Evelyn, now available at a cheap Brothel. by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

The more time I spend in this industry, the more I become disillusioned…

Yesterday, a TVR-Member informed me of Evelyn’s departure (I thank him very much because without him, I would have probably never known). I had a hard time believing it and preferred to wait for Evelyn to confirm this information to me. 24 hours later, she finally answered me, confirming that it is indeed her who works in this studio, in Aargau. She left TVR on Sunday morning saying that she was returning to Greece but apparently, it was to go to this erotic studio that she put her departure forward a day.

Here are my messages to Evelyn:

Evelyn is a childish woman (who likes to be treated like a child) who does not want to be an adult. She is kind, provides a good service but in the end, she is one of those girls who unfortunately do not like the effort, prefer the ease and could easily give you a blowjob in exchange for a chocolate ice cream … the level at which she has decided to place herself and indeed, under these conditions I understand that TVR no longer fits to her expectations.

Quick pieces of advice to all the girls who read this blog: remember that the place where you decide to work reflects the value you place on yourself and determines the type of clientele that will come to see you. The more the place where you work offers low prices (studios in Switzerland work at a percentage: 50% -50% or at the best 60% -40%, at TVR, girls are of course very privileged compared to other places), the more you dig straight into street prostitution …and once you’ve reached the bottom, there is no turning back. But if this is what you are looking for then so much the better for you!

I wish you good luck Evelyn!


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Which country Ivy is currently opening her holidays? by Janet

Dear gentlemen,

I hope you enjoy the summer season as much as possible.
Today I would like to share with you my postcard from the holidays I am currently on. I am sending you hugs and kisses straight from one very lovely, charming country in Africa!  Maybe based on the picture, someone knows where it is?  😉

As you see, I haven’t been available for a long time but I have a good news for you. In October you will be able to see me again – I hope you will be as refreshed and full of energy as I am now.  🙂


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Tips for Ladies : How to screen red flags? by Janet

One of the biggest issues that Escort Girls face all the time is the time wasted due to suspicious clients who want to spend time with an Escort (talking, exchanging messages, photos …) without spending any money.

Ladies, whether you are a beginner in this industry or an already established Escort, you may still be distracted by these attitudes which must be “Red Flags” for you. Those are signs that tell you that this man has no intention of paying for your services and therefore he is just a timewaster.

Here are my 7 “Red Flags” which will allow you to quickly identify and block Escort clients considered undesirable (of course they are many more but in this article, I will just focus on 7 of them).

Red Flag 1: “Send me a picture of you.”

Some men ask for a photo of your face, your boobs and even of your pussy.

Why sending additional photos when there are enough of them on your profile? Why sending a photo of your face to a stranger while you have decided to blurre it for privacy reasons? Why sending photos of your genitals when you want the company of a man of a certain social and intellectual level (who will never make this kind of request)? And all this free of charge, to certainly masturbate looking at photographs received for free and on demand? No way.

Red Flag 2: Text messages or phone calls asking for a specific act in exchange of a specific price.

Can I get a blowjob for 50 CHF? Can I get anal sex for 100 CHF? Can I get sex without for 300 CHF?

I want to point that clients asking for intercourse without protection can have a poker face. They will visit you once or twice and behave properly and the third time they will suddendly show their real face. If he is asking for this, it means he got it elsewhere. He is actually a risky client with dangerous behaviours (dangerous for you, for his family and for himself).

As you are not a street prostitute but rather want to belong to the a High Class Escort category, never response to these kind of cheap resquests. These are not the clients you are looking for. No way.

Red Flag 3: Clients who want you to be available in the next 5 to 10mins or so …

In order to become a good Independent Escort Girl in Switzerland and provide the best Escort Service possible, you need a proper amount of time to get ready for your client. Why should you compromise on this and let any client rush you (especially when it is someone you have never seen before) to be ready for him within 5min? No way.

Red Flag 4: Men using slang language while contacting you or writing never ending messages.

Those who write novels, ask 1000 questions without ever asking for a date are wasting your time. Conversing with you turns them on and that’s enough for them. Don’t let them take over your time for free and stop the exchange quickly.

