IVY is back !!! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody !

I am glad to annonce you that Ivy is back !!! 🙂

If I had 20 Models like her I could sleep in peace and be less under pressure.

Ivy is friendly, very polite, respectful of the rules, full of good values, reliable, caring,  natural, spontanous and  provides a real deep Girlfriend Experience and is always in a good mood !

She is a gem ! What a pity she is available only every three months… Indeed, Ivy studies in her country, Poland and her Escort activity is mainly to finance her student life at home. So each time she has some vacations which can allow her to travel, she comes to Switzerland.

This time, Ivy will be available in Opfikon (only 5 minutes drive from Zurich Airport or 15 minutes drive from Zurich City center) from December, 27th until January, 5th.

For your information, Ivy has recently shortened her hair a bit. Why?  One of her best friend his facing cancer and Ivy gave her hair so one could make a perruque from it and give it to her friend. Ivy is not only friendly, she has a big heart and a pure soul. On the picture above, you can see how Ivy’s hair is currently. But she has now no reason to cut it again so, in less than year, it should be as long as it used to be.

A new video of Ivy has been added in her profile today. Have a look at it. It will give you a pretty good idea how her hair looks now.

Don’t miss Ivy Gentlemen, as she will not return to Switzerland before April 2020!  🙂


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Merry Christmas ! by d_velvet_rooms


My dear Readers,

On this 25th of December 2019, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

From my room, the view of the mountains of Bern Oberland is wonderful! A little peace and quiet: that’s all I asked Santa Claus for this day.

Whether you are with family members, friends or sharing this Christmas day with someone you hardly know, I wish you happiness.

Happiness comes and goes… catch it when it comes to you!

Merry Christmas! 🙂


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Why women join the sex industry ? by d_velvet_rooms

The question which is probably the most asked by clients to Escort girls ist he following :

„ Why are you doing this job?  You are so intelligent and beautiful, you could have a normal job. „

I do not know one single Escort who hasn’t been asked this question at least once since she has been an Escort.

In this article, I will try to give you Gentlemen, a few reasons why many woman become a sex worker and you will see, it is not always for the reasons you may think… For some women, it is a very lucrative business but for some others it is not really a choice and may have to work in this field due to circumstances.

Based on my experience and my knowledge of this industry, here are the main reasons why women join the sex trade.



Finding a job is becoming more and more difficult, whether you have a degree or not. Either you’re too qualified or you’re not qualified enough. Either you can’t find a job with hours that fit the children’s schedules (a bitter reality for single mothers) because there is of course no money to pay for childcare/ babysitting.

For single mothers who have to raise their children (70% of sex workers are mothers) and who can’t easily find a regular job which is paid enough, becoming a prostitute or an Escort might become their only option. Having to bring food on the table every day for their chldren is their fist priority.



Women join this industry because they can earn fast money to pay for their drugs. For the drug addicts, it is almost impossible to find a regular job and keep it. They often get fired because of their addiction problem and prostitution is the only way they can get money to buy drugs which we all know, is very expensive. These women find themselves in a vicious circle, an infernal spiral where prostitution has only one purpose: to keep them addicted to their drugs, which become their daily life.


Extra money

Some women have a stable job but would like to have some extra money without having to ask anyone for it. Working as a sex worker can be done in a very discreet and flexible way, without any big commitment and is know to be „fast money earned“ (not easy though…).

Many students will choose to join prostitution to pay for their university/college tuition fees.

Some girls have a project such as starting a business, buying a house or paying their debts and will often leave the industry after they save a considerable amount of money.

Many women see prostitution as a way to pass through difficult financial times, like getting settled after a divorce.

Of course, the risk of getting used to this quickly „extra money“ earned and losing all motivation to do something else is high… Many women are very comfortable in this situation which provides them with fast money (often undeclared) and flexible working hours. They may be in this industry off and on their entire life…


Lack of education

Many, many girls leave school or college very early due to various reasons. Being not very educated leaves them with fewer career options. Prostitution is a profession where you don’t need much education or skill. You can work as a sex worker only if you have the looks and the body. If they don’t have the „brain“, these girls may never leverage and become Escorts but will rather remain prostitutes forever.


