Ivy : finally some news from her! by d_velvet_rooms

Good evening Sirs!

We have been waiting for Ivy’s news for weeks now… and finally, a few days ago I received her unexpected message!

Ivy is for me the concrete example that a girl can evolve in this industry while keeping a pure soul. This Model is nice, sweet, tender and very endearing and her service is impeccable! She is by far one of the favorites of the Gentlemen of TVR. Here is her voice message for you Gentlemen :

The two selfies above were taken by Ivy a few days ago. Read the comments left about her … They are remarkable !

Ivy is a rare gem at TVR and her service is a safe bet. This girl is the kind of Model that TVR wouldn’t want to lose. Meet her as soon as possible! 🙂


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How to recognize subtlety when you are not subtle !? by d_velvet_rooms

Dear readers,

Today, I want to write about a quality, an attitude or a rhetorical art that we call: subtlety.

In our industry, you will tell me that the use of this word is rare and that this adjective (subtle) is not easy to attribute to all.

I would say you are right. And yet, it’s a remarkable quality!

Unfortunately, too few ladies and Gentlemen know how to be sensitive to this notion of subtlety, so difficult but important is this form of intelligence and communication.


How to recognize subtlety when you are not subtle !?

By definition, this adjective qualifies people who are endowed with great finesse.

Finesse in their words, and their way of expressing them.

Ingenious and insightful, these people know how to express themselves in such a way that the unspoken take on their full meaning! Men and women, these people always have an original and discreet way of sending us a message.

This is where the art of subtlety is hidden! Make yourself understood without really saying it with the words that would be usually used. It is a notion quite close to insinuation, because things are not said clearly, they are suggested.

It is still more stimulating to involve the mind of the other in her own thought than to say everything in a crude way.  Don’t you think so?

And if I appreciate this quality so much, I also know that many people do not understand subtlety, especially on the phone or during face to face conversations…

In my opinion, subtlety is an art. It is the art of conveying a message with nuance and relevance.

Like a poet or a writer, who chooses certain words rather than their synonyms. And we all know that appreciating art is very subjective. This is why I think that like art, the appreciation of subtlety depends on everyone. Where some will see subtlety, others will see a lack of clarity.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, be attentive, be smart, refine your way of communicating and you will see that your message will be understood very well, without ever having to be explicit.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Gentlemen : “Tell us what you think about TVR !” by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Gentlemen,

I cannot count the positive text / Whatsapp messages and emails that I have received from many of you since TVR was launched three years ago.

For all the compliments and messages of support, I have always been very grateful and it is also thanks to your constructive criticisms that our website has developed in being a great platform with interesting content. TVR can only exist thanks to Gentlemen and Models of a certain caliber. Otherwise, especially in this period of crisis, we could not think of continuing this adventure.

I wanted to put your comments and feedbacks upfront so it can be seen, read and no longer buried somewhere in my mailbox. I wanted to create a space on our site that allows you Gentlemen (after logging-in) to leave your comments and general impressions on the TVR Concept so that this information is shared, read and make other distinguished men like you want to join our Agency. It is often said that the best communication is that of “word of mouth”. This special page is called : Gentlemen’s Feedbacks. So why not making our community grow and solidify it in this way? Still too many men and women do not know TVR: let’s change that together and consolidate our reputation !

Starting from today (and for the next weeks) you will find a reminder at the bottom right of the screen giving you the opportunity to leave a comment in the “Gentlemen’s Feedback” section. Please, write your comment in English or in German. It’s quick, anonymous, free and doesn’t commit you to anything. Remember that this area is only for general opinion about TVR. If you wish to leave a review about a specific Model, please, go to your Member Area, chose your Model and write your comment under her profile.

By the way, a few of our Models have left comments in the “Models’ Feedbacks” section of our website. Take a look! 😉

Have a good night everyone!




