsealed envelope on the table. The Model will appreciate your gesture and will quickly be able to focus on your time together.

Make sure you placed the right amount in the envelope. You are welcome to be more generous than expected but the lady should not feel offended by getting less than what was agreed on.


If you had a great time with a Model, let her know it was great! Believe me, she also needs to be reassured and told that the service she provided was memorable. The good escorts care about the well-being and the satisfaction of their clients. Sending her a short text, email or writing her a review may seem like little things but they mean a lot to her.

I hope I have guided you a bit on how to make the best of your date with an Escort, whether it will your first time or not.

The VelvetRooms’ Models care about what they do and how they do it: show them you care about it too. 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms




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Watching Porn? by d_velvet_rooms


10 things that happen in porn which NEVER happen during real sex.
Viewing porn isn’t a crime, however, taking lessons in sex from it should be.

With recent findings that most young people don’t have the confidence to ask questions about sex, it’s little wonder that they’re turning to the internet for help.

The web is an unrivalled database of information, but recent findings suggest sex education isn’t sought on purely factual sites, but more than likely on sites such as Pornhub and RedTube.

Here are my lessons NOT to learn from watching porn.

1 – Everyone of the opposite sex is thinking about sex all the time

Porn tends to send a message that everyone you meet is just waiting for an offer and if presented with a sexual scenario won’t be able to help themselves from ripping their clothes off and getting down to it.

This at best can cause misunderstandings between two people, and at worst can lead to coercive and dangerous exploits.

Basically, most people don’t want sex all the time, with whomever and wherever they happen to be.

2 – Women will orgasm from no stimulation

Women need continuous stimulation of their hot spots in order to climax.

The average woman takes 20 minutes to orgasm, more than double the time it takes for their male counterparts.

Porn films, more often than not, show women moaning that they’re going to climax within a couple of minutes, not just unrealistic but confusing to the viewer when presented with a real life woman in the bedroom. “But they do it in porn” is not a valid excuse.

3 – Everyone loves anal!

Not only that all women love it, but that we can accommodate anything up there with no lubrication or thought for our own pleasure.

Reality check, the anus isn’t self-lubricating and nor does it engorge during arousal like the vagina. If you want to try anal play, invest in an anal training kit and make sure you get plenty of water based anal lubricant to accompany it.

It’s also best to cleanse before, so anal douching is also a must.

Remember, the women in porn have been thoroughly prepped before they shoot their scenes.

4 – ATM is a “OK”

ATM or ‘ass to mouth’ is a really common trend in porn.

This is where someone who has just engaged in anal intercourse then proceeds directly to fellatio – or to you and me, the common b*** j**.

This is possibly the worst practice depicted in porn, not only because quite frankly it’s pretty disrespectful but, because it is so completely unhygienic and foul that if you were to do this in real life you’d be exposing your partner to all sorts of health risks.

5 – External ejaculation is a must

Porn nearly always shows men climaxing and ‘shooting their load’ all over their partner’s face, bum, boobs or any other place they can easily reach.

This is fine if both partners have agreed to it.

However, in real life it’s pretty unlikely someone is going to be OK with, let alone beg for you to, ejaculate on to their face. If they haven’t expressly asked for it to happen don’t assume it’s OK.

6 – The more intricate the position the better the sex

Porn tends to depict fantastic sex as an act between two people that involves the most taxing positions, changed as often as you take a breath.

In reality all this does is halt stimulation, meaning that when you reset you’re starting all over again.

There’s a reason missionary is so popular and that’s because it offers on the whole the most contact with the clitoris.

Because this little nub of nerves sits outside of the vagina it’s basically impossible to stimulate through intercourse alone.

7 – Foreplay doesn’t exist

In porn the action starts pretty much straight away, you may get the odd 30 seconds of foreplay here and there but on the whole it’s completely overlooked.

In real life it is an absolute must. To quote American Pie: “You’ve got to preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey!”

Not only is foreplay fun, it’s also a key element of a mutually happy and healthy sexual experience.

8 – Women love to look

Porn is littered with women all clambering to get a good look at their genitals during intercourse then, upon seeing this splendid sight, orgasming instantly.

In a real life situation this just isn’t going to happen.

Men do love a graphic sexual sight and it’s widely known that most men respond to visual stimulation, but for most women it’s what’s in their head that counts.

9 – Orgasm equality is easy

In porn women can’t move for orgasms. However, recent findings show that in real world scenarios women tend to climax once, if at all during sex and report that they orgasm far less frequently than their partners.

This is worrying to me as, when surveyed, men didn’t seem to think this was a problem and cited that their partner climaxed just as much as they did – if not more.

The bottom line is that it’s always best to be honest in bed, women, so if you’re not there yet don’t pretend you are.

And men, don’t just assume that ten minutes of attention will equate to several explosive orgasms.

10 – They’re real people

The actresses in porn films are just that, actresses.

It’s their job to have a good time on camera, even if they’re not. If you go away for one minute thinking that they have sex like that in real life then you need to think again.

In a nutshell porn is a form of entertainment and, as such, should be viewed lightly and definitely not as an instructional guide.

Porn is about as relevant to sex as Star Wars is to space.

If you remember that porn has actors, actresses, makeup artists, directors and cameramen just like any movie then you’ll see it for what it is, complete fiction.

Fun, filthy fiction, but fiction all the same!


Original article written by Annabelle Knight for The Sun and published online on November 8th, 2017: 

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