Child abuse

Those cases where girls join prostitution as a result of child abuse may not be new to you. Due to a difficult childhood, their mental orientation becomes abnormal and they join prostitution. Sometimes, their parents themselves influence them to join this trade…



Some women from very good families who do not need money would become Escorts because of sexual curiosity. They see it as a fantasy World where they can explore their sexuality. They find this World intriguing, glamorous and fascinating. They like dressing up and attracting men. These women choose to do this job and are not forced into it. They are  are often very happy to be an Escort.


Sex trafficking

Sex trafficking is a crime and many young girls (often under age) are becoming victims of it. They have to join prostitution against their will. This is one of the reasons why prostitution is illegal in most countries as it is considered as a form of women exploitation. In Switzweland, prostitution is legal and regulated.


Whatever the reason women turn into the sex industry, it is important to ensure good working conditions and safe environment for them.

As an Escorts’ client, showing them respect and consideration is essential because before being a sexual object for a few hours, they are first and foremost human beings with a heart, a sensitivity, a history and they should never be judged for what they do. There is always a very deep reason why they landed in this industry and that reason, known or unknown by you, belongs to them only and deserves to be respected.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Pussy Sliding : What is it exactly? by d_velvet_rooms

Pussy Slide. Strange word…  Whether you are an Escort or a Hobbyist*, you have certainly heard of this term before. If not, I will try to give you a definition as precise and informative as possible about this practice which is somehow a bit of a taboo (and we will find out why).

Pussy slide : Definition 

“Pussy Slide” is an English term, made of two words that are easy to break down:

Pussy  = in the english slang it refers to woman’s genitals

Slide = in the english language it is a synonym of „ to sliping , moving smoothly/down“.

Combining both words gives this term a very specific definition in the adult industry context which is the following :

Pussy sliding happens when the Escort gets on top of her client on his back or when both of them are on the side (The lovers are lying on their side. The woman is in a spoon position and the man embraces her tenderly. It is also called, position 99 in the Kamasutra) , puts the penis between her vaginal lips and slides her pussy against his erect penis.

The woman will usually press herself closely against her partner so that his penis is sandwiched between their bodies. It is a good feeling for both partners, especially for the man as this practise increases the number of nerves being stimulated. It is a great pleasure for the man who, without penetration can easily ejaculate (between the woman’s legs) during this practise…

Pussy Sliding is for the man, probably the closest thing to sex without coming into the vagina.


P2P : the other term used by sex workers

Note that usually, the term „Pussy Slide“ is mainly used by men or in porno movies. In the sex industry, sex workers rarely used that term, this is why if you tell them about „Pussy Slide“, some, especially if they don’t speak English well, will not necessarely understand.

Escort Girls like to use the word „Privates to Privates (P2P)“ Massage instead of „Pussy Slide“. Of course, the definition remains the same.

The Privates to Privates“ describes a sensual massage where the Escort rubs her naked genital region against her male partner’s genitals. „A Privates to Privates“ massage aims to bring the man to ejaculation, without penetration. Sex workers who offer this service typically use the acronym P2P in their profile to indicate this.


Pussy Slide : a taboo? 

Since the two genitals of the man and the woman are in direct contact with each other, this practice is risky, even if there is no penetration. Indeed, both partners should be careful to make sure that nothing „slips“ inside the hole…

While penetration does not occur during a „Privates to Privates Massage“, accidents can happen. For this reason, some Escort girls will choose not to offer this practice they will consider too risky or will offer you to use a condom which of course should be used unless both participants know each other well (regular clients for example) and are aware of their sexual health status.

Real “P2P/Pussy Slide Massages” are usually being done by using gel and/or oil but without the use of a condom which of course, if used, makes this very sensual massage lose all its authenticity.

Since at TheVelvetRooms no sexual intercourse is being offered without protection, P2P Massage is the alternative that comes closest to the sensation of vaginal penetration, without there being any ejaculation in the woman’s vagina.

Note that experienced Escorts in Switzerland may be comfortable offering you a „Pussy Slide/P2P Massage“ but many of them will certainly choose not to provide this kind of service (because they are unsure about it, because they have never done it before, because they do not know you well enough…). A decision that of course must be respected by you, dear Gentlemen!


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

*Hobbyist : A man who visits Escorts regularly

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Giulia : New TVR Model ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone!

Despite the late hour (3am), I wanted to update Giulia‘s profile and introduce you her exclusive photographs which are not even 24 hours old.

The photoshooting went very well and I think that Giulia also had fun doing it because she laughed a lot during these 3 hours of shooting.