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Asexual : what is it exactly? by d_velvet_rooms

Did you know that 1% of the world’s population is asexual?

Asexuality is the lack of interest in sex. According to AVEN, the Asexual Visibility & Education Network, no less than 86% of asexuals are young people under the age of 30. Women would be much more represented than men since 57% of the asexuals would be women, 12% men, the remaining 31% not registering in the male-female binarity.

The asexual community has also its own flag (see picture above).


A sexual orientation like any other.

Even if some specialists argue about it, asexuality is today recognized as a sexual orientation among others. Sexual preferences are indeed multiple and not just straight! You may be attracted to people of the opposite sex – this is called heterosexual orientation – or the same sex – it is a homosexual orientation.

However, you can also change your attractions and be attracted to men and women at some point in your life. One speaks of “fluid preference”. Or be attracted to both sexes; this is “bisexuality”. Or be seduced by a person regardless of gender; we then speak of “pansexuality”. We can also refuse all categories and classifications, concerning identity or orientation; these are “queers”. Finally, one may not feel the slightest sexual attraction: it is called “asexuality”.


Which genetic origin?

How to understand this sexual orientation? Where does it come from ? Studies on the subject estimate that the causes of asexuality are numerous and different from one individual to another, ranging from the emotional lack suffered during childhood to a fusional and romantic vision of love, passing by a very rigid education or a traumatic experience such as a lack of genital development.

Some activists emphasize a genetic origin and insist that asexuality is neither a choice nor a lack or the source of suffering. It is true that one should not mixed asexuality and abstinence. Sexuality is the absence of a desire to have sex with others, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love or be attracted to others. This attraction can be sentimental, intellectual, sensual, aesthetic …

Asexuals say they can be in love and want each other, but do not want to have sex. And because nothing is simple, they also state that erotic pleasure is possible since asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction for others, but not the absence of sexuality with oneself, and in particular masturbation …

Sexuality is kind of complicated, don’t you think so ? 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Vivienne : “Have a nice Sunday Janet !” by d_velvet_rooms


A message from a brand new girl who has not yet joined TVR but who is already so committed: I really like this girl and I have a very good feeling about her. Here is the little message she sent me this morning with a selfie:


Hi Janet?
I believe in your agency from the beginning and I have no doubt, I’m just nervous about my performance, because I’m the biggest perfectionist and I want to work at 110% so I don’t want to disappoint you.
I am enjoying weekend at my garden with fluffy?
I wish you beautiful Sunday
Lots of love


I am more and more convinced that a little bit of rigor and criteria are necessary to attract Models with a certain level and to retain a demanding clientele. When I receive this kind of spontaneous messages, I know that TVR is on the right track!

Thanks Vivienne for your cute message! 🙂

Thank you for believing in TVR Gentlemen!


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The constant support of some Velvet-Models : conversation with Julie. by d_velvet_rooms

Good evening everyone!

Starting from tomorrow, Julie and Sandy will be the two masseuses officially available at TVR to meet you Gentlemen, for a classic or wellness massage only.

My team spent a lot of time preparing everything so that our masseuses are well equipped and meet the requirements in terms of hygiene and protection. They have been well informed and I believe that in the event of an inspection, they are well prepared both in terms of training and in terms of logistics.

Customers who have known us for a long time know very well how much we are invested in TVR, we really do everything to offer the best working environment for the Velvet-Models. Often, we lose money in our approach but we win on an ethical and human level and this is priceless.

I invite you to listen to the 10 minutes exchange (in German) I had with Julie this afternoon at the office. I appreciate her commitment and support towards TVR. Also discover her comments about the material that we have put in place for the masseuses of TVR :


Fortunately, we have at TVR some Models like her, who even in difficult times support us. What is certain is that it is exactly in these moments that we see who among these girls “care” about us and their true face is finally revealed. Some do not answer our messages or do not even ask how we are doing. We work way too hard to tolerate girls who simply don’t give a damn about our work/fight but who will come back as if nothing had happened, when everything will be better, when the others will have “cleared the bush” …

Much to my regret, some Models will not stay at TVR because I can see that they no longer have their place among us … but ladies like Julie, are always more than welcomed! 😉

Have a good night Gentlemen!


