Soon, Melodie at TVR. by Janet

Dear readers,

Melodie is coming to TVR soon.

Perhaps her name and profile tell you something … Maybe have you already met her or her photos have not left you indifferent …

Melodie comes from the French Caribbean. Therefore she speaks French and gets by  in English and German.

She is a ebony mature woman. She has an unusual body, a nice personality and values discretion. By the way, her breast is 100% natural (silicone free).

Melodie welcomes you in the week of November 8th, privately and discreetly in Rheineck.

Her profile will be online early next week.


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Flavia : 1st TopChef ! by Janet


Having my first TopChef experience a few days ago, was like “ Mamma Mia”!😃


It was a nice evening with great laughs, wonderful wine and great food. It’s such a good experience to relax after work and get a bit more closer.

I loved the experience and cooking for my dear guest was wonderful. A evening to be remembered.

Dear Guest, you were amazing with your choice of wine and a beautiful gift!

Shall we try Japanese next time? 👩‍🍳😃


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Dana had her first TopChef Experience yesterday! by Janet

Hello Gentlemen,

I’m not the type of person who writes much. Therefore, I will just share a few lines with you.

I had my first TopChef Experience yesterday in Biberbrugg ( by the way, I like that area and the apartment too) and it was amazing! This kind of encounter takes it to another level where me and my client could be more ourselves in a “daily situation”.

Anyway, it was really great and I will be happy to repeat the experience when I will be back to Switzerland (end of November).

Thank you dear Martin for the nice gift! You seem to know very well what women like! 😉


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They left TVR in Sept-Oct 2021 by Janet

Hello dear Readers,

A little bit of turn-over is not that bad for an Escort Agency. Lately, here are the Models who left TVR:


She has always been a nice girl providing a great service. However, somehow, I never felt her totally “free”, without really being able to prove it. There was always someone around: a friend, a driver, a boyfriend …
In short, this Sunday, October 24, it was the drop that made her vase overflow. The story is a bit long so I won’t go into details but all of you who read my blog know my position regarding this topic…

On the other hand, I am sure that if Alissa was free of her actions, she would have behaved differently tonight and would not have blocked me by telling me, out of the blue (certainly being under pressure from someone else) that she is leaving TVR. I really wish her all the best because she deserves it but I doubt that the current entourage that she has chosen in this industry is something healthy for her. She has undoubtably gone back to that studio where she used to work before joining TVR… Good luck Alissa!


Giulia had started well at TVR but her very independent and sometimes indecisive personality led her to return to work sometimes in studios, sometimes in clubs, sometimes in a single bedroom as an independent. You may have certainly seen her again elsewhere in Switzerland. Anyway, she is a kind and intelligent girl and I wish her the best.


Lorena was recommended by a TVR client. Although a little skeptical at first because I was convinced that she would not stay with us for long. Indeed, I was not mistaken … Lorena works regularly in München, Germany.


After spending a year at TVR, Lena decided to leave … well, not quite alone anyway. I wish her the best!


I liked this girl, but for some reason I never found her very comfortable at TVR. Being used to working in Germany, I believe that TVR’s expectations were not always to her liking and she also lacked patience and commitment. However, her service was impeccable and the customers extremely satisfied. Pity she decided to leave!

But don’t worry, news Models will join soon! 🙂


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When being a private working girl isn’t necessarily being „Independent“… by Janet

Greetings Janet!

Here’s a story which needs to be handled with the outmost discretion:

As You might remember, there was this girl *****, who wanted to work with TVR but was redirected to me. For about half a year, ***** was a very reliable and clean lady. All rental payments were always made in advance too. Unfortunately things have changed a lot and the last time she arrived, it caused huge trouble between her, *** and me.

The ladies were getting along most of the time and *** managed the keys for the Loft when I wasn’t there. Now, a few days ago, ***** wrote me at ten o’clock in the morning that she’s on her way from Germany to Switzerland. I offered her to meet at the border in Basel to give her the keys and take the rent but she declined and said she doesn’t know when she’d arrive. This happened on Saturday. The same day, at midnight she told me she had arrived at the Loft but *** wasn’t there to open for her… I tried to bring some humour in this very unpleasant situation by asking how come she needed 14 hours to get there, knowing Germany love for 150mph on the highway…  Anyway of *** was long gone- she had waited for ***** until 10pm.

So ***** drove to me (Canton Basel) to get the key and arrived at my place at 1:20 a.m. I offered her a place to stay and rest but she again declined and drove another hour, back to the Loft (which is in Canton Luzern).

Two days later she wrote me about a water incident in the apartment and complained that everything was a mess. The truth is: I was the last person in the room as a coincidence because I had to sleep there after an event. And the water problem was only ever one, when she was working there. The landlord had sent a plumber who didn‘t find any problem but still wanted 500.- for that short visit.