Today by noon, you can also discover a short video of her that I took with my Smartphone. Her interview, should be online this weekend.

The pretty Giulia will be available in Opfikon (by Zurich Airport) until Monday evening, then in Zurich City from December 24th to January 1st.

Giulia : „Welcome to TheVelvetRooms !“ 🙂


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Marta : her first “Early-Birds” Experience ! by d_velvet_rooms



Hello Gentlemen !

In case you haven’t read it yet in our website, we have a very special offer for these Gentlemen wo need to get up very early and be at work before 9am… have a look at our Special offer called ” 6 to 9 : Early Birds Experience“. Whats it is about : 45 minutes at the price of 150 CHF if you visit one of our Model from 6 to 9 am in the morning, from Monday to Friday.

Two days ago, Marta had her first “Early Birds Experience” and these are the few words she wanted to share with you :


” Do you know any better way to start the morning?

I thought “coffee first” was my best beggining but, after trying “early birds” special services from TVR i changed my mind…

Early morning… open the door and see a nice Gentleman… it’s a good beggining… and then feel all his Passion and energy… it’s the best! Pasionates kisses, bodytobody… mmmm, i get shiver when I think again about the experience! So, for this, i am very happy offering this!

I am an early riser ! Come to see me and i give you the best hot Spanish coffee that you ever taste! Would you like having it with me?

Kisses, Marta”


Marta will be available every day at our location in Zurich City Center, until December, 22nd.

Feel like trying it? Read about the “Early Birds Experience” and contact me a day before via Email to confirm your booking! 🙂




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Angelina is now a Velvet-Label Model : have a look at her new pictures! by d_velvet_rooms

Angelina will be back to Switzerland next week and we can’t wait to have her here again!

As she has retuned to University last October, Angelina has less availabilities than before… Nevertheless, she wanted to make it to Switzerland one more time before the year ends.

From december 18th to 24th, visit this beautiful young german lady at our beautiful location in Emmenbrücke.

I have add over 50 new pictures in her photo Gallery ! They were taken in September 2019 by one of our photographer. This means that Angelina is now a Velvet-Label Model with wom you will be able to enjoy the Velvet-Bonus!

Keep an eyes on this precious jewel ! Make yourself a Christmas present and visit Angelina : she is one of the best Model at TheVelvetRooms. 🙂


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Kira : 6 new pictures in her main Gallery ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody! 🙂

I am informing you that Kira is available this week at our location in Root. For those who used to see her in Emmenbrücke, note that in 2020, Kira will not be available in Emmenbrücke at all but rather in Root, at least 5 days a month.

No worries, we are not giving up our location in Emmenbrücke (Canton Lucerne), not at all (we soon will even have a second apartment in Emmenbrücke) . I usually try to place Models at locations which could be good for them but also which are the most suitable for them and their needs.

Root is a location which is relatively new for TVR. We hope in the future to see more Models at this location which is very discreet, right at the train station Root-Gisikon.

Six new pictures of Kira have just been added to her profile. She is not a Velvet-Label Model yet (but she is planning to make pictures with TheVelVetRooms before April 2020) but I have to say that she knows how to pose… ;-).




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Tips for Ladies : Be his Escort/Mistress but don’t expect him to leave his wife. by d_velvet_rooms

This article is not for the experienced Escorts who may have already been caught in this situation more than once. The newbies jumping into this industry with no background, no support, no mentoring may find this article interesting.

During your „career“ as an Escort, you will certainly fall in love (at least once) with one of your clients. These kind of stories happen to all Escorts. Most of the time, this man she has feeling for his engaged or married and has even a family.

Regardless how closer to him you will decide to be, you will end up being his #1 Escort (the one he sees all the time, maybe even the only one) or his Mistress.

What’s the difference between both? As an Escort, there will always be a fixed and clear donation involved each time you meet each other. Even if some feelings are there, the framework of the encounter is very structured and both of you know the limits which should not be crossed. Being a Mistress involves more emotions and the money will be relegated to second place.  The relationship is then more passionate, more abstract, less reasoned and sometimes more risky because its contours are less defined.

Whether you choose to become his mistress or his regular Escort, you have to understand that he will certainly never leave his wife…  Here are a few important points you should be aware of if this client for whom you seem to have feelings is married and/or a father:


1. He has the best of both Worlds

Have you ever asked yourself why would a man leave the woman who is giving him great sex when he needs it then go back home to a perfect family? He has two women who provide him with everything he needs so why would he want to ruin that balance by leaving either one, more so the mother of his children? It is the ideal situation for any man.


