Ivy in Unterägeri : “I feel good here…” by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

Ivy enjoys to write and loves literature!
The weekend looks very gray but this week Ivy was able to enjoy the Unterägeri sun.
Here is what she wrote to you …

Happy reading and have a good weekend!


Good morning dear readers!

I am currently in Unterageri, and I gather my thoughts while enjoying the wonderful view of picturesque green mountains and a crystal clear lake. What more is needed for happiness? A good book, classical music, or a camera to commemorate these breathtaking views.

But as a woman who loves the company of men, I also lack a second soul with whom I could share my joyful mood. As many of my friendly gentlemen probably already know, I have a huge fondness for this small town. Why? Because it was in Unterageri, where my beautiful adventure with TVR and Switzerland began. Back then, I wasn’t quite sure if you, my dear ones, would receive me well here. And you know what? I guess I feel well received here, because it’s been almost a year and I’m coming back here again. The circle keeps turning. But in this case, I don’t want to leave this circle. I am happy with where I ended up and where I am now.

During this year, despite the fact that due to my studies and the well-known situation, I haven’t been to Switzerland very often. Paradoxically, however, a lot happened. This year taught me a lot, I was able to meet many goldhearted people here. And although almost a year has passed, I have established here, I think, wonderful mutual relations for a long time. Thank you all for the trust you put in me! Or maybe one of you would like to spend a romantic time with me at the lake?

By the way, did you know that swimming reduces stress, relaxing in the bosom of nature quiets all the thoughts, sex raises the level of endorphins, and time in good company … just significantly improves your mood? 🙂

Now I come back to enjoying the beauty of nature here in the company of sunny, radiant weather.



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Voice message from Ivy : TVR clients are the best! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello dear Guests,

As I always say, TVR wants to be a very special Agency where our Models want to give the best of themselves! Listen to Ivy‘s enthusiastic message sent this morning:

Our Models only want to meet the nicest, polite, neat, generous men. Those who appreciate and respect their presence. Those who like beautiful women who are intelligent, sweet, kind and ready to open up sexually to their desires.

Remember : it takes two to tango! 😉

I know that some clients (and some girls as well) complain about TVR, about my way of managing this Agency and do not always have kind words towards me (yes Gentlemen, I always end up knowing! ). But fortunately, many of them appreciate TheVelvetRooms! Thank you to all our loyal TVR customers! Our Models only want to meet Gentlemen like you to whom they can promise a great experience!

Cheers from Janet

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Diana : new sexy pictures for you ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen,

Of all our Models, Diana is the most active in terms of image! Indeed, she makes sure to share with you new photos and videos every 10 days. I have added about 10 new pictures of her in her main gallery.

Diana is a very beautiful mature woman … an extremely sexy, provocative yet elegant MILF!

The above portrait was taken last month by an amateur photographer, 100m from our apartment in Biberbrugg. Not bad, what do you think? ;-).

Diana invites you to meet her in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg until September 6th. She will then be in Regensdorf for a week.

Don’t miss her! Diana is very unique!


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Isabella, Margot, Aurora… Goodbye! by d_velvet_rooms

Hi everybody!

Last week, the following Models left the team:


Overall, this year of working with Isabella has been very positive.
But people and priorities change …
Isabella has chosen to make her journey without TVR and we respect her decision by wishing her all the best!


The beautiful Greek left TVR with great honor and class! Read her beautiful goodbye message: Aurora .


Margot spent 6 months at TVR. I know she had her place in our great team, but I believe that TVR’s high standards and my outspokenness were too much for her to bear. I also see a scenario that is repeating itself … no black girl (there have been about ten since the creation of our Agency) manage to stay at TVR for more than 6 months … Being myself a girl black, this phenomenon had me thinking since I even tend to discriminate positively towards these black girls who I find under-represented in the high-end sex industry but strangely over-represented at lower levels. But this generosity in my attitude doesn’t seem to work either … Nevertheless, I wish Margot all the best.

Our Agency is moving forwards and becomes even more demanding on the type of Models that we want to have in our team.

I’me already informing you that some girls still present at TVR will soon no longer be with us.

However, new faces will join us soon! 🙂

Stay tuned!


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Moving message from Aurora… and Janet’s response. by d_velvet_rooms

My lovely Janet,

This is letter for you but please feel free to publish in the Velvet page.

I discovered your existence last May when i decided to become a sex worker. A newbie. Whatever was that attracted me in VelvetRooms by first site , was confirmed by far after meeting you. I always feel me as a lucky person in life and choosing to work near you was one of these times , a stroke of luck. During very difficult period , within the fear of a pandemia, you provided me with care, security and support, which were all not expected but well-appreciated.

