Our Bombshell Exclusive Model CINDY has new HOT pics!!!!! by d_velvet_rooms

Hey guys!!!!

Watch the brand new pictures of our lovely Cindy and tell me frankly if you can resist the temptation to meet her soon! Her photos are of course 100% authentic!!!

Cindy is as sweet as a candy but can also be as spicy as a paprika! No matter what taste you are into, she will make your head turns for sure! 🙂

Look at her profile her : Cindy 

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The proper etiquette for cancelling an appointment by d_velvet_rooms

It’s a common occurrence, a lovely courtesan prepares herself and her room to receive a gentleman for an intimate encounter filled with carnal pleasures. The phone rings, a text message or email comes in…it’s a no-go. The client cannot make it.

Life throws random stuff at us and sometimes things just won’t go as planned, but if you wish to truly be regarded as a gentleman, you must keep your word and respect your engagements.

If you absolutely must cancel, please be as diligent as possible and inform the lovely lady as soon as your impediment arises. Time is money for every professional; an Escort is a professional, and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t stand-up a 300$/hour lawyer and expect him to help you when your next legal impasse arises, would you ?

Be mindful of the medium used for your cancellation. A true heartfelt phone call is best; do not hide behind a text message, an email, a WhatsApp message; it might look like you do not have the fortitude to face the fire; lying and disrespecting people comes a lot easier through a digital screen than it does on a phone call where people can gauge every intonation of your voice with as much interest as the words you use.

A gentleman or an honest party to a contract would also find a way to compensate or offer a conciliatory gesture towards the neglected party. Be a little more generous upon your next visit; take the lovely lady to dinner, bring a bottle of her favorite Champagne, a daily pass to a spa; use your imagination. Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to apologize when you cancel AND when you see each other again. Classy courtesans, like those at TheVelvetRooms, understand; they get that family members pass away, etc, but “the dog ate my homework” excuse will not stand with them; insulting their intelligence only adds insult to injury.

DO NOT, compound your error by cancelling again, the very next time you are supposed to see each other. Gentlemen, be advised that serial cancellations will get you blacklisted with the ladies, their agency and/or their associates. The word gets around fast, especially with high-end ladies who often demand references from other courtesans before meeting a new client.

Finally, escorts are not second class citizens and should not be treated as such. A lost hour is not easily rebooked on short notice; it might involve extending her working day, adding an extra day to her schedule or just having to go without the donation altogether. High-end restaurants often demand a deposit for a reservation even though walk-in business can easily fill an empty table; escorts that respect themselves do not have walk-in business, remember that. The nature of the business is such that all these uncertainties can throw even the most professional lady off her game. If you like your women to be “in the moment “, with no distractions; don’t provide them with any; and please do not ruin the moment for the next gentleman that did show up on time…

J.R. for TheVelvetRooms 

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Selena has new pictures!!!! by d_velvet_rooms

Hey guys!

I’ve just uploaded the new pictures of our Exclusive Model, Lolita Selena!

Check them out!!! 😉

She will be in the City of St. Gallen during the weekend and then, in Rheineck (close to the Austrian border) next week.

Enjoy her sexy pics!



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Here is Arielle : new at TheVelVetRooms! by d_velvet_rooms

Are you an eternal Girlfriend Experience lover or an unconditional submissive?

Meet Arielle ! She can offer you a taste of both Worlds!

New at TheVelvetRooms, she will be visiting the town of Unterägeri (close to the city of Zug) starting from April, 26th!



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How to spot fake escort profiles/ads/sites/reviews ? by d_velvet_rooms

So you have decided to make the leap, but you don’t know how to go about it. You have heard about all the scams in the adult industry; from bait and switch to no shows or just plain lying.

In countries where prostitution is illegal, the problem is compounded by the fact that there is no recourse should you get scammed.

Obviously, like most things in life, references and recommendations from friends are usually the best source of information; but which friends would really share this kind of information ? Let alone admit to using escort services at all…

However, many cities or regions have review boards that you can join and/or consult. You will find reviews on many possible ladies of interest. You want to look for a well reviewed lady and/or agency. No reviews doesn’t mean bad, it can just mean the lady is new to the business. Research the reviewers also; many are fake.  You can read Janet’s excellent blog post (March 31st2018 : https://thevelvetrooms.com/en/blog/escort-reviews-trustworthy.html); it goes into more depth on the subject.

When perusing escort ads or sites, it is useful to keep in mind that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Use Google to search for the profile pictures online; you should be able to tell if they are real or borrowed. Steer clear of girls that use those borrowed images; it’s a fake ad/site/girl; classic bait and switch.

It helps to do a web search of the phone numbers found in ads/sites/profiles. There should be a history to the number, and it should be consistent. The same number for two different girls that pretend to be independents usually means that you calling an underground agency or simply a pimp. Once again, don’t waste your time if it’s the case.

Judge the quality of websites. An agency or independent lady that respects itself or herself will have a tasteful and professional website. Expensive websites do not necessarily mean better service, but it does indicate a commitment to the business. When agency owners or independent courtesans invest thousands of dollars on a website, it surely is not to be running an overnight scam that will be found out before the investment is recovered.

By the same token; a simple, self made website doesn’t mean it’s a scam or fake; especially if it’s an independent escort’s site. It can be that she is new to the business and doesn’t quite have the money to invest in a top notch site just yet; it can also be that she doesn’t plan on being in the sex industry that long or doesn’t yet know if sex work is for her.

Where an escort receives from (incalls) and places she is willing to go (outcalls) says a lot about her or her agency. Sleazy motels/hotels or bad neighborhoods are not places where quality ladies/agencies that respect themselves do business; they should want to meet in a safe, clean, and classy place.

Finally, and this is the most important criteria, never let the little head decide for the big head when something smells fishy about an escort profile/ad/site/review. Supermodel pictures on a cheap website with great prices, no reviews and a non-existent phone number history is assuredly not good…


J.R. for TheVelvetRooms 

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Black Queen Gabrielle in Opfikon! by d_velvet_rooms

Gabrielle, one of our ebony Model was available in Zurich Küsnacht Monday and Tuesday.

Starting from tomorrow and until Friday, April 13rd, you can meet her in Opfikon, close to Zurich Airport!

Don’t miss her, she will not be back in the area before a while…

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