Happy Birthday Robi! by Janet

Dear Robi,

You deserve more than just generic birthday wishes on your birthday this year.

Someone as special as  you deserves a day filled  with great moments, the best atmosphere,
and lots of laughs!

For someone who enriches TVR, I am wishing the most lavish birthday possible! You are such a genuine person and knowing that you are part of this unique Escort Agency in Switzerland and that you are feeling good at TVR makes me really happy.

You deserve all the wonderful beauties in life, my dear, and I’m hoping that today, on your special day, you get just that!

You are a beautiful person inside and out, and deserve nothing but the very best today and always. May each day of your year ahead be wonderful, at least as great as the person you are, and bring the same joy to your heart as you do to all those around you.

A very special happy birthday to you ! 🙂


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How would you describe a Girl Next Door? by Janet

Can one be an Escort and a Girl Next Door ? Actually, YES!

At TVR, the Girls Next Door represent 90% of the Models we have in our agency. With experience, I have also realized that it is the «Girl Next Door» type that clients who go to see Escorts prefer the most. These are the Girls they feel more comfortable with than with a head-turning Supermodel or with a girl who is kind and intelligent but physically unattractive. The “Girl Next Door” is the perfect combination of those two profiles.

Here Gentlemen, is my definition of the “Girl Next Door” :

This girl is cute, dresses cute (neither slutty nor pretentious) she is caring, kind, the typical girl you bring home to meet your family…

She is the invisible middle. The «prize» in a romantic comedy. Hot, elegant but not agressively sexy. Indeed, that girl has an average appareance with no major personality quirks that will make her super desirable to anyone. She is a great catch for gentlemen who find the beauty in her, however, that beauty isn’t surface level.

I would describe her as a good girl with a big heart who also happens to be attractive. She is pleasant, good-natured, nothing about her is «loud» or attention-seeking. However, she tends to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes.

A “Girl Next Door” is a girl who is both attractive and for some reason attainable, but who has radar you probably aren’t on. A girl who you consider to be a «keeper» after seeing her looks and personality, and would be loved by everyone you meet !

Whose “Girl Next Door” has joined TVR recently? Camille. Look at her short video below, check out her profile and don’t wait too long to meet her! 😉


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Article from Chloé : “Chit-Chats…” by Janet

Hello everybody,

I think I should say : I love providing the Girlfriend-Experience, if there is sympathy and chemistry between me and my clients.

The Girlfriend-Experience is a very intimate art of being together, just like with a real girlfriend : kissing, cuddling, massaging, gentle touches and communication between me and my customers are clearly very important during our appointment, whether it is for 1 hour or for an overnight. During this time I treat my client as if I were his girlfriend.

With some men (but mainly with the single clients) it can be dangerous.  They forget that the Girlfriend-Experience actually goes until the end of our date.

I receive messages from time to time (even if we have met only once) that are not about another appointment request, but about my daily life: “How are you? “What are you doing?” “How is your weekend?” “How was your day?” etc…. You know, just this kind of chit-chats. Of course, it would be all right and good if at the end there would be a short question to me such as: “When would you have time for me, when can we meet?”.

When I realize that the client needs to reach out to me again and again when he is bored, and the most important question doesn’t come at all, I usually ask him to stop this kind of communication. If he wants to spend some time with me and would like to enjy my company, for example a TopChef Experience is the best choice. Then, during our time my full attention belongs to him.

Many Escorts write too much with their clients, because they want to keep their interest, hoping that they can still benefit from all these nice and long conversations about the weather or their lunch. But the truth is that 99% of these clients come over only once or twice a year.

My best customers who meet me regularly (or from time to time but then for longer appointments), write to me in a completely different and pleasant way. They write to me again and again, but not too much. They contact me and they are interested in me and my days, we keep in contact, but then the most important question eventually comes : “When can we meet? When do you have time for me? ”

They do not want more of my attention and understand that the time that I dedicate for them belongs to my work as an escort, and I don’t give less of that for what I am here for my Clients.  They appreciate me and my company, and I appreciate them and their polite attitude towards me.

It is very important that clients always respect and accept our work as Service Providers (like any other job), so that our dates can go smoothly, without any misunderstanding.

Thanks for taking the time to read my few words about this important topic.

Kind regards,


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Happy Birthday Ivy! by Janet

My dear Ivy,

You are one year older today and it is for me the perfect opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday but also to tell you how much I appreciate your loyalty, your kindness, your integrity and your commitment to TVR.

