Elisabeth wishes you a Happy New Year 2021! by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Gents!

Elisabeth wishes you a Happy New Year 2021! Look how beautiful she is! I am almost 10 years younger than her and I hope that at her age, I will be as beautiful, as attractive, as elegant and above all as uninhibited!

Elisabeth is a fulfilled woman, who knows how to enjoy life, think about herself and have fun! Here is her Video-message (in German) to wish you a Happy New Year 2021:


Today at around noon, I will upload 2 additional videos of Elisabeth which will be added to her profile … What a seductress! What a Sex appeal! What a smile! I’m loving it! You too, don’t you? 😉

Our beautiful MILF-Escort Elisabeth will be in Trübbach (Eastern Switzerland) from January 4th to 10th and in Regensdorf (near Zurich Airport) from January 11th, for 6 days.

Elisabeth and the TVR-Team wish all of you Happy New Year!


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Robi shares with us : ” Diner-Date at my client’s place!” by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Readers,

I feel the need to share my thoughts with you.
As some of you already know, I love good food and I am excitied to try new things in culinary world.

And threrefore as soon Janet released the ” Top Chef experience” I was ready to invite you, my dear customers, to try some of the culinary wonders and inventions from my witchy kitchen.

But the destiny thought otherwise.
I had the honor of being invited for a dinner by one of my dearest customers -sort of ” TopChef Experience” upside down.

The main dish was the well known Fondue Chinoise, the apetizer and the dessert..well, if I say that we had enough time until the side dishes were ready, I will not say too much 😉
This is my invitation for all of you, dear gentlemen, to let yourself being spoiled by someone whom you want meet closer or..spoil the one you think deserve such a gesture.

Wishing all of you pleasant festivites and all the best to the upcomming year !

Yours sincerely,


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We are closing a location… by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone!

Today, I unpacked the gifts I received from a few Models for Christmas 2020! What a joy to receive so much gratitude! It’s really fun and it gives me energy! Thank you girls! I will publish tomorrow or Monday, a photo of all your presents. 🙂

In this article I wanted to inform our readers that unfortunately we have made the decision to close our location in Reinach (Basel Land). This decision has nothing to do with the Covid-19, nothing to do with the police or the Council Town (the place was 100% legal, like all TVR-locations). The problem was the neighbor next door who did everything to push our departure from this place which worked very well for TVR.

So on January 1, 2021, we will be officially closed in Reinach, but I’m not giving up! I continue my research in order to quickly find something else in the Canton of Basel Land.

However, I still have some good news to tell you!

Here they are :

Biberbrugg 2 (SZ)

From January 1, 2021, we will open a second apartment in Biberbrugg, at the same address as the one you already know. It’s a location that works very well and the Models and Gentlemen are very happy to see each other there. Next week, we will have finished furnishing this second apartment which is smaller than the first one but just as nicely decorated.

The week of January 4, 2021, both apartments will be occupied. In the first one, you will meet the beautiful Emmanuelle and in the second, I don’t know yet … but the schedule will be fixed this Sunday.

Kreuzlingen (TG)

We have been renovating Kreuzlingen for months without ever having time to finish … but I promise, no later than the end of January 2021, the location will be functional and I hope that you will like it! 🙂

Reichenburg (SZ)

Finally, we have just signed the contract for this magnificent apartment located in the Canton of Schwyz, which I intend to decorate with even more enthusiasm than all the others! 🙂 The location is great! By car, you are at:

10min from Uznach (SG) *** 12min from Weesen (SG) *** 15min from Rapperswil (SG) *** 15min from Lachen / Altendorf (SZ) *** 15min from Näfels / Mollis (GL) *** 20min from Freienbach / Wollerau (SZ) *** 22min from Glarus (GL) *** 25min from Wallenstadt / Flums (SG) .

This apartment will also have an outdoor parking spot reserved for you Gentlemen. The building is brand new! Our apartement in Reichenburg will be welcoming our first Model, middle of March, 2021.

