Ladies, February 2021 will be tough. by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Model,

The week which is about to end was certainly one of the most difficult since the lockdown of March 2020. In our industry, the months of January and February are always difficult months but for 4 years that TVR exists, never a January week was not so difficult and unfortunately nothing will improve in February… Here is my explanation, in the form of Problems / Consequences.

A vet in half of the Swiss Cantons

Problems: As you certainly know, some Cantons have decided to ban all forms of erotic services until February 28, 2021, at least. This is the case with the Cantons of Zurich or Aargau, while others have recently made the wise decision to allow our industry to operate normally again. This is the case of the Cantons of Lucerne and Solothurn for example. Since in the vast majority of the Swiss Cantons, it is not possible to work, girls have two options: either to go to the Cantons where there are no / few restrictions (Canton St. Gallen, Graubünden for example) or at their own risk to work anyway in the Cantons where it is not authorized.

Consequences: Logically, the number of girls available in the Cantons with few / no restrictions doubles or triples and makes the market more competitive and this creates an imbalance between supply and demand. Statistically, by working in one of these authorized Cantons, you will anyway earn less money than in a normal context.

Mandatory quarantine for some countries from February 1, 2021

Problems: The big problem here is that Switzerland is one of the few countries in Western Europe where sex workers are still allowed to work legally and can expect to earn enough money. So of course, the country is witnessing an avalanche of girls who normally would work in Germany, Belgium, France or the Netherlands.

From February 1, 2021, new countries are on Switzerland’s long list and designated as countries at risk of strong contagion to Covid-19. In this updated list we find countries like Spain and Slovakia for example. All people from one of these countries will be required to show a negative Covid-19 test carried out within 72 hours of arrival and undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

And from February 8, 2021, all travelers arriving by boat, bus or train must provide their contact details (those traveling by car seem for the moment not to be concerned by this obligation).

Consequences: Many girls arrived in Switzerland this week and many others will continue to enter Switzerland this weekend to avoid the mandatory quarantine and the filing of their contact details. Once in the territory, of course, they try to stay here as long as possible (legally or illegally) before returning home, at the most opportune moment. More and more girls in an already saturated industry where not everyone is making money. For those who are struggling to work, they will not hesitate to lower their rates (because for them, the most important thing is to go back home with money) and make the market extremely difficult for everyone else.

So far this week, 14 girls have contacted me to join TVR as soon as possible. Half of them disqualify themselves immediately because they do not have a European Union passport (now essential to be able to work legally in this industry in Switzerland). I receive applications regularly but I must admit that I have never received so many 5 days. It gives me a good idea of ​​how things are going and I can imagine an economic situation in other European countries, much worse than what we are currently experiencing in Switzerland …

Clients spend less

Problems: Obviously, because of this Covid-19, some men have lost their jobs, have seen their income decrease but not their fixed costs, and not their taxes.

Consequences: The one who used to come to see you once a week will now only come once a month … The one who used to to book you for 2 or 3 hours will now rather stay for one hour. For many, their financial situation has not changed, but for others, they have been forced to make sacrifices. It is clear that between spending 2 hours with you and paying urgent bills, the choice is quickly made … and it is important that you understand and accept that.

The fear of Covid-19

Problem: It is now clear that people are less afraid of Covid-19 than of the fines they will have to pay for failing to comply with preventive measures imposed arbitrarily on the entire population. The obligatory home-office and the fact that everything (or almost) is closed makes alibi difficult …

Consequences: Because customers are afraid, they refrain from any travel and / or actions that are unnecessary or that could harm themselves and / or their family. So these clients don’t come to see you (or less often) waiting for better days…

Conclusion: patience and understanding

Times are difficult and they are so for more than half of the Swiss population. I will not recommend any Escort to come to work this month of February because it will be brutally tough morally and financially. In your place, I will wait to return to Switzerland around the second / third week of March.

If you still decided to be here and work, accept the situation and be grateful for what your week brings you, even if it is half as much as usual because the situation in which the world finds itself now. is NOT a normal thing!

Make the best out of the situation and accept that it is not your fault, you are not responsible, neither are your clients. The bad news is that this Covid-19 nightmare will certainly last the whole year of 2021. The good news is that it will not last forever.

