Hey men… Don’t get married ! by d_velvet_rooms

For those who do read my blog, you may have long understand my position when it comes to marriage. And I know that this opinion coming from a woman is kind of unusual but well… i am not like most woman. Indeed, I have been in different types of relationships, I have experienced sex life in various forms and I have been evolving in the sex industrie for a while now which gives me a bright over view of what getting married does to men, to their status, to their ego and to their sex life.

I am not a man but I know men well and I understand them very well. And I know women as well as I am one of them and I have been dealing with women for years now…

This is my honest opinion about marriage that I would like to share with all men (especially those who are not married yet) on this planet: do not marry.

Why? Because the good majority (and I mean a high percentage) of marriages sucks.

You will end up going sexless for months or even for years… Imagine taking care of a woman, paying bills, taking her on trips, buying her gifts, doing all these kind of things and she will still be holding sex on you. And if she does give you sex, it is a bargaining thing…you have to provide some sort of benefits. This is what marriage is about for most men but no one is going to tell you the true. Who wants a sexless life with no attention and no affection ?

Most married men end-up being „providers“ and if they stop providing, she will have the whole family slowly turning against you (including the kids).

And what about your freedom? After a while being married, you will not even be able to go out whenever you want to and spend time with your friends because your „significant other“ (your wife) holds this time which belongs to you. What you also do not know is that the wife you’ve just married will change after a while and when she gets kids she will change even more…

Married men will never tell you this, they will put on a mask to pretend that everything is OK but it is not. Married men loose their freedom. They thought that marriage will be this magical esotherical thing but it is in most cases a very uncomfortable situation.

When the feelings between you and your wife melt, she starts gaining weigh and not paying attention to her body and look as much as she used to but you are still fit and in shape… but you can’t leave her because YOU will be the bad guy. She, on the contrary can leave you and divorce for any reason, at any time.

You will never leave. You have too much to loose: the house you bought, your ressources, your retirement founds are tied to this woman.

Marriage life is not what it used to be. If she divorces you, she is taking the house, the car, the kids, she is taking the dog and probably half of your salary as well. Why would you put yourself in such a fragile position?

Married men are living in fear of their wife. They are afraid because they know that she is able to leave at any time. That’s the contract they signed… I know, they did not know it would be like this…

She is getting lazier and lazier, refuses to please you but well, you are bound to that contract. You are „chained“ to this situation, there is no way you can win and she knows that. This is why she does not make any efforts to be sexy for you anymore.

I have been the mistress of men who had zero support from their wife. One of them wanted to be an entrepreneur and start his own business and guess what? Instead of encouraging him, helping him moraly, being by his side and giving him support in this new project, she saw it as a risk of seeing her „nest“ being jeopardized. So she had to down-play his aspirations, she had to discourage him.

None of your male friends will ever tell you this because men keep their mouth shut. They don’t express their feelings so easily but when you get around married men a lot and ask them how is their marriage, you know what they eventually tell you 9 times out of 10 ? Do not do it.

Are all marriage like this? No. But the VAST majority are like this. No kidding !

Now ask yourself this Gentlemen, do you love your freedom? Ask yourself, is it worth it?

Married men are scared to tell you this because they are afraid to tell you that they made a mistake.  Afraid to tell you that they are slowly loosing their identity, that they do not know who they really are anymore. All they do and know is to “provide”.

Why not choosing to remain a free single man who has options and can use them whenever he wants to, instead of falling into the trap of getting married and loosing all the benefits of your sexlife, your freedom and your disposal income?

Think twice Gentlemen.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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The type of men 99% of women are attracted to by d_velvet_rooms

On a scale of 0 to 10, on which level do you find yourself, my dear Gentlemen?

In general, men tend to find themselves more attractive than they really are in the eyes of women, and women, on the contrary tend to be hard on themselves and see themselves generally less attractive as they are in the eyes of men.

But, do you know what ? Women are very attracted by one type of men.

In general a woman will be seduced and charmed by a man other women find attractive, a man who is being desired and wanted by other women.

