Happy New Year 2019 !!! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

My lovely Readers,

For this new year, I wish you from the bottom of  my heart:

2 wice as many friends,

0 hassle,

1 wonderful year,

9 tons of love !

May the sorrows and worries of 2018 be quickly forgotten, and the next 365 days become for you, your family and your friends a promise of happiness, health and joy!

With all my friendship and affection, I send you my best wishes for 2019! 🙂


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Veronika: The end of her collaboration with TheVelvetRooms… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody,

A short information for you to know :  Veronika, who used to be an Exclusive Model at TheVelvetRooms is now going “solo” !

Indeed, after about 6 months of collaboration, TheVelvetRooms has chosen not to pursue with the Bulgarian Model, Veronika.

Nevertheless, we wish her all the best in 2019 !

And keep in mind that new stunning Models are coming at TheVelvetRooms in January!

Stay tuned my dear readers!!! 🙂

Big hugs from Janet




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Why do so many Escorts have tattoos? by d_velvet_rooms


In the recent years, more and more escorts have been using tattoos to seduce, to distinguish themselves from others or for personal reasons.

A method that seems to pay off in a society focused on image.

Indeed, in the world of social media, image, and appearance, the body has become a reflection of who we are. Thus, for some time, tattoos have returned to the mores and are no longer reserved for submariners and bikers with transgressive spirits.

The prostitution scene in Switzerland has not escaped that trend, so more and more girls working in the Swiss sex industry have beautiful decorative, suggestive designs adorning their mermaid scales…


The evolution of erotic tattoos

Although tattoos have been around for many centuries, their function has evolved. Formerly used for religious reasons, belonging to a group or for reasons of discriminatory identification; it is today an aesthetic tool. Tattooing also has this paradoxical property of showing off nudity while hiding it. To eroticize a part of the body while veiling it…


Tattoos and escorts

Today, it is estimated that 20% of escorts are tattooed. Most of them do it to stand out of the crowd or to identify their belonging to a group. However, it seems that some of them wear tattoos to optimize their success in this industry. Now, body art is no longer the prerogative of a few queer escorts or LGBT militants in the descent phase. The tattooed escort is a democratized pearl…


Why do some sex Models have so many tattoos?

1- Taming her body

It must be remembered that many escorts start in this industry when they are still very young. Most of the time, they are young women in their twenties who see themselves emerging from adolescence and witness their changing bodies. The fact that some are propelled to the rank of “sex bombs” can be scary, so the tattoos help these young women tame their transformed bodies. It helps them to own themselves.

2- The fear of death

We know that sex and death are intimately linked; the tattoo becomes an unconscious will to leave a trace. Thus, the little butterfly tattooed on the left buttock of an escort is an eternal landmark for this person. It can mean freedom, even independence.

They are no longer mommy and daddy’s little girl; their bodies are their own to do what they please with it. This is an opportunity for some libertine women to convey an idea, a thought, and a design.

3- Pay tribute to her origins and her history/background

Also, for many call-girls, being tattooed pays tribute to their origins. A Polynesian escort will choose a Maori tattoo for example, while the Arabic escort will prefer the henna. On the contrary, the Japanese escort will go for a Japanese style which follows the Yakuza/Geisha tradition.

4- An“in-situ” Act

If a courtesan gets a butterfly tattoo on the lower abdomen, it may symbolize the fact that she identifies herself with this little butterfly in motion.

The act of tattooing is not only aesthetic. It is also explicit because by its action, it comes to mark something indelible on his skin.

5- The “rite” of the tattoo

The tattoo artist, meanwhile, becomes the master of  S&M or the art of doing harm to do good! The masochistic discharge of the tattoo seems explicit. A person comes to relieve themselves through this pain, as if the tattoo could provide enjoyment. From a bodily point of view, the link to the tattoo artist is intimate and loaded with eroticism. He is the one who offers a new identity to the young call girl in the construction phase.

We can freely admit that the approach implies living the present moment, through pain; enjoying the moment. The pleasure of designing the tattoo is just as important as the tattoo itself.

The tattoo then becomes, like deflowering, a “rite of passage” to accept herself as a call-girl to be.


Do not ask her the meaning of her tattoo!

A little piece of advice for you gentlemen;  when it comes to seduction and tattooing, note that in most cases, the meaning of tattoos is innocuous, personal or sometimes even stupid…

Although tattoos can become a good way to engage in a discussion with an escort during the “social part” of an encounter, know that delving too deeply into the subject will certainly fall short of your expectations.

Enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a tattooed escort rather than to try to understand the symbolic insignificance of the tattoos that adorn her pretty body…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 




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Dating an Escort? 10 tips for 100% discretion!  by d_velvet_rooms


Many of you are simply naive or unaware when it comes to covering your tracks concerning your communications with Swiss Escort Girls.

