Where to meet an Independent Escort in Switzerland ? by d_velvet_rooms

Will you be in the city of Zug for business soon? Are you visiting a friend in Zurich? Are you currently planning your next vacation in the beautiful region of Tessin?

Why not combine the pleasant and the useful by dating an elegant Escort in Switzerland ?

Depending on the kind of Service Provider you are looking for during your stay in the country, here are a few tips shared by TheVelvetRooms to help you find your perfect Swiss escort match !


Swiss Escorts in Clubs and Brothels

Prostitution being legal and regulated in Switzerland, Clubs and brothels where sex is provided in exchange for money are numerous. Ladies from all backgrounds and age usually work there; many of them coming from Eastern Europe, very few Swiss escorts. Prices and services are usually set by the ladies but in most of those entertainment places, the donation and the schedule have already been decided by the Club/Parlour which will often take a cut of the ladies’ earnings. Incalls are common there. Those places are popular among the young folks, especially friends who would like to party together in the company of sexy call girls in Switzerland.


Touring Girls in Switzerland

A lot of International Independent Escorts have made Switzerland one of their favorite destinations! Coming from all around the World, these brainy women would introduce themselves as being a Zurich Elegant Mistress or a Premium Swiss International Escort, although they are only visiting the city for a few days. They are usually more mature than the ones found in Clubs or brothels, they advertise on international escort directories and on Social Media, charge higher prices and cater only to a very select category of gentlemen. Of course, high prices don’t necessarily rhyme with luxury escort service or High Class Escort. Our advice: pick a lady who has a well written homepage, a few reviews published online and a valid email address. A so-called Exclusive Incall/Outcall Zurich Escort should fulfill those basic criteria.


Independent Zurich Escorts

If you would rather meet a local lady, a girl based in Switzerland or coming here on a regular basis, that offers Incalls, Outcalls as well as a real Girlfriend Experience, then choose a girl advertising on the local market. Most of them come from Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia), they speak English well and are not only available in Zurich but in many other cities in Switzerland! As International Independent Escorts, they are real Swiss independent courtesans that enjoy what they do, decide who they want to meet, where and for how long.

They have nothing to do with a street worker in Switzerland (who by the way are only allowed to work in very specific areas of the city within regulated working hours) or some girls in Clubs or Parlors coerced into things they do not want to do or controlled by a pimp.

Independent Escorts in Switzerland usually use the German words “Privat und Diskret” as indication that they can be visited in a legal, private, discreet location (commonly in a nice apartment). They are normally very reliable, have good reviews and regular clients in the country.

TheVelvetRooms’ Models belong to this third category of Escorts:  Why don’t you call one of them? 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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5 Top disliked questions for Escorts by d_velvet_rooms

A few of my Escort girlfriends asked me if I could use this Blog to share, with you Gentlemen, a few tips to help improve your encounter with your favorite courtesan.

As a client, you may not always be aware that what you might say or do can irritate the lovely escort you chose to spend time with.   Because you may be unaware, you possibly could repeat the behavior that is driving her nuts. Being aware of some of these perturbing actions is the best way to avoid them and protect your relationship with your Escort. Among those annoying things, 5 of the questions most courtesans dislike. Please, take notes!


Question 1:

I would like to make you cum. What do you like?

Gentlemen, it is very kind of you to show concern about our pleasure and want to make sure that we are also enjoying the time spent together but you should bare something in mind: Most escorts’ focus is about making you happy. She will usually make sure to satisfy you before satisfying herself. She wants to keep you happy, that’s what’s important. Unless you are a regular client of hers and/or she feels open and very comfortable in your company, do not expect any kind of honest answer to that question.


Question 2:

You are so beautiful and intelligent. Why are you doing this job?

You may not know it, but for many Escorts, this question is probably one of the worst, especially coming from a regular client ! Really, if she weren’t doing this job, don’t you think the chances of meeting her in “real life” would be close to 0%? Think about all you would have missed if she weren’t in this industry…

No matter the reasons why she chose to do this job, she does not have to share any of them with anybody or even feel obliged to. It is a very personal question. Please, do not be intrusive and try to fish for information that is absolutely none of your business. If the Model deliberately talks about it, this means she wants to share it with you. If not, well, avoid any awkward situation and talk about something else.