This is why some women will be in an affair with men who are married or in a long-term relationship because those men are on the wish-list of other women. Those men have been preselected by other women.

This is why a woman tend to forgive faster a man who cheated on her but that man will have a hard time forgiving a woman who cheated on him. If you are a very attractive and confident man, women will go for you without big efforts from your part. A woman will chase you, even if she knows that she is not the only one… She will wait for her turn to be upgraded to the main female.

When a woman you are out with sees other people coming up and talking to you that you know, or a random girl comes up to talk to you, it demonstrates her without fail that you bring value to the „table“. She will make things easier as soon as she recognizes this.

The ego plays a big role in all this. It is also about validation with females. That’s why we go after men other women want. So we can be the “chosen” one and show other women that particular man values us over them to make our ego feels bigger.

Gentlemen, you have to realized one thing : when it comes to relationships and sex, women are the choosers, and as the choosers they preselect the men they want based on the man’s look, race and financial situation.

Most women will chase after a man who’s already taken, but won’t pay the men who’s not in a relationship any attention forgetting that a womanizer will always have more options which will add value to him and only to him…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms




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Men: here for you, some proverbs and sayings on politeness… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello dear Clients,

Let me start with a few proverbs that I selected especially for you:

Spanish proverb

“Whoever asks politely, gets more than he expects.”

German proverb

“Polite words can do a lot and cost very little.”

French proverb 

“Treat everyone honorably and politely, but avoid familiarity.”

Quote from Montaigne (French philosopher)

“Politeness costs little and buys everything.”


Here is the audio message (in German) as a response of a WhatsApp received this morning:


Dear Escorts customers,

Why do you think your money can buy everything?

If you go on the street, nothing will be expected from you except these two things: pay and “do it” fast!

If you choose to go to an Escort of a certain level and who welcomes you in a certain comfort, she will have minimum expectations from you. The two main things that will be asked from you are: be respectful and clean!

In recent years, customers have become increasingly demanding towards sex workers: they want more while paying less.

Well, Gentlemen, Escorts are also becoming more and more demanding. The best of them, those who are part of the Tops because they are popular, are working at private and discreet locations and provide an excellent service can allow themselves to choose their clients and believe me, they will not give you a chance to meet them (or meet them again) if you show them disrespect.

And when these excellent Escorts finally unite around an effective system to fight against these “bad clients” you will only have to turn to low-end Escorts … because you will be Blacklisted by all the best Escorts.
This kind of too frequent attitude on the part of you Gentlemen pushes us to think about how we are going to get around this problem in order to be able to “filter” all these “undesirable” men who do not deserve our time and whose we do not want money from.

A word to the wise is enough !


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WhatsApp/SMS communications : how to maximize your chance of getting a reply? by d_velvet_rooms

For ten years, text messages have become one of the preferred way for hobbyists to contact their ephemeral adventures and since the WhatsApp application has existed, it has even overtaken the SMS.

Appreciated by men, text messages are not always the favorite pick for Escorts who only respond to them once in two and we are going to try to understand why in this article.


Why do clients like to send SMS / Whatsapp messages ?


Lack of confidence

Despite the appearances, most men are very insecured and lack self-confidence. Calling a woman for the first time – especially a stranger – can be very destabilizing. So they hide themselves behind a text message to facilitate the first contact.



Some men, by principle refuse to use their phone and justify it for reasons of discretion … They do not want to leave “traces” on their telephone bills and prefer to communicate this way, especially via WhatsApp.


„For fun”

Although practical, SMS / Whatsapp messages are so simple and easy to access that everyone, including the “time wasters” can use them. Because it’s almost free, those we call “bad customers” abuse it. This means of communication is used by these men to harass Escorts (insulting messages), to prove their virility (indecent photos) or simply to fly the time because they have nothing else to do (absolutely no respect for the time of the Escort who also has no value in their eyes and these men).


