Text/WhatsApp messages Escorts don’t like to receive by d_velvet_rooms

This is nothing new: we all know that Escort-girls of a certain level like to have guests of the same caliber to spend great time with.

Those clients who are usually Gentlemen would first get in touch with their favorite companion via a phone call or a well written email.

In North America, for example, upscale companions will likely be first contacted by email (if she is using one) but in Europe, a phone call will be preferred.

Although we love texting our friends and relatives and receiving WhatsApp messages from the ones we care about, most of independent Escorts do not like receiving text/Whatsapp messages from clients or potential clients, especially when those messages are unwelcome, rude or clumsy…

If you are shy, if you have never used the services of a Swiss Escort before or if for some reasons, calling is really impossible for you, then make sure not to have your phone number blacklisted because of an inappropriate text message… Learn about the eight text messages you should not send to an Escort:

Texts at improper times

Inappropriate hours to text an Escort are before 8am and after 10pm. Texts outside those suitable hours are a turn off and will be received as creepy, disrespectful or desperate, except if the call-girl explicitly mentions in her ad being also available during the night.

A text to the wrong Escort

Please, make sure to remember her name before texting her. If her name is Carla, don’t call her Claudia. It is a lack of tact. This has happened to many Escorts I personally know and from the moment they read such messages, they are quite refractory in the idea of answering …

A text asking for pictures or nude selfies

It may be fun and exciting for you but for an escort who has her own website or spent hours writing a beautiful profile and adding several pictures to it, it is completely disrespectful. You can really turn her off to you just by asking. Why should she send these kind of pictures free of charge to a stranger who may not even book her afterwards? If she plays along, it shows her lack of healthy boundaries and the low-level escort she is. Show her you have healthy boundaries by not asking her to send them.

Texts which do not even say “hello”

Honestly, would you answer a message to someone who does not even greet you? If you go to the bank, to the grocery or to the postoffice and the person at the counter doesn’t look at you or ignore you although you are standing in front of her, how would you feel?

Well, the same applies when you contact an Escort : start your message by being polite and saying “Hello”, “How are you?”… Those kind of nice and friendly words we all like to hear/read when we first interact with somebody. If you can’t be polite at first, don’t expect an answer to your message.

Text that just says “Hey” or “Hi”

To all men out there: initiate a full thought! Texting her just “hey” or “hi” makes the escort having to interpret what you mean and most of them will not even bother trying!

Text messages with pictures of your dick

Nasty text messages showing your dick getting hard? Let me tell you the true: No woman like that (except if this dick is her boyfriend/husband’s).  It is GROSS and STUPID. And it doesn’t matter if she is an Escort or not. We don’t care about the dick of an unknown man.

Some men send pictures of their penis without asking, without any explanation context. Typically, sending such a picture is one of the first communications the Escort will receive from these men and of course, they will go straight into their blacklist !

It is most likely that this behavior represents an aspect of men’s misperception of female sexual interest. Men love the idea of receiving such pictures from strangers and they assume women do too. They assume wrong, obviously…

Text that are making her waist time

Remember: an Escort’s time is as precious as yours. She is getting paid for her presence and her company and has no time to entertain you for free via text messages. Which means that, messages such as ” What are you wearing right now?” or “Can we do a video call?” are an absolute NO-GO. It sounds juvenile and perverse. Call on a Phone-Sex operator if you are horny and need to relief yourself before being able to sleep or between two business conferences but please, leave this Escort alone. She has no time for such silly games.

Text that require a long response

Take notes please: any information that will require more than one or at the most, two, text fields to convey belongs in an email or in an actual phone conversation. Texts are meant to express short ideas. If your text spills over into several texts, it is annoying to scroll back to start reading and it is rather impersonal.

Why don’t you just give her a call?


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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3 Top new Models at TheVelvetRooms starting from June, 25th! by d_velvet_rooms


Let me introduce you the three princesses who joined TheVelvetRooms recently and who will be available in Zurich and Zurich area (only Private and Discreet, of course!) starting from Monday, June, 25th :


A Spanish beauty, in her best age will be available in Küsnacht (Zurich Gold Coast)!


