Men’s thong: dare to wear it !  by d_velvet_rooms

Rarely worn by men, the male thong has its followers. Behind the alleged discomfort, it is rather pleasant underwear. 

I want to say it right from the start: I’m straight. This is important because the underwear I am talking about seems to have a homosexual connotation for both men and women.

 In any case, the male thong seems to be a guarantee of lack of virility. Most women (this does not include Escort Girls) find it ridiculous at best, at worst they run away when they see one. Men are hardly more attracted to the thing.

 It must be said that no one is really used to seeing men’s thongs except at Chippendale parties, in some movie comedy scenes or in commercials, in sex shops or on the Internet.

 In stores, there are almost none for sale except some expensive models from time to time. However, even if it is marginal, the men’s thong is becoming more and more popular.

It sells a lot on the Internet, many sites offer them, those in correspondence catalogues in particular but also large sites specialized in lingerie. 

 The male thong is often seen as a joke even though it is an undergarment in its own right which, before being vested in women, was historically reserved for men.

 Why am I wearing thongs?

 Originally it was a game. I saw some one day in a store and I was tempted to try it.

 After all, why not if the girls are wearing them. It must be said that the first sensation is strange when you are not used to it but to wear the thong on a daily basis is relatively comfortable as long as it is the right size (some recommend a size above your usual size).

 There are different kinds (just like boxers); sexy ones are the most common ones, for everyday use. The thong is also practical for sports (or dancing) since it frees the thighs from any hindrance of fabric and gives free rein to movement.

 Wearing them without extravagance, the male thong can be as discreet as boxers or briefs under a shirt or even in a suit. With a lower waist or raised hold, it becomes more difficult to go unnoticed.

 Perhaps because of its minimalist and very sexy connotation, the thong remains associated with sex and women, which is why men probably hesitate to wear some, especially since manufacturers do not advertise them.

 Yet, I can assure you that it’s nice to wear them, sometimes as much as a boxer and that there’s nothing provocative about being comfortable in your clothes; and I feel quite manly.

 Just that, given the very critical look of the people around me, I don’t dare to admit that I wear them from time to time. I will never go to the pool or beach in a bathing G-string and rarely wear one at work.

 Simply to avoid prejudice, which is a pity… Maybe one day with a lot of advertising or after a star has talked about it; the thong will become more than just an object of derision on a man?


 H. N. for TheVelvetRooms 

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Benefits to masturbation ???  Hold on a minute… by d_velvet_rooms

Benefits to masturbation ???  Hold on a minute…

In a previous article, our hostess Janet made a case for the benefits of masturbation ( Article: 3 good reasons to masturbate). I’m here to make the case against it in certain situations.

Let me set the table with a few principles first, then we’ll dive into it.

First and foremost, masturbation doesn’t mean or affect women and men the same way. Most women don’t have a libido that is even close to that of a man. Yes, there are nymphomaniacs out there, I hear, but at almost the half-century mark, like UFOs, I’ve never seen one…

Second, for a woman, unless she is a land whale or a mutant circus sideshow, the possibility of getting laid at will is out there. There will always be a desperate horny guy willing to take a run at her. Some women might have to wait until closing time at their local bar, but hey…

Third, there is the Pareto principle that applies to the Sexual Market Place (SMP); that is 20% of the top males will lay and/or be desired by 80% of the top females, leaving 80% of the male population partially or completely sexually frustrated.

Taking all three of these principles into account, a picture clearly emerges: most men can’t get what they really need; and women can get way more than they really need. That imbalance explains why masturbation doesn’t affect the sexes the same way.

Men are thus way more likely to resort to masturbation in a disproportionate way; an unhealthy way. Porn addiction anyone ?

For men, masturbation equals rejection in an unconscious way. It may be a release valve from sexual frustration, but after the 30 seconds of orgasmic ecstasy, comes the perverse stab in the back to your self-esteem. The reality is that you masturbate because your Sexual Market Value (SMV) is just not high enough.

What happens to those sexually frustrated men ? Well a clue might be a paper about male fruit flies (fruit flies, I know !) that found, in a controlled study, that the males that don’t have access to females are more likely to head directly to the container of alcohol …

So sexually frustrated men drink, use drugs, masturbate, and become MGTOWs or Incels, or a combination of the above. Not exactly a winner for the social fabric of society. AND, in the era of internet dating, the rejection mechanisms for those men just got multiplied…

The only real sane solution is using escorts; girls like at TheVelvetRooms.; because let’s face it, there are no good sex toys for men with an equivalent price point to that of a decent vibrator…But what if you can’t afford escorts ? Well you’re shit out of luck !!!

Or are you ? You don’t look that good ? You are not in shape ? You don’t have a good job ? You have a bad attitude ? A bad personality ? All of those things, but one (OK, there is plastic surgery !) are changeable. You can increase your value as a man; value to yourself, women, and society at large. That is probably why the Jordan Peterson message is so compelling to so many men; but that is an entire other article.

Masturbation within couples

There I completely disagree with our lovely Janet. Masturbation and couples don’t mix.

Most women react to their partner’s masturbation in 3 ways:

1-OMG, am I not enough for you ? They shame their partners into stopping, men do the fruit fly thing and/or they leave.

2-Thank God, I don’t have to fuck him anymore ! One less thing on their list. They turn their backs on their partners; men do the fruit fly thing and/or they leave.