You are beautiful, you are good! Be positive, be patient, be understanding and cherish your regular clients because without them, it does not worth it! And don’t forget : “Where there is a will, there is a way…”

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Escorts Girls and Social Media: why do they like Snapchat and Instagram? by d_velvet_rooms

They will not officially admit it, but thousands of Escort girls are hiding behind Tinder, Snapchat and / or Instagram profiles. Why? For questions of legislation, religion, discretion but also because many of them claiming to be “beginners” do not assume this designation “Escort” and even less this act of exchanging sexual services for money and which is called: “prostitution”. And it is on Snapchat and Instagram that they are the most numerous!

Escorts on Snapchat: anonymity guaranteed ?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat offers both total anonymity and an ephemeral lifespan for posted content. It is impossible to go back to the escorts’ accounts 6 months later to review their videos or their photos. In countries where prostitution is prohibited or partially authorized, it is comfortable to be able to count on automatic destruction of content and on reporting of users making screenshots.

Snapchat also offers instant messaging with destruction of messages that allows you to schedule appointments without leaving a trace. Finally, through their stories, Escorts can excite their clients and prospects and over time reinforce their desire to meet them. A sort of continuous trailer that arouses curiosities.

Who says anonymity for the Escorts says limited trust for the fans. Nothing prevents a joker or a crook from reposting on a fake Escort account photos or videos retrieved on instagram or even on other snap accounts. When chatting with an unknown girl on snapchat, be careful not to share too much personal details such as your facebook accounts, your address, your profession, etc… or any other information that could be used to blackmail you.

Some Escorts share their Snapchat but then ask to be paid to give their “real” account. They generally offer to book their services with pre-payment. Be very careful Gentlemen because once the payment has been sent nothing guarantees that you will be able to meet her or have access to premium content … You never know who is behind this Snapchat account.

How about Instagram?

It’s the same strategy. Indeed, the “model-actresses-singers” with sexy and naked selfies that thousands of thirsty men like all day long often hide unofficial accounts of prostitutes, professional or occasional.

A prostitution that does not say its name, still relatively unknown, and which is only in its beginning: under the guise of artistic ambitions (most often, modeling), very sexy women expose themselves directly to the social network. In the few lines of presentation of their rather laconic biography, there is usually an email address, reserved for “professional inquiries”. Through this vague and ambiguous medium, Instagram allows thousands of Escort Girls to bait clients, initially attracted by their advantageous body.

A lot of these Escorts on Instagram are very skillful, they flirt with you, like some of your photos back and respond to your compliments with silly little smileys. For many, they maintain the illusion of a link, of a virtual relationship. When you invite one of these a charming “Model” in a thong for a drink and she gives you her email address to agree on the “details” beforehand, you quickly understand that something unusual is going on …

Nothing is for free.

Gentlemen, most of these attractive girls on Social Media have a private account, which allows them to make a pre-seletion from all the followers they have. Weird guys or guys with no pictures, are systematically disqualified. These girls also have nicknames and multiple account, which prevents family members or friends from stumbling upon them. Regarding the pictures, the vast majority only publish charming photos, suggestive but not too obvious. And if one day it brings them job opportunities alongside a few clients, why not! That’s how most of the super-hot Girls on Instagram and Snapchat think.

Gentlemen, why a beautiful young girl, will possibly want to sleep with you for free?

There is only 5 reasons why a beautiful  woman you hardly know would sleep with you without expecting anything in return:

* She is deeply in love with you

* She is looking for a long-term relationship (for sentimental, social or financial reasons)

* She expects something in return (in the form of cash money, gifts, travels…)

* She has an addiction (alcohol, drugs, medication…)/disability which may affect her reactions/attitude/ self-esteem that can be taken advantage of by men.

* You are an highly attractive/successful man and she may consider having a one night-stand with you. If this happens, usually the girl will chase you, not the other way around. Note that these situations are rare because statistically, physically attractive women do not need to get into the virtual world to be laid over. These women have many opportunities in the real life.

Yes, Gentlemen ! That’s the (bitter) truth. 😐

Stop dreaming. Do you like a girl on snapchat? Approach her with full knowledge of the facts. All these sexy Social Media girls are not waiting for you … they are waiting for career opportunities, financial support, social advancement. And if they could consider spending the night with you, your wallet should better be full !

