The Swiss girl Sandy : soon in Unterägeri ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello my Gentlemen

I could only be found in Zurich so far… and am looking forward to an exciting change. For the first time I will be in Unterägeri (ZG) and receive you there for a wonderful time. I look forward to new encounters and experiences.

I will now change my location again and again with TVR and I am really excited about the new places where the journey will take me and of course about the gentlemen who cross my path.

Would you like to get to know my sensual side and relax with a massage and more? I can’t wait to pamper and enjoy.

See you soon in Unterägeri🌺

Kind regards


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News from Elsa! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello dearest TVR Gentlemen,

As some of you know I have been recently travelling to Canton Graubünden and it was my first but for sure not the last experience there.

Woooww, what a breathtaking Alpine view! On the other hand the delicious traditional food!!

For me it was an another great adventure in Switzerland. I really enjoyed the stay and will be back in the future!

Ps: Did you already miss me?

Don’t worry I did not forget you, I will be back next week in Rheineck. In the meantime, enjoy my new video and check out my few new selfies in my profile! 😉


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Chloé : check out her website ! News and fresh pictures! by d_velvet_rooms


Chloé has been away for a few weeks but will soon be back! In order to keep you informed, she updates her website content regularly. She has just uploaded a few brand new pictures… Go and check it out (her website, designed by TVR is available in German and in English) : .

Chloé provides one of the best GFE service in Switzerland! If you have not met her yet, please consider doing so during her next visit to Switzerland. She will be there in the middle of March for about three weeks and will be visiting the following cities : Zurich City (ZH), Unterägeri (ZG) and Reichenburg (SZ).

It is never too early to contact her for a pre-booking! 🙂 Note that Chloé offers also the TopChef Esxperience… Something to be considered ! 😉

Enjoy home my dear Chloé and come back soon! 🙂


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Agatha : her TopChef Experience from yesterday. :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Hello Gentlemen!

You see, even when the location is not always well equipped for this experience, one always manages to make things possible with a little bit of imagination and will. It is with the heart that I took the time to prepare everything well for this experience which took place at noon yesterday, in Regensdorf (location of TVR).

And when the company is good, it’s always a great time! Yesterday, a TVR Gold-Member chose me for the TopChef experience (great idea: thank you Janet!) and I don’t think he regretted it. Anyway, I had a super time!

Thanks everyone! I will be back in Switzerland in April.

I hope to see you again or to finally meet you ! 😉



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Thai-Massage/TCM in Switzerland : what’s really going on behind the curtains? by d_velvet_rooms

Numerous in all the big Swiss cities for ten years, TCM-Massage Practice are now developing all over the country. Originally created by Thais, they are now opened by Chinese. What nobody talks about is that at least the 3/4 of them would be places of prostitution, where sexual massage is practiced.

Some of these salons belong to networks that can bring together up to 20 establishments. The vast majority of these establishments are registered in the commercial register and masseuses are often legally employed there (this is not always the case).

The managers are often former prostitutes who have obtained papers – sometimes by marrying a Swiss. They recruit their masseuses by classified ads posted on the internet or via the Chinese community. They often accommodate their employees who have just arrived from China, further adding to the financial dependence of these improvised masseuses …

TCM: easy activity to start

Known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Massage/Medicine), these salons have no problem settling in the more upscale neighborhoods. Anyone can open a massage parlor and offer any type of massage there, as long as the protected term “medical masseur” is not used. The owners of the premises are blinded by these three capital letters (TCM) and often take for granted the diplomas of masseuses obtained in Thailand or in China (of which it is impossible to verify the authenticity).

When I apply for a new apartment / location for TVR, I am 100% transparent with the owner and 9 times out of 10 I get a negative response. The TCM proceed differently… they hide behind this “serious” and “reassuring” name and this trick allows them to proliferate like mushrooms. But everyone knows that in addition to the massages listed in the shop-window, other massages are possible … massages for men … massages that take care of their needs, in a different way …

The “Happy-Ending”

Pink curtain, lotus flower and an “Open” flashing in neon letters in the window – a sheet taped to the door announces the program: Chinese, Thai, Tantric, relaxing, naturist massages; and also individual or couple massages. You often have to ring the doorbell to get pricing information.

Manual finishing (Happy-end) is always the subject of an extension (extra), negotiated between the masseuse and the client, and is payable in cash.

Not seen not caught ! Half an hour later everyone goes back to their normal activities, as if nothing had happened. The proliferation of Chinese massage parlors in Switzerland is the best kept secret!

As it cannot be seen, this new hyper-expanding urban pimping thrives with the greatest impunity. And no one says anything. Zero revolt. No one moans, no one talks. But those (like TVR and many of my colleagues) who want to do things transparently are  throwing up roadblocks in our way …

Police: No Trespassing!

But why don’t the police just walk into these brothels?

Apparently, they are not authorized to enter a salon without a warrant and do not have the right to infiltrate. “Suspecting prostitution activities or reading client testimonies on the internet does not trigger a procedure. Unless the police carries out a routine check and catches you on the spot, they must first identify those responsible. The investigation usually starts with a report or a denunciation … But as these establishments are very quiet and very discreet, this does not alarm anyone, although they practice illegal services (indeed, you need a permit to be able to open a brothel in Switzerland and this apples in all Canton). So in fact it is very simple: no complaint, no police. No police = TCMs have a bright future ahead of them!