TVR has given you a lot but you should know that you too have contributed a lot to this Agency. Unfortunately there are too few Models like you in this industry…

It’s been two years that our Swiss Gentlemen appreciate your company, your beautiful personality and your remarkable service!

Thank you for being who you are and thank you for always believing in TVR!

I wish you a very nice day … in good company, of course! 😉

Happy Birthday my dear!


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Evelyn greets you in three languages. :-) by Janet

Hi Gentlemen!

Evelyn is one of the sweetest Escort Girl in Switzerland ! 🙂 She has been at TVR for almost 2 years and clients love her company and her youthful, spontaneous personality.

Today, she is saying “Hello” to you in 3 languages. She has such a cute voice!





Evelyn (on the selfie above) can speak English well and is currently learning German and some French. She will be in Flamatt (Canton of Fribourg) until May 30th, then in Unterägeri (Canton of Zug) and the following week, in Wetzikon (Canton of Zurich). In August 2021, you will be able to meet her in Geneva for a period of 4 weeks.

Stay tuned Gentlemen!


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TVR 3.0: coming soon … by Janet

Dear readers,

Three weeks ago, I realized that it was time for TVR to take it to another level. For me, for the Models, for you Gentlemen but also and above all for the Market. This market which has changed a lot and which I have learned to understand over the past 4 years.

I inform you that I am currently working on a new version of TVR. TVR will radically change. A new website, a new Concept, which does not yet exist anywhere in German-speaking Switzerland. When? I can’t tell you the exact date. This will depend on the time needed to redo the entire site (design + content). What is certain is that by September 2021 at the latest TVR 3.0 will be launched.

I don’t want to go into details for the moment in order to preserve the element of surprise but here is what I can tell you:

* The site will be completely redone. Only blog articles and a few pages will be transferred to the new version of the site.

* The site will remain in 2 languages ​​(English-German) but will be configured in order to be able to easily and quickly add a 3rd language: French. Being my mother tongue, I of course look forward to being able to write in this language as well.

* The Member Area will be more interactive than it currently is. The site will be visible by all, without registration, but some parts of it will only be accessible to identified members.

* The Models presented on the site will not all be TVR Models. Certain Models who are currently represented on TVR will no longer be there.

* Some advantages that some customers (especially the most loyal) have benefited from so far will disappear. Some offers, however, will be maintained.

* Some projects I had for TVR will not be able to come true, unfortunately (I must admit that this Covid-19 story has a lot to do with it). On the other hand, I will find a way to maintain the MVG section (which will need to be adaped to the new TVR) because I would really like to meet some of you (the most faithful and those who want to meet me, of course) and get your opinion, your advice, your feedback on the development of TVR over the past few years.

* This website will be just as sleek and sophisticated as the version of TVR you already know. On the other hand, it will be more interactive, more targeted on a particular type of Models. This site will be created for the Models but also and especially for the Gentlemen in order to make their user experience as pleasant as possible.

* The TVR apartments will remain and there will be new ones. However, they will no longer be so easily identifiable on the site. I will still try to mention on the profile of some Models, those who are in an apartment recommended by TVR. But in general, there will no longer be a description of the apartments as in the current version of TVR.

* From September 2021, I will also provide TVR Silver + Gold Members with a private number where they can always reach me directly as well as my Skype ID (if some prefer to communicate this way).

There you have it, dear readers! I have started to work on the new site and I assure you the work is ENORMOUS! But what I do know is that the game is worth the effort! 😉

Have a nice week end !

Warm Greetings from Janet

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Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies: is it prostitution? by Janet

What is a Sugar Baby / Sugar Daddy date?

It is an English term argo meaning a relationship in which a man with a large financial capital offers money and / or goods to a woman much younger than him. A woman is called a “Sugar Baby” and in return for all the benefits that a Sugar Daddy brings you affection, attention, companionship and of course, sex.

In many countries, prostitution is a crime. This form of consensual dating is a means of decriminalizing the paid relationship.

It is on the basis of this particular request that specialized dating sites have been organized. They sought to put in contact an affluent public (the demand), with a young and educated public, (the offer), to frame their tariffed relationship while ensuring that it is “decriminalized”. In fact, a “sugar daddy” (a kind of “cake daddy”) seems to meet all the codes of prostitution: he indeed offers himself the company of a young woman whom he pays for her services.

The typical profile of a Sugar Baby

The “Sugar Baby” is not at a dead end, she is not presented as a victim. She is usually between 18 and 30 years old, a student or has just entered the work-force. She usually chooses, at a precise moment in her life, to give her time, and more if affinities, to a man who will soften her daily life from a financial point of view or allow her to carry out a project. The target audience is obviously the student community, which is full of young women in the prime of their lives and full of potential but whose finances are often problematic.