Question 3:

Do you have a boyfriend/husband/kids?

Hey, Gentlemen! Do you really want to know that? Honestly? Your time with an Escort should be a great time, a gateway away from the daily life’s routines/problems, an opportunity to explore new things, a dream to remember again and again; your selfish moment. Live it at its fullest and forget about these personal questions as they can annoy the Escort and prevent her from giving the best of herself to you!!! Never forget: You are paying for her time, but for yours as well!


Question 4:

Can I take you to diner? /Can we go for a drink?

The reason why most Escorts hate this question is because clients who usually ask this question tend to forget that they are talking to an escort. An escort is NOT a girlfriend. She is a Service Provider who gets money in exchange for her time spent in the company of a gentleman like you. Those are the rules. Please, follow them. If you cannot afford a diner-date or an overnight stay then show a little bit of respect and don’t ask.


Question 5:

What services do you provide/How much does it cost?

Before you contact an Escort to book an appointment, it’s safe to assume that you have read her website and/or her advertising very carefully. Because most of the time, most of the information you need to know is in her profile/homepage. Asking for information clearly at your disposal is very annoying for the lady and it also hints at the type of client you might be: uninterested, disregarding, unfriendly, disrespectful and maybe rude as well…

Why behave like somebody you are not?

Please, do your “homework” before calling an Escort. If there are a few additional things you want to make sure of, then call her or write her a polite email (no text messages please). This will avoid bad surprises for both parties and maximize the chances of making your Date a memorable encounter!


Big Kisses and Hugs from Janet 😉



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Courtesan vs. escort, is there a difference ? by d_velvet_rooms

As mentioned in my previous article Escort vs. prostitute, what’s the difference ? , I believe all the different terms surrounding the oldest profession in the world have to do with rehumanizing the sex workers by using more flattering verbiage. It is also a process of differentiation between all of the types of available offerings out there.

With this in mind, what is the difference between an escort and a courtesan ? Nothing but an extra step up on the continuum of quality.

Most escorts work for agencies, have less experience and probably are not quite as skilled as courtesans. Most courtesans on the other hand are independent ladies with such exceptional service and beauty, that they command a jaw dropping rate.

A courtesan must have climbed the ranks and established a brand beyond reproach. She most likely will get the majority of her business from a very select group of gentlemen; the upper echelon of society and/or long time customers who can still afford time spent with these magnificent ladies.

Those clients are far more likely to be the type to fly-in their favorite ladies for an extended stay, a weekend or a vacation. Social events, dinners, plays, the opera, etc, are not unusual. Unlike escorts, there are very few hour or two romps in the hay, followed by kisses and a walk to the door.

It must be understood, that there is overlap between all those categories. There are no officially recognized standards and one must understand that these labels are mostly self-applied, so buyers beware. However, you’ll recognise a courtesan when you see/experience one. Trust me…


J.R. for TheVelvetRooms


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Why you should stay for the sake of the kids by d_velvet_rooms

Well, I’ll tell you why…

In her article published in this blog on January, 4th (Unhappy and still together: Why?) Janet, our hostess brings forth very compelling reasons why one should consider not perpetuating misery stemming from a failed marriage. Let me humbly disagree by saying that once kids are part of the equation, it’s no longer about you…

Although every situation should be evaluated at face value, statistics show that the disintegration of the cellular family creates more harm to society and its members than staying in an unfulfilling marriage. In fact, it is probably the main culprit in the decay of the Western World.

Kids brought up in single parent families do not do well, especially those in single mother households. They are far more likely to go to prison, abuse drugs or alcohol, do poorly in school, join gangs, be under-employed, etc. Not to mention more mental illness, teenage pregnancies, more single parenting, etc. Thus begins the downward spiral.

Because of the undeniable biological, emotional and intellectual differences between men and women (gender IS NOT a social construct); one parent can never really fill both roles well. How is a woman supposed to show a boy what it is to be a man ? That is like trying to be a football coach having never played the game. You will not do well. Similarly, how is a man supposed to teach a girl how to become a woman having never walked in a lady’s shoes ?