Looking for Love

Some men are looking for love on Escorts websites… Bizarre…

I don’t know if they realize that this is the wrong place to look for love … In short, if the Escort realizes that you are looking for something that she obviously cannot provide you with and that will only make her waste time, energy and money, she will quickly distance herself from it, won’t answer you or even block your number.


What do Escorts think about text messages?

Escorts of a certain standing will tell you all: they prefer a phone call rather than a text message for the following reasons:


A first “impression”

It is not because a man wants to see her that the Escort will agree to meet him. Those who take their activity seriously and who have respect for their time will prefer to hear your voice in order to judge whether or not you seem sympathetic to her. They are usually unable to find this out via text message. The tone of voice, the way of expressing yourself, the questions asked are all clues that will help the Escort to make a very first opinion of you and  decide whether or not, she would like to meet you.


Because they love the „Male Alpha“

Gentlemen, women love men who know what they want and who take the lead. Having the courage to call is a leadership process, a courteous attitude and a way of showing your seriousness and a real interest in meeting her. A man who hides himself behind a text message has another image for women when it comes to the game of seduction. We women are completely charmed by Alpha and Beta men and know how to detect them fairly quickly. We tend to dismiss Omega and Lambda men (He is this type of gray guy, shy and discreet, who we rub shoulders with at the office for years but who is so insignificant that nobody ever remembers his name … I will try to write an article on the subject very soon) which in our sentimental and sexual radar are at the lowest level of the scale.

Women are attracted to Alpha and Beta men and have more respect for this category of men. Escorts are no exception. If a woman is attracted to your way of being, of speaking, of presenting yourself, of dressing, of looking at her, she will do everything to please you in return and will be sexually more disposed for you … Alpha and Beta men don’t hide behind text messages …


They don’t like you to waste their time!

In case you don’t know it yet, women hate that you waste their time and Escort girls really can’t stand it. If you write them a WhatsApp message or an SMS and nothing concrete results (no appointment on your part) after the third text exchange. Mentally, she has already “downgraded” you and even if you end up meeting her, for her you will not be part of this category of customers for whom she always gives herself 100%. You follow me… ?

And if you still prefer that this first contact takes place via SMS, make sure you formulate your message correctly otherwise, either you will receive an unpleasant response from her, or no response at all.


What type of text message increases your chances of receiving a reply from an Escort?

Have you ever sent an SMS to an Independent Escort and never received a response? In the vast majority of cases, a non-response is justified … Know first of all that when an Escort does not work for herself, do not always expect to have a reply to your SMS. The receptionist will often respond if it is really necessary and/or profitable.

An independent Escort who welcomes you in a charming, private and discreet Incall location, who has high rates, will only respond to your SMS and Whatsapp if they are written with respect and intelligence. If you want to maximize your chances of getting a reply to your SMS / WhatsApp, be sure to:


* Not even a greeting? No one appreciates this kind of rudeness. Begin your message by saying “Hello / Good evening.

* Give her a compliment, get straight to the point by introducing yourself shortly, making your request for an appointment in a very precise manner, mentioning the date, time and duration desired for the appointment.

* Do not ask for her address before confirming an appointment with her. She might be offended, wondering if you are a “collector” of addresses … She could even cancel the appointment if she has too many doubts about the veracity of your interest in seeing her.

* Do not ask her questions about her prices and / or her services via SMS / Whatsapp because she will immediately classify you in the category of: “Cheap guy”. If you have questions about her service, ask her over the phone. The best thing is to go back to her profile and take the time to read her text properly before contacting her. The answer to your question is certainly already in her description.

* Do not send more than 3 SMS or Whatsapp when communicating with an Escort. When the messages are too numerous, you quickly fall into the category of men “lambda” and “omega”. Remember, an Escort who has no language problem will always prefer to hear the sound of your voice.

* If she sends you instructions to follow prior, during and after the appointment, please, follow them without discussing too much. Remember : it takes two to tango!

* Do not send emoji symbolizing hearts, kisses and all forms of symbols of love … Escorts do not sell love. They rent their time to you so that you can relax, be yourself in privacy and without judgment.

