Amy : Soon in Auw (near Sins, Muri, Cham and Zug City)! by Janet

Good morning everybody!

Let’s start the weekend with a fresh News : Amy will be available for the first time next week at our location in Auw (Canton of Aargau), Watch her video (recorded yesterday) : she is sexy like never before!

Gentlemen, don’t miss this super friendly girl with a 100% natural body ! 😉

Hugs from Janet

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They left TVR in April 2021… by Janet

Hello everybody!

I’m coming back to you with a few fresh news … Three girls have just left TVR and I will explain why:


I will not be able to find the right words … A pretty girl, certainly but not very smart and above all, not sincere. She can lie looking straight into your eyes with a big innocent smile. She finished her week at TVR last Sunday (as you know, the girls change apartments every Sunday, or go home). I met her and asked when she will be coming back and also offers to stay another week (because last week was very calm for her) if she wished. She declined my offer on the pretext of an urgent return to France but assured me that she will come back soon. She was supposed to fly to France … 4 hours later, a TVR client called me to inform me that he has seen her profile on this famous portal that everyone knows. And of course, she didn’t have the intelligence to post different pictures from those in her TVR profile.

Girls who choose to work at TVR owe the exclusivity to TVR, at least in German-speaking part of Switzerland. And this info she knew it from the very start because I told her very clearly. Eva chose to work elsewhere on the sly, she got caught! I immediately removed her profile from TVR. Why so much shenanigans when you can just say, “Janet, I don’t want to work with you anymore. Thank you and goodbye.”


No comment.


Marie … who would have believed it! I never thought she would behave like this. A girl of gentle and kind appearance, very sympathetic and who has built a solid and loyal clientele in record time. Clientele that she has appropriated, forgetting that without TVR, she would never have met these gentlemen (whose telephone numbers she has certainly collected). She did not  hesitate to slam the TVR door without even looking back.

The reason? The apartment was not clean enough for her taste and she was tired of cleaning up. Bullshit! I was there myself and it was properly left by the previous girl. I immediately understood that it was an excuse. I know wht was her real problem: the new version of the Collaboration Contract between TVR and its Models. Some things of this contract did not please her and instead of saying it, she started some drama, named me Pimp, told that I have taken enough advantage of her, stated that answering the phone is not a big work and that she is leaving the permises immediately. I was shocked.

Marie arrived at TVR 6 months ago, with no money and with a car whose exhaust could be heard miles away. She made a lot of money at TVR but forgot that without TVR she would never have met these clients. Marie is one of those girls with the double hats. These girls who see what they give but don’t see what they get. She could have told me that she would rather pay rent and answer the phone herself from now on. But no, she chose to do play the Drama-Queen because the real problem was actually elsewhere. As for everything that is put at her disposal to enable her to work in the best possible conditions (private apartment that she does not pay, cantonal registration fees that she does not pay (25CHF per day), equipment for working that she does not pay, advertising that she does not pay, photo shooting that she did not pay for and my time answering the phone and emails, writing the best profile possible which is not paid either. She collects between 65% and 70% of the total earnings and ends up after 6 months by calling me a Pimp. Me? A Pimp? Me who have been working as a slave for these girls for over 4 years? Marie, you were really naughty to me on Monday. I don’t deserve that. But, you know what? Our paths will cross again when you least expect it.


Oh, Angelina … an angel on earth! Angelina was one of my favorite Models and unfortunately for TVR she left us but it’s also good news because she just found a job in her field of study and everything is going well (see picture above)! I am so happy for her! Really, a fantastic girl, polite, kind, intelligent, sweet, beautiful.

To make it short :  the kind of girl I would like to have more at TVR ! There are a few, but not enough. Angelina truly represented TVR and had that intelligence and maturity that a lot of girls don’t have. She always knew that this environment would be a temporary passage for her and took the opportunity to finish her studies and get on the rails of a future professional career full of opportunities. The smartest girls don’t stay Escorts for long. They use this industry as a springboard to achieve other goals in life. This is the breath TVR gave to Angelina and I am extremely happy for her! I must also say that this young girl has always shown great respect and consideration for TVR. She never spoke badly to me. She always replied to my messages and she left TVR with a lot of class and gratitude. I wish you all the happiness in the world Angelina and a great professional career! 🙂

Here is my voice message to Angelina (in German) :


That’s the way it goes, dear readers!

I don’t like writing this kind of news but I think it’s essential in order to help you understand and discover the other side of this industry and how the majority of girls behave. Because I seem to be the only one who shares this. One has to have a very special mentality to manage girls in this field for so many years. It’s been 4 years and I’m already exhausted. This is why TVR has had to evolve several times and this evolution is not over yet …


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Diana once, Diana forever! by Janet

Hello Gentlemen!

For those who do not know her yet, Diana is certainly the most “folklore” of all Velvet-Models.

Impossible to be bored in her company (she will not give you the opportunity). Diana is one-of-a-kind and welcomes you for the first time in the Lucerne region.

