Marta is now a Velvet-Label Model ! by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Gentlemen,

I am very happy and proud to show you the brand new pictures of Marta, taken on September, 15th by one of TheVelvetRooms photographer, Pascal (who keeps improving his style and technique shooting after shooting). I hope you like them! 🙂

These pictures are 100% natural with not a single retouch : „What you see is what you get! „ ;-). Discover 50 pictures of Marta in the main gallery and 20 more in the private gallery of our Member Area.

As her pictures have been taken by us and are 100% guarantee original with no photoshop, Marta is now a Velvet-Label Model and you can now enjoy the VelvetBonus with this very beautiful (and super friendly) spanish woman.

Marta has been part of TheVelvetRooms since May 2019 and so far, we love having her in our team and Gentlemen seem to easily get addicted to her service… ;-).

A new video of Marta will be posted on the week of October, 7th. Don’t miss her in Zürich-Küsnacht on that week! The week after, she will be at our location in Auw (near Sins and Zug City) for the first time.

Stay tuned and have a lovely weekend ! 🙂




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How to become a successful Independent Escort? 10 Tips from Janet by d_velvet_rooms

How to become an Escort? Whether you are a girl looking for information on how to become an escort or a Gentleman, regular Escorts’ customer, just by reading the title of this article, you may want to laugh…and I know why. Because you are wondering what am I talking about. Because in your opinion, anyone can be an Escort. You think that they are no criteria when it comes to having sex for money. You think that anyone can be a protitute. Well, you are right. Anyone cannot have sex with strangers but not any girl can be an Escort, whose service is slighly different from the one of a regular prostitute.

Becoming a good Escort does not happen from a day to another and needs proper guidance, especially for the girls/ladies starting in this industry. In this article, I will mainly focus on independent Escorts and list the essential skills you should have before even considering becoming an Escort.

If you are only interested in the money, considering regular prostitution may be an option. But if you are planning to be in this insdustry for a while and are looking for a higher type of clientele, being an Escort may be a better option for you (please, read one of our previous article : The difference between a prostitute and an Escort).

Many girls who started this job quit within 2 months as they quickly realized that just having a pretty face is not enough in this market which has become very competitive.  If you are over 18 years old, you will find here below my 10 tips to help you find out if becoming an Escort is something for you or not:


It is your own decision.

Unfortunatly, 90% of the sex working have a pimp, someone who pressures them or forces them to be active in this industry they do not belong to. If you have a „boyfriend“ or a „man“ who encourages you into this, please reconsider. It is not a good idea if this is not what you really want to do.


Have a goal !

Like everything in life, when you have a clear goal to reach, a cristal vision of the reasons why you are doing sex work, it makes the whole thing much easier to accept, it gives you strengh (because you will need it) and energy to reach that goal you have and take this Escort job as something serious which will help you to focus on reaching your goal faster. Don’t do it just for the sake of the money. If money is your only target, you will not last very long as an Independent Escort.


Feeling comfortable with strangers.

An Escort should not be an introvert person and should feel comfortable among strangers as all new clients will be men she never met before. If you are not at ease in the company of persons you do not know, how can you possibly have sex with them?


Have some conversation !

Many clients will see you to have the opportunity to have sex with you, that’s true. But 50% of them will appreciate to speak with you. Sometimes, the „talking part“ can last longer than the „sex time“. Be funny and entertaining, have some conversation, read books, learn languages, listen to the news, inform yourself about the world and have interesting hobbies. The best Escorts do not look like Top-Models. Having a pretty face helps a lot but that’s not enough. The more intellectual you will be, the better you will work. Gentlemen who have money and who are willing to spend hours with you will expect more than just some pillow-talks.


Develop your soft-skills.

If hard skills cover your technical skills, soft skills are your personal and social skills, oriented towards human interactions. Unlike the intellectual quotient, they call upon emotional intelligence and play a key role in the development of an individual within his environment.

Soft skills are specific qualities related to your interpersonal skills: concerning yourself and what you implement in a situation such as endurance, sense of efficiency, resistance to stress, resourcefulness, sense of responsibility, autonomy, flexibility, desire to learn, sense of organization, reliability, patience, taking initiatives, taste for challenge, etc. defining how you relate to others, how you collaborate (team spirit, sense of collective) or how you communicate (ability to initiate a discussion, adapting your communication style, sharpen your listening skills, etc.). The most successful Escorts have developped incredible soft-skills which help them in a very fast and easy way to naturally bond with their clients and have them come back again and again…


Be demanding with yourself !

