Gina in Unterägeri (ZG) : Discover her sensual video… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Some of you are on vacation, some of you are back, some of you are ready to go, and some of you will not be leaving this year. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself this summer, we at TVR continue to be there for you and try to provide you with the best possible entertainment!

Today, I would like to tell you about Gina. Maybe you already know her? Gina is one of our few professional masseuses. Living in Switzerland, Gina speaks German well and learned to massage at a renowned school in Zurich. Being part of TVR for over a year now, she welcomes you this week in Unterägeri (near Zug City), in private and with the upmost discretion! 🙂

To make your mouth water, she just sent me a very sensual video (see below), made at her Incall location in Unterägeri where she only reveals the minimum … to make you want to maximum!

Gina is still in Unterägeri until Saturday evening: don’t miss her! 😉



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Let’s unplug ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my dear readers!

Time goes by and for the third year in a row, I won’t be going on vacation … but well.. I’m still smiling! 🙂

Therefore, I wanted to bring a little bit of humor to this very serious site.

Since yesterday, two new pages have been added to the TVR homepage. One presenting erotic drawings, the other is a space dedicated to all kinds of playful videos around sex, love, male-female relationships : 

Let me share a secret with you: I like watching erotic-cartoons which I find much more sensual than porn movies / videos or magazines. They give more room for imagination/fantasies, at least for mine! 😉

I invite you to participate in making these two pages entertaining! Send me your jokes, videos and erotic drawings and if they fit in with the TVR spirit, I will be happy to publish them every Tuesday.

Have a good start of the week!

Greetings from Janet

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Happy Birthday Amélia! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

You still have not met our beautiful Model Amélia?

She joined TVR in March 2020 and she’s a Model we don’t want to lose! 🙂

Beautiful, elegant, natural, kind, reliable and very professional, you will meet a 22-year-old Finnish girl who will turn 23 tomorrow, Saturday July 25th.

Currently available in Unterägeri, Amélia still welcomes you today, until 11:30 p.m and our very discreet and private location, near the city of Zug.

Happy Birthday my dear Amélia (you hear from me tomorrow, for sure)! 😉

Big hugs from Janet

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Seduction: 5 erotic ideas for your couple or to enjoy with an Escort … ;-) by d_velvet_rooms

All couple know that being together is made up of ups and downs, and especially that it is an everyday job to make the desire last in a relationship, especially when you are in a long-term relationship.

However, with a little imagination, it’s always possible to find little tricks to surprise each other and create new erotic memories. During this holiday period, here are some ideas for erotic gifts to share as a couple or with an Escort girl.

Make love in a Love Hotel
Do you want to make love in an unusual place? Love Hotels can be an interesting alternative for making love outdoors, while still keeping a form of privacy. These hotels specially designed for erotic encounters allow you to rent a room by the hour or by the night with complete discretion. This concept generally offers themed rooms with an original decoration and various accessories available to meet all your fantasies.

Love Hotels in Switzerland:

Dinner in a restaurant with erotic performances
The romantic dinner is a classic and timeless gift for couples. However, did you know that there are restaurants that make it their mission to excite your senses as much as your taste buds? This is the case for example of a restaurant like “The Lingerie Restaurant” located in Lisbon and Porto, in Portugal. There, waiters and waitresses serve you in sexy outfits, in a subdued atmosphere and pole dance show!

The Lingerie Restaurant in Portugal:

Live a fantasy together
This sometimes scares couples (Escort girls are rather very open about it), yet it can be very beneficial to realize their fantasies. This opens up new perspectives in the couple’s sexuality and stimulates the sexual imagination to enable lasting desire. Do you fantasize about tying her to the bed? Activating her anal vibrator in the middle of a dinner-date? Maybe it’s time to dare to live these desires together! In France, a company like no other helps you make your fantasies come true, whether you are in a relationship or not. “My sweet Fantasy” also offers you pre-designed formulas that help you to realize your fantasies by taking care of all the logistics. Now you’ll have no bad excuses not to do it! 😉

My Sweet Fantasy (website in French):

