Are all escorts bisexual? by d_velvet_rooms

Did it happen to you to date an Escort who pretended to like both, men and women? Or did you meet an Escort who offered a “threesome” with one of her girlfriend and kissed her better than she actually kissed you?

As the sex industry is a lot about money, many girls will misuse the words lesbian and bisexual in order to make more money because they know that a lot of clients fantasize about them having one of these two sexual orientations.

But most of the Call-Girls (especially the Independent Escorts) are pretty honest about that and when it comes to sex, will not pretend to be who they are not or to do what they are not into.

Did you know that some straight girls were never into women until they were fully acquainted with the Escort world and started to be more open in their sexuality ?  Their preference is strongly for men only but they occasionally have a deep attraction to a minority of women.

This being said, can we conclude that all Escorts are somehow bisexuals? Based on my experience in this industry, I would say that at least 30% of all Escorts are either bisexuals are lesbians.


Why lesbian sex workers escort men instead of doing it for women?

Indeed, many sex workers are lesbians. The clear majority would work exclusively with men and have sex exclusively with men. Many (especially those who are into a relationship) will choose not to have sex with women professionally as this is too close to their intimacy, private life and own sexual preferences which they prefer keeping separate.

They are a select number of women that offer lesbian services to lesbians but it is rare. Although many would love to see women who will pay for their time, the demand for this niche market is not large. Why? Because it is generally very easy to go to a lesbian club, bar, or on an online dating site and find a girl that’s up for a one night stand. Obviously, as it is for men, if that lesbian lady is now looking for a “Top-Model looking girl” without the hassle of going out and finding someone, the option of hiring for example a lesbian Escort in Zurich for an Outcall is more convenient and one can be picky. Exactly like it would be for a man who chooses to hire the services of a call-girl for the same reasons.

So Gentlemen, don’t assume that all Escort Girls are straight because actually, most of them are not…


Are you into duo bookings? Go for bisexual Escorts!

Of course lesbians ladies dating men in this industry will never openly write in their profile that they are lesbians fearing that the revelation of their real sexual orientation may have them working less than a heterosexual or a girl who like both genders. Therefore, they will usually use the term “bisexual”, which sells even more than being simply “straight”.

Were you thinking of booking two girls for a Duo?  Which sexual preferences should they have?

Well, it depends on the experience you are looking for. If you are expecting the ladies to interact only with you, then their sexual orientation does not play a big role as in this situation, they will be taking care of you exclusively.

However, if you want to take part to a real “ménage-à-trois”, don’t call just any Escorts because you find them hot and sexy!

First, make sure that the girls are at least bisexuals (or lesbians). Indeed, in this kind of experience, a genuine affection between them is essential. You are paying them to watch real sensual eroticism and true interactions between the two women and not to see a fake show! Then do your “homework” and inform yourself if the two professionals already know each other AND have done it together in the past: this way, it will be more fun and they will be in the right mental position to enjoy it and make you enjoy it too!


Are there bisexual Escorts at TheVelvetRooms ?

Actually yes, a few of the VelvetModels are bisexuals!

Their sexual orientation does not appear on their profile yet but I am planning to add that additional information very soon as many of you Gentlemen have been asking for it ! 😉


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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New pictures of PAMELA : What a gorgeous one ! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone!

Sunday is always a stressful day for me because I am always super busy during the weekend…

But, I still found the time to put the new pictures of PAMELA online !

The photoshooting took place this morning. The pictures are 100 % natural, without any photoshop ! 🙂 Not bad, right?

The Italian PAMELA will arrive in Glattbrugg (near Zurich airport) this evening and will be available at that location the whole week.

Have a nice Sunday! 🙂


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GFE and PSE : What’s the difference ?  by d_velvet_rooms

Gentlemen using services of Escort Girls may know by now most terminologies which help talking about the industry in a more smooth way. However those abbreviations may be confusing for newcomers.

TheVelvetRooms is happy to explain you the difference between a GFE and  a PSE and what do these terms mean exactly.


The GFE : Girl Friend Exerience 

The girlfriend experience, is about having an intimate, romantic encounter that is not rushed, and in some cases are not even sexual.

It’s sex and intimacy with all the warmth, passion and enthusiasm that always seems to be missing from casual encounters. You’ll get to enjoy and appreciate all the best parts of a relationship without any of the commitment or strings that would normally be attached. As long as you remember it’s a professional interaction first and an experience second, the GFE is the perfect choice for someone looking to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy.


The PSE : Porn Star Experience 

In the PSE Experience, the man is more dominant and his pronographic fantasies come in live. It’s about fast and hard.

