They left TVR in June 2019… by d_velvet_rooms

Like many other Agencies active in this line of business, I see girls coming and leaving… What is for sure is that at TheVelvetRooms, ladies who decide to leave officially are not coming back at all. Indeed, that is one of our policy at TVR…

Here are a few explanations on who left and why:



This is probably the most unexpected departure since TVR exists. Tina was a calm, docile, very kind and attentive girl, loyal, punctual and respectful. She also provided excellent service as an Escort. In short, she embodied a very beautiful image of TVR.

I never thought that overnight, she would stop returning my calls, block me on WhatsApp and disappear without a trace… Two months ago, she briefly told me that she wanted a more traditional life, a job of 9 to 5, even if poorly paid, because in the end, she had enough savings on the side and was not spending much… Anyway, I wish here all the best!



This Model did not even start at TVR at all although we had a good contact. She also came to introduce herself at my office. It was quite nice.

And then, came that tragedy with her dog… I don’t accept animals at TVR. Don’t get me wrong. I like pets, especially dogs. But a dog has nothing to do at a working place in my opinion. Many girls who have a dog or a cat sleep with their animal in the same bed as the one they are having sex with you. Moreover, many of these dogs are not so well educated as girls pretend so, one can expect them to pee in the room or even to damage the furniture… I don’t want that.

At the very last moment Belle could not find a “baby-sitter” for her dog. My rules being too strict for her on that subject (and I make no exception), she decided not to come at all.

I respected her choice and wished her all the best and good luck in finding Incall places which will accept pets!



That’s the saddest news of this month. The official departure of Flavia, by far one of the best Model at TheVelvetRooms. Flavia was to be, the BEST. Not only because of the great service she provided but mainly for the whole package. She was this kind of rare diamond pearl who you may meet only once every 20 years or so… She had everything a man could dream in a woman:  she was physically attractive, slim, had a natural body without any surgery. Flavia had a humble and attaching personality, men enjoyed conversing with her and she knew how to give them a lot of attention. Educated and very intelligent, Flavia was also a sensitive person with a glowing smile! She had a sense of adventure and an outdoor spirit that men loved!

I also had an excellent relationship with this very reliable lady and I must admit that TVR has lost a lot with the departure of that wonderful petite woman.

Flavia wrote a special “Goodbye” message to her clients which I posted in the Member Area of TheVelvetRooms. Log-in to discover it ! 🙂

We will miss you very much my dear Flavia! Take good care of yourself !




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Amanda : new pictures now available in the main gallery ! by d_velvet_rooms


Amanda, our professional, skilled and certified Masseuse recently became an Exclusive Model at TheVelvetRooms. Today I added 10 new pictures of her in the main gallery (they are visible from all).

Her service is cozy and without time pressure. She pampers you with heart, feeling and the whole body. Amanda brings body and mind back into balance !

Her range of services includes extensive wellness and erotic massages… The massages of this lady and her tender touches of your body let you forget your everyday life…

The beautiful Amanda can be visited this week in St. Gallen (City centre) and from 1, July for the first time in Unterägeri (Canton Zug) !



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Hannie is now offering the COMBO ! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen!

You haven’t met Hannie yet?

Well, please, put it in your Agenda! 😉

Hannie is one of the best Escort at TheVelvetRooms and will know how to make you addict… for sure!

This sexy woman has been an independent Escort in Switzerland for some years now and have established a very strong reputation:  in her mid-twenties, young with a beautiful natural mega-bust breast, yet with a slim figure, which you are sure to just love!

Of course, Hannie speaks German and English and is also now offering one of the most popular service at TheVelvetRooms, the COMBO (45mins massage + 45mins GFE service for a fix price of 300 CHF) !

If you haven’t met Hannie yet, contact her now and book a COMBO with her! It is a great way to take things slow while enjoying the company of a beautiful lady.  🙂

For our regular followers, I also added some selfies in the Member Area. She took them on Sunday, June, 23rdat one of our locations. Log-in in the Member Area and enjoy the way that beautiful red dress spotlights this irresistible natural cleavage…

If you love natural big boobs and smart conversations, Hannie is the one! 😉




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Tips for Escorts : Smoking Girls, how to remain appealing ? by d_velvet_rooms

I recently read a very interesting an recent study about the smokers in the World (please have a look at the following link : and this is how I got inspired to share about that topic with you Girls because I know that many girls in the industry smoke.

I’m not going to lecture smokers and remind them how unhealthy smoking is. That, everyone knows. But other than that, the smell of cigarette is unpleasant and often even stinks.

Do you know that if you smoke too much, it has an effect on the taste of your vagina?

Although many of your clients will smoke, the vast majority will not and may be very annoyed to find out that even your perfume doesn’t hide the smell of the cigarette you smoked 10 minutes before he arrived. For a client (smoker or not), you will not be appealing if you or your incall place smells tobacco. Yes Girls, smoking makes your clothes, breath, hands and hair stink…


How to be an attractive  Escort and a smoker at the same ?

Well, quitting will be the best option but of course,  none of you will do so by simply reading this article.

In that case, you should consider changing your habits. Here are my few tips :

* Never smoke inside your Incall place (not even standing at the window) but always outside. Your client is a smoker and wants to light-up a cigarette? Not inside your incall place, sorry.