Do you want to attract the best clients? Then show them the best version of yourself. First, be demanding with yourself before expecting them to be the same towards you. Take care of your appareance, be well-groomed, elegant, punctual, friendly, polite, customer-service oriented and you will attract the same kind of men. If you look low-class, behave and speak like a gettho girl, expect a higher number of cheap requests and time wasters trying to reach you. And remember this : „You attract what you are, not what you want. If you want great, then be great!“


Be patient !

As an Escort, your income will essentially be based on how many returning customers do you have.  Your goal is to make regular and repeat customers, and that will only happen if you give them an experience that makes them happy so that the next time they book you and no one else. Indeed, regular clients represent 50% of Escorts’ income and guarantee you a certain financial stability. So yes, starting without those loyal clients is harder at the beginning and needs from you a lot of patience and obstinacy. You may have some days with no earning at all… be prepared for that and be patient. But you will see, it will pay off !


Be consistent !

The best Escorts are those Ladies who have learnt that consistency is one of the big key of their success. A man who pays for your companionship (for your time) do not like to be dissappointed or taken for granted by you because he visited you 10 times already. If another one book for 1 hour and comes within 10 minutes, well, then you still have 50 minutes to give your very best. It is not that you just do your work and walk away… Talented Escorts treat their clients, -especially the regular ones- in a very special way and make sure that their service remain the  same or even better at each visit. It is not what you do once in a while that will shape your career as an independent Escort but what you do consistently. The sex industry has become very competitive, never forget this. If you cannot be consistent in your attitude and in the service you provide, Gentlemen will not return to see you just because of your pretty, that’s for sure.


Don’t try to be who you are not !

Don’t get into the trap of working with fake pictures or pictures which are 10 years old. Don’t advertise services you do not offer (or like to offer) just in order to attract more clients.  List only the services you enjoy doing, update your pictures at least once a year. Men are not stupid. Don’t take them for a fool. As you are not here to wast your time, respect their time as well. In other words : „Don’t sell a product which is out of stock or which does not exist“. If you do so, expect bad reviews being written about you. Too many bad comments can quickly end your career as an Escort…even if you change your working name and your pictures. There is always someone, someday who will find you and bring back your lies and bad services on the head lines…


Remain professional and protect your privacy.

Please, don’t get blown away by this young handsome banker who looks like Brad Pitt and tells you that he wants to leave his wife and starts a relationship with you. Pretty Woman scenarios may happen but are nowadays kind of rare in this industy… Yes, this Gentleman turns head and is a regular client of you but please, remain professional. He is a client: not less, not more. And you are for him an Escort: not less, not more. Don’t fall in love, don’t ask personal questions (unless the client allows you to do so), don’t give him your private phone number or your real name. Learn how to define bounderies in order not to loose/break the nice and special „relationships“ you’ve built with each of your clients.


I hope I was able to help you to figure out if being an Escort is something for you or not. Keep on reading our blog. I will regularly publish articles written by myself which I hope, you will find interesting.

Being an Escort is a real job. It takes a lot of time, mental strengh, preparation, energy and professionalism to become a very good Escort who earns a lot of money. Don’t listen to those who will tell you that everyone can do this job because it is not true. Anyone can be a prostitute but only a few will make it as an Escort.


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Chloé: a sure value at TheVelvetRooms ! by d_velvet_rooms

After a long month of absence Chloé is back (only for one week) and we are very happy to see her again!

Discover her new video in our private gallery (in the members area).

Chloé has been a Model at TheVelvetRooms (TVR) for almost a year now and I have to say that she is one of TVR’s sure values. She is beautiful, constant, friendly, polite, reliable, gives excellent service, generous, modest and I NEVER had a single quarrel or conflict with her.

For me one of the most pleasant and lovable Model of TVR! 🙂

The elegant Chloé has just returned to school. She will therefore only be available one week a month until May 2020. Until Sunday you can meet her (Incalls or Outcalls) in Opfikon, near Zurich airport.



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Meet Hannie this week at TVR new location in Canton Schwyz! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody! 🙂

It didn’t take us 3 months to find a new place in Canton Schwyz, only 5 minutes by car from Schindellegi, where we were previously.

You will certainly enjoy our new apartment : It is discreet, very well decorated and modern.

Come and meet the beautiful Hannie (selfie above, taken in this new apartment ), and inaugurate our new apartment which is only 10 minutes drive from Pfäffikon (SZ) and Wollerau in the industrial area of Biberbrugg! 🙂


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Lisette : I am not a cleaning lady, Goodbye ! by d_velvet_rooms


Yesterday, at 4:33pm, I received a WhatsApp message from Lisette (picture attached : the message has been copied-pasted on a Word document to make it easier to read), as an answer to my message sent on Thursday morning, after her departure from our location in Opfikon.

They are a few rules at TheVelvetRooms and cleaning is one of them. Models check-in a clean and tidy apartment, the check-out should be done in a clean and tidy apartment. Girls should make sure to keep their working place clean: it is a sign of respect toards themselves, towards their clients and towards the next girl renting the same place.