They will therefore choose to entertain a mature man rather than working in a supermarket, in a shop, in a restaurant, or at McDonald’s.

Potential “Sugar Babies” are aware of their sex appeal and their intellectual qualities and seek to profit from them: instead of financing their studies by working evenings and weekends for a low pay salary, they supplement their end of the month by accompanying a wealthy man to a restaurant and letting him shower them with gifts and take them on vacation. Some seek only to combine studies and luxury, others see it as a purely food job, which pays the evening meal and possibly the rent.

The typical profile of a Sugar Daddy

A Sugar Daddy is a man of power, he has a very good financial situation, an interesting network of contacts, having like him the financial capital that can be useful in his business. These men are generally at least 45 years old with a good experience of life. And that’s what attracts young Sugar Babies: A successful mature man who is willing to support a young woman so that he doesn’t waste time in relationships that will lead him nowhere.

For these men, spending time with pretty girls is getting the respect and admiration they deserve from young women who want to learn things in life. These men suddenly feel ten years younger with an attractive Sugar Baby by their side.

Sugar Daddies are financially comfortable (not all of them are rich, as you might think) and established men who sometimes already have wives and children, but whose hectic pace of life has extinguished the flame in their marriage. Regardless, their wives and families will always come first. The Sugar Baby understands that she will not replace his wife and children but likes to be spoiled and share her free time in exchange for some material comfort. Both parties therefore are getting what they are looking for.

Sugar-Dating: A consent relationship

This kind of date can last a few months or several years. The goal of this relationship is a mutual exchange between two people and as in a basic couple: everyone finds their happiness. Obviously, it is a mutual agreement: the relationship does not go without the consent of the other half. This aspect must be taken into account, which is very often neglected by the population.

Are Sugar Babies offering a modern form of prostitution?

In my opinion, being a Sugar Baby isn’t really dating. You’re only engaged in the relationship for the financial reward, and it isn’t a normal relationship. 99% of sugar relationships involve sex. Therefore, the line between Sugar Baby and Escort is very thin. Sugar Babies just play the long game with fewer clients…Sugar Babies are swapping time, are swapping companies, and quite likely sexual services for money.

Sugar Daddies often expect a level of time and attention a professional would charge hundreds for. They might have a foot fetish, for instance, and they want a lady to turn up to their house once a week so they can play with the lady’s feet for hours, and they’ll give them 100 CHF. You might think 100 CHF to have someone touch your feet isn’t bad, but “it’s worth a hell of a lot more than that. A professional Escort offering Outcalls charges anywhere from 300 CHF to 450 CHF an hour.

The stigma around prostitution means people distance themselves from the term – even when they’re doing things that fall under its remit. Men don’t want to be seen as ‘that guy’ who needs to pay for sex, and women don’t want to think of themselves as sex workers.

But I believe it is a modern form of sex work. I don’t think there really is a difference. Even though Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies rarely directly exchanged sex for cash.

Sugar Babies need to feel empowered to talk about money, which they rarely do upfront. If these men don’t mention anything about an agreement or paying you, you have to be able to know enough to bring that up or you will end-up spending time with them and getting nothing from it.

Considering becoming an Escort -Girl or a Sugar Baby?

Becoming a Sugar Baby is popular, especially in countries where prostitution is illegal. It is also for many of women (who are often uncomfortable with the word “prostitution”) a disguised way of exchanging money / gifts for sexual services.

The girl who does not assume or who is afraid to work as an Escort will prefer to look for a Sugar Daddy. It is more discreet, she can even have two Sugar Daddies simultaneously. Depending on the nature of their engagement, a girl who sees her Sugar Daddy once or twice a week for a few hours or half-days can expect an allowance of between 1000 and 5000 chf per month. Very comfortable when you are a young student. Often inexperienced and naive, these young girls often let themselves be intimidated by a little money and some Sugar Daddies know how to take advantage of it … Sex is pretty much expected with a Sugar Daddy. A lot of young girls think it’s not but honestly, why would someone just give you a lot of stuff for free?