Unless the relationship is abusive, one should stay, for the sake of the kids. A child might get a warped view of marriage, but that same child might just learn that marriage is a commitment, a social contract, and one that becomes particularly binding once you have decided to have kids. That kid might just learn that a marriage, like all commitments, is never easy, it’s a lot of hard work, and that’s why you shouldn’t undertake one unless you are willing to work at it, every day.

I leave you with a video* from Jordan B. Peterson**, a well renown Canadian psychologist, talking about the subject.

J.R. for TheVelvetRooms 





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Escort vs. prostitute, what’s the difference ? by d_velvet_rooms

Let’s not kid ourselves; the term “escort” is a euphemism for prostitute. It’s an effort by people to make subtle distinctions between various different segments of the sex industry.

I believe, primarily, that it is a humane distancing from a word (prostitute) that has been weighed down by undue shame and stigma. Prostitution is often referred to as the oldest profession in the world, but if it is so, it must obviously be of some value to society. Demonizing the service has dehumanized the people who wish to exercise this profession. And I do emphasize “wish to”, because otherwise we are not talking about prostitution, but sex slavery. So, leaving the derogatory term by the wayside was more than justified, it was needed.

There is an understanding in the sex trade that certain words mean certain things. Prostitute, much like street-walker usually means something derogatory, lower class or downright nasty, just like brothel workers or full service parlor masseuses might feel like conveyer belt providers. They all serve a purpose and can be appropriate depending on each customer’s situation, but it probably will leave you wanting.

The use of the word “escort” implies more self-respect, better quality service or at the very least the impression that the client is not one of a multitude too many. Often times, especially for independent escorts, much work goes into weeding out potential unsuitable clients, developing a core group of high quality customers and building a “brand name”. Every aspect of the encounter, from the surroundings to the wine, candles, lingerie, etc has been carefully crafted to bring maximum pleasure to the customer. And if you ever meet an escort that blows you away on all fronts, well, you have met a courtesan…

So, it’s all about quality over quantity. It is about respecting the fact that everyone wants something special. Or that at the very least, understanding that nobody needs to be unduly reminded of the nuts and bolts of the business. Both parties to these transactions know what is going on, no need to bring up the obvious.


J.R. for TheVelvetRooms 

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Unhappy and still together: Why? by d_velvet_rooms

In the past two months, a few of my acquaintances have confessed me that they are planning to leave their husbands in a near future. Many others told me enough to make me think that they are about to do the same… and apparently, they are not the only ones…

A recent research, commissioned by The Family Law Firm Irwin Mitchell, found that 1 in 20 couples have chosen a date 10 or more years into the future to split with their partner. Clearly, of the people who have already divorced a partner, almost 8 in 10 regretted not having made that decision sooner.

Why do unhappy couples stay together and choose to remain unhappy for decades?

Most of the time, couples still believe in romance and want to work at things and see if they can learn to fall in love again.

What are then the three of the top ten reasons for postponing divorce?

The finance, including: ‘I have too much to lose’, ‘I can’t afford to move out,’ ‘I can’t afford a divorce’, ‘For my partner’s money’, and ‘We have too many shared financial assets.’

Stigma: Worries about the stigma of divorce and fears that they won’t meet anyone else.

Save their children the distress of a broken home : ‘Staying together for the kids’. Parents usually plan to split once their children have grown up (1 in 5 unhappy parents are waiting until their children reach at least 14 before going ahead with a divorce).

Parents who are staying together for the children use a range of strategies to disguise their unhappiness — and their exit plans. They argue in a different room away from the children, sleep in the same bed to maintain the pretense, and even make a point of kissing and cuddling and going on date nights.

Is staying together for the kids is a good idea? Do parent’s efforts to maintain appearances gives kids a warped view of marriage?

Won’t the children assume that the reality of marriage is a harmonious public appearance and an ice-cold passive-aggressive private life? Will those children ever believed people holding hands who claim to be happily married?

Divorcing when the kids are in their twenties may come as a complete shock for them and make them feel responsible for their parents’ unhappiness.

Whose child would want to have her parents endure three decades of misery because of her?

I’m not about to tell anyone to rethink their decision to stay together for their kids, but I do think that sacrificing your own happiness for someone else rarely turns out well in the long run…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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