Prostitution in Switzerland : 5 reasons why it is perfectly fine to pay for sex ! by d_velvet_rooms

“Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world.”

Yes, everybody knows this sentence and by saying this, we also perfectly understand the word „profession“. When I checked the meaning of that word in several dictionaries, I always come to the same definition :

„ …an occupation requiring special training…“.

So, profession = occupation = job = work.  Am I right ?

Then, why is it that being an Escort cannot be officially and morally recognized as what it is? A profession .

In Switzerland, we are half-way. The profession is legally recognized but not morally accepted yet.

But Gentlemen, don’t let the double-moral takes you over! Let’s see why you should not have a bad conscience while visiting an Escort.


Everybody is doing it !

Yes, trust me. You’re not alone. But your colleagues, friends, brothers are never going to tell you this but they  are not as „innocent“ as they look. To put the situation into perspective, it is far from being as dramatic as it seems. You won’t be the first, definitely not the last.


It’s safer/more discreet than you would think!

You feel like seeing a Sex-worker? Go for a trustsworthy Swiss Escort Agency or for an independent sex worker. Contrary to popular belief, with those two options, there are usually no pimps involved, no big fat men standing at a door waiting to take your cash. Take your time to search for the right girl. Many will also have reviews to show that they are a real person and proving that their service is worth the money you are willing to spend. Independent Swiss Escorts run their profession as normal businesswomen would, from their own marketing to accounts. They are also very careful with their health (more than the average woman) and do several check-ups through the year.


It’s legal !

Yes, you read that right. Selling sex for money has been legal and regulated in Switzerland since 1942. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland although individual cantons have different rules on where and when it can be practised.

Forcing someone into prostitution is, however, illegal. But as long as the person is not being forced into this industry and deliberately chooses this orientation, there is no shame or bad conscience to have when two adults are consenting.

Let us not forget the billions that this sector brings in every year to the Swiss government. Why then ban such a lucrative business? No Gentlemen, everyone benefits from it, believe me. You have no reason to have a bad conscience when you pay for sex in Switzerland.


Clients are not desperate!

It’s just that at some point we all need to have a bit of fun, or some intimacy, or just feel loved – just for an hour – without worrying about who we are, where we come from or what we look like. Most of men who see Escorts are not desperate. We should stop thinking that men come to see Escorts because they cannot get another woman or because they can’t get sex „for free“ : that is wrong. It is all about having some fun! Clients of sex workers always varied. They see people of every age, size, shape, colour, from every background, who are into all sorts of weird and wonderful delights! Be one of them and let’s start having fun! ;-).


It’s so much easier with no strings-attached !

Honestly, I don’t know why men don’t do it more often… Instead of spending hours on social media/dating applications like Tinder trying to “catch the right fish” or going to a bar and drinking until you get the courage to approach a woman and ask her if she would like to have some fun with you, why not just skip to the end? It’s well worth the money ! 🙂


Still not convinced?

Maybe because of the stigma attached to the sex worker profession and to the men who visit them… But maybe you could contribute to reduce that stigma… How?

Well, first by stopping to call women tramps, sluts and slags based on how they dress or their sexual activities. Stop thinking that a woman can’t have as much (or more) sex as a man. Stop thinking they are all forced, or easy, or diseased. Stop thinking that their only options are to be a prude or a whore. Stop thinking they are nymphomaniacs, that they can’t have relationships. Stop thinking they are „only doing this to pay for their tuition fees“. Stop objectifying sex workers by saying they are all possessions.

Stop the stigma of sex workers and you will stop the stigma of clients visiting them.


Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Tips for Ladies : Why do so many “cheap” clients contact you? by d_velvet_rooms

While working as an Escort, one of the biggest challenges is to attract the most interesting male profiles. By that I mean those men who are courteous on the phone, polite in formulating their expectations, respectful during their visit and generous, even beyond your expectations.

These men are indeed in small numbers. I would say that they certainly represent 30% of all Escorts’ customers. These are the clients you should focus on. The rest will only be a waste of time and money.

So how do you attract these customers of a certain standard and transform them into regular customers? Here are some tips that I am happy to share with you.


How to recognize a “cheap” customer?

As soon as you have acquired some experience as an Escort, you will be able to detect him fairly quickly. This is usually the man who is rude on the phone because he sees you as a “thing”, not as a person. He therefore addresses you badly, do not say hello, speak to you as if you were an animal and hang up in your face when he is not happy with the answers you give him.