3-Women that use sex to control their men will see this as an attempt to usurp their power in the relationship; other manipulation tactics will multiply leading to you guessed it: men will do the fruit fly thing and/or leave…

Most men react to their partner’s masturbation according to their sexual satisfaction levels:

1-If he’s satisfied, seeing his partner masturbate might be seen as a turn-on, a call to sex.

2-If he’s dissatisfied he’ll think: “How can she throw away her already insufficient libido on this sexual junk food ?”. These women will either be cheated on and/or booted out the door.

3-Or in very few cases he’ll act like the “in the closet” whimp he probably is and use female reaction #1. That guy is definitely doing the fruit fly thing…

So in 6 situations that cover most situations involving masturbation and couples, ALL BUT ONE are toxic…

Yes, masturbation has a lot of great uses and benefits but it can also be detrimental; much more so for men.


J.R. for TheVelvetRooms 

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The new pictures of Catherine: finally available! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!!!

Already 2 months that we had to do this photo shooting!!!

Finally it was done last weekend and the result is SUPER! Click here : CATHERINE .

These pictures are much nicer than the previous ones : The Catherine really looks top for 45 ! 🙂

She is in Auw this weekend (near SINS, MURI and CHAM) and next week in Emmenbrücke !!!


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Tracy : Her interview finally available! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello!!! 🙂

Yesterday evening, I could record a short interview of  Tracy.

Only 2 minutes long but enough to get you a picture of her personality : simply sweet!

Her mother tongue is German (so we recorded the interview in that language) but Tracy speaks also English very well.

She can be visited this week (September, 24th-29th) in St. Gallen City Center. 😉


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Our new location near SINS is next week operating !!! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello lovely Men!!!

Are you living near the city of Zug (Canton Zug)? Or close to Sins or Muri (Canton Aargau) ?

Well, then you are not far away from our new location! Why don’t you visit us next week (September, 24th-30th) in AUW ?

For the first time, one of our Velvet Ladies (Catherine) will be there! The place is of course super discreet and private and I hope you will like it.

On the picture above, you can see a map of our new location : You are welcome any time! 😉

Happy Sunday!


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Do you know Trixi? by d_velvet_rooms

Hello guys!!!

Do you know Trixi? If you are familiar with Glattbrugg/Opfikon, you probably already know her as she is very popular in that area ! ,-)

Let me announce you that Trixi will soon be part of TheVelvetRooms!!!

I will have her profile online, latest in October (yes, it always takes me a lot of time to prepare a girl’s profile).

She promised me new pictures by end of October but for now, her current pictures will do and will probably help you to know who I am talking about.

Anyway, I am glad to have her at TheVelvetRooms! She will be available in Glattbrugg, – Private and Discreet, of course! –  starting from November !

Don’t miss her! 😉

Hugs from Janet



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10 things you do in bed that women hate by d_velvet_rooms

Surprise, surprise, surprise : men are not always “Aces” in bed (well, OK, neither are women, but that’s another story… today, I’m talking about men!).

I do not claim that there is a universal guide to sex because like everything else in life, women and men can love things that are very different from each other. On the other hand, I think there are some big NO-GOs that all men should know about because most women don’t always enjoy what you enjoy…

To help you satisfy your partner in bed, here are 10 things you should never do during sex!

1- Hit her / pull her hair / bite her very hard

Why we hate it: Slapping us on the butt without warning? Biting our nipples to death? No, thank you. Unless she is officially a very submissive woman in bed, she will appreciate being warned beforehand. It’s like Brussels sprouts, some people like it and others hate it. It’s always better if you ask your partner what she wants on her plate instead of sticking it down her throat… You know what I mean?

2- Have a hickey (in a visible place)

Why we hate it: No woman really wants to talk about her sex life to everyone who goes to see her neck because of the total absence of a turtleneck in my wardrobe…

3- Try anal sex without warning and without lubricant

Why we hate it: These things require a prior discussion with your partner because it’s not really something that all women like/want…

4- Remove underwear with your teeth

Why we hate it: First of all, it’s not very elegant of you and then, it can damage the beautiful underwear that she paid a lot of money for…

5- Don’t ask her this question: “Did you come?”

Why we hate it: If you ask this question, it is almost 98% certain that the answer will be “no” or she may said “yes” to you and therefore lie precisely so as not to have to hear this question again. Also keep in mind that the clear majority of women do not need to reach orgasm to have fun in bed….

6- Coming in her face/hair without asking first

Why we hate it: No, but really… seriously… do you think women like that?

7- Not knowing what to do with your fingers and just going too hard “down there”

Why we hate it: It’s not something you can do violently. To make us like it, you have to be delicate, very gentle… that’s all!

8- Do something seen in a porn movie/read in 50 Shades of Grey

 Why we hate it: Just because a woman has found the book/movie enjoyable to read/watch doesn’t mean she wants to replay a scene in real life…

9- Do not reciprocate oral sex

Why we hate it: Don’t you think that a woman can love receiving oral sex as much as you love receiving blowjobs? Why not share that pleasure?

10- Get to the act right away and ignore the foreplay

Why we hate it: In case you didn’t know, women really like foreplay… For many of them, it is a “MUST” for a great sexual relationship! 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Latest video : Cindy is back on track ! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen!

Do you have 2:30 minutes for a hot little break today?

Feel like relaxing in the bathroom or need a little sweet treat before going to bed?

My suggestion : Watch the new video of our Exclusive Model Cindy !

Here is the link to our video section : Video

Enjoy! 😉


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