Go on a libertine organized trip
Do you appreciate organized trips and would like to find a new original travel idea? Some travel agencies specializing in libertine travels exist, “Swingsy Travel” for example. Of course, first make sure that this type of couple trip pleases your partner … If you have any doubts, consider a trip with an Escort or with your mistress. On the other hand, if you are already a libertine couple or if this desire has already been clearly discussed between the two of you, no doubt that an organized flirtatious trip will bring a new breath of freshness to your relationship! Imagine yourself in an exotic destination with sun, coconut palms and unlimited sex… Not bad, right? 😉

Swingsy Travel (website available in several languages):

Best libertine Club in France:

Offer her a luxury sex toy
Did you know that you can make her happy with a luxury sex toy? Pleasure can come at a steep price too, but when you love to cum, you don’t count, do you? 😉 Among the brands that offer high-quality designer sex toys, there is Lelo, Fun Factory, Womanizer or Fleshlight which also offer sex toys with often advanced technologies and high-end prices. Looking for new ideas? 😉

Fun Factory:

Make the best out of your holidays ! You deserve it, don’t you? 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Vivienne, Gisèle, Svéa … by d_velvet_rooms


Another news that I could have skipped writting… Here are some recent TVR departures, in brief:


Who would have believed it? Not me! For no valid reason and after only one week at TVR, the one I thought was “a little different from the others” simply wanted to leave. I believe that the big lack of confidence in herself and the demanding level of TVR made her flee … However, it was not me who went to look for her and I spend a lot of time explaining the TVR concept before a girl joins the team. In general, it is between 6 to 10 hours of time invested before a girl officially joins the team. Another wasted time… Anyway, I wish her all the best.


Svéa’s departure touched me a lot because I knew her well. It is also the only one that I knew before starting the TVR adventure. 4 days ago, she wrot me a Whatsapp message saying that she no longer wanted to work as an independent Model and preferred to return to an erotic studio / club. I remained speechless, schocked and wondered if everything I have been doing for the past 3 years has served any purpose … I don’t know where she is but I think you will certainly meet her again in Switzerland, somewhere, at some point…


Another big disappointment. So bad that it doesn’t even deserve me to dwell on it. I think what I can’t stand anymore is those showing little / no respect for my precious time. A girl who doesn’t show me respect doesn’t / no longer has my trust. When the trust disappears, she cannot stay with TVR. I even gave her a second chance. But she missed that one too!
It’s a shame because she would have had a great opportunity here. But I know I made the right decision. All this happened today, without regret on my part. I even gave her addresses (from the competition) where she could phone and find another place to work.

Stories, more stories, still stories … How long will I still be able to bend over backwards in the service of others? Does it really worth it?

Have a nice evening!


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Our first Secret Model : Emilia . by d_velvet_rooms

Good morning everyone ! 🙂

Finally, our very first Secret Model is available !

She has already arrived in Opfikon (where she will be welcoming you for two weeks) but her full profile will not be online before Monday, at noon. Indeed, we are going to do a photo shooting this afternoon. It will complement the 20 selfies and the video of her she sent me today.

EMILIA is very pretty and elegant. She looks exactly like in her photos. She is petite, has a beautiful and well proportionated body, a light skin, big brown eyes and a pretty smile.

Half Brazilian, half Malaysian, this 22-year-old beauty will make your head spin! Emilia speaks English and provides an excellent Girlfriend Experience service. She used to work in another European country where her reviews were amazing!

Since the MGV section is not yet active, I must specify that the only Gentlemen who can visit this Model must imperatively be registered on our site for more than 4 months (before March 16th, 2020) or must be regular customers of TVR. If you do not fit into one of these two categories, it will not be possible to visit this Model, do not try to contact me. No exception will be made. Priority and exclusivity for TVR clients. These customers who believe in us, who support us and who trust us.

Emilia’s appointments are coordinated by myself, Janet. Do not hesitate to contact me today by email ( or by phone (+41 (0) 77 475 73 97) to book your encounter with this beautiful princess!

Have a beautiful Sunday my people!  🙂


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Our Models wake up early : Discover “The Early-Bird Experience”. by d_velvet_rooms

Hello ladies and Gents! 🙂

You certainly know this famous sentence from Benjamin Franklin:

“Life belongs to those who get up early.”

Indeed, getting up early is synonymous with a productive day.