If by chance he manages to meet you, this client is often vulgar, sometimes even dirty (he may refuse to go to the shower), neglegted, he has little conversation and will never leave you a tip or bring you a gift. He’s also the kind of guy who wants everything included in a service without paying for it. He will ask you for a bunch of services that are not in your ad or that you do not offer because once again, he sees you as a „thing“. Often his level of English or German is bad … To make it short, if he comes to see you once, my advice: block his number forever so that he never comes back again. He is not the kind of client that you deserve and even less the one appreciate your Escort work at its fair value. It’s not an easy job so if you can choose who you want to meet, do it and refuse to accept just anyone. Nothing is more valuable than your integrity.


How to attract valuable customers?

If you find that too many “cheap” customers are contacting you, there is surely a problem in the way you present yourself. This presentation starts online. In fact, the advertisement that you will publish on the internet is generally the very first contact that the client has with you. You can’t afford a „faux pas“. The less sophisticated your ad is, the more you will attract “weird” guys. When preparing your online advertisement, make sure to:


Your pictures

Publish stylish photos of yourself. Remember that men don’t think like women. The more you strip off, the less they respect you. Showing your bare breasts, your pussy, your face full of sperm and 10cm long nails will never attract men of a certain social class. Believe me, vulgarity puts off men who have money. Present yourself in an elegant way, in evening shoes, in dress, not too much makeup and please, smile in your pictures! You will see, compliments towards you won’t stop.


Your advertising text

Make sure your text is spelled correctly and not in vulgar language. Too many girls pay a third person to write their advertising text. Very often, this person is a man who does not know you, who does not give a damn about the services you offer (and does not ask your opinion) and who will write a text worthy of a porn movie that will attract a clientele you don’t want. If he works for an erotic studio or a Club, it doesn’t matter to him who comes, as long as there are clients …

Darling, the best is actually to write the text yourself (using Google translator if necessary) and have it corrected by someone who speaks the language well (English or German). Also double check that the services listed in your profile match the services you actually offer because if not, it will automatically attract men with inappropriate requests.

Before the client is at your door step, you must pay attention to two things that are critical: the environment in which you are receiving him and how you receive him. These two elements will make the customer come back to you or not.


Your location

The place where you receive your client must be a discreet and pleasant location. Again, I emphasize that men are very visual and I can assure you that they are even more picky when they have to pay … Make sure to meet your client in a place / at an address that will not make him ashamed/uncomfortable and make sure that once inside, everything is tidy, it smells good and it feels good. Trust me, this is extremely important.


Your look and your behaviour

The way you will receive your client is also something crucial. Too many girls take their attributes for granted. Just because a customer comes to see you doesn’t mean he will stay … or even come back to you. Be elegant and smiling, pay attention to your nails (also toenails) put on beautiful lingerie, always have your heels on when you open the door and always offer him something to drink. Be interested and interesting. Be careful the way you speak : a too familiar language can play to your disadvantage. If you think the customer will come back just because you’re beautiful, you’re dreaming! If you do not know how to welcome him properly, he will leave or never return again. Of course, make sure you offer him what is listed in your “menu”. Never promote services that you do not offer: customers, especially those of a certain social level do not like to be taken for idiots.


Set your standard

My fifth and last tip concerns your rates. I have known customers who have confessed to me that below a certain hourly rate, they would not go to see an Escort because for them, a too low price means that there is “eel under the rock “. Too many “poor” people think that people who have money are stingy. In fact, it is not true. They can be very generous but it has to be worth it. They are also used to living in an environment where to have quality, you have to pay the price for it. So if you know the value of the experience you can share with a man, set your standard high. For the “Cheap” and the “timewasters” is quite the opposite: they are looking for the best deals and not necessary for a qualitative experience… You deserve better than that. Don’t you think so?


Escort vs Courtesan ? 

The best Escorts and those who manage to last a very long time in this industry have developed qualities far beyond these few basic tips that I have just given you. Their regular clients represents up to 60% of their whole clientele. What I’ve noticed about these ladies is that even with their regular customers, they managed to make them feel special, they know how to give the best of themselves at each encounter, giving their clients the impression that the 7th visit is as authentic and unforgettable as the very first one. That’s what makes the difference between an Escort and a Courtesan

Think about it! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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A few links to help us think beyond what the media are telling us… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

As many of us are forced to sit at home, we rarely had so much time to read and inform ourselves.