* Do not send photos of yourself and even less of your penis. You take the risk of being blacklisted …

* Be very courteous and finish your message by politely inviting her to reply and wishing her a nice day / evening.


All of these tips should help you get a nice response from the one you want to spend some time with.

But remember, the best is to call. Do not leave a message on the voicemail because the majority of girls in this community do not listen to their voicemail. Instead, try to call back later or send an SMS / WhatsApp by following my pieces of advice. Of course, this does not guarantee a response, but it will greatly increase your chances of getting one.

Remember that even if it is you who is paying, it is the Escort who decides whether this date will ever take place or not. So you might as well put the odds on your side, don’t you think so?

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 


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When girls take me for a naive fool… by d_velvet_rooms

It is 10:30 p.m. and although I still have lots of things to do before I can finally reach the most beautiful place in the world (my bed), I wanted to share with you this short stry that happened to me today.

Some of you have certainly seen a profile in the name of Valentina, added to the website today, around noon. This young woman had contacted me a few days earlier. We had a great chat for over an hour over the phone. She said she appreciated my site, its content and my concept. Very delighted to join TVR, she intends to start as quickly as possible. I told her that she could start as early as February, 17 but that I would have to see her personally at my office for an interview, as I always do with all the candidates.

Usually, girls come to the office at least twice before they start. Sometimes this is not possible. Therefore, after a telephone conversation of at least one hour as well as a Skype and or Facetime session, the encounter/interview is scheduled before officially starting, even if the profile is already online. On the other hand, I tell them that everything must go well during this interview otherwise, I would not follow up on this collaboration, even if they have already made the trip to me. In other words, no bullshit, if so, no key of my apartments will be given. I always warn them on the phone. So they know what to expect.


This evening, I ent to the airport to pick up Valentina and much to my surprise, the girl who is waiting for me has nothing to do with the girl with whom I’ve been communicating with for the past 3 days. Not even a bit of resemblance (see photo above). I swear, it’s not a joke.

In addition, the face of this girl was familiar to me. I recognized it almost immediately. She contacted me in April 2019 under the name of “Lively” and following an attitude of princess full of arrogance and hypocrisy, she decided at the last moment not to show up after I had spent more than 2 hours to prepare her profile …


In short, I remembered her and asked what this masquerade was about and where was the girl with whom I have been in contact with for 3 days. She replies that Valentina is her manager and that she couldn’t come at the last moment and that she sent her in her place … Bullshit … I don’t believe a word of it.

So I reminded her that I knew her and that I did not appreciate the way she behaved towards me in April 2019 insulting me (I have all her data from 2019 + all our conversations where she ended calling me „little pussy“) and then blocking me on Whatsapp. I told her that I don’t want to have anything to do with her and that I don’t believe a word of what she is telling me.


I gave her back the chocolates she offered me, telling her that she can keep them, that I was done with her.  She continued saying that I was not fair and that she is going to go to the police. I answered that she can go, the police station is at the check-in 1. Very angry, I ran to my car and left her at the airport. These 10 minutes of useless conversation cost me CHF 2 of parking, raised my adrenaline to the maximum and above all made me realize once again how the sex industry is a very ungrateful environment, untrue, machiavellian, selfish and opportunistic.

I went back to the office (which is a 5 minute drive from the airport) and the first thing I did was to delete Valentina profile which took me almost 3 hours of work yesterday. And there, I asked myself lots of questions: Why all this games? Girls know that when it’s over at TVR, it’s very rare for me to give a second chance. She certainly knew it and therefore tried to trick me saying that once at the airport, I was still going to accept the situation, even if it was not the girl in the photos. Unfortunately for her, her plan did not work. Although she tried at the beginning to persuade me that everything would be fine and therefore to give her a chance, she quickly understood that I am not a puppet and even started insulting me as i was distancing myself from her.

I am not an idiot and I do not accept to be taken for a fool.

I don’t run after money, otherwise I would never have undertaken something like TVR. In this business, you can make a lot more money with a lot less effort. But this is not the path I have chosen. I chose the least profitable route: that of honesty and transparency.