The whole Velvet Team and you personally are a lovely group of kind people and i will always keep you in my heart.

My clients, i greet them here, they know who they are, lovely gentlemen, i have never expected to be treated with so much respect and have the chance of sexual and intellectual contact through this job. I was happy meeting you..!

Some great facts occured in my personal life after leaving Switzerland, which will not permit me to work anymore.

I did not wish to disappear like that, Janet dear , you deserve only appreciation for the circumstances around VelvetRooms, that is your vision and your creation. I would encourage any girl who appreciates value to join your team.

I wish you every personal and professional success and to remain the shiny person that you are.




Janet’s reponse :



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“Happy Birthday Selena! Watch her living her dream! “ by d_velvet_rooms

Hi everybody!

Today, August, 26th it’s my birthday but I offered myself a super gift yesterday! 🙂

I traveled to Canton Lucerne… Parachuting has always been my dream and I was able to achieve it yesterday!

When I jumped, the emptiness in my stomach told me that I was fulfilling my dream.

Because once you get to taste the sky, you will always look up and you will want to go back there!

You will always want more seconds, more flights, more chances to live your life… The sky is no longer the limit !

My dream has come true!!! Watch me jumping in the void! I’m so happy!!!  🙂



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” Hey Gentlemen : Marta will soon be back at TVR! “ by d_velvet_rooms

I’m so sorry…

Dear Janet,

How are you? I hope you are safe and well.

I was thinking about you and about The Velvet Rooms but i didn’t know how and when write you because i felt so embarrased.

First, i would like to apologize to you. The way  i letf TVR was not good. TVR was my first place in the German Swiss and the only place that i could call “home”.

Sometimes, when we become stronger than before, we can lost part of our humility and we never can’t forget where we came from and who helped us in the beginning. And, the last December, i wasn’t fair with you and your team and my impulsiveness didn’t let me see further.

For these reason, I would like to say you sorry for this and i say thank you for your help and your time.

I would like to give my apologize to my customers too because i left without an explanation, and it’s not nice.

Like the song says: “We are human, after all…”

I would like to come back to the TVR team and give the best of mine.

Big hug,


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We are closing a few locations… by d_velvet_rooms

My dear readers,

The end of the holidays is coming and at TVR, we took advantage of the summer to reorganize ourselves internally and above all, re-evaluate a certain number of things.

As of September 1st, we will part with four of our places: Emmenbrücke 1, Emmenbrücke 2, Root and Murgenthal. These places will soon no longer be visible on our site. These places have already found new managers who we hope will maintain the reputation of these apartments, which has not been easy to achieve. Emmenbrücke 1, Emmenbrücke 2 and Root will be taken over by someone we know well. We wish him all the best in this new adventure!

Why this decision? It is a simple business decision, based on the comments of our Models about these places, the feedbacks of our customers but also the profits that these places generate per year. Averaging all of this, we felt that “passing the torch” was a better decision for TVR.

But do not worry! TVR is not trying to get rid of its places, on the contrary, we want to be even more strategic. We plan to open new places before the end of the year in regions where we are not yet represented.

New Models will also join us in September!

Speaking of Models, I am informing you right now that the beautiful Isabella is likely to leave TVR. Indeed, in the agreement which unites TVR and its Models, it is stipulated that the Models which join TVR are subject to exclusivity: a Model who works at TVR, is only available at TVR and nowhere else. Emmenbrücke being Isabella’s favorite place, she will certainly choose to leave us (her profile will then be removed from our website). Whatever her decision, I will have fond memories of Isabella that I will continue to recommend her to any Gentlemen looking for quality service with a true Swiss lady!

Wishing you all a great weekend!


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Tips for Ladies: How to secure your place at TVR ? by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Lady !

More and more girls are contacting me and want to join TheVelvetRooms. Maybe you’ve tried already or planning to get in touch soon?

Out of 10 girls who contact me, 6 do not have the level to be part of a complex concept like ours, 2 are far too arrogant to be given a chance and 2 will be invited for an interview at my office. Of the remaining 2, one (or maybe both) will join TVR but only one will stay with us for at least a year (then she will eventually leave and go her own way or she may decide to continue the adventure with us).

But well, do not work at TVR who wants!

Why? Because we are working for quality, not for quantity. The more we aim for excellence and quality, the higher the demands and expectations. And obviously, at TVR we think that you can’t provide a great service if you don’t take what you’re doing seriously.

