Pimps : How do they operate? by Janet

Corona or not, the demand for prostitution is high and probably will always  be. What many of you ignore (or don’t want to see) is that the vast majority of this prostitution is forced. In this article, I’ll show you the modes of operation of these very well-organized “birds of prey” that do anything to lure young girls, sometimes even minors. Young prey quickly fall under the influence of these “predators”, which isolate them from their surroundings and lead them down the sexual “corridor”.

The story of love

Pimps target young girls at risk and search on social media. They charm them by offering to fix their “shortcomings”, whether it is their need to belong to a group or to be valued, by taking them on jet set excursions and offering them luxury items. The young girls then “fall in love with their pimp” (or even marry him and have a child from him. At that point, the pimp knows that a mother will do anything to keep her child…) and end up prostituting for him.

The recruiter

Some pimps use recruiters – some can be women – to attract young girls. They approach them by inviting them to large “parties” in hotel suites or luxury apartments. Some of these recruiters sell dreams to young girls and openly offer them escort work. They hold up against them “the good life,” the opportunity for plastic surgery, and the potential to make big bucks quickly. If a pimp succeeds in “working” one of the lured young girls on his own account, his recruiter receives a percentage of his income.

The survival instinct

In some cases, pimps target poor teenage girls who need money to meet their basic needs. They can be young girls who ran away from their family. Pimps often take control of these girls by fomenting their drug addiction to keep them captive.

Drugs and/or rape

To bait their prey, some pimps resort to a more radical method, namely drugging them after meeting them at “parties”. This technique aims to “break” and “deprogram” her, in particular by raping her several times in order to ultimately induce her to prostitute herself. The young girls are regularly carried from apartment to apartment, then from city to city …


As surprising as it may seem, some young women will even offer their services to pimps who can be found in bars, shopping centers or even in certain school playgrounds / universities … Sometimes minors, sometimes adults, they want to “provoke” and highlight theirs “luxurious” way of life.




Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook

The networks Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are used by pimps to recruit their future victims. By scanning their profiles, they learn a lot about their private life. Thanks to the comments from the young girls, the pimps can tell when they are more susceptible to baiting them.

Shopping Centers

Pimps regularly roam shopping malls, popular places for young girls to recruit …

Threats and Violence

Young girls under the influence of pimps are often victims of violence. This is the way a pimp is in control of them. Fine manipulators, they also use threats to keep their “prey” in their clutches. For example, they could threaten to tell their parents what they are doing or harm their little brother.

Pimp initials tattooed

Most of the time, the pimps have a “narcissistic” and “manipulative” profile and even require that the girl be tattooed with his name or a character representing him. All young women who “work for him” have the same tattoo. This practice, which is widespread in the industry, is known as branding. If asked whose name is tattooed on the thigh, finger or shoulder, she will answer you: It is her late brother or father.

That is why in this industry you will see a lot of girls (often very young) with tattoos that are sometimes a little strange and often weird.

Recruited minors

Young girls can be recruited from the age of 14. These more “fragile” girls are more easily “controlled” and are more likely to develop a love affair with their pimp. In one Eastern European country (whose name I won’t tell) more than 30% of working girls sent to Western Europe are actually minors …

A lot of money

Pimps make a lot of money, money they collect for every girl under their yoke. Some girls will receive a percentage of what they make, while others will never see the color of the money. In either case, the pimp can trick the girl into believing that she is “making money” or that he is saving it for her (who often has no bank account).

Not all drug-addict

Some of the girls have drug problems so their pimp make them become “addicted” to him. However, these are less easy to “control” due to impulsivity problems due to regular consumption. So, despite what one might think, many young girls, at the behest of the pimp, do not consume drugs or alcohol, so these guys can resell them at a better “price”. Others prefer to be fasting in order to be “vigilant” around customers.

Not easy to stop

The investigation process to catch a pimp is long and rigorous. The proof is often hard to come by, especially when the young girls have developed a romantic affair under their control. In addition, the fact that pimps are constantly on the move makes police work difficult.

Where do these girls work?

The vast majority work in the streets or in clubs where they are easier to control. But you can also find them in erotic studios, in whorehouses or even in private apartments, where they are usually working with other co-workers… The fear and pressure of their pimps often force them to lower the prices for their services and end up to prostitute themselves, sometimes for a few Swiss Francs …

What is the client’s responsibility?

Many clients opt for the deaf ears. They choose not to be/feel concerned. Choosing the services of a girl who is being forced into prostitution means indirectly participating in and promoting her exploitation.

Why make this choice when, with a little research, you can visit a woman who chose this path on her own, who is not forced, and who even enjoys her job?

There is another face to prostitution. It’s less common, but it does exist although no one likes to talk about it. Adult, girls next-door, sometimes even very educated women who chose this industry on by their own will and are not forced to do what they don’t want to.