Did you know that Estonia has the highest number of models per capita in the world? And Violetta is one of them! You can meet her in Glattbrugg (Zurich airport) until July, 1st.


People say that French women are the best lover! Connect with Melodie! She will be available in downtown Zurich but only for 5 days.

Who will be your pick? 😉


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At last: The description of our locations! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Months ago I was told that it was a too difficult to find the locations of TheVelvetRooms while browsing our homepage.

Obviously, I had to do something to improve the user experience.

Now it should be much better since the following changes were made a few days ago:

– The detailed description of our locations is now available in the section “When and Where”.
– Thanks to the section “Who is on today?” it is now faster and easier to know which Model is where.

On our homepage, there is still much to improve but, we are working on it! 😉

Kind regards from Janet ! 🙂

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Audio Interview : listen to our Models ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello handsome men! 🙂

I am happy to inform you that we now have at TheVelvetRooms, a special page called: “2 Minutes with…” (to be found in the Gallery section) which gives you the opportunity to learn more about our Models and listen to their beautiful voices!

The two first Models I had the pleasure to interview are Anisa and Cindy. But some more interviews (in German or in English) are coming soon, to give you a better insight of each of our VelvetGirls and to show you that at TheVelvetRooms, we try our best, we take things seriously, because we care about you!

Enjoy! 😉

Big Hugs from Janet

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Anisa’s brand new pictures will be available next week !!! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun with Anisa and my favorite photographer, Ronny!

The goal was to take wonderful pictures which will show the true beauty of Anisa’s, the new Ebony Model who joined TheVelvetRooms a few days ago.

The pictures she is currently working with do not give her justice at all! Therefore, we had to make new ones. After 3 hours non-stop shooting, the results is amazing!

I am planning to publish those pictures on Thursday or Friday next week, a few days before she comes back to Switzerland.

I can promise you that you will love them! Until I edit her new photographs, look at the one above this text: it is a foretaste of what awaits you…

Have a lovely Sunday!

Big hugs from Janet 🙂

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Why doesn’t this Escort kiss me? by d_velvet_rooms

It is Friday night and almost 6pm. You’ve been waiting for that moment for weeks now; in two hours time, you have a date with your dream escort.  She is your body type and you can’t wait to enjoy what’s on her menu… You really hope to not be disappointed by her services, especially by her kisses! Indeed, you are looking for a real Girlfriend Experience and therefore, expect a lot of “Deep French Kisses”.

Once you get there and she opens the door, you are speechless; the girl is even more beautiful than in her pictures! She looks friendly, welcoming, smiles at you constantly but… she seems to avoid kissing you and you don’t really know why; as mentioned in her advertising, she provides real kissing…

What’s wrong then?

Well, if an Escort says that she offers a Girlfriend Experience, this normally means that Deep French Kiss (DFK) is part of the whole experience, of course. If it is not the case, maybe you are facing one (or several) of the following situations:

The smell of your body…

We all have a unique natural smell. The smell of our body acts the same as a natural aphrodisiac and while visiting an escort, make sure that your smell is not converted into a bad odor. To guaranty a happy and healthy sex experience with an escort, it is imperative to take care of your personal hygiene in order to enhance the comfort zone between the woman of pleasure and yourself. Take a shower before visiting a Service Provider and do not hesitate to use perfumes (we women love when men use perfumes!). And even if you’ve already showered at home, do it once more at her incall location so she will know that hygiene is for you as important as it is for her. Proper cleanup is a “must” and this has to be done before and after having sex.

Hands and nails…

If you haven’t noticed it yet, most of independent Escorts take very good care of their hands and nails, investing in pedicure and manicure. Why don’t you do the same? If your hands or fingernails/toenails are dirty, first it does not give a good impression of yourself. Second, they are likely to carry microbes. If the lady has the feeling that your hands are dirty, why would she presume that the rest of your body is clean?

Bad breath ! 