Unfortunately, too many girls who choose this path lack of professionalism. They could choose to earn their living differently but rather got used to quick money and a context where very often, compliments from customers all day long inflate their ego and give them the illusion that they are exceptional beings, almost irreplaceable. What they forget (but soon realize) is that no one is irreplaceable …

The 60% of girls who join TVR do not pass the one-year cap. Those who after 1 year are still at TVR are by far the most intelligent and unsurprisingly, they are also the ones who work the best, who have the most regular clients and who are the most appreciated by our customers! At TVR, our girls earn more than the average Escort girls in the German-speaking part of Switzerland … and they deserve it because they don’t just spread their legs!

Do you want to join TVR or are you already a Velvet-Model? Here are my 5 tips for joining (or securing your place at) the most sophisticated Escort Agency in Switzerland:


Tip 1 : Respect the established rules

Norms / rules (this invisible and powerful force) influence our behavior and are at the very heart of our productivity. When they do not follow the same path they risk colliding. Some girls have a real problem with established authority and following rules. The goal is not to control or punish but to make you evolve in a well organized structure that will allow you from day one to work in the best possible conditions. These rules (of which there are many) have been put in place to help you work better: learn to appreciate and respect them !


Tip 2 : Stick to the values ​​of TheVelvetRooms (TVR)

TVR has built a solid name for itself, a reputation that is constantly evolving. By joining our team, you will inevitably benefit from it. Identifying with TVR’s values ​​is essential if you want to stay in the team. TVR not only offers you a place to work but much more than any other Escort Agency would in the German-speaking Switzerland (because most of them just don’t care about you but only see the money they can get from you. We are VERY different at TVR). TVR offers you support, advice, help, a structural framework that goes far beyond just renting apartments. It is a “package” which is offered to you. Identifcation to TVR is a sign of belonging to this group which wants to be different from the others by presenting another image of prostitution, a positive and reflective image not seen in the media. Ignoring TVR-standards and not identifying yourself with our Agency will lead to conflicts and loss of trust between you and our team members …


Tip 3 : Don’t act like a princess

Arrogant and ego-filled girls have no place at TVR. It doesn’t mean that you are not a good Escort but that type of character is not what our clients are looking for. Our German Swiss customers want to spend time with “normal” ladies who are kind, natural and who appreciate and respect their time and money (often hard to earn… yes, despite appearances, not all Swiss are rich). If you are generous with them, they will also be generous with you, and vice versa. In the German-speaking Switzerland, 50% of your customers will be regular clients. So why scare them away with an offbeat attitude?


Tip 4: Providing an excellent service

At TVR, we strive for the best. We strive to make all of our customers satisfied. The satisfaction rate is not yet 100% (probably around 85%) but we want to improve it every day a little more. The satisfaction of our clients is essential. Those who trust us should not be disappointed. At TVR, our Models should do their very best to provide great service. When a Model has too many bad feedbacks from our clients, she will not be able to stay in our Agency. If you want to be part of our team you really have to be professional and make sure that every customer leaves your permises with a smile on his face!


Tip 5 : Be patient !

“Slow and steady wins the race!” . Be patient… At TVR, all of our Models are working well. Some better than others, some faster than others, but what is certain is that with patience and confidence you will work well too! Don’t be discouraged by the long days at the start… and stay positive! Everything is earned with patience and devotion. If you can’t be patient, TVR is not the right place for you.


Go Girl !

I hope these few tips will help you better understand TheVelvetRooms, our philosophy, and whether you would be comfortable in our team. With the exception of a few countries, we accept girls of all backgrounds, all ages (starting from 18 years old), experienced or not.

Although how you look is an important factor, it is your personality and your attitude towards this Escort job that will make all the difference!

Maybe see you soon, at TheVelvetRooms! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Article from Margot : “This envelope that makes a difference!” by d_velvet_rooms

Hello !

I wanted to write a little message to everyone who has met me since I joined TheVelvetRooms (in winter 2020). Those who let themselves be seduced by my photos and who then, were very happy with their choice! This industry is becoming more and more competitive and I am always very grateful to be the one chosen.

A special thank you goes to those who make a very courteous gesture. A gesture which for me, from the very beginning of the encounter reassures me and confirms that I will have a good time. A diligence which has become rare but which, when it happened, makes you, Gentlemen systematically earn “points” with the Model you have chosen because it gives her the impression of being considered, of being cherished, of being important . Do you see what I’m talking about …? I’m talking of course about the lovely envelope! This beautiful envelope is sometimes white, sometimes colored. Often, I can read my first name on it … often even, it comes together with a small card where a nice short note has slipped in …

How can I not give my very best to a man who has done so much efforts to wrap my “gift” in such an elegant and neat way?
Thank you very much Gentlemen! I am getting more and more of these beautiful envelopes and you know what? I don’t throw any away!

Thank you for this gesture full of consideration! It makes me feels very special, it makes me feel valued, it makes me feel wanting to spoil you even more! 🙂


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