At TVR we are against human trafficking. If I have doubts about a girl and those doubts are confirmed, she must leave TVR or she can never work with us. Women who have a pimp have a certain attitude that I’ve learned to observe over time …

Dear Gentlemen, stop being passive accomplices and take your share of responsibility.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Ornella : My first TopChef Experience! by Janet


Yesterday, I had my first TopChef Experience and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in this industry!

I love cooking and I love sharing a moment of happiness and for me sharing a meal means sharing a moment of happiness and pleasure; the flavors, textures and smells make me return to places and situations that are part of my most beautiful memories and in this complicated moment that we are living in, it is necessary. It warms our soul, when Janet told me that I had this experience yesterday I was directly transported to the long lunches in the garden of my grandmother’s house in Rome (I am of Friulian origin on the part of mother and Roman on the part of my father) in long lunches in which the smells and textures, laughter, hugs mark my personality until today. Last week we said goodbye to a long winter and bet all our hope on a new and much awaited spring and I’m feel really positive about the future! 🙂

About the menu I proposed a fresh and colorful starter an traditional sicilian salad specialty that excites the senses and surprises with lightness and freshness. As main dish, a venere and shrimp rice risotto, this rice appeared first in China and was only consumed by the emperor because of its aphrodisiac properties. When we started producing it in Italy at the time of the ancient roman empire, it was named “Venere” in honor of Venere the Roman goddess of love and pleasure; precisely for her aphrodisiac power! That was my subtle tribute to spring, love, Rome and that wonderful Gentleman who gave me moments of pure delight (and many many thanks to him for this beautiful gift – one of my favorite fragances -)!

Thank you Janet for the opportunity and I wish all TVR-Members a wonderful spring!! 🙂



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Sarah, soon at TVR. by Janet

Hello everybody,

The current economic situation makes things difficult and TVR is currently welcoming fewer Models than usual.

Why? Because many cannot travel, are afraid of having to remain in quarantine or simply, do not want to venture into an unknown country.

TVR therefore has fewer ladies present but fortunately the regular girls are there and know how to take care of our best customers! 🙂

Nevertheless, new girls continue to contact us. In April 2021, you can meet Elise (beautiful ebony-Lady from South Africa) and Sarah, a 23-year-old Spanish girl (pictured above) with a natural body (no silicone) and who speaks English.

Sarah is expected to arrive next week and if all goes well she will be in Regensdorf for a few days only (her profile will not be online before Tuesday March 31). This is why the program for next week may change a bit … It will be up to date on Monday morning.

Stay tuned everybody! 🙂


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Good News – Bad News. by Janet

Dear readers,

It is with great emotion that I’m announcing you today some good news and some not so good news ….

Let’s start with the bad news. This summer, TVR will close two of its apartments: Stansstad (Canton Nidwalden) and Glattbrugg (Canton Zürich). It is a choice that we had to make in order to distribute our apartments in German-speaking Switzerland more evenly. There will be others but we would like them to be more dispersed in the different Cantons. In July 2021, Stansstad and Glattbrugg will be officially closed.

On the other hand, the good news is that from May 2021, TVR will welcome you in Flamatt (Canton of Fribourg) just 20min from the city of Fribourg and 25min from the city center of Bern! We were not present in the region and we are delighted to finally be able to meet our customers from Bern and Fribourg.

Without forgetting our apartment in Geneva, which will be operational from June 2021.

I will tell you more news very soon! In the meantime, have a great weekend! 🙂

Cheers from Janet

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New brown skinned Girl soon joining TVR! by Janet

Hi everybody!

I regularly receive messages asking me why there are no dark skinned girls at TVR.

My answer is always the same: they rarely apply …

Elise will join us in April 2021. Her mother tongue is English but she does well in German (she can hold simple conversations).
Elise is sweet, kind, elegant and comes from East Africa.

We will organize her photoshoot in two weeks  from now so that she can start at TVR around the middle of April.


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Canton of Zurich : nothing has changed. by Janet

Hello dear Readers,

Unfortunately, the situation does not improve and restrictions persist in our industry, in the Canton of Zurich.

This is why and until further notice, the Velvet-Models available in this Canton will only be available for our existing clients.
From March 22, the rare Velvet-Models present in this Canton of Zurich will only be visible on the TVR website until the situation in the Canton of Zurich improves.

The Canton of Aargau remains hostile to our activity, until April 18, 2021, at least.

Fortunately, TVR is present in other Cantons which have a smarter approach to the situation facing us. Visit us in the Cantons of Zug, Schywz, St. Gallen, Graubünden, Thurgau and soon (end of April) … Fribourg, near Bern! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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TVR is opening in Geneva this Summer 2021 ! by Janet

Hi everyone,

It took a few years, but here it is: TVR will soon be in the French-speaking part of Switzerland! It was not planned but a great opportunity came across and I was able to seize it at the right time! 🙂

It’s a nice little studio-apartment of 27m2, not far from the United Nations, in a good area and with a very discreet entrance.

