Chantal : A New Exclusive Model ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody! 🙂

A few lines to let you know that a new lady has joined the team and will be available in St. Gallen City Center starting from tomorrow, November, 29th.

Her name is Chantal, she is 35 years old and comes from Italy.

Unfortunately, we could not schedule a photo shooting with her before December, 8th.

Therefore, she will be introduced to you with average photographs (sorry about that!) but starting from December, 10th, over 20 brand new and top professional pictures of Chantal, taken by TheVelvetRooms will be available on the website.

An interview of her (” 2 Minutes with”) will be also available tomorrow or latest on Friday, November 30th. Take a moment to listen to it. She is a smart companion ! 😉

Hugs from Janet

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Pictures of your dick? No, no, no !!! by d_velvet_rooms


Yes, “hi” to you man of the internet looking for Escort Girls… Nobody wants to see your penis!

Why would you think that a Girl, just because she is a sex worker would want to see a picture of your erect penis suddenly appear on her WhatsApp when you even never met her?

At this specific moment when she’s receiving that horrible picture of your “best friend”, any other picture will be sexier than sending a stranger a picture of your erect penis.

While a minority of Swiss Escorts like them and another minority see those pictures as a form of digital abuse, the majority of them just roll their eyes and ask “why, why, WHY do you continue to do this?”

*Are you trying to get talking dirty because you are bored?

*Or, are you an exhibitionist???

*Maybe you are trying to show what you “have to offer”, assuming that Escort Girls will be impressed (they are usually not)?

*In your naiveté, you would obviously like to see a picture of them naked, so why wouldn’t they want to see the same?

*You are sending them unsolicited dick pics out of a sense of a sexual entitlement. You are turned on, and you want them to know it?

Forget it!

Let me tell you something rude man/boy:

Most of Escort Girls will auto delete any guy that does send images of his dick.

Only with consent dick pictures can be fun and horny! If you send them without permission, it simply means that you are not great with boundaries. If you can’t respect a woman, your phone number will simply land in their Blacklist…forever!

That’s it. That’s all.

So a word to the wise… !


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 






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Who’s that Girl ? by d_velvet_rooms

Hi ! 🙂

This weekend, a new dark-skinned Model is joining TheVelvetRooms.

Her name? Kendra .

Kendra was born in Africa but grew up in Spain. You will be very surprised how well she speaks German!

Tomorrow (Saturday, 24 November) she arrives, we have a photo shooting scheduled in the evening and if everything works out, her profile should be online by Sunday, November  25th at the latest.

Kendra will be available next week (from November 26th, to December 2nd) in Rheineck (Eastern Switzerland).

Best regards from Janet


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KIRA : A very short video to tease you… by d_velvet_rooms

My lovely Gentlemen! 🙂

Here is another News for you today : A very short but teasing video of KIRA !

She wanted to keep it simple but at the same time, show you her slender body… Click here to discover her video : Video of Kira .

Kira is currently spending the week in AUW (a small village very close to the town of SINS, in Canton Aargau). If you leave in Cham or work in the city of Zug, you are only

15mins drive from Kira! Why not visiting her this weekend? 😉

Hugs from Janet

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Video of TINA : This Girl can move !!! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello, Gentleman!

Tina is our new exclusive model.

She started with us on Monday and can be visited this week in our beautiful loft apartment in Emmenbrücke (near Lucerne)!

This morning she sent me a sensual video of her…

I let you discover it…It will surely warm you up on this cold day: Video of Tina 

Greetings from Janet


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BIJOU : gone from TheVelvetRooms… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry to inform you that Bijou is no longer part of our team.

After only a week in Schindellegi, she was supposed to be in Zurich City this morning and spend 7 days there.

I had to end our collaboration because although very beautiful, sweet and kind, this Model did not respect the basic rules of our consortium. These rules, which ensure the proper functioning of our Agency. I will not go into any details because I am not here to denigrate or criticize, but I do care about the long life of TheVelvetRooms and for that reason, the stability of the company’s structural framework is very important. Quality, consistency and a good reputation are built with rigour, hard work and patience. There is still a long way to go….

The image of TheVelvetRooms is our priority and we are all working very hard to maintain it and make it evolve positively.

The Models that harm it, unfortunately, have no place among us.

I wish Bijou all the best!




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