A word to the wise! 😉

Janet for TheVelveRooms

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WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal : Which App TVR will go for? by d_velvet_rooms

Hello dear readers,

You have surely heard about the buzz around WhatsApp lately…

Well, it is not just now that WhatsApp is sharing information with Facebook to “operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services and their offerings”.

In 2016, WhatsApp gave users a one-time ability to opt out of this. This will no longer be an option come Febebruary, 8th, 2021 (it has been postponed to May, 2021 and they are now pretending it will only apply to Whatsapp-Business accounts), which is why those who have been careful about their privacy are outraged now.

This whole episode says volumes about the general lack of trust in Facebook and, by extension, any of its associates. More importantly, it serves as strong evidence that people aren’t any more ready to put up with shoddy business practices.

More than 80% of Escort-girls are using WhatsApp as a communication tools. We at TVR, are using that App too…but by the middle of 2021, it will not be the case anymore.

Millions of people are currently shifting to Telegram. What does TVR think about it?


TELEGRAM : The new trendy App ?

Will TVR start using Telegram? Not sure…

What adds to the trust factor is that Telegram isn’t owned and operated by a company like Facebook, which has a reputation of being shady, and of questionable morality.

In terms of functionalities, Telegram won a lot of fans. While using Telegram, you can hide your number to people you don’t want to know it; hide your online status; use a nickname to call without revealing your number (very useful if you use it for work if you have to contact many people); and the desktop version seems to be great!

However, I wouldn’t use it to share sensitive data like passwords or banking infos or date with an Escort for example… Indeed, the end-to-end encryption is not by default (it applies only to Secret Chats that can be programed for unlimited self-destruction for the sender and the receiver, this will leave no hint of this message ever having existed.). But my question is : Why would they not activated E2E by default?

On the privacy front, Telegram can collect a decent amount of personal information, which it can keep for up to 12 months (may collect metadata such as your IP address, devices and Telegram apps you’ve used, history of username changes).

Finally, the company has the ability to read any of your Cloud Chat messages to investigate spam and other violations of their Terms of Service. They may share some of your personal data with other Telegram users you choose to communicate with and companies within the Telegram Group. If forced by a court order, they may provide your IP address and mobile number to the appropriate authorities.

Another point of apprehension is that Telegram recently annonced its revenue model, which involves serving ads to large channels. Although Telegram made it abundantly clear that the ads will be both user-friendly and respectful of your privacy, it’s getting increasingly hard to trust such promises after witnessing several companies backtrack on their word. While generating revenue is absolutely necessary to sustain a platform that hosts hundreds of millions of users, these new plans open the door to the possibility that ads may spread to other sections of the app over time…

How about SIGNAL ?

Signal’s claim to fame is its privacy-first approach, which includes open-sourcing its code and enabling E2EE by default. As a matter of fact, Signal developed the encryption protocol that WhatsApp uses.

Still, the service has its limits, like the need to sign up with a phone number (rather than something like a username or an email address).

Having said that, Signal doesn’t collect nearly as much data on you as WhatsApp does. The App doesn’t log your IP address, and whatever little metadata it collects is also encrypted.

Using Signal, information is neither transmitted nor stored on Signal’s servers but your message history is stored on your own devices.

In terms of security, Signal seems to be the safest option for TVR but we are not sure yet that it is the best for our Agency.

What will TVR go for? 

The vast majority of Escort girls doesn’t care enough about their safety. They pretend to but as soon as it is about money, more than a half will compromise on the safety just to make a few more bucks. That’s sad but that’s the way it is. We are different at TVR and take this matter very seriously.

For those worried of the app being able to read their messages, Signal — and even WhatsApp — is a better option than Telegram, but if you just want to take some distance from Facebook, both Signal and Telegram seem to make strong cases.

Despite of the E2EE messages of all these Apps, I want to remind you dear readers that software exist that can easily and efficiently get back a whole E2EE conversation which was supposed to be deleted. The police and secret agents for example have been using those tools for years now…

It is extremely difficult today to remain completely anonymous but still, we must do everything possible to preserve this anonymity. This is what we are trying to do at TVR.