Many of you tend to think that nobody will ever check your phones, computers, tablets or excuses you may give. But you are wrong… Many clients like you have been found out by accident many times. A family member may innocently use your phone to order some Chinese food, only to find out that a phone number saved as “Pamela” has been called eight times in the last two weeks…

So, how can you become more discreet with your escorts’ encounters?  Because „Happy Clients“ are for us as important as „Happy Escorts“, here are a few tips from TheVelvetRooms.

1-Email correspondence

Maintain an email account that is strictly, exclusively reserved for communication with escorts. With the wide variety of webmail resources available, establishing an email account for this type of use should be simple.  Many clients unknowingly use their personal or business email address for ALL communications, ranging from work to bills to online dating. Their personal or business emails often link them to their social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This makes it very easy for an escort to screen you, but it also makes you vulnerable to blackmail from a less-than-ethical escort or discovery by a significant other or a family member. For your own privacy, you should correspond with your Escort from an account that nobody else knows about.

2-Phone number

If you would like to save Escorts’ numbers in your phone, save it under the most generic, boring names that relates to your business. The best is to have a second phone…only for your Escorts dates…

Escort numbers should not be saved in your phone by their names. The contact names should be something that would never create red flags for someone who happened to be thumbing through your phone… You should take extra precautions with your phone such as deleting call logs and text messages. Even if you don’t delete all call logs, you should at least go through and delete your calls individually. The same thing goes for text messages exchanged between the two of you. Finally, if you don’t have one yet, your should set up a password for your phone. Setting up a password can help to deter someone from accidentally finding incriminating information.

3-WhatsApp conversations

Purge WhatsApp chat logs. Even if a WhatsApp session gets pretty hot and steamy, you should always, always, always delete the chat log. An intense, specific chat will give you away, for sure. A chat that isn’t specific can give you away, too. You need to learn that you should delete it every time you are online with someone else in order to protect your privacy.

4-Your computer

Use a software that clears your computer of temporary files and logs. Some of you may not be comfortable enough with the technology to remember to clear their browser history. For these clients, there is another option: memory clearing software. Programs such as CC Cleaner and Eraser help swipe your computer clean of anything that you don’t need anymore – including traces that nobody has to know about. These programs can help you get rid of emails, web history, photos, chats and anything else that a spouse might find…

5-Phone bills

If you can do it, try to arrange for your phone bills to be sent to your office or some other location. Even though you may feel certain that your significant other will never even glance at the phone bills, you could be wrong, especially if she ever becomes suspicious. The best option would be to have your bills sent electronically.

6-Parking tickets

Do you know that getting parking tickets can link you directly back to sessions at an Incall place or in a Hotel ? Please, be very, very respectful of the law, especially if you are meeting in an entirely different part of town than those you normally visit…

7-Pay Cash

Cash is king ! Pay your escort cash as often as possible and if you want to buy something in her neighborhood, use cash as well. Credit card charges found on a bill from locations out of your normal way can cause questions. It’s best that you use cash if you stop to get a bottle of wine or get fuel on your way to see an escort. Cash is never traceable – unless you keep a receipt in your pocket. 🙁

8-Bank account

If you really don’t like having cash on you permanently, establish a separate bank account for the money you will use for escorts. A spouse is guaranteed be enraged at the discovery of financial activity that she is not part of. The escort-related account should be with an entirely different bank. Online statements can be sent to the email address your opened following our 1st advice. You should never, ever give an excuse that can be checked on and/or verified.

9-Learn how to make good excuses

If you simply tell your wife that you are working late, you will one day get caught.  It’s too easy for her to drive by your office, call your office number or just drop in. You can use the excuse that you are taking a client to dinner… not sure where, yet. Or that you are doing research for a project downtown. Or that you got to drop files off at another office and then run some other errands. Remember that your excuses should always be somewhat vague (never too detailed, because it’s too hard to remember and too easy to contradict oneself) and somewhat non-committal. In other words, your excuse for where you are when you are seeing an escort should allow yourself room for your plans to change within your excuse. Some of the biggest mistakes clients make when they are explaining where they’re going to be instead of home (when they’re actually with an escort) is that they provide a bad excuse. And, a client should always have an excuse ready when asked. However, many Gentlemen find that an excuse is often not even required, so it’s best to just stay quiet unless asked.

10-Wipe off the physical evidence

Perfume (your escort shouldn’t be using too much of it in the first place), the scent of her body lotion or even the smell of her Incall place can linger on your skin long after she has left your arms. Please Gentlemen, have a shower before returning to your “real” life. And when you shower, you shouldn’t try out the flowery-smelling shower gel in the bathroom. It’s bad enough that an unusual scent could linger on a one’s coat or shirt collar, but her scent on your skin is not quite as temporary. A client who showers when he leaves an escort date will not have too much to explain later…

I hope you have found that article useful Gentlemen!

They will be many more to come in 2019, to help you enjoy every single date with your chosen Escort!


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Vanessa had to cancel her stay in Unterägeri… by d_velvet_rooms

Dear readers,

Our Exclusive model Vanessa would have been available in Unterägeri from tomorrow (26th December) for 5 days.

Unfortunately, she lost a close relative last night and had to change her plans this morning.