80% of our Models have no problem adapting to this very important rule. 15% still struggle with it and 5% are simply not cleaning the place after their departure. Lisette was one of them.

Unlike Lisette, I do think that a clean environement is as important as a good service. It already sets the standards, makes the Gentlemen immediatly comfortable and attracts those men who are not willing to pay to spend 1 hour at an messy/shaddy location. What the clients pay is a whole experience : dating with a beautiful and friendly companion, who can hold a conversation, who provides them with a great service at a very nice, private and cosy location. That’s what Gentlemen are paying for at TheVelvetRooms. Lisette did not seem to understand that.

If cleaning the place she works in is for an Escort not a priority, what is this supposed to mean? It immediatly raises a lot of questions such as : does she change the bedsheets ? Did she give me a fresh towel ? Did she shower before seeing me? Did she wash the glass she used to bring me a coca-cola?

At TheVevetRooms, we care about the hygiene and we want that every Gentleman who comes to see us, does not regret his choice and comes back because the whole package was is great ! A clean place is part of what TheVelvetRooms wants to provide to its clients because Gentlemen coming to us are not only coming because of the service but for the whole package. Therefore, I do make sure that the cleaning rules are not being neglected.

As she said it herself, Lisette and I have different vision of this business.  She decided to leave : that’s fine with me and probably the best decision for both of us as one focuses on quantity and the other one on quality…

The less they have to offer, the more they are full of themselves…

On the same day, at 7:46pm , I received another message from one of our Exclusive-Model : Isabella. Please, listen to her  2 voice messages (in Swiss-German), look at the two points of you and make up your own opinion.

What is for sure is that, at TheVelvetRooms, we are all working very hard to keep the level HIGH and it is NOT easy. All Models who are not willing to play their part do not deserve to be at TVR and we are more than welcome to let them go.

Goodbye Lisette !





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The Newsletter N° 20 awaits for you in the Member Area by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

For those interested, please have a look at the latest news of TheVelvetRooms in the Member Area, in the Newsletter section.

The Newsleter N° 20 has been published yesterday night …

Have a great day!


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New content in the Member Area : login now! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

Good morning ! 🙂

It took me a long time to finally add some fresh content in our Member Area.

Please Gentlemen, here is what I uploaded last night and which is now available to you in the private area of this website :

Lauryn : a few new pictures in the private gallery section

Agatha : a few new pictures in the private gallery section

Ivy : a few new pictures in the private gallery section

Adda : 4 new selfies in the selfies section

Cindy : her brand new appetizing video in the video gallery…

Eva : a very sensual video having a bath in our beautiful apartment in Emmenbrücke…

Soon, brand new pictures of Annina, Marta and Angelina will be added in the main gallery (Angelina and Marta will then become Velvet-Label Models).

The Member Area is growing day after day. Please, note that if you haven’t logged in the past two months, your profile is automatically disabled. Try to have a look at it from time to time to make sure that your account remains active.

You are not registered yet? Please do it if you want to see more of our beautiful Models ! It’s free, discreet, quick and uncomplicated.

Wishing you a great day! 🙂

Hugs from Janet 

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Eléonore : an angel from elsewhere… by d_velvet_rooms

Good morning my lovely Readers!

We are driving Eléonore (please, log-in in our Member Area to see the full profile of  this girl) to the airport this morning, after 6 great days in Opfikon! ?

This girl is to me, on another level compare to 90% of the girls in this industry. She is simply excellent when it comes to her :

*Attitude : extremely gentle, polite, respectful, always on time, positive, reliable and loyal.

*Communication : the best communication I had with a girl since I started in this industry. Although her English is basic (but she is improving it every day), she does all she can to communicate as well as possible to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

*Service : Outstanding! Messages from clients do not lie. I receiced many positive feedbacks from them. They all love her and she had many Gentlemen coming back to see her in the same week.

*Identification to TheVelvetRooms : I tend to quickly split from the girls who do not care about TheVelvetRooms. Those girls who think that TVR is optional to their success when in reality, TVR brings them much more than they imagine. They eventually realize it only when they are not part of TVR anymore… Eléonore cares about TVR and of course, I am sensitive to this and I appreciate to see how grateful some girls like her can be towards TheVelvetRooms.

Before her departure, Eléonore took the time to buy a flower for TVR and wrote a little message for me (see picture above).

Some girls who have been part of the team for months have not shown so much gratitude towards TVR compare to this angel.

She is already one of my favorite Model at TVR and if you missed her this week, please, make sure to see her in November when she will return to Opfikon!

Have a safe trip back home Eléonore and take good care of yourself! ?

Big hugs from Janet 



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