I also inform you that I am continuing my researches in order to obtain a location within 30 minutes by car maximum from the city of Bern because I know that many Gentlemen are impatiently waiting to meet us in the region. And I am convinced that they will come to meet our Models when we are finally close to the Swiss capital. I think this will be the case in 2021… 🙂

Good evening everybody !

Hugs from Janet

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Merry Christmas! by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Readers,

This is my third Christmas at TheVelvetRooms behind my computer screen and I must say that getting close to 2021 I am quite happy, even though it was an extremely eventful year. I am glad because despite the difficult situation we are all in, TheVelvetRooms managed to survive in 2020. Thanks to whom? Thanks to these four categories of people I would like to thank in particular:


He is the first person I want to thank. Peter is an important person in my life and without him, TVR would not have been able to survive the financial tsunami resulting from the lockdown in March 2020. Peter is friendly, generous, understanding, intelligent, successful and above all he believes in me and has supported the TVR project from the very beginning. Thank you very much Peter for always being there. 2021 is coming and I hope not to disappoint you in the future.

The Velvet-Models

The level at TVR has improved significantly thanks to its Models. Our  Models are nice, pretty, intelligent, but above all they support extremely TVR for a common success. Thanks to TVR, these ladies have an excellent standard of living and have been able to main it. Thanks to these ladies, TVR is gradually becoming the benchmark for high-end escorting in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. A big thank you to each of them who expresses their thanks to TVR every day. Thanks for the nice messages / Whatsapp that I got from you for Christmas. I would like to especially thank those who gave me presents / chocolates for Christmas this year. They are certainly the ones who are most loyal to TVR and who stick to our concept the most (a few of them are also among my favorite Velvet-Models). And for me it’s the best gift you could give me. Thank you very much, Models! The time and effort you have put into it is just amazing. TVR is very happy to have Models like you. TVR’s reputation is also thanks to you! I will keep fighting in 2021 so that you can continue working in the best possible conditions and I will put in place strategies that will help you maintain your financial stability. You can rely on me! Thanks again to all of you, thank you very much for believing in TVR! Thank you for your commitment and efforts. Ladies, please carry on because 2021 will be tough too …

Our Gentlemen

Dear Gentlemen, I don’t know how to thank you for your loyalty. TVR would not exist without you. Without your encouragements, we would have filed for bankruptcy last summer. Without your trust, our Models would not be as happy as they are today, despite the sanitary crisis. To thank you, I promise to continue my fight in 2021. A fight that takes place on several fronts, but has only one goal: not to disappoint you and to try as well as possible to improve our services tailored to your needs. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for believing in TVR! Your emails and your kind words, I received them all, I read them all and even if I don’t answer them right away, you know that it melts my heart and that they help me a lot to move forward. I don’t sleep much, don’t always eat very well, don’t do sports and don’t take vacations. My life is currently on “stand-by” to bring TVR to the highest level. I have a lot of ideas. Some should come into light in 2021. Thank you for being there, Gentlemen. Thank you all very much! 🙂


The year 2020 was difficult in many ways … my dearest wish was to find an assistant to help me with my daily tasks … I had 4 candidates this year, unfortunately none of them found their place at TVR . So, I keep looking in the hope of finding the right assistant in 2021 … In the meantime, I can always rely on Pascal, a real super man, without whom TVR would not exist. There is also the other Pascal, our dear photographer, and Ronny, the other photographer whom I have always been able to rely on since the beginning of the TVR adventure. Without forgetting my trustee, who has many years of experience in this industry and always gives me good advice. And of course, Nathan, my webmaster to whom I give a lot of headache but who is incredible and very patient! Without him, the TVR-website would not be as beautiful! Thank you for your professionalism!

Next year the team should grow (Raimund & Patrick should join) … but for now I want to thank these five people who are always behind the scenes but play a vital role at TVR. Thank you for being there, thank you for believing in TVR!

The last words…

Many people think that TVR is a one-man show called “Janet”. However, this is far from the truth. I’m the melody writer of this beautiful Agency, but all the protagonists of TVR (the Models, the Gentlemen & the TVR-Team) are the musicians who make this melody sound good to the ears.