Evolving in a society overwhelmed with information, it is often difficult to sort out good info, accurate info, bad info, biased info, faked info …

I am sharing here a number of links directly or indirectly related to the COVID-19 which I find to be extremely informative and from good sources. Maybe some of you already know these links. It’s just about information sharing. Everyone can make up their own mind.

I want to clarify that I am not a fan of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In: I don’t have any of them and I don’t miss it because generally speaking, I have never seen this kind of “channels of communication” as something positive for the society and even less for human beings as according to me, it is a big wast of time and it lower their self-esteem. The only social media I use is Youtube where again, one needs to be very careful and selective with the kind of info being broadcasted there.

Here is my selection of informative links that I am happy to share wih you.


Content in English : “Do masks really protect us from the virus (from BBC News) ?”


Content in German: “Dead from Corona-Virus in Switzerland : All Vitamine D3 deficient !” Me, I have been taking vitamine D, 4 times a week for the past 7 years. This vocal message is the most precious information I have heard in the past 48 hours :


Content in English : „Big Pharma want us to be ill : It Isn’t Coronavirus That’s Killing People It’s Their Immune Systems.” I like watching London Real. Brian Rose is an amazing interviewer and David Icke has been invited to the show for many years now.


Content in German: “The corona virus media makers are silient  about this …”. I find it to be a very interesting video about that topic !


Content in English : „On the road to bankruptcy“. For those who do not know Jim Rickards, I am happy to introduce you to this video as I actually share his view on many topics. Note that the first 2 minutes of this video are in French but the rest is all in English :


Content in German : People are dying with Corona and not because of Corona. Here is a very interesting intervire from an experienced Immunologist :


Content in English : “The Story Of Coronavirus Whistleblower: Dr Li Wenliang.”


Content in German : „Corona : No need to panic?“


Content in English : „The truth about 5G that you are not being told“ . Here is a video not directly related to the COVID-19 but if you listen to it carefuly, you may understand that actually, it is not irrelevant. 5G is coming soon and strangly, no governement ask its population if we are OK with this new technology. Guess what? This electromagnetic frequency, 5G is weakening our immune system… it will be soon be everywhere… I call it „Mindcontroling“ :


I hope one of these link was useful and interesting to you.

Have a lovely evening dear Readers!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Thank You my dear Readers ! by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Readers,

Today is a special day for me and I begin this message by thanking all the people who wrote to me this morning! 🙂

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are thinking about TVR and who shared their message of support with me during this very difficult period. Like everyone, our Agency finds itself very weakened by this situation but we still hope to be able to “survive” this economic cataclysm that awaits us …

Without certainty but in the hope that our activities can start again in a month or two, I take advantage of this time to stay active on TVR. Indeed, I remain very active on the blog and use this time to complete the website because a few pages (Glossery, Secret Models, Most Valued Gentlemen …) are still incomplete. Today or tomorrow, a new Model category will also be added. Check it out! 😉

Right now, it is the perfect opportunity to finish this unfinished work, mainly because of a lack of time I used to have. It is also a way for me to release my stress and anxiety and to stay positive and keep hoping for the best.

I will end this message by addressing my colleagues in the field (managers or owners of Clubs, Studio, Private apartments …): do not give up! Facing this situation, we are all housed in the same boat. The recovery (there will be one, for sure; we just don’t know when) will be extremely difficult for many of us. We will be in debt up to the neck and in general, we will certainly have even more difficulties (financial, staff management …) than before. But we should not give up. In times of crisis, other opportunities may come up to us. By remaining attentive, observant and opportunist, it is certainly possible to rebound. It may not be as you originally planned it, but it may not all be lost.

If you can stay positive in a negative situation : you win !

I hope that over time, a certain solidarity may exist in our „Milieu“. This is unfortunately very rare and yet we would all benefit from it, especially in similar times like the one we are currently experiencing.

Thank you my dear Readers!