By the middle of the year 2021, TVR will no longer be using WhatsApp. This was a decision taken a year ago already. We want to be able to use our own Blacklist App (which will automatically reject all numbers saved into our Blacklist system, as well as the unknown calls) which anyway will have been incompatible with the use of WhatsApp.

I still don’t know how we will operate exactly but we will for sure stop using WhatsApp. We will remain available via phone, email and SMS. For the Gentlemen we trust and whom we already know, our Models will be also available on their second number, a number visible by our Gold and Silver Members only. Via their second number, our Models will be using the App Signal, for the Gentlemen (Gold and Silver only) who want to reach them out that way.

The more technology evolves, the more it attacks our freedom and our privacy. I never had Facebook or Instagram. I never had a social media account because it never interested me. I realize today that this is definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Tips for Gentlemen : Do you like that Girl? Don’t wait too long… by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Gentlemen,

Today I wanted to share a phenomenon that you must have noticed in this industry …

The “turn-over” of Models is considerable. In our industry, it’s rare for women to stay long at one place. You see it at TVR, but also in other places. The Models also called “sure values” ​​are extremely rare.

Fortunately, there are a few at TVR. Chloé, Ketty, Selena, Ivy for example are Models who have been at TVR for over 2 years and are very stable within our team. Others have been with us for over a year, like Robi or Sandy. Thanks to these regular Models, TVR can consolidate, grow and develop.

Unfortunately, when a new Model arrives, one never knows how long she will last. It’s always a gamble and a puzzle … So my advice is, if you are interested in a Model, please don’t wait too long before deciding to meet her! Because you never know if she’ll still be the next day, in a week or a month from now.

As an old French proverb says: “You have to forge the iron while it is still hot!” 🙂

I wish you all a very nice day, dear readers!


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Models Sponsorship-Program by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen,

By the end of the day, you will be able to discover the TVR Model-Sponsorship-Program in your Member Area.

The goal? Encourage and thank the TVR-Gentlemen who recommend new faces to TVR with whom we hope for a long and beautiful collaboration.

Do you want to sponsor a Model to join TVR? Visit your Member Area tonight to find out more!

See you soon in one of our Velvet-Rooms! 😉


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Tips for Ladies – The olfactory: your best ally! by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Model,

Here is an article that I have wanted to write for a long time now and which I hope will teach you something and help to further improve the quality of your Escort service in Switzerland.

Because by now you have certainly understood that being one of the best Escorts in Zurich is not only about having a great plastic … it is much more complex than that (despite what many people may think).

In this article, I’ll tell you about the powers of scent marketing. You’ve certainly never heard of it. However, some Escorts (unfortunately too few, which is why I am writing this article) understand and apply it very well and the results (their frequency of work) are proof of it.

So what exactly is scent marketing?

Did you know that 75% of consumers think they are likely to stay in a store longer if they enjoy the music, the visuals and the smell ? And do you know why? This is because our senses provide direct contact with our emotions and smell is the most memorable sense (the one we remember the most). Indeed, smell is closely linked to areas of the brain associated with emotions, affectivity, but also those of memory. And when there is a good smell in the air, your client is positively affected by that smell even before he has approached you.

A good smell contributes to the development of a feeling of well being in your client. You can’t risk to greet him in a room that smells of chips, fish or musty. Your client will smell it, he will not tell you anything but this smell will create in him a feeling of restraint towards you. Too many girls are paying too little attention to this crucial detail. Staying in your apartment for hours with the doors and windows closed doesn’t help you to realize that your apartment does not smell good. Having a 4-day-old garbage that gives off bad smells and not realizing it is not normal … Cooking garlic or fish during your working hours is also a bad idea. At your place of work, abstain. You will cook whatever you want when you get home. There are things you cannot afford doing as an Escort because it turns away clients, who will never tell you the truth face to face.