The Models will always go there for a period of between 2 weeks minimum and 4 weeks maximum.

Within a year, our website will also have a French version (well, it was about time!). Knowing that I will soon be able to write in my mother tongue makes me very happy!

Next week, I hope to bring you more good news… Indeed, it is a region where TVR is not yet represented and which I know will greatly delight our customers in this part of the German-speaking Switzerland and of course our Velvet-Models! As long as the contract is not signed … I keep quiet. 😉


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Why do some girls refuse to answer the phone? This is a part of the answer. by Janet


The text you have just read above (in German) was received a few minutes ago by one of our Velvet-Models. Those who keep asking me why some girls (even the ones who speak German very well) choose not to take calls themselves, I believe the above post gives you a part of the answer.

Here are other reasons for their choice (and I know what I’m talking about, since I answer the phone daily):

* 50% of men who call are rude, aggressive and sometimes even threatening. The vast majority of them have no intention of making an appointment. I block them.

* Some call to negotiate rates. I block them.

* Many don’t read the ad and don’t even know the name of the girl they want to see. They ask me a whole bunch of questions, whose answers are already in the ad. I politely redirect them to the ad and ask them to read it and call me back. If they insult me ​​or hang up on me: I block them.

* The photos of erect or ejaculating penises are numerous but my phone no longer intercepts them because these are numbers that I have already blocked.

And then Gentlemen, you wonder why some Escorts are cold, distant and not always pleasant on the phone?

The above text message that I transparently post here is a reflection of the hatred, discrimination and aggressivness that sex workers experience on a daily basis. At TVR, this moral and psychological pressure is less intense than in other contexts (such as street girls for example) because with at TVR, girls work in excellent conditions. Nevertheless, they remain victims of defamatory attacks of this kind which, by dint of accumulating, affect their self-esteem. These psychological rapes can weaken them even more than they already are. It doesn’t seem to interest anyone.

But it interests me. And with the means at my disposal, I try to do everything I can so that these abuses affect the Velvet-Models as little as possible. And that’s why at TVR, we have a system that allows us to filter customers, to block them forever or, on the contrary, to thank them for their loyalty.

From 2022, TVR Models will only meet customers who are members of our website. No exception will be made. Those who take us for granted will have no chance to enjoy our beautiful girls, providing one of the best service on the market at locations which are also, probably the best one can find in the German part of Switzerland.

We love our TVR-Clients and we will keep TVR at a high level for these exceptional clients. For all the others, remember that there are some things that money cannot buy such as class, manners, integrity, morals and common sense.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Chloé : 1st visit in Reichenburg (SZ) ! by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

As you may have read, you know that from this week it is also possible to visit TVR Models in Reichenburg. 

I am the lucky one to be the first to welcome our clients in this lovely place this week.

As soon as I entered the apartment on Sunday evening, I was very happy to start my four-week Swiss-journey here after my long break.  

Very nicely furnished apartment in a very discreet environment, as we are used to from other TVR apartments. I really like it, and the Gentlemen who have been here so far have also felt very comfortable.

If you have the opportunity, do a visit. 🙂

I wish you all a great day!


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Emmanuelle introduces you to : the Nuru-Massage ! by Janet

Hello everybody!

I am getting back to you with news from Emmanuelle, our French Model from the Caribbean.

Emmanuelles specialty? Massages! Real massages! Because Emmanuelle is indeed a skilled masseuse and her fairy hands and touches are proof!

This week she is back in Chur and is offering you something new on her service list: the Nuru-massage.

Where does the Nuru-massage come from?

For those who don’t already know it, it is a massage technique that originated from Kawasaki in Japan and was first practiced in 1950.

What exactly is the Nuru-massage?

“Nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese. Why is it slippery? Because the principle of Nuru-massage consists in massaging the client with a special Nuru massage gel. This is no ordinary massage oil, but a colorless and odorless gel made from nori algae. This unique massage is performed on a specially developed mat.

The Nuru-massage offers perfect harmony that relieves stress. In fact, the masseuse’s breasts and buttocks slide along the body of the client to create an extremely powerful sensation. The nuru, accompanied by a little hot water, relaxes all the muscles of the body. A unique and inexplicable experience that only a Nuru masseuse can offer!

Nuru-massage: why is it more expensive than Body-to-Body massage?

Just like tantric massage, nuru massage is a special technique that must be performed by a masseuse who has the background and knows the technique in order to be a successful experience . Because of this, escort-girls who offer this service are rare. In addition, the essential gel for a good Nuru massage is only available in special shops (or on the Internet) and is very expensive … This explains why this unique massage is offered from CHF 250 for 1 hour while a Body-to-Body Massage will range between 150 and 200 CHF for an hour.

In short, the Nuru massage cannot be described in words, it is a sensory experience. Why not experience it with Emmanuelle?


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