This girl does not want to kiss you? It didn’t cross your mind that you may have a bad breath? Would you kiss a woman whose mouth stinks? You surely would feel reluctant to do it… I am not teaching you anything when I say that bad breath can put the brakes on romance fast…

3 pieces of advice:

* Make sure you brush your teeth before dating an escort (and don’t forget to brush your tongue)

* Use some dental floss to clean between the teeth

* Chew a mint shortly before your appointment or use some mouth freshener at her Incall place (she should normally have some in the bathroom) before trying to kiss her

A small mint candy or Tic-tac is usually insufficient to get rid of bad smell…

Hair on your body?

Are your body parts hairy? Well, some escorts do not like that; too much hair can put them off. Therefore, think of shaving properly and be properly groomed. If you still insist on keeping your beard and hairy body, make sure to wash your genitals and your armpits with shampoo; use a body spray right after to ensure that you enjoy sex with your favorite Swiss escort!

You might be surprised at how much of a difference it can make in a girl wanting to kiss you, if you devote a little more time to personal hygiene.

Foreplay. Foreplay. Foreplay.  The little details really do matter! 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms







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A few Models have left TheVelVetRooms : here is why ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello guys! 🙂

You’ve probably noticed that a few of Models who used to be in the Gallery section are no more part of the Team…

If you don’t know it yet, here are the Ladies who are not part of  TheVelvetRooms anymore:


We will regret Inès. She is a lovely woman and even if she has decided to go her own way I was very happy to had the chance to meet her and wish her of course all the best!


Tina was one of the very few Ebony Ladies at TheVelvetRooms but was not really able to find her place here in Switzerland. According to me, speaking only French was her biggest disadvantage. Being able to work in the German part of Switzerland requires some knowledge in German or at least very good command in English…which she did not have. However, we were glad to be able to get to know her and wish her to improve her language skills as soon as she will get the chance to!


Melissa could have done just fine in Switzerland but had absolutely no patience! Too bad because she is a very beautiful lady who can express herself very well both in German and English. But well…the Swiss market is very different from the German one (where she usually works). Here in Switzerland, everything comes with a bit of patience and devotion… Obviously not for her. Nevertheless, we wish her all the best in Germany!


Teenagers are usually impatient as hell! And instant gratification is making them perpetually impatient…too impatient to give it a real chance in Switzerland… Too bad for her because somehow, I liked that young lady and know that she could have done very well here. But I totally respect her decision.


I think Cora is probably in a stage of her life where she doesn’t exactly know what she wants and we can’t blame her for that! She has now chosen to focus on her FotoModel career and we hope it will be as successful as she expects it to be!


I do not really know what to say about her case… But it is very command to have girls in this industry who are extremely unreliable. They confirmed an appointment and on the last minute, they do not show up. That’s what happened with Adrianna and of course, I had to remove her immediately from our Homepage…

Fortunately, new girls are coming soon and I am looking forwards to introducing them to you in the coming weeks! 🙂

See you!


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ANISA : New at TheVelvetRooms!!! by d_velvet_rooms

When was the last time you experienced an escape? Not a vacation, but a full body departure from the stress of everyday life.

Maybe you escape with an early morning meditation or melt away into a sensual spa day…

If you’re like her you may crave a more carnal diversion… Anisa encourage you to discover the benefits of companionship with an independent ebony escort in Switzerland, free from the demands of societal conventions.

Anisa is now an Exclusive Model at TheVelvetRooms’ and for the very first time you can visit her in Opfikon (by Zurich Airport) but only until June, 16th!

Brand new pictures of her will be posted online next week. Stay tuned!!!! 😉



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Bye Bye Twitter! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

TheVelvetRooms has decided to permanently close its Twitter account.

Twitter was the only social media we wanted to be active on. But a few weeks ago, they started to get very intrusive asking a lot of personal information we do not wish to share with anyone.

Therefore, we preferred withdrawing. We wanted to thanks the 50 followers we had since February, 2018 and apologize for that hard decision but we think we made the right choice.

We might consider being on Instagram in a near future but for the moment, we rather focus on the development of TheVetvetRooms which is growing day after day!

Thanks for your support! I will of course keep you updated on our next Social media move! 😉

Bye for now!


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