Stay healthy, happy and tuned! 🙂

Warm Regards from Janet

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Tips for Ladies : With or without makeup ? by d_velvet_rooms

Ladies, you know what men really think about makeup, right? They do not dare telling us this but actually, men believe that women wear makeup to „trick“ them into thinking that we are more attractive as we really are…

For many Escort Girls, looking as desirable as possible for their clients is extremely important. I am not talking about the regular prostitute or the street sexworker (for those two categories or workers, the way they present themselves may not be that important). I am refering here to the Escort Girl. This girl who works at a private/upscale location, who sees few clients per day, who has a certain education background, who can hold a conversation, who usually chooses the men she wants to spend time with and whose hourly price is relatively high. This girl, the Escort Girl care a lot about her appareance. And because she always wants to make sure she looks great, she may uses makeup to enhance her beauty features. We women, all know that makeup is not very liked by men. But does it belong to these things where less is more?


Ladies: How do you a feel when you wear makeup? 

I am a woman myself and amoung women we can talk openly. Using makeup for many of us is a way of being in charge of our own appearance and those who take the time to learn makeup skills feel even more confident because they master in the techniques of looking more „beautiful/different“ than who they really are.

Other women are already stunning and do not need any makeup but would wear some not to look like another person but rather to light up their appareance which is already amazing without face painting. But is all this really necessary? As an Escort, should you wear no makeup at all?

*You may use makeup to hide yourself: Using makeup makes you feel less noticeable, especially when you are anxious, sad or insecure. Those feelings should not be shown to clients. I agree. They are not coming for that.

*You may use makeup to be more seductive: You want to be more noticebly attractive so in order to look more confident, sociable and assertive, makeup is a must for you.

But if you are honest with yourself, you know that for most of men, makeup is not that important. It plays a role but on the long run, it is not what will make them enjoy your company. You are using makeup to position yourself among the other women… Right?


Gentlemen : Why women really wear makeup ?

I am sure that each of you asked himself this question at least once in his life „Why this girl has so much makeup on?“. And when you ask them not to wear any makeup at all, they will rarely listen to you. They would usually act like they don’t care about what you may say or may think. And you know why?

Because women are not wearing makeup for you. Women perceive other women who wear make-up as more dominant and successful. Women are more jealous of other women wearing makeup and consider them as more promiscuous. So, a woman who wears make-up would care less about what men may think of how she looks if there would be no possible point of comparison with other women. Which is not the case in our modern society. Women are constantly comparing themselves to other women.

I observed the same phenomenon in the Escort industry. Do you know that Sex Portals which target straight-men have about 30 to 60% visitors who are women? Yes! Same applies with TVR website where much to my surprise, I’ve noticed that 42% of the visitors of women… Escorts spend hours on similar websites checking-out how the other Escorts (obviously their competitors) look like…  Yes Gentlemen, makeup is one of the favorite beauty weapon of girls with a few exceptions, of course. Escorts feel probably even more pressured to look great because the „transaction“ thing creates a certain degree of expectation from men. But as an Escort client, how to approach the subjet without offending her?


As an „Hobbyist“, how to tell her…?

As a client of Escorts (Hobbyist), you are in the position to ask for certain things which matter to you and if the request is politely formulated and not on short notice, the Escort will usually make sure not to disappoint you, as long as she is comfortable with your request.

If you are not too much into makeup (some men really do not like that, especially heavy lipstick), just ask her that you would prefer seeing her without any makeup on. Some girls will say no, some will agree to meet you that way. However, don’t be too naive; do not expect her to have no makeup at all! Very few will dare showing you their face makeup free. But at least, if you mention clearly that you do not like makeup, the normal reaction of an Escort will be to use as little makeup as possible (the minimum use for her to still feel comfortable) or a kind of makeup that makes her look more natural. This way, it should make both of you happy.

Why? Let’s face it Gentlemen: although you constantly preach that you like natural ladies (you see, you told it so much to your wife/girlfriend that she now does no effort at all and her „natural beauty“ may be way less attractive to you today ;-)), we all know that it isn’t true. What you mean is that you do not like women with too much makeup. Actually, you prefer women with a natural makeup look. But makeup is still something that you find nice on women as long as it does not look to excessive. Am I wrong? So please, stop saying to women that you like them without makeup because you know and we know that it is not true.


Makeup :  less is more ? 

Coming to the end of this article, we now know the following : most women with bare-faced makeup are seen by men as friendly, inoffensive and kind but not necessary sexually attractive. Women using an average amount of makeup are usually the ones men chase the most. Glamorous/heavy makeup gives men the impression that you are an „easy“ girl… It also attracts different kind of men (quantitative vs qualitative).