I chose to manage a 100% authentic Agency. An agency that does not work with stolen or altered photos. An Agency that respects the girls who work there and the clients who come to meet them. An Agency that makes you share a facet of prostitution that you will never see elsewhere (certainly not in the media). An agency that refuses to steal and lure its customers. I want to offer you my dear Gentlemen, a platform in which you can trust and where you will find ladies and young women who will respect you, your time and your money.

The majority of adult sites have a “Model verified” option. Well, I tell you that in 50% of the cases, these “verified” profiles are still fake.

At TheVelvetRooms, in addition to meeting all the girls who want to be part of TVR, 80% of our Models have been photographed by our photographer and the  „Velvet-Label“ photos are published without having undergone any retouching. None of our Models work with fake photos and we really do everything to be as transparent and professional as possible because we are living up to our reputation. You will never meet girls at TVR working with fake photos. This, I can promise you (and if I it ever happens, the girl will be immediatly kicked out). I have too much integrity to accept that.

I continue to invest 100% in this TVR project because I am convinced that over time, our Models will become a safe bet in a sex industry that we know is far too uncertain …

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Goodnight everyone !


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Christal is back : listen to her audio message! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

I told you a few days ago that a Model will be returning to TVR.

Well, this Model is CHRISTAL .

I am sure that this news is making many of you very happy because Christal was actually very appreciated by our TVR-Gentlemen.

For those who do not know it, one of the TVR policy is not to accept Model who left (no matter if they left on their own or were fired).

I don’t accept ladies who left because in my opinion, if it didn’t work it’s clearly because TVR wasn’t a structure for them. TVR offers so much to all these girls (as almost no one in this industry does) that I think that when they have refused to work in a privileged environment like TVR or have not appreciated it to its true value, they are no longer welcome in my Agency.

Since TVR has been operating (3 years now), more than ten girls have wanted to come back. So far I only accepted two Models back : Julie (she returned to TVR a year ago) and Christal who is joining the team again today. I accepted Christal back for 4 reasons:

* When she left, she did it in a nice and polite way , without blocking my number.

* She has always been very professional, trustful and respectful towards me and TVR

*  Christal service’s is outsanding. I had many exceptional comments from clients who told me that they experienced such a high-level of service with a girl in this industry.

* She apologized in a way which made me feel like she definetly deserved a second chance.

Christal wanted to share with you all a few words about the reasons of her departure in December 2019. She is now back… hopefully for more than only a few week…



Christal will be available in the City of St. Gallen until February, 23rd.

Welcome back to TVR Christal ! 🙂

Wishing a good night to all of you !

Hugs from Janet

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Tips for Ladies –  Should you answer private numbers ? by d_velvet_rooms

Ladies, I am sure you have already been harassed with continuous phone calls from withheld/unknown or private numbers, am I wrong?

How to react in this case? Should you answer the phone or should you let it ring?

As much as this seems like a super-cool and funny activity for those on the other side of the line, it is definitely not a fun ride from you point of view (the person who is being annoyed by these private calls).

In the sex business, especially in the Escort industry, hidden numbers are very common but they should not be considered as normal. Indeed, nine times out of ten, those guys have no intention to secure a booking and are simply wasting your time by taking some pleasure from making an appointments and not showing up, hearing your voice while wanking or simply because they want to sex-chat a bit.


Excuses men will give you to justify their private calls

If you pick up a call from a private number and ask him why he is hidding his number, here are the kind of answers you may have :

* „I am calling from my business number : therefore, I can’t show my number.“

Well, why is he calling from his business number at the first place? What he is doing in private should remain private. A client should never use his corporate number/devices to deal with private matters. Too many of them have been busted that way. He should separate the two „worlds“ and get himself another phone (preferably a very basic one, no smartphone), even if he ends up with a total of three phones. The phone being used for his „monkey business“  should be placed in a secured cupboard of his office or his car and turned on only when necessary.