If a client is not capable of expressing in a clear way what he wants or what he is looking for, why should you even spend your time answering him? No way.

Red Flag 5: Calls from hidded numbers or messages sent from Text-Apps.

I’ve written endlessly about this topic: do not answer unknown phone calls. He says he needs to protect his identity, well you also need to minimize the risks related to your job as you are about to have sex with someone you don’t know. The minimum is to be able to retrace this person if anything goes wrong. Moreover, avoid answering phone calls having for area code a country you are not working in currently.

Text-Apps are associated with scammers. Do not reply to them. Should you make an exception especially if you had a bad day? No way.

Red Flag 6: The very last minute cancellations.

This client canceled his appointment at 3:55pm when he was supposed to be there at 4pm. Why should you believe in his bullshit story? No way.

Red Flag 7: Dick pics senders.

Guys, don’t send a dick pic to an Escort. Just don’t. If you do, here are the two reactions you can expect from that Escort Girl: either you will get no answer and she will block your number forever. Or she will answer in an aggressive way and block your number forever. In any case, you will never meet this girl if this was your intention.

As a general rule, don’t send unsolicited pictures to any women. It will not take you anywhere else than in her bullshit category.

Last but not least…

Ladies, never let any client show disrespect towards the time and the efforts you dedicate in being a great Escort Girl. Remember that many of them do not see your job as a respectable job. They will often make you feel like their time is more valuable than yours. Don’t give them the opportunity to confirm what they really think deep down.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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The Hymn to the Sex Worker. by Janet

❤️❤️ ❤️For all women around the world who love their jobs as Sexworker, you should be respected and giving the rights you deserve.❤️❤️❤️


The Hymn to the Sex Worker.


What is a *******?
But a woman
Who partakes in joy with another
A person who provides acceptance and pleasure:
Both emotional and physical
Despite being called “*****”

What is a *******?
But a woman
Who nurtures and loves another
A person who provides pain and pleasure
For those in need for a strong hand to the light
Despite being called “crazy *****”

What is a Pornstar?
But a woman
Who has the courage to bare her body to the world
A person who provides guidance and desire
To those exploring their sexualities
Despite being called “****”

What is a *** worker?
But a woman
Who breaks society’s taboos
A person who does what she loves
For those who love her for what she does
Despite being called “disgusting”
And so much more…

What is a *** worker?
But a woman
Who is beautiful,
and a truly liberated woman.


The Anonymous Poet❤️

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Sunday’s dilemma by Janet

Dear reader,

You have by now realized that Sunday is a bit chaotic at TVR and that it is often difficult to make an appointment. Indeed, you’re right.

For those who don’t know, Sunday is the day our Velvet-Models change apartment. It is a day mainly devoted to moving.

Usually, it is only on Saturday afternoon that they definitely know when to vacate the premises on Sunday. Their move can take place on Sunday morning, afternoon or evening. It is never at the same time and never simultaneously.

This is why it is very difficult to get an appointment with an Escort on Sunday, especially if it has not been booked in advance. You can of course give it a try but the chances are slim because of the Sunday logistics which are often unpredictable …

Likewise, the schedule for the week is officially updated during the night of Sunday to Monday. Sometimes it happens that I have enough time to do it on Sunday morning but it is rare. So to be sure to consult the right schedule for the current week and the week to come, rely on the schedule that is displayed on Monday morning from 6 a.m. and not on Sunday during the day because it may be that some girls who appear available are actually no longer there …

I hope this memo has enlightened you a bit about what’s going on at TVR on Sunday.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 🙂


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Amy : her first TopChef Experience! by Janet


It’s with great joy that Amy is sharing with us her first TopChef Experience which took place tonight in Opfikon (see picture above).

As you perceive in her voice, she is happy, satisfied with this one-of-a-kind experience and above all, glad to have had a great time and to have been able to give pleasure in return.

Here is her message (in German):

What better way to spend time with an Escort while observing them behave naturally and spontaneously?

Consider the TopChef Experience. At TVR, our Models appreciate this service and are happy to spend a lot of time and energy on preparing everything before your arrival in order to make you experience a unique moment!