Most women wear so much makeup that it exceeds what is considered attractive for men. And please Ladies, do not compare yourself with women in magazines or on social media: in the real life, they do not look like they pretend to. All this is marketing, show, illusion. Yes, in reality, the large majority of these girls look normal, just like you and I.

Makeup is important, but too many women make the mistake of wearing so much that they lose its benefits. When the makeup is not overdone, it makes you appear more classy, likeable, trustworthy, intelligent and competent.

Remember girls: men are extremely visual (on average, way more than women). Be careful of the impression you want to make and focus on using makeup to enhance your natural beauty, not to look like a completly different person.

As an Escort, you want to build a long term „story“ with your client for him to become a regular one (as we all know how precious regular clients are). Please, do not lie to him and hide yourself behind too much make up because after that „Overnight“ he may never want to book you again, seeing your face in the morning, makeup free…

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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10 things you do in bed that women don’t like! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello guys!

Being a Gentleman applies also in the bedroom… 😉

Here is another article to help you better understand women, especially when we are talking about sex.

Here are what a few things most of you men do in bed which turn off women…


1. Playing too hard/long with her nipples  

Some guys will play too hard or too long on women’s nipples. What they do not know is that it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Women nipples are very sensitive, with varying degrees of sensitivity throughout the month, so please Gentlemen, play accordingly. Gentle licking and sucking can be really great, so long as it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to milk us. In any case, if a girl likes it harder, she will let you know.

2. Appropriating her orgasm 

How can you ask a woman such a thing : „Come for me!“ ? It’s her orgasm, not yours. Please, respect that. Further, not all women can orgasm through penetration alone, and your unit isn’t going to change her physiology.

3. No joke, please!

Some guys are trying to be funny during the intercourse and do not understand that it may be very clumsy… Not the time for jokes!
Being funny can be a great way to build intimacy and foster a connection that will make sex better. But it does not always work… Some women will not like your jokes. Never tell a joke that will make her feel any less desirable, or like you’re not at least taking the sex she’s allowing you to have with her seriously.

4. Refusing to use condoms 

If a woman insists that you wear a condom, the rudest, most inconsiderate thing you can do is try and talk her out of it. It doesn’t matter if you “just got tested,” or if she’s on the pill. Women face way higher stakes in the bedroom. It is a medical fact that we are more physiologically susceptible to STDs than men, not to mention the risk of pregnancy. Sure, sex feels better without a condom, but life feels better without herpes…

5. Claiming you are „The King of Sex“

Too many men think that they are super good in bed. They talk a lot before sleeping with a woman… and then, they do not deliver. Guys : the worst thing you can do is over-promise and under-deliver ! 😉
Empty promises are an alarming trend in human male behavior. Women have adapted to this evolution by lowering their expectations. No girl is expecting the best sex of her life the first time she sleeps with you. In fact, staying humble makes any sexual missteps you commit in the act far more forgivable. Girls know you will lie to her about something far more important somewhere down the road, so no need to start with how good you are in bed.

6. Don’t go too deep!

Why men think that girls like it deep? We hate it when guys go too deep. It doesn’t feel good and it is even hurts sometimes! Seriously, guys : Stop punching in our vaginas. It’s not impressive, and for some, it’s actually painful. Just how deep is a personal preference. Give her all of you, but ease up if you get the feeling it’s too much for her. Not sure? Just ask.

7. Don’t skip the foreplay 

She is not asking for an hour-long, candles and hot oil massage . It takes more for women to get aroused than just wanting you, regardless of their age. Men, remember this : foreplay makes sex much easier and simply skipping it is likely to make a woman feel more objectified than wanted. Note that women hate Quickies. This kind of behavior/service looks amateur at best and selfish at worst.

8. Stop seeking validation 

„Do you like my big cock? „ Why do you keep asking this questions guys? Don’t be delusional about your size. The honest truth is that most of the time, bigger isn’t always better, but a big ego is the worst! When you ask this question to a girl, it makes you look like a very insecured man. No need to use magnum condoms, when you don’t need to. I am a C cup. How ridiculous would I look in a E bra?