Her favorite hobby? Making new videos of herself every day … And trust me, this MILF in her 40s is mind blowing and has the energy and the body of a 20 years old girl ! 😉


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Tips for Ladies: Natural or silicone breasts? by Janet

Hello Lady !

Did you know that only one in four men prefers silicone breasts over natural breasts?

Did you have your breasts done or are you thinking about doing it soon? Think twice please … because this surgery may not be necessary and if you really want to do it, here is my advice: improve the shape but don’t exaggerate the size.

Indeed, despite what you may think, the vast majority of men don’t like big breasts, especially, the silicone ones. On the other hand, they preferred the small natural breasts to the big silicone breasts.

So here is my answer to the question you secretly ask yourself: “No, you won’t necessarily earn more money as an Escort if you have big horny breasts.”

Against all expectations, the regular customer does not come back to you for your breasts but for the overall experience you offer them and the feeling of well-being that they feel when they are with you. And if you don’t know it yet, it’s the number of regular clients you build that will determine your income as an Escort. Wealthy clients want the company of a naturally beautiful, intelligent, gentle and kind woman who canhold a conversation, has good manners and who knows how to listen to them. Believe me that when clients meet such a girl, the size of her breasts really doesn’t matter anymore.

It will be 4 years since I created the TVR Agency and the observation is clear: the Models who work the best are the girls who have a natural body. Whether the breasts are big or small, if they are natural, this girl will always be favored by our clients. If the breasts are firm and natural, in proportion to the rest of the body, if the service is excellent and the girl is friendly and gentle, she will work very well.

Agatha, Velvet-Model for 2 years is one of the TVR Models who is 100% natural. Agatha is gorgeous and her breast is naturally beautiful! Watch the video below:

Over the years, I have found that girls with really big breasts work well but differently. They have shorter appointments, more clients but fewer repeat customers.

Those with big natural breasts will always have a “fan club”, even if their German / English is bad.

Those with very large silliconate breasts attract the eye but work much less than the others. Indeed, even girls with very small natural breasts seem to be preferred by clients, compared to ladies with disproportionately reshaped breasts. The look of Porno-Stars does not seem to be the ideal of the majority of Swiss gentlemen who rather like natural, discreet and slim women.

If despite all you still decide to have plastic surgery, make sure that the surgeon who will operate on you gives your breasts a nice round shape, a natural touch, a nice symmetry and an average size because that’s what the vast majority of men prefer. No more, no less!

But if you love really big breasts and dream of having one (accepting the pros and cons), then do it for yourself and not for the money. 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Elise : Thank you TVR-Guests! by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

Thank you for the warm welcome, my first week at TVR was amazing! 🙂 I would like to thank you guys for the nice experiences! A very special “Merci” for the gift (picture) that I received from the gentleman who visited me on Saturday evening. 🙂

We women are very sensitive to the little attentions (it doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It just has to come from the heart) that always make us happy because we feel valued. Thanks again !

I’m looking forward to more great times at TVR!

Kisses, Elise 💋

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Elsa – Viva la pasta : My latest TopChef Experience! by Janet

Dear TVR Gentlemen,

I would like to share an unforgettable Top Chef experience that I have experienced last night in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg (SZ), with one of our very valuable TVR member.

This time my guest who is a hobby cook took over the “Chef” role in the kitchen and I was his personal cook assistant.😄

Our menu included Penne Vongole & extraordinary Italian Wine! Followed by an amazing and enjoyable desert in the bedroom. 😋 😋

But woowww what an relaxed and jokey atmosphere.

Thanks a lot to our lovely guest for this amazing experience.  I have really enjoyed this activity from the beginning till end!

Looking forward for another great top chef experiences with you!

Kiss Elsa 💋 💋

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Lucy : “TopChef : What a great Experience!” by Janet

Hello Gentlemen,

Yesterday in Rheineck, I had my first TopChef Experience and I wanted to share the pictures with you.

I would particularly like to thank this wonderful client with whom I spent a beautiful evening yesterday!

Sometimes, I am wondering why it took me so long to start offering this service. I really loved it and I am looking forwards to welcoming you for my 2nd TopChef ! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Kindly Yours,


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The first TopChef of Marie! :-) by Janet


Yesterday Marie celebrated her first TopChef with a TVR-Gold Member!
An experience that seems to have been pleasant for the two protagonists … 😉

From the photo above, you certainly recognize our apartment in St. Gallen. Marie will welcome you there until Saturday evening.

Do not miss her ! 🙂


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Elsa : watch her hot video! by Janet

Hello Gentlemen!

So far, Elsa only one video available. If you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to check her latest video, added today into her profile. She’s really hot, bilingual (English / German), provides and amazing service/vs price, has an incredible body and on top of that, she is super friendly!

What more can we ask from an Escort girl in Switzerland?

Gentlemen, believe me, Elsa is the perfect package! 🙂

Have a great start of the weekend !

Cheers from Janet

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