The PSE is nothing about being romantic or sensual. This experience focuses exclusively on being naughty, rough, uninhibited and passionate. The service offered by the Escort is very similar to what one can see in porn movies.The PSE service will usually include more active and adventurous positions, loud moaning, light spanking, anal sex, dirty talk, come on face, come on body, pulling hair…

The idea is that the client gets to realise the sexual fantasies that they enjoy watching in porn, but often do not get to experience in daily life. Because of the nature of some of these acts, the PSE requires a level of trust between the client and the escort. For this reason, an escort may not offer the service to a first-time client.


The GFE is is by far the most common request service at TheVelvetRooms. However a few of our Velvet Models like Emma or Annina also offer a PSE service.

See you soon in one of our VelvetRooms !


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Updates on the few Models who recently left TheVelvetRooms. by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone !

You’ve probably noticed that a few Models were not listed anymore in our website. Indeed, I did not have the time to get back to you about this although I always like to communicate with my followers regarding anything that may changed at TheVelvetRooms. Here is a quick update on the Models who, since last month are not part of  TheVelvetRooms anymore.


Tracy was one of our few Ebony Lady. I really liked that Girl. German, tall, a slim body and with a sweet personality. Unfortunately, going independent was somehow a bit difficult for Tracy and I could feel that she was struggling with this new status. She is now back to the place where she used to work before being a VelvetModel… We wish her all the best !


Katia was one of the first Model who rented at TheVelvetRooms when I started this business 2 years ago. So, we’ve known each other for a while however, Katia never really bond with TheVelvetRooms’ Concept and did not show any big interest in being part of it. All VelvetModels are within a win-to-win business relationship with TheVelvetRooms. It cannot be one way only, where just one part gets all the advantages. As we could not understand each other on that point, we decided to part. I wish Katia only the best ! She is a good Escort and her solid reputation here in Switzerland will, I am sure, continue to grow.


Stella’s experience at TheVelvetRooms was extremely short. She is now back to Germany where she has been working for a while. So, my comment on why she is not part of the team anymore will be resumed in one simple quote :  ” When I very first started out, I had that arrogance of youth “.


Samantha (see picture above) contacted me for the first time a year ago as she wanted to be an independent Escort but she did not even arrived at TheVelvetRooms… She was about 2 weeks in the homepage until I realized that she will definitely not fit into TheVelvetRooms’ Concept. Beautiful is she, that’s for sure (an extremely attractive woman actually). Concerning her communicating skills and self-confidence…I don’t really know.  But what I know is that I will never forget where I am from. It is essential to remain humble and evolving. Samantha is still around, available regularly in a massage studio in the Zurich area… Anyway, we wish her all the best !


That’s all for today my dear readers but I will be back soon! 😉

Bye for now!



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A new Model will be joining TVR at the end of the month ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my dear Readers! 🙂

A quick note to let you know that a super sexy new Lady will be joining TheVelvetRooms on February, 25th.

Her name is PAMELA , she is originally from Italy (she is a real Italian, no a girl pretending to be Italian) but lived many years in Australia…

Middle of next week, her profile should be online and we also have scheduled a photo shooting with one of TheVelvetRooms photographer on February 24th, to prove you that she is authentic , not a fake ! 🙂

Above, a selfie of Pamela, under natural light. Yes, her face features are almost close to perfection ! 😉

Have a lovely weekend !



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VelvetRooms content theft : read my story and say no to Escorts stealing pictures and text content ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Today, I would like to share with you an interesting discovery I made yesterday…

I was browsing that very popular Swiss Sex portal that many of you probably know by now and I suddenly bumped into a profile with a very well written content…

That text sounded to me kind of familiar so, I decided to click on it and read more about it… and after a few seconds, I realized that the text was actually mine !

Trying to remember whom that text was originally written for and how come it was on the profile of another girl, gave me headache in a very short period of time! I dug into my computer files and found my text…. that exact same text (word by word the exact same text. Not a single word was changed by that girl, except the signature at the bottom of the text, obviously!) I wrote end of November 2018 for a Romanian girl who only stayed 1 week at TheVelvetRooms (I had to tell her to leave after only a week of presence) and who is called BIJOU. For those who need a refresh, here you go, just click here : BIJOU . And if BIJOU still sounds unfamiliar to you, maybe you know the second name she is working with, which is SANDRA .

Once I knew exactly for whom and when I wrote that text, I decided to contact that girl (also Romanian by the way), called SARAH (see her advertising above, and her pictures, right next to my nice text. She is currently available in Zurich City) and told her that, that text was not written by her but by me and that she should remove it immediately. She admitted not to be the author of the text and explained that it was given to her by a friend named BIJOU. And she also added the following :


” Janet you are not a famous book writer, we are free in this country.

Stop bothering me or I will call the police and make a report”.