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Christal : an audio message for you ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello !

We are starting the weekend with a positive message from Christal who can’t wait to be back :

The selfie above was taken a few days ago.

Christal is one of the favorite Models of TVR clients who truly enjoy her companionship, especially her tenderness.

If you don’t know her already, have a look at her profile and think of paying her a visit when she will be back in Switzerland. She’s really an adorable girl to have around who will always do everything she can to make you feel very comfortable.

We all send you a big hug my dear Christal ! 🙂

Greetings from Janet


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Erotic rental apartments : nothing will be the same after COVID-19. by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Readers,

I hesitated before writing this article because as I said in previous content, solidarity and unity in the sex industry is unfortunately minimal or even non-existent.

The Coronavirus challenges us all and forces us to accept a harsh reality: many things will change after the Covid-19 and the sex industry will not be excluded and will be forced to make certain changes in which case, some will have no choice but to declare bankruptcy or quickly convert into something else. Our disunity weakens us further and exposes us to further accentuated marginalization of our industry.

This article is mainly for apartment Managers like me. To all these men and women who are doing business in the German part of Switzerland and who provide private, legal apartments to women, men, transsexuals or traverstis who have chosen to sell their sexual services for money in a country where prostitution is legal and regulated.

Those who manage this apartment rental activity in a legal and transparent way may have a chance to see the end of the tunnel provided that they have enough cash flow to compensate for the total lack of income to which they have been confronted since mid-March 2020. Those who operate on a small scale (I am referring here to those who manage one or two apartments at most three) will also be able to get out of the game if the location of their apartment (s) is strategic and if they did not already have large debts before the Covid-19 paralyzed their operations. Managers of medium-sized apartments with high fixed costs, no money on the side and who have always worked mainly “under the table” are the ones who will have the hardest time coping with the crisis that awaits us.

As for the erotic studios, contact bars, Gentlemen Clubs and Swinger Clubs, I’m not even talking about it. For them, the current situation is even worse. Indeed, the Coronavirus directly targeting the “masses”, it inevitably condemns the concept on which these various places of sexual entertainment are based which, unless they are financially very solid, will be heavily impacted by the post-Covid-19 era which will force some to close their doors permanently.

However, those who manage independent/private apartments are not necessarily in a better situation. Many of us (included myself) are small businesses, sometimes with a maximum of one or two employees. Banks often refuse to lend us money because we are in an industry that is bad for their image. For my part, when I created TheVelvetRooms in 2017, I suffered 5 bank refusals that wanted nothing to do with this industry. Without the support of a bank today, how can small businesses like ours survive?

For those who have always paid taxes, who have savings, who can count on a bank that trusts them and on an experienced accountant who has contributed to their expansion and / or stability, the future may still look difficult. Being self-employed, one will not escape a considerable loss of income and whether one likes it or not, things will be different after Covid-19. We will face problems that did not exist before or, although present, did not constitute a particular danger to our way of working.

It had already become difficult to make money by renting apartments (because despite common opinion, fixed costs are very high in Switzerland and apartments are rarely occupied all year long. An empty apartment is a loss of considerable weekly income), it will be even more so in the months to come and here are 4 big problematics that make me think so:


The loss of current apartments

Managers who have been unable to pay their rent since March 16, 2020 are in a fragile position. Not only will the prosecution office penalize them, but the property owners may also evict them. Evicting someone is certainly not that easy in Switzerland and often takes months or sometimes years but tensions with the owner are never positive and if you cannot pay what you own them, debts at the office of prosecutions will officially pile up. An apartment manager cannot afford to have debts as this will make it very difficult for him/her to expand and therefore acquire more flats. Generally, in the German part of Switzerland, if you have debts, you are unlikely to get the apartment or the commercial premises that you want and if you are a foreigner working in this industry, the obstacles are even bigger.