2. He loves his wife

Seeing Escorts or having a Mistress does not mean that he does not love and respect his wife/girlfriend.  If there would be no love, he would have left her already. Despite their challenges, he still goes back home and he is not willing to sacrifice his family and wife to be with you regardless of the consequences. The reason you are still waiting for him to leave his partner two years later is actually because he doesn’t want to leave her…


3. He values his children

Despite his habits of dating Escorts or seeing his Mistress regularly, he stays so he can give his children a stable family. Whether or not he is getting along with his wife, his children can make him commit to his marriage for their sake.


4. Divorce is too risky

Divorce cases can turn up being very messy. No one wants to go through that pain if they don’t have to. If he can discreetly hide his affairs/habits from his wife and continue for years without „loosing the face“ he can keep both his wife and you happy. If the arrangement is working and no one is complaining then why would he want to put himself through a divorce which could have him loose everything (family, money, friends…)?


5. He just wants to „get away“ from time to time

Men don’t see Escorts with the intention of leaving their wives. They look at it as an uncomplicated sex affair or as an easy-going arrangement where two adults are benefiting without attachment or commitment. In his mind, he has justified his actions as no „big deal“ hence his decision to be unfaithful. He is definetly not looking for love (at least that’s not is first intention).


Remember that men do not necessarily want a breakup when they are looking for a lover but are looking for a way to fill in a selfish need or are simply looking for some spicy adventure.

In my opinion, women must think like men but behave like women. I understood long time ago that men are never going to be monogamous. Love and sex are two different things. When you will accept this concept you will better understand men. This will even help you to be a more successful Escort in having less prejudice about men who come to see you and better managing your feelings.

As long as you accept to be his Escort or Mistress he will see you when it suits him and as long as you accept to be part of this win-win situation.

As an Escort, he may not come to see you anymore at a certain point. Whatever your feelings for him, your professionalism must respect his choice and never forget the reason why he contacted you at the first place. You offered him a great companionship in exchange for money : that’s it, that’s all.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Eléonore : she will not return before February 2020… by d_velvet_rooms

Good morning all !

I know that many of you were waiting for our “Hit Model” Eléonore to be back in December and for that girl, I had already received about 10 emails pre-bookings.

Those who know her already and those who were looking forwards to spending time with her are surely very disappointing reading that she will not be there at all this month.


Eléonore has presently a little health problem and would like to take care of it before Christmas. As you know, during Christmas and New Eve’s time, getting things done can be challenging as everybody including institutions, companies, professionals are either on vacation, or working half of their capacity. Therefore, she prefered taking care of this right now before nobody is reachable anymore… This is why she had to cancel her stay in Opfikon from December, 16th-22nd.

But our princess Eléonore will be back end of January or latest beginning of February and I hope that you Gentlemen are going to wait for her because honestly, she deserves it ! She is the Model who offers the largest range of service at ThevelvetRooms but she is also natural and good-looking, simply a very very sweet girl. She is extremely kind, polite, open-minded, friendly and smily.  She told me a couple of times that she really likes sex, so being an Escort is not something she has to fake because she really likes it. How rare it is to hear this nowadays! But with Eléonore these are not only words : she will make you feel very special, trust me ! 😉

If you haven’t met her yet, please consider scheduling an encounter when she returns in January/February 2010.

She is one of the precious angels of TheVelvetRooms : I am very much aware of that and hope to have her with us for a long time!

Sorry for this sad news Gentlemen (a special apologize to all the kind men who wrote me to pre-book an appointment with Eléonore. I will take the time to answer to your emails.) and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Being an Escort also means doing an activity which is very demanding both physically and mostly mentally. The body and mind should be in symbiose in order to canalize all the good energy to provide an excellent service. If one of them is not quiet right, it will undoubtebly affect the quality of the encounter. If a Model is not feeling well, I prefer her not to come at all as I know that once here, she will not be/feel confortable and obviously, she may not be in the best conditions to make Gentlemen (who spared/saved time and money to see her) happy and satisfied.  That’s not right.

As soon as it has been confirmed, Eléonore’s next availabilities will be diplayed in her profile.

Wishing you a beautiful day Gentlemen and sending to our angel Eléonore all my best wishes and a good and fast recovery! 🙂


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