9. Conducting an interrogation while having sex

„What about this position?“ Is that OK like that?“ For great sex, communication is absolutely a must, that’s true but rather before starting, not while being in action. And if you really have to ask, then make sure any questions are purposed and specific. “Are you OK with Anal Sex?” is definitely a question worth asking. However, checking in with her every time you change positions is just tiresome. Constantly asking her for validation is so unattractive and under-confident…

10. Don’t treat her like your maid 

Guys, don’t throw her a towel, so that she can wipe YOUR sperm off her back! If a woman lets you finish anywhere else than in a condom, show some gratitude and at least wet the towel a little with some warm water before politely handing it to her. Or go a step further and give her a hand, especially if it’s in a spot she may have trouble reaching. A bit of chivalry Gentlemen! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Intimate toilet for men: how to properly wash your penis? by d_velvet_rooms

Men should wash their genitals daily to avoid unpleasant odors, limit maceration and the risk of irritation. How to proceed ?

What is personal hygiene in men?

The intimate hygiene of men concerns three zones: the hairy zone of the pubis (which can be shaved or depilated), the cutaneous zone of the penis, and the mucous zone of the glans foreskin. The mucous area is particularly fine and sensitive, its cleaning therefore requires a very special delicacy.

How frequently?

The personal hygiene of men is easier than the one of women because their anatomy is more simple. A male toilet is necessary once a day, to eliminate unpleasant odors and natural secretions. But excessive hygiene can be counterproductive! Men often take several showers a day, after a sporting activity, before and / or after sexual intercourse or sometimes when it is very hot: in these cases, the soaping should not be renewed and a simple shower water will suffice.

How to wash the penis well: the gestures to adopt.

The intimate toilet of men must be made as simply an das gently as possible. It is important to insist on the hairy area of ​​the pubis and to avoid vigorous washing on the penis and the glans. It is essential to unpack the glans by turning back the foreskin because it is where the secretions accumulate, under the appearance of whitish particles. No part should be forgotten, penis, testicles, glans, nor besides the anal region which is entitled to the same treatment. It is better to wash your penis with your bare hands because the washcloths are nests for bacteria! Rinsing after using a cleaning product is very important, since the penetration of the active agents is increased in the mucous membranes, in particular in the folds of the foreskin.

It is then essential to dry the hair area, the penis and the glans well, dabbing delicately and above all without rubbing to avoid irritation!

Oral sex?

Gentlemen, know that when your sex is not well-washed or not washed at all, it gives off a very bad smell which repels women and curbs any sexual desire, even in exchange for payment. Too many clients will shower before their session with an Escort and despite the shower, will still smell bad, especially their genitals. You can be sure that if your cock smells bad, no woman – not even an Escort – will want to suck your dick unless a condom is being used. Oral sex (blowjob, Rimjob, Licking balls…) is practiced by some Escorts with clean clients who have impeccable body hygiene.

For the others, you should be content with oral sex with condom only and please, do not complain about that!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 




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Alpha, Beta, Lambda or Omega: What type of seducer are you? by d_velvet_rooms

In what sexual hierarchy do you place yourself in relation to women? Are you an Alpha, Beta, Lambda or Omega man?

These terms do not define the intrinsic worth of a man, nor do they constitute a judgment on his personality or his being. They only refer to how women perceive you. This does not mean that you are superior to another man because you are placed higher on the ladder of seduction. Especially since this place owes a lot to chance and genetics, although personal merit plays a big role in it too. I propose a classification of these four types of men with my personal comments to help you understand those terms a bit better.


The two main categories

Category 1: The Alpha and Beta are the men who, in the game of seduction, have their chances with most women.

Category 2: The Lambda and the Omega are the men who, in the game of seduction, rarely have their chances and will almost always be excluded.


The Alpha male

He is the man at the top of the sexual hierarchy: attractive, virile, he gives a feeling of self-confidence, authority and domination. He usually masters the codes of seduction and male-female relationships, whether consciously or instinctively. He is able to quickly seduce a woman, basing his game of seduction on appearances, charisma, macho charm, money, physical power … He is the kind of man young girls fantasize about and the one that more mature women dream of having as a lover. It is this category of men who assume the most prominent traditional manly traits and women respect him as a man. About 10% of men are alpha.