I was not really surprised by her typical “cliché” response. I then contacted that sex portal that published her ad and exposed the problem but it seemed that what they only care about is the money that comes in… Absolutely not a single reaction from their side. Not even a call to that girl to double check the veracity of my words.

On one hand, I feel flattered that my text content is being copy-pasted and used by third parties because it means that it is good, right? No one steals stuff that aren’t good enough or that do not have any qualitative or quantitative value.

On another hand, writing content takes me hours. I do it because I love to write. I really do and I think when one sees all the content published weekly in, it is clear that I love writing! I do it with my heart and with my soul and it hurts to see my work misused by others. Moreover, one usually steals because he/she knows that he/she is incapable to produce/create something as good or better that what is being stolen. This kind of behavior is very depreciating, and clearly an evidence of weakness, smallness and ignorance.

So many prostitutes want to be Escorts… too many Escorts pretend to be Courtesans but don’t even know the difference between those three words. Some can’t even speak or write English or German properly without making mistakes every other word and called themselves “High Class”. Many others steal pictures and text content to “upgrade” their image because indeed, they wish to have the education and the brain to be able to stand out and offer more than just “sex” and as a matter of fact this makes them far to worth the money they are asking for.

I am very much aware of how difficult it is to pursue those people in the internet who are constantly ripping off content or pictures which do not belong to them. I also know very well that one cannot stop that stealing process completely but one should not accept it either fatalistically by considering this action as something normal.

When one steals someone else work, it is not only unethical, but illegal too.

Unfortunately, for many people out there (concerning prostitution, it applies 95% of the cases) when it comes to money, ethics and legacy are meaningless words.

We wish SARAH “all the best” ! But one should never forget: “What goes around, comes around…”









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Meet Annina : A “Pocahontas”, made in Switzerland ! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody !

At last a Swiss lady joining TheVelvetRooms ! Let me introduce you Annina : the first authentic Swiss Girl working at TheVelvetRooms since we exist! Therefore we are very happy and excited to welcome Annina in our team !

Annina is a gorgeous lady in her mid-twenties, born and raised in Switzerland with a sweet voice and a spectacular body ! 🙂

Her profile will be online on February, 13rd (tomorrow) with a video and a few selfies to look at. Tomorrow evening, she is having her photo shooting done with us, at TheVelvetRooms to assure you that she is real !

By Thursday evening, over 20 brand new pictures of Annina will be online !!!

For your information : I am always present during each photo shooting we make at TheVelvetRooms as a proof to you Gentlemen that we only have real Girls. What you see is what you get ! No “fake” at TheVelvetRooms !

Until I post her new pictures, look at the one above : It’s Annina. Yes, you are not dreaming, she’s real ! 🙂

You will get some more very soon… 😉

By the way, she will be for the very first time in Unterägeri (Kanton Zug), this weekend (Friday to Sunday).

Don’t miss her, be the first to contact her !


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10 reasons for choosing a VelvetModel ! by d_velvet_rooms

Choosing to spend time with a private companion has certainly for the real Gentlemen much more value than going to a brothel or a sex club. In a company of a private Model, you set up your standard slightly higher! Here are the 10 reasons why choosing an independent VelvetModel should be your ultimate decision for a maximum privacy :



The VelvetModels (Exclusive and Guest Models) are beautiful, kind, intelligent and well-groomed ladies who work as real independent Escort girls (they do not share their earnings with a club/studio owners or with a pimp). Why would you choose to finance anyone else but the girl you are spending time with?


The VelvetModels are selected by me, Janet. They are criteria and conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be part of TheVelvetRooms. Although they are independent companions, they still have some rules to follow. As long as these ladies fit into the VelvetRooms Concept, they are very welcome in our team ! As soon as they no longer match the VelvetRooms expectations, they will be asked to leave. A VelvetModel who has left TheVelvetRooms (no matter the reasons) will never ever again get the chance to be part of the team.


Their pictures are real ! At TheVelvetRooms, they are not “fake photos”. Indeed, most of the Models’ pictures have been taken by a photographer of TheVelvetRooms (and by the end of 2020, all pictures must have been taken by our photographer for the ladies to be able to work with us). All ladies look exactly the same as they do in person and new pictures of all ladies are taken at least once a year.  So, no bad surprises when you will meet one of them. What you see is what you get !


The “Menu” listed in their profile is what will be available to you. No lies or disappointment about their services!


TheVelvetRooms’ Incall places are all very clean (shower facilities in all apartments), really private and at discreet locations where you can share an intimate time with your favorite VelvetModel. No readlight disctrict, nobody hidden in the kitchen or in the bathroom during your intercourse with the Model. Our locations are 100% private for you and your chosen Swiss independent escort. Just the two of you.