See you soon Gentlemen, at TVR, of course! 😉


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Janet in a nutshell. by Janet

Dear readers,

Few know me but many often wonder who is behind this voice which speaks German with a French accent and English with an exotic mixture of which one does not always guess the origin …

At the same time open to the world but also very reserved, I am someone who does not like to expose myself too much. I like the tranquility and the quality of life offered by a life in anonymity.

In 4,5 years of TVR, I have never posted anything about me. Today I will introduce myself to you in a brief note. Those who have been following TVR for 4 years will certainly not learn anything from this post. On the other hand, for those who wonder who I am, here you go!


Janet in a nutshell

Age: between 35 and 40 years old

Education: Graduated (Master in Communication)

Profession: Entrepreneur

Ethnicity: African

Nationalities: French and Canadian (soon Swiss)

Astrological sign: Aries (of the month of March)

Top 5 flops: Impulsive, demanding, emotionally independent, frank, suspicious

5 main qualities: Resilient, dynamic, persevering, frank, empathetic

Favorite color: Green

Religion: Atheist

Letmotiv: “Let them talk but never give up”.

Languages ​​spoken & written: French, English, Italian, German

My definition of happiness: In my opinion, happiness in its raw state does not exist. Rather, it is a feeling that we create. For me, happiness is a mental and / or physical state of ephemeral duration that sleeps in all of us and that we decide or not to activate throughout life. We know how to activate the “happiness” bell thanks to a certain state of mind nourished by an acceptance of our life choices and of who we are in the depths of ourselves, while having succeeded in disregarding opinions and gaze of others. Am i happy? It depends on the days. 🙂

The 5 values ​​that matter most to me: Sincerity, integrity, respect, determination, authenticity

My biggest challenge at TVR: The Girls

My greatest pleasure at TVR: Writing (news, articles, blog …)

My greatest satisfaction at TVR: Our loyal clients

Covid-19 vaccinated? No and I don’t intend to.

Sex: Necessary or optional? Necessary and extremely important for everyone’s physical and mental balance. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise …

My favorite drink: I love GOOD wine. I prefer white over red … My loving Mentor always tells me: “Life is too short to drink bad wine!”

If I had to stay 1 year on a desert island, I would bring: my best friend, a solar desalinator and a knife … preferably Swiss! 😉


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Alissa’s interview is online! by Janet

Hello everyone!

As promised, I invite you to discover the interview with Alissa that was recorded yesterday.

Alissa speaks German well and gets by in English.

We are planning to take new photos soon, although I personally find her prettier in real life than in her photos.

Alissa is also very friendly, she has a wide and interesting service and the level of her service is really high.

I invite you to meet her this weekend in Küsnacht-Zürich. 🙂


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Tips for Ladies : How to leave an Escort Agency in a smart way? by Janet

In the world of Escorting, there are three main categories: Escort-Girls who work in Agencies, Independent Escorts and Courtesans.

The vast majority of Independent Escorts in Switzerland started in this industry by working via an Escort Agency, at an Erotic Studio or at a Gentlemen’s Club. Some will become very good independent Escorts, but only a small number of them will have the caliber to one day become an excellent courtesan.

This article is addressed to all those girls who are leaving an Agency to become independent escorts. Some will do very well, some will survive, some will fail because despite appearances, working as an independent Escort is not limited to finding a hotel / apartment, getting a phone number and posting an ad on the internet. If that is all it takes to be successful as an Independent Escort in Switzerland, it would come out and all the girls would choose this path.

In this article, I am not going to talk about how to become an Independent Escort in Switzerland but rather how to leave an Agency properly to start as a Freelancer. Too many proud girls are leaving the Agency which has given them a chance to get started, a name and/or a reputation.

So here is what I advise you not to do when you leave an Agency for fear that over time, this same Agency will turn against you or make your life hard. And most of the time, in this industry, faced with a well-established Escort Agency – that is operating legally and has nothing to be ashamed of – , you have almost no chance of winning if they go after you.