Welcoming your client in an apartment that smells good is a way to mark your territory, the client knows where he is, at a time when differentiation is crucial, this is a significant asset. It’s as important as a good service. It’s as important as your personal hygiene. The good smell of your workplace is part of the first impression your client will have of you. The client can then ask himself questions such as : a girl who smells bad may be a dirty girl who pays little attention to hygiene …

The smell in your apartment should not be confusing to your client who – remember it -, will never tell you that it smells bad so as not to upset you or make you feeluncomfortable, but he will remember it for a long time. Maybe even this experience will be a foil for him and he won’t come back to see you anymore …

A few tips

Consider the olfactory atmosphere that must reign in your room/apartment as a way of shaping and developing your image. The sprays are unfortunately not always effective because after a few minutes, the smell they give off evaporates. Opt instead for more sustainable solutions such as: scented candles (Yankee Candles, Rituals which must be lit permanently and assure a long lasting good smell), Incense, Essential oils for electric use (Air Wicks …), Stick-diffusors (Kukui. ch…), extremely concentrated room fragrances (,…), Utrasonic scent diffusors (…)… There is plenty to choose from! Buy enough to make sure the living room, bedroom and bathroom smell great! Yes, this involves a certain financial investment but I can assure you that your return on investment will be quick because a positive olfactory atmosphere will subconsciously create in your clients an emotional and memory reaction attached to you.

Another piece of advice I can give you: don’t mix scents and don’t always change your room scent. Choosing your room fragrance should be a consistent choice. Instead, choose a unique scent that you particularly like (for example: vanilla, lavender, rose…) which will define you, which will characterize your space and which will remain in the memory of your clients, like an unforgettable memory, linked to you.

A study by the Rockefeller University in NY showed that people can remember: 5% of what they see, 20% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch, but 35% of what they smell.

Lady, remember that a well-chosen fragrance is like a magical potion, can attract your clients, make them feel comfortable, which contributes to increasing the time they want to spend with you and creates a memorable experience for both of you. The smell has an impact on human behavior. As an Escort, your goal is to develop a regular clientele that you can always count on, economic crisis or not.

Among our 5 senses, it is physiologically proven that smell is the sense most intimately linked to emotion and memory. Everything we see and hear, visual and auditory memory, we remember between 3 seconds and 3 months. Everything we smell, our brain remembers from 1 to 3 years old, it’s amazing! Smell is indeed part of the limbic system, the crossroads of emotions and memory. That’s why when we talk about smell, we touch on something very personal. A positive olfactory experience can therefore trigger a notion of memorization and attachment between your client and yourself.

This detail is very important, but unfortunately it is too lightly taken by the majority of Escorts. Remember, Gentlemen are paying for an experience, which begins as soon as they walk through your door.

Invest in your image and your clients will invest in you! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Bernhard : Respect Sex workers! by d_velvet_rooms

Client : Hi! Bernhard here.
Was wondering if Emilia is free today around 13 or 1330.

Janet :

Client : Zurich airport or Zurich center?

Janet :

Client : Ok. Thank you.
Whether its short notice or not is my problem. I do not need you (service provider) to chastise me whether its short or not. All you have to do is say whether or not she is available.

The client is KING.

I will refrain from booking through you in the future.

And this will be made public in the forums.

I will not tolerate such behavior towards a client.

Janet :

Moral of the story?

At TVR, the client is NOT KING. It is all about  Give and Take. As I always say, it takes two to tango and the respect you show towards women working in this industry will affect the kind of experience/service you can expect to get from them. It is not because you are willing to pay that you will get who you want, when you want and where you want. At least not at TVR.

Dear Bernhard, go ahead, throw your anger towards me in Sex Forums. That’s all you can do so far. Overweening pride of a macho. You are probably this type of man who has to deal with an inferiority complex… A man who clearly considers sex workers (service providers)/ and probably women in general as human beings of a lower class than yours. On top of this, you are threatening me because you may think that I am afraid… I am not afraid Bernhard because I have nothing to hide, nothing to loose anymore.

Gentlemen, be respectful towards Sex Workers, that’s all we are asking for : Respect.

Janet – Woman and Sex worker activist

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Squirting: What is it exactly? by d_velvet_rooms

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around the term “Squirting”. In fact, many men (especially younger and less experienced ones) think that squirting is the peak of a woman’s orgasm, which is not true.