* „I am calling from my business number : private calls are automatically settled by my company.“

Most of the time, this excuse is a bullshit. The call is hidden because he programmed it on his phone to be this way. That’s it.

* „I do not want to be called back or disturbed later on.“

I understand that some Escorts have no manners and no respect for their client’s privacy. Those Gentlemen have had bad experiences in the past, sometimes it even ruined their marriage and do not want to take any risks anymore. Alright, that’s a point but then the best option remains the use of a separate phone and sim card for his private dates as both parties (the client and yourself) have to feel comfortable and at ease during the very first contact before considering to see each other.

Indeed, are there any real reasons why a client who expects something from you do not want you to know who is ringing? What bother trying to communicate in the first place, especially when most Escorts are reluctant to take such blocked calls?


Private numbers will make you wast time and money

Remember this ladies : if someone calls you and they feel like they need to block their number, you should not take the time and spend your energy trying to talk to them. Usually calls from  “unkown callers” are the most annoying ones and they simply can make you wast time and money. Here is why :

* If you accept an appointment from a private number and the guy does not show up, you have given all your info (exact address) to someone you do not know and who is not reachable anyway unless he is the one who calls you: if he does not show up, you have wasted time to get ready and maybe you even refused another appointment from someone who called with a visible number and who was willing to come at the same time.

* Confirming an appointment from a private number also means that if he does not show up, you have no way to save his number in your personal blacklist. He will certainly try to call again at some point as he now knows that you answer calls even from unknown numbers.

* Not answering private numbers ist the best attitude to adopt because the more you answer them, the more they will call. For many men, it is a funny game. If you can do it, programm your device so it will automatically reject the private numbers.

* Finally, giving your full address to an unknown number, without even being sure that he will show up is risky. Indeed, you can accept another appointment in the meantime and that guy whom you share your info with can arrive at anytime, knocking at your door on on your window while you are busy with another client. How shameful and uncomfortable this can be for you… And the client in your company may feel the same and never come back to you again or even worste, write a bad review about his experience with you…


As an independent Escort, you should have the control of your Agenda, decide who you want to see or not and who worth your time and who doen’t. I think hiding a number when calling is very rude. A man who calls and imposes his own rules to you without respecting your time and your professionalism is not a good client anyway, no matter how much money he has or pretends to have, no matter how many hours he intends to stay. A Gentleman who comes to see an Escort will always follow her rules because he wants the date to be as „fluid“ and friendly as possible. He also understands that you need to be comfortable in order to be 100% focused on him and therefore, he will avoid doing something which may be a source of irritation for you.

Blocked calls in this industry are rarely something good. Remember ladies, you use a phone because it is an advantage for you. You don’t invest in it being advantageous for someone else. This should not be part of your overall plan.

Even if your day has been slow or if you did not make any money at all, do not lower your standards and your reputation allowing men who have no respect for your work (and for you) contacting you. The few who insist on call blocking are deluded in some way. Do not fall into their trap. Be proud of yourself, be professional and do not break your basic rules: Do not answer unknown numbers, no matter the reason. If they want to remain a private number, well you should remain private too by not answering them and it will all stay very private…


Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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Storm over South Germany : a few Models will not be available in Switzerland before Tuesday. by d_velvet_rooms

Dear readers,

A hurricane will sweep across Germany on Sunday and Monday and, according to the German Weather Service (DWD), will result in severe traffic disruptions. The first storm gale “Sabine” is expected to hit the northwest around noon on Sunday (today).

“Sabine” will let off steam over the mountains even more violently: According to the meteorologist, the gusts can sweep over the peaks there on Monday night at 120 to 150 kilometers per hour.

Air, road and rail traffic across the country is likely to be severely affected. On Monday morning there will be massive traffic disruptions.

Lucy and Diana, both live in southern Germany and will not be able to be in Switzerland on Monday, February 10th, as planned, but rather from Tuesday … Indeed, their flight today was canceled.

But the Svéa, which also lives in the same region, should normally be available in Glattbrugg starting from tomorrow morning (Monday).


