Tell me what you offer, I’ll tell you who you are … by Janet

Yesterday, one of our Models received a very surprising gift from a customer (not a TVR member): an apple and a tea bag. She took a picture and sent it to me. Upon receiving her message, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing :


But after all, what kind of man can be so lacking in tact and class?

What is a gift?

Gifts are subconscious messages that we offer to others while waiting for a subtly (or not) response to the circumstance.

Giving is above all an onanist act. We offer for personal pleasure.

There is a little bit of self in the gift you give. Above all, the gift speaks for itself. We offer what we would have liked to receive, we offer what we did not receive in our childhood, we offer what we think the other will like, we offer what the other will like for that he/she loves us back. It also shows what we are ready to do for the other: “If you knew how much it cost me” And this single sentence has the power to spoil the pleasure by bringing in the notion of sacrifice and guilt.

What gift should I offer to an Escort?

The success of the gift lies in the emotion that is felt by the one who receives it.

The majority of Independent Escorts who manage their own website have a page on their site called a “Wishlist”. There you will find a list of gifts they would appreciate receiving.

At TVR, all our Models share gift ideas to better guide you in your choice if you want to offer them something.

If you are unsure, don’t take any risk and instead rely on the “Make her Smile” section of their profile. If you don’t know yet the Escort you’re going to meet, don’t buy something she might not like (of course, out of politeness, she won’t tell you), or something overpriced.

If this is one of your favorite Escorts you can be more generous because a “relationship” between you two has already been established. If you like to give her gifts, don’t always buy the same thing! For example, receiving flowers every now and then is a very pleasant feeling. Receiving it all the time, and above all, coming from the same person, can sometimes be confusing …

Vary the surprise so that it remains «tasty» and really pleasing.

Here is a list of little touches that always make a woman smile: a gift card from a perfume shop or her favorite store, a perfume, lingerie, a piece of jewelry.

Even if giving gifts is not your “thing”, I advise you not to arrive empty-handed when you go to see an Escort. From 1 hour of appointment, it is advisable to come with a gift. This gesture has a lot more impact than it looks.

It stands for consideration, respect and kindness. No girl can resist such a mark of tenderness and subconsciously, she is even more willing to make you spend a good time. You therefore multiply your chances by two, that everything goes very well.

My favorite gifts

My preference goes towards gifts that can be shared, those that create a moment of complicity, those that will be remembered, not because they sit on the fireplace, but because we have seen the pleasure and the joy in the gaze of the other. I like consumable gifts: Pastries, chocolates, a good bottle of wine, an invitation to a restaurant, a day in a Spa, an invitation to the theater… It’s a nice way to prove to the other that he/she is important for us, apart from all social conveniences.

Gift or no gift?

Gentlemen, if you do not have the means or the inclination to give an Escort a gift, do not do it and if you do, do it with your heart. It is better not to offer anything, than to offer something degrading or hurtful in the eyes of the receiver. If the Escort feels offended by your gift, it could influence (to your disadvantage) the quality of service she is ready to provide. Remember: For the experience to be enjoyable, you and the Escort must feel good and comfortable. Don’t be cheap, don’t make fool of yourself with a ridiculous gift or one that makes you look bad.

And if you really don’t know what to offer, leave her a tip. It is a great substitute for the gift. Whether it is 20, 40, 50 or 100 CHF, I can assure you that this will make her very happy!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Dana: a ray of Spanish sunshine! From July 11 in Opfikon (Profile soon online). by Janet

Hey Gentlemen!

Dana (picture above) is from Spain and will soon be joining TVR! Her service is large and her English very good.

Greetings from Dana in English :

Greetings from Dana in Spanish : 

Dana will be in Switzerland for the first time on July, 11th 2021. Her first week will be spent in Opfikon. The second, we don’t know it yet…

Stay tuned Gentlemen! 🙂

Warm Greetings from Janet

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Isabel : “My first TopChef Experience!” (+ voice message) by Janet


An evening full of roses and enchanted that is how I describe my first Top Chef Experience! 🙂

I enjoyed preparing every detail and the compliments of the guest were my reward.

Yesterday was a unique experience, I love that TheVelvetRooms has this type of service that takes us out of the routine and leads us to live such a wonderful experience!

Here again my feedback in English and Spanish :



Thank you TVR! 🙂


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Sex with two girls? by Janet

Whose man hasn’t fantasized about having a threesome? And if you tell me that it never crossed your mind, I wouldn’t believe you, anyway! 😉

When one talks about threesome sex, the Escorts who practice this service generally have two types of requests:

Two women and a man: In the vast majority of cases, a man fantasizes about a threesome made up of himself and two women. In this way, he can be the center of attention but also feel the only one capable of giving pleasure to his partners. The reality is sometimes different since the two women can also enjoy without him. Regardless, the man likes the idea of ​​being an actor and / or a spectator. Just imagining two women having sex is enough to turn many men on.

Two men and one woman: This setup is generally for bisexual men and / or those who enjoy seeing a woman (or their wife) having fun with another. There is in this desire a form of masochism (see the one that we like to get pleasure elsewhere), voyeurism or a simple intellectual and sexual freedom which means that there are no longer any taboos.

The first variant is the most popular among Escorts. Men want to be in bed with two women at the same time. They want to have this experience at least once in their life. But how to choose these two women who are going to make him spend a torid moment? Here are my tips.

Differentiate Duo and Trio

First of all, I want to point out that there are two types of experience. The Duo Experience and the Trio Experience.