So the complaints continued, also with the mentioning of a low turnout in clients. Somehow *** got into touch and at one point mentioned the new boyfriend of ***** being in that flat. Now I bet You already understood the situation and so did I. I announced my visit to get the rent but she declined, mentioning a client who supposedly fell down in the room. And said that she didn’t make enough money so far. So I said how much she’d offer as an „olive branch“. She said it will be nothing, so I said, she gotta leave.

The next day she wanted to meet and bring her new boyfriend with her, whom, *** already told me, was a business intimate with knowledge and experience. We met at a public location to discuss and bargain. ***** told me she could pay me a little. As You can imagine, him being the „typical German know-it-all „wanted to take over my Loft and the whole building. I told him, that we have certain laws here in Switzerland and that he had to deal with me and make me a good offer. He had a lot to say and promises, but I told him, that here it’ll be all papers, contracts, signatures and cash. He already was in talk to buy that new Shippi bar on the ground floor… At the end of that funny conversation, I said: „And now I want my money.“ She was already opening her purse when he interjected and said he needed a flight back to Germany and thus took the money.

From Monday to Saturday, ***** had at least four clients and she works on a 300/350 per hour minimum. If I can count, we’re talking about at least 1200.- I didn’t point that out, I assumed that money was already in the gutters. They even asked me to help out with my credit card. Nice try!

***** asked me if she could stay two more days to make some money and because I am a nice guy, I said yes. Well, she fled a day later and took the key with her, which is nowhere to be found and she’s neither. Wherever she is, she’s probably taking care of her boyfriend‘s finances.  So that’s my personal latest story with „Pimping Boyfriends“.

L.R. – Manager of Rental Apartments for Working Girls

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Agatha is back! by Janet


Hi everybody,

After months of absence, we are happy to see Agatha again!

Lovers of women with a natural body will love Agatha, if they don’t know her yet. Agatha speaks German and English and enjoys the company of kind and distinguished men.

In her profile, 8 new photos, all recent have been added.

Agatha (who is still enjoying her holidays – see videos) will be back in Switzerland this Saturday and it’s in Flamatt (FR) that you will be able to meet her for two weeks.

Don’t miss her! 😉


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Here is Athena… by Janet

Dear Gentlemen,

Here is another Brazilian girl who is getting ready to join TVR!

Athena is 30 years old, speaks Portuguese and Spanish very well and gets by in English.
She is a pretty girl … don’t you think so? 😉

Her profile will be available on the website by the end of October in order to anticipate her visit to Switzerland scheduled for the beginning of November 2021.

She will be in Switzerland for about 2 weeks and will certainly spend 1 week in the Zurich region.

Try not to miss her! 🙂


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When bullying is the only thing they still can do … by Janet

Dear readers,

This morning, an excellent TVR customer contacted me a little disturbed by this message he received via WhatsApp. It’s intentionally that I did not hide the phone number because I believe that this kind of practice should not be protected but rather exposed to all of us.

For those who do not understand German, I summarize briefly. This message is a threat. The person is presenting himself as a member of the mafia and wants money from the client. In return, he promises to leave him alone. If he refuses, he threatens to contact his family. I reassured our client by telling him that this type of message does not surprise me and does not scare me either. It’s intimidation. I advice him to ignore it and block the sender.

Indeed, these are the indirect consequences linked to the restrictive measures of the Covid … The sex industry is of course not spared and is certainly one of the sectors most seriously affected by this crisis which began in 2020 and which is not about to end.

More than 8 out of 10 girls have a Pimp. More than 7 out of 10 girls who work in Switzerland come from eastern countries. These men have got their hands on these girls who must bring them money. But since the Clubs, Studios and Champagne Bar are facing an unprecedented crisis, the incomes of these men have of course fallen and that does not help their business. So they have to find other ways to get money….

Very often, they have a foreign number but from a country in the European Union (Spanish, French, Dutch…), a country where it is easier to obtain a telephone number anonymously and a country which inspires more confidence than numbers of some other countries whose names I will not mention.

Dear Gentlemen, when you contact a girl, you think that because she answers her phone herself that she is really independent … You are wrong. In the 5 years that I have been managing TVR, I have been faced with multiple situations which have proved the contrary. What I’m going to tell you will certainly shock you, but in reality in Switzerland most working girls who have a pimp are working :

* In Clubs / Bar (these places get all these girls thanks to Pimps networks. This is also why all the girls you will meet in such places are coming from the same countries…)

* On the street (a girl does land in the street on her own. She may end up staying there by choice but in the vast majority of cases, a pimp has put her there)

* In a room / apartment that she rents by the week (many of you are very naive. Just because a girl answers the phone herself does not mean that she is free and does this job on her own will. Pimps also prefer girls who work alone in their room / apartment because they have more control over the girl, over her schedule, over her actions. Some even invite themselves into their room / apartment when they want, whether she agrees or not, call / WhatsApp them 20 times a day to find out how much money they have made …). Sometimes while you’re with her he’s hidden in the next room. He controls, hears everything and imposes his presence without you even noticing it.