* Do not steal Agency’s clients

You’ve decided to go, no problem. But start from scratch and build your own customers base. Don’t use Agency clients to help you bounce back. It is too easy and unfair. It is wanting the butter, the money of the butter and the smile of the dairyman. Never forget that the clients of an established Agency who are satisfied with the service of that Agency will tend to take the Agency’s side, not necessarily yours. These are the same clients that you kept in touch with who will inform the Agency of your new place of work, of your modus operandi …

* Don’t insult the Agency that once gave you a chance

Whatever the reason you decided to leave that Agency, do it with respect and avoid conflicts. But above all, once you have left, avoid talking badly about this Agency, which at one point made you earn a lot of money. It’s like in the work force. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a “conventional” job, but in the real job market, you don’t criticize your ex-employer in front of a potential new employer. Your negative comments questioning the quality of the services offered by your former Agency, in such a way that they encourage customers to turn away from it. This characterizes acts of denigration and towards these customers, you are finally showing your true personality…

* Use your own text and photos

Many girls – like the one in the picture above- think they are smarter than others. They leave an Agency (without which they would certainly never have made so much money in such a short time) and instead of working with their own text and / or photos, they continue to use the contents / descriptions of the Agency while they are no longer part of it. Why? Their insecurity is greater than it looks and despite of their courage, they are afraid and unsure of earning as much money as they used to at their former place of work.  So to in order to create trouble and confusion among the Agency’s clients (whom they would like to keep seeing), they continue to use the same name, the same text and often the same photos, hoping that these clients will not immediately realize that they are no longer part of that Agency. Very sneaky!

* Maintain your Level

When you leave a Swiss Escort Agency that helped you establish yourself in this market, it is because it was certainly a good one that brought you good clients. When you leave to become an independent Escort, maintain the level of that Agency without which you certainly would not have had the courage to go on your own as an independent Escort in Switzerland. The way you present yourself, communicate with customers, receive your clients must remain the same (or even better) if you want to keep those customers who will perhaps follow you. Your workplace should be aligned with what made your reputation. Do not neglect the district/area where you receive your customers! Here in Switzerland, there are places where no client of a certain standing will ever come to see you, even if you think the opposite … As the saying goes, the three most important things in a local business are : “Location, location and location!”

* Be very vigilant with your prices

There are girls who really think they are smarter than the rest (see image above). As an Independent Escort in Switzerland, they still rely on the clients of the Agency hoping that thanks to them, they will continue to make money but increase their rates in a disproportionate way and hope that these regular clients (clients they desperatly need) will rush on them, no matter how much it costs because they are so special … Nonsense and not very rational. The right price is a subject that I will cover soon in another article. I am not against a price increase, but in my opinion, it must be done at the right time and must be justified, especially when you live in a country where price for sex is two or three times cheaper than in Switzerland. Ladies, you must stop taking Swiss customers for idiots, especially in the difficult economic, social and health context in which we all currently find ourselves.

To conclude

I will close this chapter by insisting on the fact that I am for the emancipation of Escort-Girls. On the other hand, I believe that as in any other industry, parting with an employee or an employer must be done with respect and good judgment. It goes both ways.

If you don’t get in its way, the Agency will have no interest in hindering yours. In Switzerland, prostitution is a legal and a regulated activity. Well-established Erotic Agencies, Clubs and Erotic Studios are legally established. Why should you have a provocative and unfair attitude towards an Agency that has enough information about you to put you in troubles ?

And if you owe money to this Agency, pay your debts before leaving and behave in such a way that, that Agency/Club/Erotic Studio has nothing to reproach you once you are gone.

The best is always to leave on good terms and go your own way because as the German proverb says : “We always meet twice in life …”.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Livia, soon the youngest at TVR! by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

Hope you are having a great vacation!
Everything is going well at TVR. Few Models are present now but soon, the others will return from vacation…

Among the new Models that we will welcome in August at TVR, there is Livia (selfie above and video below):

Livia is French, she was born in 2002 (she is 18 years old), is 171cm tall and is brand new in this industry. She will be traveling to Switzerland for the first time in a few days. Her profile will be online early next week and her photos will normally be taken on August 14th.
Livia has a 100% natural body, a pretty face, no tattoos, no piercing, she speaks French and English, and is a student in the South of France.

I will tell you more about her very soon!

Warm Greetings,


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