My Tips to the Girls considering becoming a Sugar Baby:

* Don’t give out your real identity immediately to your Sugar Daddy

* Always use a condom – do not let your Sugar Daddy convinces you otherwise, no matter how much they offer

* Never spend your own money

* If you know it will end in sex, get a deposit upfront

* Make sure a person you trust knows where you are when you’re out on a Sugar Date

The Escort Girl, unlike the Sugar Baby, is a professional (although more and more professional Escorts are now turning to Sugar-Dating) and she is much less naive and has way more experience. She exchanges her time for money and her rates are fixed (in Switzerland, between CHF 250 and 400 CHF per hour). She meets several clients in a day and her income is two to three times higher than that of Sugar Baby. Her rates are pretty clear upfront and the client knows for sure that he will have some sexual time. With an Escort, you may have that feeling that it is all about money…unless you find one who offers a real GFE service. In that case, you will never have the feeling of being on a transactional date.

I would say that the two biggest differences between Escorts and Sugar Babies are:

* Time. A Sugar Baby spends a lot more time outside the bedroom with their Sugar Daddy. It looks a little bit like regular dating, just with an allowance/gifts. Escorts do go on non-sexual “dates” with clients, but those are less common.

* Payment. A Sugar Baby may receive many gifts, or a weekly/monthly allowance. An escort is paid for her time and services which have a clear beginning and end.

The Sugar Baby: she needs a little financial help and prefers to meet a single man (see two maximum) and on a regular basis in order to continue your studies or her job as an employee in a company. The time she spends with her Sugar Daddy is not counted. The allowance she gets is financial compensation for the time spent with him.

The Escort Girl: whether full-time or part-time, it’s a job and it has to be lucrative. It offers its priced services in a professional manner and in an often more rigid framework. The time she spends with her client is counted. The compensation she obtains is a salary.

These alternatives both represent a form of prostitution, let’s face it !

Should you date an Escort Girl or a Sugar Baby?

Is it better to meet an Escort Girl or to have a Sugar Baby? Tricky question which I think depends on the type of relationship you are looking for.

If I were a man, I would meet a Sugar Baby in this case:

I want a continued relationship with one woman only, I have a limited budget. I am looking for a relationship that could turn into a real romantic relationship. The negative point: I could fall in love with my Sugar Baby and it may not be reciprocal or vice versa. She might want more money / gifts than I can offer. She might want to see me more often (or less often) than agreed. She could have another Sugar Daddy while I would like an exclusive relationship. My proximity to her could endanger my relationship if I do not know / want to establish the necessary distance between us.

If I were a man, I would meet an Escort Girl in this case:

I want to have intimate and sexual relations without wasting time or money and maintaining a certain anonymity; even if it costs me more than dating a Sugar Baby. I will definitely meet different Escorts in order to avoid getting emotionally involved. I don’t necessarily want to expose myself in public with another woman (especially if I have a family). If I have particular fantasies, I know that I can satisfy them with an Escort (who is a professional provider), not necessarily with a Sugar Baby.

And you Gentlemen? Rather a Sugar Baby or an Escort Girl? 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Elsa… soon in Unterägeri/ZG ! :-) by Janet

Hey everyone,

As I was away for a few week, I thought I am going to post a few pictures as an update.

Some Gentlemen might miss me a little😊

Recently visited a Workshop to improve my knowledge in my personal field and due to my birthday during this time we rent a luxury hotel with a few friends to celebrate it.

The perfect combination😊

Yeaayyy getting older and definitely sexier!!

Looking forward to see you my Gentlemen, in Unterägeri, next week.

Miss you!!

Ps: enjoy the pictures 😋


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Ciao Diana! by Janet

Hello everybody!

This morning I received a message from Diana saying she wanted to try something than TVR. This polite goodbye message did not surprise me.

Diana was definitely TVR’s “out of the box” woman. Still nice and funny, with a good service. But we have to face the facts: the TVR concept does not “fit” to Diana. She doesn’t follow any rules, doesn’t listen to anybody, and always believes that she knows better than anyone else. She makes her own rules that are not aligned with TVR-Philosophy. On this basis, we could no longer go in the same direction …

To be honest, it’s better that way.

Lucy (who left TVR once and asked to come back) is joining her into this new adventure…

But we don’t part in anger and I wish them all the best!

New Models will soon be joining TVR: stay tuned! 😉


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Elise : her first TopChef Experience! by Janet


Elise has not been part of TVR for that long and already had her first TopChef Experience at our beautiful apartment in Chur City center. This was yesterday. Look at what she cooked and the way the table is dressed … simply beautiful and elegant!

The lucky one? An excellent TVR client, a true Gentleman whom we thank for his loyalty and courtesy.

The TopChef service is by far the best TVR Experience.

If you have not tried it yet, don’t think about it too long and go for it! 😉


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