This is yet another proof of the seriousness of our Agency : Our Models get up in the morning!

In the Escort community, it is known that getting up early is very unusual because the vast majority of girls in this industry have no discipline, no organization, no structure, even in their personal lives. It is therefore difficult for them to imagine getting up at 5 a.m. to welcome a client at 6 a.m.

I also believe that TheVelvetRooms is the only Agency in the German-speaking part of Switzerland that offers dating an Escort early in the morning and on which you can count: yes, they don’t forget the appointment, get up early and are all fresh and pretty to welcome you, even very early in the morning.

Don’t you know our morning offer: “The Early-Bird Experience”? Click on this link to find out :

Below, the opinion of some of our Models on this very special offer, intended for our customers who like to spend a naughty moment in the morning, before starting the day.

The Early-Bird: What Amélia thinks about it (in English):

The Early-Bird : What Lucy things about it (in German) :

The Early-Bird : What Sandy thinks about it (in Swiss-German) :

The Early-Bird : What Robi thinks about it (in English) :

The Early-Bird : What Chloé thinks about it (in German) :

The Early-Bird : What Agatha thinks about it (in German) :

Gentlemen, if you have any questions about this great offer, do not hesitate to contact me by email: I will be able to answer all your questions.

See you soon, in one of our Velvet-Rooms! 😉

Warm Greetings from Janet

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Don’t finance scammers and their luxury life in their home country! by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Readers,

In these difficult times of COVID-19, despair and pressure (social pressure or pressure from someone who also wants her share of the cake) push some girls to exceed the limits, to cross forbidden borders.

“Was gibt es wo umsonst …?”. No, Switzerland will not become like Germany … We will not let that happen. Paying for sex, OK. But in good conditions, in a healthy and legal framework, with women who respect themselves and who therefore have a minimum of respect for your hard earned money. No, the Swiss are not cheap and they will rather go for quality over quantity. This is also what makes Switzerland famous all over the world : Swiss have self-respect.

Should I remind you what’s the average monthly salary in a country like Romania for example? Between 300 CHF and 400 CHF/month. So many of them are driving luxury cars… I’ve been sitting in my little Peugeot for over 3 years now.  Spot the error!

These foreigners come to Switzerland (often illegally), destroy the reputation of the sex industry, degrade the image of sex as a whole, confirm the stereotypes that already exist on sex workers and send all this money to their country without any taxation. Why would you accept this, dear Swiss Gentlemen? Why would you accept to finance her luxury life in her country with her Pimp when despite of your full time job, you find it difficult to pay your bills in Switzerland? Why would you accept this by giving her your money, on the pretext that she charges half the market price? Why? Do you really think you get what you are paying for? Does this make you proud of yourself? Why lowering yourself to this level for girls who will do absolutly anything for money ? You are Swiss (you live in Switzerland). You deserve much better than that!

Why financing these kind of Scams when other better and safer options are available to you?


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Charlize, Giulia, Christal : they are no longer at TVR. by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen,

Yesterday, late at night, I deleted the profiles of three Models: Charlize, Giulia and Christal.

Why? Because I felt for a while that TVR was no longer a concept for them.

Of the three, Charlize was by far the friendliest/most sympathetic to me. However, she recently told that she will not be able to come back this year by telling me delusional tales …

Giulia has always shown very little interest in TVR and has never expressed any wish to return.

As for Christal, despite her excellent service, I have been having doubts about her real desire to be here and to do this work by choice. Her message above confirmed my doubts. After only 2 weeks of presence, she left TVR at the end of 2019 telling me that she never wanted to do this job again. However, she contacted me again in January 2020 to ask me if she could come back … As I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, I gave her that second chance : “Christal is back!”

I will not go into more details… I’ll just say that TVR will never support pimping. I don’t mind “losing a girl” as some people say. If I have the slightest doubt that she is not here by choice but being forced into it, she will have to leave TVR, no matter what.

And I believe Gentlemen that you should also feel concerned and NOT participate / contribute / encourage human trafficking, just because you need to satisfy your sexual pulsions. Think twice Gentlemen and ONLY support Girls/women who are doing this job on their own free will.

Next week, we welcome at TVR Léna, a beautiful blonde with blue eyes, of German origin, mid-thirties, tall, natural, kind and very beautiful! You can meet her in Zurich City, from Monday morning!