I’m sorry to tell you this message …

We send her our warm condolences and look forward to welcoming her here in Switzerland again.



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Merry Christmas from TheVelvetRooms ! by d_velvet_rooms

That time has come again!  A fragrance of fine “Hello” and cinnamon candles is in the air, the apartment is beautifully decorated and the festive roast stews in the oven … in front of the open log fire you enjoy with your loved one a good glass of wine and listen to the Christmas songs in the background. Eroticism is in the air and the pleasant warmth and glass of wine help to make the little angels float. Enjoy such moments with your partner, share and taste them together because those special moments are rare …

But the journey to Christmas’eve often looks slightly different. You have to buy gifts and as usual, you do it shortly before the holy day. That would actually be easy if you would not have to line up behind hundreds of people who like you are buying their presents on the last minute.

You may be anxious and the big questions are coming back to you; “What should I buy and what is appropriate? What did I offer the previous year and was it appreciated?”

Fortunately, as a man, you make up your mind much faster than women, but making a quick decision does not always lead to the right decision…

Then there are the relatives you should visit or who may even all come to your home. Children, aunts and grandparents. The table is colorful and everyone has a story to tell…

On this December, 24th, no matter where you are and with whom you chose to spend that Christmas ‘eve, surround yourself by people you appreciate, you care about or that you love. Friends, family, a lover, acquaintances, someone you hardly know? It does not matter as long as you are feeling good around them.  Because what really counts is not what people say or do but how they make you feel when you have them around!

In any case, TheVelvetRooms wishes you my dear readers “A Merry Christmas! ”

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Catherine is not part of TVR anymore… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

A short message to inform you that Catherine is no longer part of TheVelvetRooms.

After almost 18 months of a beautiful collaboration (yes, Catherine was one of us before TheVelvetRooms homepage went live), time had come to go separate ways, as people change as well as their expectations…

For those who know Catherine and have her contacts, I will suggest you, from now on to call or email her directly to arrange a date with her.

I do believe that she will continue visiting Zurich (her favorite area in the German part of Switzerland) on a regular basis.

We wish her all the best !


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Angelina’s selfies are now available! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello ! 🙂

I am pleased to inform you that our new Exclusive Model, Angelina has now selfies to show you!

They are brand new and were taken especially for TheVelvetRooms’ homepage.

Discover a sweet girl in a slim body how knows how to play in front of the mirror…

Click here to have a look at her Selfies : Selfies of Angelina .

You can visit this jewel in Unterägeri, near the city of Zug (in the canton of Zug) until Sunday, December 23rd .

Allow yourself this little treat before Christmas! 😉


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TheVelvetRooms is 1 year old today! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Readers,

Today, December 8th, 2018, TheVelvetRooms celebrates its 1 year !!! 🙂

Our team is proud of all the work that has been done in a year. Together we have achieved a lot in 2018 and we are looking forward to the new projects in 2019!

Thank you for your support, your trust and your loyalty!

Thanks for believing in TheVelvetRooms!

Kind regards!



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Married: Should you remove your ring before seeing an Escort? by d_velvet_rooms

Did you know that about 50% of escorts’ clients are married men? If you are one of them, don’t worry: Nothing to be ashamed of.

I am not here to judge you Gentleman and on the contrary, if seeing an Escort can directly or indirectly save your marriage, why not?

I am sure you may have asked yourself this question a couple of times: “Should I remove my wedding ring before dating with that Swiss Escort?” You are hesitating, you do not know what would be the best to do… to keep it or not keep it …?

Here are pieces of advices and my humble opinion about the topic.

If you always wear your ring and never remove it, then I think it is better to keep it. Why? Because the risk of losing it or not being able to put it back (because of a swollen finger for example) is present and it will look suspicious once back home. A woman usually knows her husband very well even if she pretends to ignore him … do not be fooled by appearances.

If you wear your ring from time to time only, then it would certainly be better to remove it before meeting with an Escort.

Why? Essentially to protect your privacy. A ring is a clear sign that you are not single. Does she really need to know that? Why would you share information free of charge with an unknown person who does not need to know this detail of your life to make you feel great? As a married man (and / or father), if you make the choice to please yourself from time to time, try to keep this part of your privacy as unobtrusive as possible.

You can share a lot of things with an Escort who often becomes a confidante, a lover and sometimes even a friend. As long as this relationship between your regular Escort and yourself has not solidified (sometimes it may take years), I do not advise you to share too much about your privacy.

In case you hardly know this woman, keep it strictly business. If she is a good Escort, she will respect that, will not ask personal questions and will know how to make you feel comfortable during these moments with her without the need to know more about who you are. Because that’s the goal of seeing an Escort, right? Offering yourself a selfish moment, just before going back to the daily routine …

And what if you removed your wedding ring but the Escort you chose to see today asked you if you were married after having noticed a mark on your ring finger?  Well, tell her politely that you don’t want to talk about that. She will understand immediately and will not insist. Trust me.

But remember, an Escort Girl of a certain caliber will never ask you personal questions unless she has been allowed to do so…

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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