The Beta male

This man is generally more erased than the Alpha, less attractive at first but often wiser and more solid in many respects. Where the Alpha makes a good lover, the beta makes a good friend: he is attentive, patient, often in love with the woman before she even notices it. He’s the one who has a shoulder she can cry on when the Alpha she was sleeping with doesn’t want her anymore. He is also the one who will accept to raise the child of the Alpha without complaining. Although less successful than Alpha, Beta can succeed in having a good sentimental and sexual life, because of the emotional connections he knows how to establish with certain women. However, he is often just a fallback, a plan B for the girl who dreamed of being with an Alpha man and suddenly found herself too old or not pretty / interesting enough to attract them. Although his position is more advantageous than that of Lambda and Omega, the Beta male is often an eternal frustrated and his position is one of the least comfortable. About 50% of men are Beta.


The Lambda male

The Lambda is an average male who is just a nobody: in fact, on the sentimental and sexual radar of women, he doesn’t even exist. He’s that kind of gray, shy, low-key man that has been around in the office for years but who is so insignificant that no one ever remembers his name. Over time, however, and provided he manages to build a comfortable financial position, he can hope to become an acceptable Beta for a fairly desperate third-hand woman. About 30% of men are Lambda.


The Omega male

He’s at the bottom of the hierarchy. He is the one who, suffering from severe physical or social handicaps, has difficulty accessing women. He usually has no money. He is not physically attractive. Not particularly intelligent. He can be morbidly obese, disfigured, homeless … There are many examples and causes of his situation. About 10% of men are Omega.


Statutes that can change

The status of Alpha, Beta, Lambda or Omega is neither fixed nor permanent: in reality, nobody is one or the other forever. Every man, on the other hand, has a certain number of Alpha traits, Beta traits, Lambda traits and Omega traits which, depending on the situation, are useful or not, are highlighted or on the contrary stifled. Physical beauty, for example, is not perceived in the same way in all cultures. Interpersonal skills and good listening skills (Beta trait) can become ineffective with an interlocutor who uses a language you have poor command of. An Apollo physique, even recognized as such, will be worth nothing for a woman who does not like men of your ethnic group …

But remember that it is us, women who create these categories, and they only exist in our gaze. The precise status of a man can therefore vary depending on the woman he is trying to seduce! 🙂


Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies : Should you have your own Escort website? by d_velvet_rooms

The number of Escort Girls having their own website has exploded in the past 10 years. Indeed, everyone tells you that regardless of the service you sell, all sectors combined, a website is essential if you want to show some kind of credibility towards your potential customers. But is this really the case in the sex industry?


The advantages of having your own Escort website

For many clients, an Escort Girl with her own site is reassuring and they tend to immediately place you in another league, that of women of a certain level. For them, this confirms that you are really independent and that you do this job by choice. Managing your own site also reflects an image of an organized and professional woman, provided of course that the general aspect of the site, the photos and especially the content are interesting and impeccably presented. The other advantage is that your site allows you to share with potential customers a lot of information upfront (prices, services …) that you will not have to repeat over the phone or via Email (if you also agree to make appointments via email). Having your own site is also an opportunity to present yourself in your best light and attract the attention of customers around the world. Indeed, the chances of being contacted by local but also international clients is much higher when you have a website, on the condition – of course – that the SEO of the site is well thought out …


The challenges of managing a website

As I briefly mentioned above, if your website is basic, visually unattractive, lacks of content and has vulgar and poor quality photos, in that case, please, don’t have a website all.


Investing in your site

If you plan to have your own website, choose a company which has experience in Escort websites design. It will cost you between 1000 and 5000 CHF for such a website. Forget free sites such as WIX, especially if you are not very comfortable with webdesign because the result will not be up to your expectations. Instead, use the services of professionals who are used to creating Escort websites. Then add the monthly site maintenance costs (between 50 and 150 CHF per month) and the annual site hosting costs (between 100 and 300 CHF per year). Over time, website-related changes and updates (which vary in price) will be added to these fixed costs.


Adding content

In order for your site to remain attractive, it is essential to supply it with interesting content. Please, no copy / paste! Only publish content written by yourself! Andi f you can’t write and are thinking of paying someone to do it for you well… then don’t have a website. A Homepage is something personal. It is your „print“. Too many Escort websites are obiously not written by them. Clients are not stupid. After talking to you for a few minutes, the smart ones will quickly figure out that you are not the one who wrote what is in your website because maybe your vocabulary is not that elaborate or maybe because they are a lot of contracdictions between the way you advertise yourself and the way you act with in the presence of clients.