Actually, in these salons, there would be plenty to trigger administrative inquiries – and therefore cause closures of these establishment -, for basic questions of non-compliance with hygiene standards, lack of qualification of masseuses or of hidden work …

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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New photos of Evelyn: a treat for the eyes and an adventure for the imagination! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

My dear readers,

Yesterday, the photo shooting of Evelyn took place in a Hotel near Zurich Airport (the photo above shows me guiding Evelyn on the right pose to adopt) and I must say that this shoot was a success!

The photos are superb: natural, taken spontaneously and as always with TVR, zero retouching / filtering. What you see is what you get! Compared to many others, at TVR, we have chosen not to retouch any of our photos (TVR Velvet-Label) in order to be transparent towards you Gentlemen. I think you deserve some frankness! That’s what TVR promises you.

This photo shoot lasted about 2 hours and I am very happy with the result! Ronny, our photographer has come a long way over the past 3 years and Evelyn is much more comfortable in front of the camera than a year ago.

Evelyn is a lovely girl! For those who do not know her yet, I highly recommend her. Why? Because Evelyn is a woman-child. A woman who does not seem to want to grow up and prefers to remain a teenager forever … This makes her sensitive, spontaneous (like children are) and authentic. In addition, her service seems to be excellent (feedback from many of our regular customers). Evelyn is very engaging. She is one of my favorite models at TVR because I really can’t fault her and I know how to appreciate her honesty and transparency. She is one of the Models I trust the most.

Discover more than 100 new photos of Evelyn in her photo gallery, updated a few hours ago. Our young Greek girl welcomes you this week in Stansstad (NW) and will be next week, for the first time, in Chur (GR).

Don’t miss her Gentlemen: In terms of service/price, Evelyn is probably the best “deal” among all the TVR-Models! 😉

Evelyn, do you like your new pictures? Me, I love them ! You did a good job: congratulations! 😉


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Unterägeri (ZG) : we are changing location ! by d_velvet_rooms

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m officially announcing that on March 1, 2021, we will be in new premises in Unterägeri, near the City of Zug.

No panic: we are staying more or less at the same address (two numbers further away).

But this new place is much more discreet than the one we are currently in. Ladies and Gentlemen, day and night, you will love the discretion of this place which is also more spacious than the current premises. It is on the ground floor, the entrance is extremely discreet and we have no direct neighbor.

Next week and for the last time of the year, Elisabeth will receive you at the address you all know. Then, the following week, we won’t have any lady in Unterägeri because it will be moving week. From March 1st, Jeanne, the new TVR French Model, will welcome you for the first time in this new space.

I am sure you will like it very much Gentlemen! 🙂


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They have left TVR in February 2021. by d_velvet_rooms

Hello !

As usual, I am informing you of the recent departures from TVR.

This month we are saying goodbye to three Models:


Mélissa was one of my favorite Models and she had a lot of loyal customers who appreciated her personality, her service and her gentleness. Overnight, I no longer heard from Mélissa. I can’t believe she left like this without giving notice. Something must have happened but what? We will certainly never know. In any case, I will very much regret this Model who was really really great!


Julie was the oldest of all our Models. At over 60, I think she is currently thinking a lot … I don’t know if she will ever come back to Switzerland … Julie was one of her kind and we will miss her!


I hesitated a lot before removing her profile from the site but finally did so because I am now sure that Victoria is not “free of her movements. ” She communicates very little, does not respond to my messages and does not seem to be the one who decides for herself. I wish her good luck!

In March 2021, we will welcome Jeanne (a French girl with fair skin, Tantric masseuse but also singer and composer) and Angela (a blonde beauty from Lithuania).

Stay tuned Gentlemen! 🙂


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The Velvet-Bonus is changing! by d_velvet_rooms

Hello everybody!

I’m announcing you that the Velvet-Bonus is changing.

Indeed, it was time to reform this very popular offer at TVR but which unfortunately has always benefited only the same Models. This was not the goal. Therefore, it was about time to make this offer fairer for other girls too.

This is why, from March 1, 2021, the Velvet-Bonus will only apply to Models identified by a pink profile. These Models will be more numerous in the future than the Models with golden profiles. Gentlemen, you will be spoiled for choice!

Thank you for your loyalty. 🙂


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TVR has now over 5000 active Members! :-) by d_velvet_rooms

Thank you for your trust Gentlemen!

Yesterday evening, TVR had over 5,000 active Members.

This news fills me with joy and I realize how our little Agency is getting a little bigger every day.

As of February 4, 2021, 5pm here was the status of our Members:

Active Members (Members who identify themselves regularly and visit our website at least once every 8 weeks).

Disabled Members (Members who have not visited our homepage for over 8 weeks. Their loggin is automatically blocked. They no longer have access to the content of our site. These people may also have been blocked because they have been Blacklist)

Pending Members (these are those who have never validated their email address or who have provided a fake email address to access the site. Their account has therefore never been validated).

What makes me happy is to realize how much people are starting to trust us and to realize how hard we are working to demonstrate our professionalism and authenticity.

Myself, Janet, I work over 14 hours a day to move TVR in the right direction. When I see this Agency growing and being supported by so many loyal Members, it makes me extremely happy and it gives me the energy I need to keep moving TVR forward.

In the coming weeks, a few Models will leave TVR but before April 1st, 2021, 5 new Models will join our Agency! 🙂

Some nice surprises await you in 2021 Gentlemen (if this Corona story does not prevent me from making them happen).

From January 2022, TVR Models will only meet active TVR Members. All Gentlemen who want to see us will first be invited to register on our beautiful website. Without a Username, no appointment with our Models.

Thank you for your trust Gentlemen! Our small team is doing its very best to find new places (especially in Regions where TVR is not yet represented).

Stay tuned everybody and thanks a lot for your trust and support in TVR!

Big Hugs from Janet

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