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They left TVR in Jan/Fev 2020 : Part 3/3 by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Unlike the vast majority of you, on Sundays and the busiest day of the week for me… I start the day by writing two articles. The first one is the one you are reading now and it closes the very long chapter on the Models that recently left TVR.



To my great surprise, Marta chose to leave TVR rather than comply with the internal rules that until then had not been a problem for her. But then, when one starts making too much money too fast, one becomes proud and arrogant and everything changes… The same pattern repeats itself… I’m not going to rub it in because I’ve already written at length on the subject.

Marta joins the many ex-Models of ThevelvetRooms (to name only a few: Veronika, Arielle, Hannie, Anaïs, Catherine, Maya, Anna, Tracy, Annina, Emmi…) who also saw their TVR adventure ending at our Incall place in the City Centre of Zurich.

This departure is a big disappointment as I have helped Marta a lot… but well, „C’est la vie! Life goes on!“

However, I must admit that Marta was a good Escort and many of her clients loved her. Like all those who leave TVR, she will certainly be back in Zurich soon, solo this time. I wish her all the best !



This is the Model who stayed the shortest at TVR: barely 3 days. The reason: at over 40 years of age, working alone in an apartment stressed her, made her feel anxious and fearful. Some of our Models who are only 20 years old are much braver than Emmi one oft he few swiss lady weh ad at TVR… But I don’t judge her and I respect her decision completely. At least she tried.



Béatrice left long time ago in October 2019… I just forgot to mention it because she really did not make it long at TVR. In case you did not know, Béatrice was a friend of Christy… Shortly after Christy left, Béatrice left as well. Honestly, I liked Béatrice. She announced me her departure, by recording a very emotional Whatsapp voice message full of sweet words and gratitude towards TVR. Without Christy around, I am sure she would still be part of TVR. “Whereever you are Béatrice, I hope you are happy and well taking care of because you really deserve it! ” 🙂



The big surprise of the week: the unexpected and sneaky departure of Candice. Without telling me a wrd about it or informing me, she pretends to be sick on Thursday evening and Whatsapps me a “cock-and-bull” story which justifies an immediate departure on Friday morning.

By the time I read her messages, she’s been gone for a few hours already. Without apologizing.

What an unexpected reaction ! It does not make sense to me at all. I had to cancel the 3 appointments she had on the day of her departure.

By the way, it was her second visit to Switzerland with TVR and also her second time leaving in the middle of her stay…

I do not think that she returned to Poland because “her grandmother is sick” … I rather think that she returned to work in Germany.

Another girl for whom the time invested by the others in her favor is less valuable than her own. It’s a shame because she was very much appreciated by our swiss Gentlemen and had already a few of repeat customers. Anyway … at least she left my apartment very clean and tidy and she did not run away with the key. That’s already something. Thank you Candice …


TVR’s line-up is once more being shaked-up and I feel that a few more departures are about to come… It is very hard to maintain quality and consistancy in this business. Very difficult.

Fortunatly, we have new Models coming soon including a beautiful and already very popular Swiss young Model. Next week, a girl who left our Agency in December 2019 will come back to TVR. As you know, I usually do not take girls back when they leave the team but at times, some exceptions may be considered. Her profile should be back online at the end of next week and she will then be available at our location in St. Gallen for a total of 2 weeks.

Have a lovely and restful Sunday my dear people!

Cheers from Janet

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Loverboys: poisoned love. by d_velvet_rooms

I always wondered why this hypocritical world tries to eradicate the oldest profession in the world rather than to realize that this mission is lost in advance and that we should rather focus on putting in place tools and means to control, regulate and protect women who choose to go this way of their own free will and prohibit / stop those who are forced to do so and therefore of course, their pimps.


And it is precisely there that things get complicated because when a girl is in love with the one who uses her as a “money machine” by physically and mentally oppressing her, it becomes very difficult to get hold of these unscrupulous men who strangely dominate the industry and do not seem to be worried by the authorities / laws put in place and which are supposed to condemn their acts.