No, that doesn’t just exist in porn movies! And no, it doesn’t always emit an extraordinary jet of water! There are many false ideas around that terme. They reflect a lack of information, but also an absence of scientific research in the matter.

What is the difference between “Squirting” and “Female ejaculation”?

In fact, the word “Squirting” is often used incorrectly when referring to female ejaculation. Squirting takes place when a woman with the vulva emits liquid from the urethra in response to sexual stimulation or orgasm. The fluid released usually looks like water and is colorless and odorless. But many woman can squirt without being penetrated, without getting an orgasm. The liquid released during the act of squirting can range from a few mL to over a liter!

Female ejaculation, on the other hand, is used to describe the release of milky-white fluid.

There is also a difference between “Squirting” and vaginal lubrication (being wet) which is produced by the Bartholin glands and secreted by the vagina, especially during arousal / foreplay.

Can all women “Squirt”?

In theory, yes. But in practice, very few know what it is. Often considered to be a myth or a curiosity that only concerns a few rare “squirting women”, female ejaculation is nevertheless a natural mechanism within the reach of all women. It happens very often that we women can ejaculate without any sexual stimulation. But for many of us, the prostate needs to be stimulated. The prostate is responsible for female ejaculation, just like in men ejaculation.

Are all women aware that they can / know “Squirt”?

The answer to this relevant question is: no. It happens very often that when they “squirt” most women don’t even know what it is. Many of them think that they are urinating and do not notice that they are actually ejaculating because the amount of fluid is much more than in men. On the other hand, other women know exactly how to control their “Squirting” and how to trigger it.

Why do some women manage to “Squirt” and others can’t ?

This question still remains a mystery. Nothing, really nothing, explains why some women are more successful in “Squirting” than others. Does one have to be very excited? We do not know. Does one need to know one body well and be comfortable with it? No doubt, but nothing proves it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique that works for everyone. Some people see it coming, others not at all. It can happen around the time of an orgasm, but it doesn’t have to be. You can ejaculate at the same time, or not. For many, it only works in the presence of their partner. With others, only in solo.

And what about the orgasm ?

This can play a very important role, but not necessarily. We women can ejaculate without having an orgasm and vice versa. But in fact, it’s the same with men.

“Squirting” in porn movies: fact or fiction?

The answer will disappoint some, but a few years ago a well-known pornographic film producer admitted to using a “purge/flush” in his shoots with which he injects water into the woman’s vagina during a short break. The camera is then turned back on and the woman lets the water come out with a few fake moans … Porn lovers, come back to earth! 😉

Lola Jean

Do you know Lola Jean? Lola Jean is a Sex educator who is the World Record Holder for Volume Squirting. She has a pretty interesting homepage (in English) that I invite you to visit: . Here is also an interview of her (in English), talking about “Squirting” : .

At TheVelvetRooms, Ivy and Beatrice are the only Models who know how to “Squirt” and can control it pretty well. Are you curious to meet one of these Squirting Escorts? If this is your wish, they will gladly reveal to you this rare talent they possess, during an encounter of at least two hours….

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Chloé : “I now offer the Combo to all of you!” by d_velvet_rooms

Dear Gentlemen,

First of all I wish you a happy and healthy new year! I hope you have started well into the new year.

I have added to my Service as a special offer; the Combo in December. Every customer who met me for the first time, could choose the Combo.

Last month I was lucky enough to welcome very kind clients through this offer. Without the Combo we might haven’t met, and that would have been a shame. 

The Combo is a very relaxing, nice 90 min in which we can enjoy the time through a very relaxed and easy way, so I from now on, the Combo is fully part of my service, so that now all my old and new customers can enjoy it with me. 🙂

I wish you a nice day!



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Happy Birthday Diana! by d_velvet_rooms

Dear guests,

Today (January 3rd) Diana is one year older!:-)

It’s a little late for me to post this news, but I wanted to do it before midnight. Sunday’s stress didn’t allow me to publish this news this morning, but here it is!

Our beautiful Diana will be in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg (SZ) this week and greet you in our second apartment, which was opened this week. It is smaller than the first one you may already know, but has a lot of charm!

Diana will only be present in Canton Schwyz for one week. She will then be available in Rheineck from January 17th.

Happy birthday Diana!

Greetings from Janet

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