Nicoletta lives in Prague and will also join us in the middle of next week. This 22-year-old brunette was recommended to us by an excellent Velvet-Model. You will soon be able to meet her in Trübbach!

Finally, Katherine will join the team at the end of the month. This German MILF, of Lithuanian origin has remained a very beautiful woman who will certainly seduce you! Her profile will be online in a few weeks.

Thank you for your trust in TVR!
See you soon, Gentlemen, in one of our VelvetRooms ! 😉


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How to face COVID-19 and continue to see Escorts? by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Guests,

The year 2020 had started so well … Here we are now all fighting to maintain our work, feed our family or simply survive. Even outings with friends and moments of relaxation are no longer as “spontaneous” as before … one has to be careful with everything, avoid contact with people, be even more discreet about where one is going and with whom.

The lockdown experienced in many countries, has shown us that overnight, the rules can change, without us being able to do much about it.

In Switzerland, we are fortunate not to have experienced forced isolation – at least, not everywhere. For sex workers, it is possible to work again as an Escort since June 6, 2020 (after almost 3 months of prohibition) but for a few days, the cases of COVID-19 are increasing again and the media are already talking about a second wave and a possible return to a lockdown (certainly partial) by the end of the summer (September / October 2020).

Everything seems very uncertain … Nobody knows what awaits us but what is certain is that if strict measures are again imposed on us, it will be very difficult for all of us to be as transparent as we wish to.

On the other hand, if you Gentlemen are already aware of the situation, you can anticipate things in order to reduce stress and complications … Here are some tips that I wouldlike to share with you to face the reality of COVID-19 , (with which we will all have to live, at least until the end of 2020) while continuing to enjoy life! 😉

Visit the places you already know

In times of Covid-19, avoid Clubs and Erotic Studios. Choose discreet, private places where you are alone with the Model you meet. If possible, go to places you already know, those places / Agencies that are familiar to you, where you have already been and where you feel confident. Please note: a place that already knows you as a customer will not betray you. Why? Because it is not in its interest to loose you as a guest, especially if you are a good customer.

Visit ladies you already know

In the time of Covid-19, new experiences are more difficult to get/go for. Avoid going to see a girl you don’t know; unless she is in a place or agency that you already know. A new encounter always represents risks which in times of Covid-19 are accentuated:

* An Escort you know will accept to see you again without complication, without asking you too many questions, without referencing your name or phone number. If she likes you, she will always have time for you, no matter the circumstances …

* The girl you know takes the Covid-19’s sanitation seriously. In the private place where she receives you, you will always find: masks, gloves, disinfectant, the Covid-19 brochure and of course, clean towels, clean sheets and changed regularly … If necessary : she is well equipped and that’s nice to know!

* With an Escort that you see regularly, trust is established. This relationship does not exist with a girl who is here for the first time and whom you may never see again and who does not care much about the sanitary measures of the Covid-19 because in fact, she is just there to make money and go back to her country. The regular escorts, always return to Switzerland.

* With an Escort you know, you don’t need to be explicit while contacting her because you already know “What you will get for your money”. Just tell her on the phone that you’ve already met. Communication is facilitated and this makes many things less complicated and more discreet. Moreover, you limit the risks of being disappointed.

Follow your instinct!

You haven’t met Escorts yet but want to try? In times of Covid-19, be careful:

* Choose an Agency / Model establishes, having a good reputation and an updated website / advertisement, as well as real photos.

* Don’t be fooled/trapped by low rates. Many girls currently offer sex at such a low price that one wonders: “Am i going to get what I am looking for? Is her Incall place clean and hygienic? Is she healthy?”. In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the normal rate for a 1 hour GFE service is between 250 and 300 CHF. Stay away from the “good deals”!

At TheVelvetRooms, we give high priority to our regular customers who have trusted us for so long and for whom we will always remain very discreet, regardless of the circumstances. For our regular clients, there is always a way. Covid-19 or not: we will not betray their trust.

In addition, many of our Models have undergone medical tests. By September, 2020 at the latest, they will all have provided us the results of their medical check! This is one thing that should reassure you, Gentlemen! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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