What made me want to talk about the subject today is an anecdote that happened to me yesterday. A woman in her forties who I will call Sophie contacted me to join TVR. German, blonde, experienced, very friendly on the phone convinced me after an hour of conversation. I therefore sent her the information I needed to prepare for her visit. She sent me all the information in less than 2 hours, via Email (including very personal information). I replied 4 hours later and foud that she blocked me on Whatsapp. So I tried to contact her via my second number (via which she had originally called me) and asked her if everything was OK and immediatly, she is also blocked me on that phone. Absolutely incomprehensible attitude. I was speechless … But on second thought, I don’t think it was Sophie who blocked me …

I have long wanted to write about the phenomenon of “Loverboys” without ever finding the right words to talk about this delicate subject. Here is what I can say about it today:


These “loverboys” have an ambiguous relationship with their “victims”, whom they call their Girlfriend. Often threatening and violent, they know how to show a charming image of themselves and quickly have a hold on these women who over time end up becoming attached to them.

Indeed, the loverboy proceeds slowly. It’s a whole process that starts with attachment. He does everything to make his victim dependent on him emotionally, financially and physically (many of these girls become addicted to drugs because of these guys). The loverboy exploits his victim because he pushes her into prostitution. He pushes her to have paid sex with clients whom he can present as his friends.

This is how prostitution begins. He puts financial pressure on his victim by making her believe that he has debts to repay. He also uses emotional blackmail (if you don’t do that, I’ll leave you “). He can also use threats on reputation (If you don’t do what I tell you, I publish these videos of you on the internet… “).

All young girls can fall into this trap, regardless of their social class. However, the younger the victim is, (who is emotionally deficient and inexperienced in love matters), the more vulnerable she is and the more likely she is to fall into the arms of a loverboy. Many of these young girls are physiologically vulnerable and have experienced sexual trauma during their childhood.

Loverboys often find their victims on social media but sometimes they have known their victim for a very long time … Their goal: to make money quickly. It should be noted that the loverboys are very often themselves pushed by a very organized network which is above them.


I invite you to watch this 30-minutes report (in German) which will allow you to better understand what a Loverboy is:


This story reminds me of Jennifer… This 20 year old German girl of Greek origin, who came to TVR once for three weeks in 2018… Indeed, she said that she largely preferred working in Switzerland rather than in Germany. She said that by working in Switzerland, she would continue her studies, at least by correspondence. She wanted to come back and thanked me a thousand times for allowing her to come to work in Switzerland for the first time. Within a few days, she was already very popular at TVR.

After her sudden departure from Unterägeri (one of our location in the Canton of Zug) for a reason that made no sense to me, I never got the chance to talk to her again, I could never got back to her… Since then, I learned a lot and I changed my way to accept girls wishing to join TVR by devoting a lot of time (between 1 and 2 hours) to dialogue before even considering their application.

Towards the end of the interview, the therapist is asked if “voluntary prostitution” exists. She is hesitant, stutters and dares not answer sincerely. Because yes, voluntary prostitution exists. Not all prostitutes are victims. Of course, more than 80% are, but not all of them should be put in the same basket, and it is very important to emphasize this. Instead of wanting to eradicate the oldest profession in the world, we should legalize it by organizing and supervising it in order to deploy the means necessary to drive out forced prostitution.


At TheVelvetRooms, the introduction-chat that the ladies have to go through is also for me a way of feeling if she is there because she really wants to or if she is there against her will.

But what would even be better is if you Gentlemen, would ask yourself this question and choose to go to places where you know that these ladies are not forced into this industry. Because in the end, without clients, there is no prostitution. Why do you, the customers, refuse to ask yourself these fundamentals questions? Clubs, Studios and many so-called “Flat-Rates” places are full of women who don’t want to be there. Why be indirectly complicit in this form of human trafficking when other more ethical and fair alternatives are available to you? Why choose the devil? To save 100 or 150 CHF? But seriously, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

Another important website against Loverboys (in German) : http://www.no-loverboys.de

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The Velvet Rooms