* Do not smoke in your car or in your home : your clothes will be impregnated with this unpleasant smell.

* Wash your hands after smoking

* Brush your teeth AND your tongue after smoking a cigarette and use some Listerin. Chewing a gum is not enough. Please I insit on this: brush your teeth. It may be something taboo to talk about but smoking gives bad breath and there is almost no exception to this. Some clients will not dare telling you this. Some will not come back to you because of this…

Trust me, 90 % of men, even if they are smokers don’t fantasize on women who smoke. The less you smoke (or the better you can hide your smoking) the happier your clients will be with you.

Being an Escort means that you always want to project an image of elegance, cleanliness and excellence. Smoking is the opposite of that. It’s not comfortable for your client to have to hold his breath while getting closer to your face…

Change your smoking habits because that intrudes in an intimate, personal-service business.

Ladies, be as clean and odor free as possible. 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Time is over ? Should I stay or should I go ?  by d_velvet_rooms

I’m sure that a similar scenario happened to you before: You had some sex in Basel last time and you booked 1 hour of time with an Escort.

After 15 minutes, you couldn’t resist the first orgasm… and since the booking time was not over, you wondered if you could/should stay or not…

Here are some answers which I hope will help you make the right decision next time you are caught in a situation like this.


You booked a 30-minutes appointment 

The half-hour appointment is still popular in this industry and for time or financial reasons, some men like this short option. On the other hand, don’t expect an exceptional service in such a short period of time.

In general, you can ejaculate only once in the booked time. If your orgasm occurs within the first 10 minutes of your appointment, three scenarios can occur:


Case 1: The Escort asks you if you want a relaxing massage

Case 2: The Escort asks you if you want a second orgasm

Case 3: The Escort asks you to leave


Let’s be clear, you paid for 30 minutes of time, you have the right to stay 30 minutes with the Escort and as long as you are polite, nice and friendly she has to take care of you until that time runs out.


* If Case 3 occurs, never come back to this girl: she is not worth it and clearly has no interest in providing a good service.

* Case 2 will not happen systematically. Some girls will accept you to have two orgasms in 30 minutes, others will not.

If it is important to you, I suggest you to ask her in advance on the phone if she agrees with this and please, respect her choice if the answer is negative.

* Case 1 is certainly the most common (the most requested by clients and the most appreciated by Escorts). You have ejaculated within the first 15 minutes, a relaxing or body-to-body massage will usually be offered to you for the remaining time.


You booked a one-hour appointment

In this case, you will be allowed to ejaculate at least twice and is usually included in the service. The girl who tells you after 30 minutes that you have to leave because you have already “come”, never come back to see her. Run away! Forget it !

With a professional Lady, two scenarios should normally occur here:


Case 1: She agrees that you should have a maximum of two ejaculations. This expectation is standard and she should not be surprised by this request.

Case 2: You want to ejaculate more than twice in one hour. Ask her beforehand if it she agrees and respect her choice if the answer is negative. Some girls will say no and that’s perfectly legitimate, especially for those who specialize in offering a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service.


You booked an appointment longer than an hour

When your time with an Escort is at least 90 minutes, you can usually ejaculate as many times as you like.

Most men have 2 to 3 orgasms within 1.5 hours but if you are ready for more, go ahead! It should not be any problems for the Escort… at least, not for the VelvetRooms Models.


No matter how long your booking will be, always talk to the girl before confirming your appointment. Share your wishes and expectations with her so that she can prepare herself physically and mentally to give you the best possible service! 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 



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Glasses suit her so well ! by d_velvet_rooms

Do you think that women wearing glasses are more attractive?

Do you have a little something for women with glasses? Here is Sophie!
Her only small flaw… Poor eyesight…

And that’s great because this young girl you’re about to discover is wearing glasses perfectly!

A little something extra that gives her an extra touch of charm!

Meet the beautiful and friendly Sophie this week in Regensdorf and don’t miss her next week in Rheineck ! 😉


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Annina is no longer offering A-level … by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gents!

A short message to inform you that Annina has made up her mind: A-level will no longer be part of her services.

Although she enjoys offering PSE to her clients, half of her booking requests were focused on Anal Sex only and were coming from a certain type of clients who do not belong to the Gentlemen category. This made her end up having no time for the “quality” clients.

Removing that service from her menu will allow her to have more availabilities for the real Gentlemen who are not only obsess by “fucking her ass”.

Annina is a very elegant, attractive and caring woman who is currently one of our best Model at TheVelvetRooms. Unlike many other Escorts in this industry, she has the privilege to choose who she wants to spend time with.

Many girls will just accept to see anyone. But Annina is on another level.

No Anal-Sex for Annina anymore except for her regular clients (the lucky ones!!! ;-)) !!!

However, a few PSE services will still remind on her list such as CIM, COF, Deep throat, Dirty talk …

The good news? Our playboy Model Annina will now offer one of our popular service at TheVelvetRooms : The COMBO !!!  Body-to-Body Massage can also now be booked for at least an hour with this sexy girl.

Annina is available this week in Auw, only 4minutes drive from Sins, in Canton Aargau.

Janet 🙂

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