Harder to attract girls

Do not think that the temporary closure of studios, contact bars and Gentlemen’ Clubs will necessarily increase the number of girls who wish to rent your apartments. Why?

Because 80% of the girls working in the German part of Switzerland come from Eastern Europe. These potential girls (willing to rent your places) cannot currently travel to Switzerland before June 13, 2020 (circulation at the Swiss borders is currently limited). This excessively heavy dependence on foreign “labor” handicaps certain Managers who, until now, certainly thought more in terms of quantity than quality. Girls already present in the country (Swiss citizens or holding a Swiss work permit and living permanently in Switzerland) are often more demanding regarding the working environment, the reputation of the place which they agree to work in. Those who are more “detached” with Switzerland generally give much less importance to the space they rent to offer their sexual services. Wouldn’t it be the time now to turn more on the ladies present at the local scale instead of going to seek them “elsewhere”? Managers whose tenants are mainly girls from Eastern Europe will not be able to count on this provenance, at least not before the end of June, 2020. In the meantime, their apartments remain empty. But it is not the only reason…


Airbnb apartments and Hotels will become more attractive 

Don’t think that when the borders reopen, the girls will run to your apartments … Not necessarily. Why? Because Airbnb apartments and hotels which will certainly take between 6 months and a year (or even longer) before recovering from this crisis will have lost so much money that they will undoubtedly drop their prices drastically (this is already the case today). In case you did not understand it yet, the year 2020 is already a lost year (with negative income) for Swiss tourism. A real disaster !

We can therefore expect to see girls who, in certain cases without a work permit and regardless on the legal aspect of the thing, will start to rent private apartments or hotel rooms at prices more competitive than the apartments that we, Managers legally put at their disposal. Those girls who will have not worked for months will also try to spend as little money as possible in a room/apartment rental. Some of them obviously take the risk of being denounced or expelled, but one can very well imagine that in times of crisis, private apartment owners and hotel managers who have already lost too much money will choose to turn a blind eye to this exceptional situation and still let these girls work without disturbing them… not being able to count on tourists this year.


Erotic studios may turn into rooms rentals

Although we are all affected by this crisis, it seems that our compatriots and managers of erotic studios and erotic clubs are even more affected.

In recent years, the trend has been towards private apartments where independent Escorts prefer to work. The ideal for an Escort is to have a whole apartment for herself so she has her peace and true intimacy with her clients. The second option, although less comfortable but still acceptable, is to share an apartment with a another girl … But the vast majority of the time, the available apartments are to be shared with at least three other girls and / or TS who often do not know each other. As soon as you have more than one girl in an apartment, it is not private anymore. A place with more than two girls under the same roof is a brothel. No matter if each girl is renting her separate room. It is still a brothel with no privacy for the Gentlemen who cares about the surroundings he is in and a high risk of meeting someone he knows in the other room of that same apartment. Far from being the ideal context (to receive a Gentleman looking for calm and discretion), some girls will choose this option because many oft hem don’t care, especially if the price of the room she rents is rather low.

This is the new niche that many erotic clubs and studios are tapping. They begin to rent the rooms of their establishments for a week at least or for a whole month at a competitive price. Girls will be able to work there as Independent Escorts and not on commission/percentage anymore. Why this trend? Because not only do these erotic studios not know when they will actually be allowed to reopen, but in addition, even when they finally can reopen, they are not sure if the demand for these kind of places will be as strong as it used to. Maybe among the sex workers, but what about the customers? For sanitary, safety and hygienic reasons, one can expect that after Corona and for an indeterminated period of time, people will privilege limited contacts, preferably with one Escort at a time and rather in a private context. I will not be surprised to see an increase in rooms for rent in former Gentlemen’s Clubs or Erotic Studios … Which is clearly an additional competition for those who have been established in this market for years.