TheVelvetRooms Incall places are all legal. Too many Incall locations in Switzerland are operating in an illegal way, sometimes without the clients or girls being aware of it. Why would you risk seeing a girl at a place which can be shut down by the police at any moment?


Although they come from many different backgrounds, 90% of the VelvetModels speak at least English and/or German very well (only a few of them can mainly express themselves in Spanish or French).  At TheVelvetRooms, the communication is very important and we believe that no experience can be a good one if an Escort is not capable to express herself properly and connect with her clients on a higher level.


At TheVelvetRooms, our Models are polite and friendly. We will not accept any vulgarity, arrogance or nastiness from our ladies or from the Gentlemen contacted us. A positive and decent attitude towards our guests is very important to us and all our Models expect the same in return.


All the VelvetModels have the right to work in Switzerland and they even pay taxes on their earnings. Either they are Swiss citizen, or they are legally registered by TheVelvetRooms or they already hold a Swiss work permit. Why would you support/finance an Escort who has no right to work in Switzerland and who will probably never come back the day she will be caught by the police ? Please, rather encourage those who are willing to play by the rules !


No “tabulos” services at TheVelvetRooms ! A “trend” of offering unprotected intercourse and anal sex has been for a few years now, a sad reality in Switzerland and unfortunately, too many women proud themselves offering these kind of highly risky services. It is called “tabulos sex”. Honestly, why would you fuck with a stranger without using a condom ? WHY, WHY, WHY would you do that? Please, think of your wife and kids at home… think of your health and self-respect.


At TheVelvetRooms, what you see is what you get ! 🙂


Gentlemen, we are happy to welcome you soon in one of our VelvetRooms !


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Chloé : 10 new pictures to look at ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone!

The beautiful and elegant Chloé has returned to Küsnacht-Zürich and can be visited there this week… but only until Sunday.

I have just added 10 new pictures of her… On these photos, she looks like a jewel, a gemstone !

Take a look !

Chloé speaks German very well and English also… of course … ! 😉


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Fetishism: what is it exactly? by d_velvet_rooms

Why some people develop erotic desires for a specific object or that part of the body? We don’t really know why. But there are men and women (especially men) who are unconsciously excited by a leather boots or plastic raincoat… Undoubtedly, in their childhood, there was an unconscious relationship between the object in question and the erotic stimulation.


Who are the fetishists?

Some of us are a bit fetishistic and have an attraction for a particular part of the body (boobs or bottoms), while having a normal sex life.

Even if this is not always the case, it is mainly men who are fetishists. In theory, this is because they are more receptive than women to what they see and therefore more likely to get attached to an object that has caught their attention.


How do you become a fetishist?

You don’t become a fetishist because you decide to… but rather because something happened to you without you really knowing why or even how.

Often, in his childhood, a boy sees an object (or part of a body) and accidentally feels a sexual emotion. Later, when he grows up and experiences an erotic sensation, this object (or part of the body) will come back to him and from now on, the two will go together. If he masturbates during this sexual learning, the idea will remain engraved doubting it more deeply in his mind.

For example, a man who remembers having erections when his mother changed him on a leather mattress, may be stuck at this stage and forever associate this material with sex.


The six most popular fetishes

There are some classic fetishisms that are generally considered to be the most common:


The Cinderella complex 

Those who suffer from it love shoes. Many men like women wearing shoes with very high heels because of the masochistic connotation: they want to be trampled by them. Some men like them worn, others are excited by the object itself.

As for foot fetishism, it concerns almost exclusively men and the object is therefore the female foot.


The “golden shower” 

Also called “urine games” or “water sport”, the term refers to a sexual act involving urine. It is the act of peeing on your sexual partner or being pissed on by your partner. It is a more popular fetish than one might think in the scene of role-playing games of submission and domination.


Hair fetishism 

Men with “Tricophilia” slip behind strangers, on the street or on public transport to cut their hair strands. This fetish affects both men and women.


Leather and Latex

Fans of these materials love boots, raincoats and aprons made of leather or latex. Many wear latex underwear and sometimes even sleep in rubber sheets.


Erotic asphyxia

This sexual act involves suffocation. Some men masturbate by depriving themselves of oxygen. As erotic asphyxia can be dangerous, it must be practiced under supervision for a minimum risk.


The uniform

Uniform fetishism is the fact that a man or woman needs to wear a uniform or make love to a uniformed partner to access sexual pleasure.


Is fetishism something bad?

Fetishism, long considered a mental illness or even a perversion, suffers from a bad image. However, if it does not cause moral suffering or danger, fetishism can be practiced in the same way as any other erotic game.

Some people cannot consider their sexual activity without their fetish. Others, on the other hand, can imagine it as a fantasy.

With the infinite number of fetishes available, everyone can be more or less fetishistic to spice up their sex life and stimulate their partner!


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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