In the past 12 months, the significant increase in productivity of our Velvet-Models has been massive, which has helped us to achieve our goals in 2020. Thank you all for being patient and focusing on the goal that mattered most. I am happy that we are such a good team and that we can continue to take TVR to another level!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Warm regards from Janet

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Ornella: “Merry Christmas everybody!” by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everyone!

I am writing to you from Milan to wish you a wonderful Christmas! Charm, wonder and amazement accompany you forever … may you have a heart full of love, radiant eyes to dream and wings to fly!




Ciao a tutti!

Vi scrivo da Milano per augurarvi uno splendido natale!incanto, meraviglia e stupore vi accompagnino per sempre… che voi possiate avere un cuore pieno d’amore, occhi raggianti per sognare ed ali per volare!



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Chloé shares her first TopChef Experience! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen,

Another special service was added to TVR Experiences : The TopChef Experience! Without thinking much, I immediately and happily said yes! I thought it is a fantastic idea, unique, special.

The next day after the news already came the first message from a loyal and very nice guest, and both of us enjoyed the last night, this new experience.

I was a bit excited, to be honest I don’t cook often, I usually miss the time for it and the man for whom I could cook. I think it will change now, I like to please men already.:-)

Yesterday (December, 23rd, 2020) I first made a small appetizer:

Rucola salad with mango, avocado, buffalo mozzarella and toasted pine nuts.Simple, quick and delicious!

For the main meal, we made salmon filet with creamed spinach and roasted sweet potato together.

I find these dishes perfekt for the holidays, both enjoyed it very much with a bottle of champagne.

And the dessert to the menu…you can now let your imagination run free. 😉

I can recommend the Topchef Experience to anyone who wants to get closer to a lady during a fine dinner.



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Chloé : “Many thanks and best wishes!” by d_velvet_rooms

Dear TVR customers,

Thank you for the trust with I have been honored for the past two years. I especially want to thank you for your support this year. Thanks to you, I can slowly close 2020 happy and satisfied, and this is a privilege in this difficult year.

The bridge that connects us was built by Janet and further strengthened this year, so the biggest thanks belongs to her. Her amount of energy and work has allowed us to continue our work in 2020 despite the measures… Her year-round help enabled me and the other TVR -Models to have a carefree and happy Christmas.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, the most wonderful time should bring you and your family joy, gladness and love.

I am looking forward to a great collaboration with you in the New Year, dear gentlemen and TVR-Team.

Big hug,

Chloé (https://misschloe.thevelvetrooms.com)

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Discover : The TopChef Experience! by d_velvet_rooms

My dear Readers,

Today, I invite you to discover a new service that the vast majority of our Models are happy to offer you: The TopChef Experience!

I never thought that so many Velvet-Ladies would be enthusiastic about this service. To my great surprise, they love it and can’t wait to be able to offer it to you my dear Gentlemen!

You see, the bad tongues and the feminists are wrong. They like to claim that no woman can enjoy being an Escort and when they are in this industry, it is only for the money and because they have been forced into it. Well, that’s not the whole true. This version of the story does not apply to all women and certainly not to the Velvet-Models.

At TVR our Models are different. Our Ladies are slightly above the average girls in this industry and you know why? Because at TVR, our Girls don’t treat you like a wallet. They really care about your well-being Gentlemen and do they very best to have you leaving with a big smile on your face!

Discover the TopChef Experience! Nobody in this industry in Switzerland offers this kind of upscale service : we are the only one! Are you a Gentleman with high standards ? TVR is the best Escort Agency for you! Be part of this unique adventure and get closer to our Models… At TheVelvetRooms, we want you to feel special ! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Warm greetings from Adèle! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

My dear gentlemen,

My last stay at TVR was quite a while ago. Although last year was “kinda relaxed”, I was mostly always busy with something. So now that the end (not me being dramatic over here) is near I wanted to say thank you for the really interesting talks and intimate moments I was able to share with you.

I hope you can enjoy the festive season with your closest loved ones and I am really looking forward to meet you (again) at some point next year, even though maybe in a bit of a different way of escort…

Until then stay safe and take care! 🙂


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