What can be done, then ?

This lockdown forces us to face a situation in which none of us has been prepared. It forces us to think differently and be proactive if we are to survive the crisis that awaits us. But we can choose not to be spectators or victims of what is happening and that will shake our industry and change its codes. I think that if we, apartment Managers became united towards the same common objective, we could easily and quickly turn this situation to our advantage… I will be delighted to have your opinions on this situation and invite you to contact me to discuss it. Apartments’ Managers and owners, by exchanging our ideas, we could certainly find a strategy and a solution, together.

See you soon! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Back soon ! But only massages… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody,

We can finally work again. Not exactly the way we would have wished to, but it’s better than nothing.

On April 27, 2020 a very few number of our Models will start their “come back”. Unfortunately at the moment only in a “light version” but at least, “life”!

In cooperation with specialists, we have developed a Safety Business Concept that protects the guest and the masseuse as much as possible. We delivered the concept to the BAG and SECO on April 20th, for review and comment. We bought everything needed for protection and have abundantly in stock and of course all this will be provided to our masseuses and guests free of charge.

Our very elaborate and Safety Business Concept was written by ourselves (with the help and advice of specialists) and adapted to the ideology of our company. We will also make sure to dedicate to our Models enough time to explain them this concept and its protocol. Each Safety Business Concept is therefore different, and we encourage the people doing the same business as we do, to create their own and make it available to Models who are committed to offering only massages until further notice. They need their support otherwise it may be that these ladies could be quickly overwhelmed by the whole situation without a proper understanding of the right information.

Landlords and Managers, it’s a bit of work and time,  I know. But it’s possible. It is important to create a framework and provide the environment that enable these women to work in optimal conditions that meet the safety requirements of the Federal Council.

I would also like to point out that nowhere in the legal text of April 16, 2020 does it stipulate that massages only concern medical massages. Perhaps additional rules at the cantonal level supplement the federal ordinance. Please check what applies in each canton. For example, no change was found in the canton of Zurich compared to the official version of the federal government. Still not sure? Please read carefelly the link below:


I would also like to underligne that since the existence of the TVR site (since December 2017) the ONLY Massage page has always been present on our homepage. It was not created because of the Corona. At TVR, our Masseuses have always offered massages, including classic massages. The list and description of these massages can also be found on the following page: Massages only.

Understandably, ONLY classic massages will be offered with the aim of feeling good and relaxing. However, what goes on in every single person in this togetherness, with the knowledge that it will be possible in the near future to picture oneself with the masseuse is I think, a special attraction and a special moment.

Very few Models will be available next week, but we hope that this number will gradually increase. The profiles of these Models will be visible on our homepage starting from Sunday evening.

The good times are coming back, we just don’t know when …


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Evelyn wishes you a good day ! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Good morning !

Today at 9am, Evelyn sent me her little message for you (see below).

For those who haven’t met her yet, Evelyn is young girl in her middle 20’s, originally from Greece who is adorable looks much younger than her age. She is also a 100% natural beauty with an irresistible giggle!

She will be back at the end of June, 2020. 😉

Have a great day!



Message from Evelyn :

“Hello everybody!!!

I hope that you are all fine.

I’m very good, this time I’m in Greece at my home. I really enjoy my time in house, always I liked that but I never had time, so this month was very nice for me because I have time for myself, for sleeping and relaxation, to see my family and some friends… Here the situation is okay, not too many infected people but of course everything are closed. The weather is very nice and sunny, so some days in a week I love to go outside. I was thinking about you these days…especially you that I have already met when I was in Switzerland! I wish you all to be okay and happy. I am very optimistic!

I send my kisses to everyone, to the team of TVR and I hope the things get back to normal soon!

Have a nice day!

Evelyn “

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