The mistake made by 90% of Escorts is to create a site and never update anything in it (not even her pictures), even after 2 or 3 years. A static site that never changes quickly becomes useless. Men go there once and do not return regularly. It is essential to update your site. Your photos, working days and schedules, coming trips … are information that must be updated daily or weekly if you want to maintain a certain credibility and reliability towards potential customers. The cherry on the cake is of course to have a blog and regularly add qualitative content to improve your Google SEO.


Promoting your website

Marketing your Escort website will take you a lot of time (at least 2 years sometimes even longer). For this, you will certainly need to invest in Google Ads, create links to other sites with the same type of content as yours or targeting the same clientele and of course, feed your site with interesting content and keywords, so that it can be better ranked and identified on Google. Finally, I would advise you to create a bilingual site (a version in the local language oft he country where you are working most of the time and a version in English). Indeed, an English version is essential in this global world. Even if you speak very little English, know that the English version of your site will be better optimized by Google.


Having your own website : does it really worth it ?

In Switzerland very few Escorts have their own website. In the United States for example, you are almost obliged to have your own Escort website because all independent Escorts have one. The ones who don’t have one struggle working with high rates.

Are you wondering if having your own website will have you earn more money as an Escort? The answer is : “No”. It is not because you have a homepage that you will increase your income. Having a website is a great “business card”. It’s a different way of presenting yourself and standing out from the crowd, as long as you invest the time and money necessary to make of your homepage a real tool to better sell your services. If you have neither the time, the money, the motivation, nor the consistency required to make your Escort website a reliable and interesting platform to look at, then it is better not to have a website at all.

As an Escort, promoting your services on local and specialized sites (punters) is generally good enough to work well. Customers will prefer a well-written and well-presented profile with beautiful pictures  rather than a luxurious Escort website that seems to have been updated months ago…

Another advantage of not having an Escort website is that you don’t have to reply to messages or emails outside of your work schedule. Indeed, when you pay for your advertising on specialized adult websites, it stops when you decide. You choose when to activate and desactivate your profile. Having an Escort website which is permanently accessible online is something much more demanding. Potential customers can contact you at any time and expect a quick response from you even when you are actually not available. Not answering them or replying too late can seem unprofessional and give a biased/bad image of you.



Having your own Escort website is not essential to work well as a sex working. On the other hand, it can embellish your image as an Escort (by attracting for example more customers of a high social level and / or having a higher purchasing power) and improve your income if and only if you invest in it  enough money but above all a lot of your time. If you think you can handle it, then do not hesitate and do it! 🙂

But if you don’t like to write or if you don’t know how to create interesting content, then my advice is not to have an Escort website, it will be a waste of time, money and energy for you because a homepage is interesting and has a lot of visitors only if its content is qualitative, entertaining and up to date. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Save your time and money and rather choose to advertise on local and well established adult-platforms who are already known by Escorts’ clients.

In Switzerland the most popular Escort Girls do not have a website and do not seem to need one! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Lucy’s new video – Repeat factor : very high ! ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

The two pictures above speak for themselves: a pretty girl (Lucy) and a beautiful feedback from one of our adorable and loyal Gentlemen!

For almost three years now, TheVelvetRooms has been doing its very best to become in your eyes, Gentlemen, a guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism. It’s not always easy to stay consistent in terms of customer service but I think that in the German part of Switzerland, TVR is probably one of the best references.

Demanding, our Models like to please respectable and generous men and do their best not to disappoint you! The best and loyal Models stay at TVR, the others don’t stick around for long and quickly find their happiness elsewhere…



Lucy is one of our best references at TVR! Sexy, intelligent, caring, professional and very friendly, she is also bilingual (German-English) and has excellent reviews. She is one of these Models that I like to recommend to Gentlemen who are new to TVR because I know that in the presence of Lucy, their first experience will be perfect!

Have you ever met her? If not, think about it! She has a very athletic body (as you can see in the video above) and an impeccable hygiene! Two new videos have been uploaded in her main profile. Have a look! Repeat factor with Lucy: very high! 😉

A big thank you to all Gentlemen who trust TVR! Thanks to you, we are growing bigger and stronger each day! 🙂


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