The Duo Experience: the two girls interact sexually with the client but not with each other: they will not kiss or touch each other’s private parts for example.

The Trio Experience:  also called “Threesome”. Girls interact sexually with the client but also with each other. They kiss, lick, touch their private parts, give each other pleasure and also give pleasure to the client.

How to choose the right experience?

First of all, it is essential to know if you want the girls to interact with each other or not. This is a very important question. If this is not essential for you then it will be easier to find two girls (even if they do not know each other) to spend time with you. The vast majority of Escorts are available for Duets. It’s less demanding than the Trios/Threesome, they don’t need to perform too much. The client is generally happy to be able to have two naked girls in his arms, who focus all of their attention on him.

The Trios/Threesome is another type of Experience. What you can see in a lot of porn movies. However, for it to take its full value, it is preferable that:

* the two girls you are going to spend time with know each other. You don’t want them to be strangers to each other so that there is no distance between them. When they know each other and feel close to each other, it’s always much easier and everything feels more authentic! This bond that exists between them and that brings them closer will help make this experience even better for you (the customer).

* both girls are lesbian or bisexual. REAL bixesual Escorts are best for Trios/Threesome because they show as much attraction to men as they do to women. And when this woman is a girl she knows and feels good with, fun is guaranteed!

* this is not their first Trio. It is always better to choose girls who have done this before. Those who like to kiss another girl, those who like the caresses of another woman … It’s very important so that the chemistry sets in quickly and so that the man (a little bit voyeur) is also excited by the symbiosis that is created between the two women.

* the three protagonists can understand the same language. In order for the Trio to run as smoothly as possible, communication issues must be avoided at all costs, otherwise your Trio/Threesome experience will never reach its maximum potential.

* the services of the two ladies are identical or complementary. You don’t want to find yourself paying for spending time with two girls and discovering once in the bedroom that neither of them is performing your favorite service. Read their services carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises!

* devote enough time. In general, very few Escorts accept a Trio/Threesome for less than 2 hours. In my opinion 3 hours is ideal because it allows time to take a few breaks and gives each one the opportunity to socialize a little bit. The atmosphere is more relaxed, everyone wants to please the other, by taking their time, without any rush.

* choose two girls who you really like. Often, men make the mistake of picking one girl they like and one that they like so-so (or not at all), just because they want that threesome experience. Gentlemen, this is a very expensive service (1200-1500 CHF on average for 2 hours of Threesome). Make sure you are physically attracted to both girls to maximize your fun!

So Gentlemen, have you spotted two girls who you like but they don’t know each other? One is sexy, the other not so, they speak neither English nor German, have never done Duos / Trios before but can be at your Outcall location for 1 hour and only charge 400-500CHF for this experience?

You can be sure that you will be disappointed: A successful Trio/Threesome (and one that makes you want to repeat the experience) cannot be improvised!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Amy : back & seductive with magical new hair! by Janet

Hello Gentlemen,

I’m really happy to be back in in Switzerland.
I apologize for my long absence, maybe some of you have missed me a little.

I had a lot to do professionally and was on vacation for a few days in beautiful Istabul, where I charged my internal battery and wanted to make a visual change there.
I now have long, beautiful blonde hair again☺️. Two videos have been added into my profile. Check it out!

I look forward to seeing you in AUW / Sins / Zug this week.

Have fun with the videos! 😉


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Covid-19 vaccine by Janet

Dear readers,

From the middle of next week, additional information will be added to the profile of some of our Models.

Indeed, more and more people have decided to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Some of our Models made the same choice and asked me if this information could be visible on their profile. Given the context, I accepted without hesitation because I think that for some customers, this is an important information that will be greatly appreciated and which for some may even be reassuring.

You will therefore find, from next week (no later than Thursday), below the mention “Health Check”, the mention “Covid-19 Vaccination completed”, for the girls who have been vaccinated (when the two injections have been completed).

As confirmation, they will all have sent me proof of their vaccination (usually a copy of their Covid vaccination record) which I keep confidential in my office.

Those who have not yet been vaccinated (almost all of them are still waiting for an appointment) or who do not wish to do so always start their week at TVR with a negative PCR test and are tested on average once a week during their presence at TVR.

I hope Gentlemen, that you appreciate our healthy, preventive and transparent approach and that even more of you will choose TVR for your intimate moments!


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Adèle : ” Gentlemen, I’m available again!” :-) by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

Sorry for my very  long absence… I’ve been super busy but now, I’m having time again for myself, and for you Gentlemen! 😉

I am very pleased to inform you, that starting from next week, I am available again but for exclusive dates only.

Because I am studying, there will be a limited number and duration of set dates per month, so we can make sure, both parties are enjoying each other company to the fullest!

Check-out my profile : it has been slighly updated : my wish-list, my donation and my contact info are now up to date. By the way, my Health Check will be completed soon.

From now on, I am going to reply to your requests directly! You can find all the details in my profile 🙂

I am looking forward to reading from you and eventually with all restaurants opened again, enjoying an “Aperitivo” and some intimate hours together!

Kisses and Hugs,


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Robi : “I’m blonde again!” by Janet

Dear readers,

On a whim, I decided to go blonde again … And I also believe that most of you Gentlemen, prefer me with this hair color.

Above, some selfies taken today. 🙂

This weekend, I have a photo shoot scheduled in order to have current photos …

I wish you a nice evening and hope to meet you in Flamatt (near Bern and Fribourg) in the days to come.

The week of June 14, I will be in Regensdorf (ZH) …



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