A girl who answers the phone by herself, a girl who only answers by text (usually a man / pimp who takes the appointments for her) does not mean that she does this job freely. And from these guys who are only interested in money, these girls have a lot of pressure and feel obligated to do everything (very low prices, sex without a condom, no regard for hygiene …) to bring back a little bit of money for fear of being hit, threatened or even raped.

Escort Agencies and Erotic Studios are less popular with these Pimps because they have usually less control over their victims. Against all odds, you will find a lot of girls working in Agency and Erotic Studios who are really there of their own will.

As for independent girls, you should be very careful because despite appearances, many are in fact not as independent as they claim…

Anyway, here are my few tips for you Gentlemen living in Switzerland and who visit Escort Girls regularly:

* Never contact an Escort with your personal number. Me for 5 years now, I have been been using three phones which I permanently have with me. I have no other choice to preserve my privacy.

* Prefer a girl who receives you in private, whom you already know or who works in an Agency / Erotic Studio which inspires you confidence.

* Do not contact an Escort who does not have a Swiss number or who only takes appointments by text / WhatsApp. This is generally not a good sign.

* Avoid certain nationalities. Sad to say but unfortunately the number of exploited girls from some specific countries is extremely high. They are beautiful, young, often do not speak / very little English / German and seem to be happy to be there by your side but in fact they are in pain, sad and afraid.

* Don’t go too personal with an Escort, even if you feel good in her company. Have fun and keep it friendly but remember that’s a business, after all.

At TVR, I go to great lengths and make sure to manage this agency with a lot of ethics and respect for girls, even if financially, it is not always profitable because for me, a good reputation is something invaluable. Over the years, many girls have taken advantage of my kindness/generosity, but many others have appreciated it (thanks God!). Some clients sometimes don’t endorse my decisions because they don’t understand how this industry really works. They only see the tip of the Iceberg.

You don’t care? If you want to contribute indirectly to Human Trafficking, that’s your problem and that of your conscience. As long as the TVR Agency will exist, I will make sure that it only represents girls who are here because they want to be here.

Some will tell me that TVR doesn’t have the prettiest girls compared to other places. What do I answer to that? Beauty is very subjective. On the other hand, at TVR, the level of service, the hygiene and the ethic of work are very high compared to what you will find elsewhere. Why? Because at TVR, we truly care. As simple as this.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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What’s the most difficult in being an Escort? Robi shares her opinion. by Janet

Dear Readers,

Today, I would like to answer a question I have often been asked by girls who wanted to entert he industry. They are sometimes very unsure about becoming an Escort.

They often have an indecisive attitude and need to be reassured before taking that big plunge.

When I am asked for advice, I tend to be frank because at least they are better prepared for the reality that awaits them.

What’s the most difficult in being an Escort?

That’s the question I’ve heard the most from the newbie girls and I thought it could be interesting to share with you my opinion on the subject based on over 10 years experience …

As some of you may know, I started my career as an Escort in my early twenties and since, the answer to that question remains the same.

According to me, the hardest part about being an escort is being able to separate friendy/respectful clients who enjoy your company and who know how to appreciate the value you bring into their life and the rude ones who are killing your time and sometimes make you want to stop doing this job.

Even now, in an age of emancipation, many men who visit Escorts and are seeking sexual encounters do not consider the industry as a necessary «service» for the society, but rather as something obscene and shadowy.

That’s what a vast majority of men think about Escort girls in Switzerland.

Me personally, I love my job. I’ve been an Escort for many years and I still love it as much as when I started (maybe even more). I tend to be a perfectionist and I like to do my very best when I meet a client. I have a deep feeling of satisfaction when I see a spark of joy in people’s eyes as I invite them on another adventure into my boudoir life as an Escort.

I have experienced so many different behaviors from clients towards me, by phone and in person, that having an amazing and good date with a pleasant counterpart is a blessing.

Gentlemen, when you choose to book me, your physical appareance is not important, the time you decides to spend in my company is not important, your ethnicity/skin color is not important, your language skills are not important. What matters is your willingness to want to live «in the moment »while being with me because while being with you, I put everything on the side as my sole purpose is to focus on that moment, live it intensively and make sure you are happy when comes the time to say goodbye. Seeing you happy, makes me happy. Kindness, humor and respect are my favorite gift. Please, bring them along when you come to visit me so that together we create, certainly what will be, the best moment of your day.

I must admit that 60% of the clients who contact me are not very pleasant people because they have a demeaning attitude towards me (and I know that many of my other Escort friends do experience the same). Thanks god there are still exceptional clients and when you have a bit of experience in this industry you are able to grab their attention, entertain them mentally and sexually and make them want to come back for more!

Most of the clients I have had the opportunity to meet at TVR have been grateful, reliable and well-mannered so far, and I am very happy about that. Last but not least : I love to be an Escort  as I can see the healing power that my positive attitude, my touches, my sweet words and my devotion to fulfilling fantasies have had on many Gentlemen who chose to visit me over the years.

Thank you to all of you! 🤗


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