Let’s talk Porn! by Janet

In December 2017, I posted on TVR an article that I found very interesting, published in a British newspaper. For those who have never read it, here it is (available only in English):

Watching Porn?

Today, a TEDx video caught my attention and made me think of this article. Therefore, I’m sharing with you this inspiring, important and very informative video:

I am convinced that the evil (moral, physical, psychic) ​​that women in general and sex workers in particular constantly suffer is directly linked to the degrading image that pornography reflects of women.

No gentlemen, real sex is not what you see in porn movies and no woman finds it arousing to be seen as a piece of meat.

Let’s talk about this and choose to no longer contributing to an offensive and obnoxious industry which damage the image men have on women and which considerably lowers the image that woman have about themselves.

Are you addicted to Porn? Anything you can’t quit is an addiction…

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Escorts in uniform: the most popular sexual fantasy among men. by Janet

To fulfill a fantasy or just for the fun of erotic games, here in a nutshell, are the most requested fantasies requested by clients of Escort Girls.

Sneakers, a comfortable and close-fitting outfit that draws the curves of a sporty and well-maintained body… many men dream of it!

Having a young woman who, in addition to being pretty, would be entirely devoted to tending to your wounds, that is what the fantasy of the nurse is based on. The cherry on the cake? She wears nothing under her blouse…

The Lolita schoolgirl (selfie above, one of our Escorts in schoolgirl outfit: Daniela), the pleated skirt, short top and knee-high socks combination is a classic and remains at the top of male fantasies. It’s the outfit that sends these gentlemen back to their first emotions and it’s also the most popular Escort uniform.

The secretary’s suit leaves very few men indifferent. Because behind this strict and elegant look, the boss-subordinate relationship is strong and stimulates the dominant-dominated fantasy that men love so much…

Is it the neat outfit or the fact of having no choice but to put their lives in the hands of this charming young woman who smiles at them? The beautiful stewardess always makes men’s heads spin!

Where does this rather marginal fantasy come from? I have no clue! On the other hand, I can assure you that it’s regularly requested by Escorts customers. They want to see her in the morning, without makeup, without stockings, without heels (barefoot or with socks), without artifice. Just natural, in her pajamas.

Rather a popular fantasy in the United States, the cheerleader is a bit of a mix of lolita, athlete and pillow fights on the bed. A true icon of American popular culture, she drives imaginations crazy and feeds fantasies. So much so that today we see it above all as an object of erotic fascination.

What do these characters all have in common?

An association between the inaccessible and the forbidden. Such is the vocation of fantasies: to bring to life in the imagination scenarios that could hardly take shape in reality.

It’s often said that you have to avoid fulfilling your fantasies in order not to be disappointed and to keep a part of the magic. If you decide to do otherwise and your wife/girlfriend/husband is not very enthusiastic, talk to your favorite Escort. The one you feel comfortable with. She will know how to listen to you and your needs…

A quick piece of advice to all Escort Girls reading this article: always have an uniform in your suitecase. The secretary and schoolgirl are by far the most popular among men. You don’t want to miss an appointment just because you did not have that essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe… Do you?

The fantasy world doesn’t really have any standards or boundaries and the object of desire can sometimes be unusual. Indeed, human sexuality is a complex thing. The contents of fantasies can be very varied. The fantasy is sexual if it provokes, accompanies, arouses excitement. However, its content is not necessarily sexual. Fantasy content is not the result of chance: it’s inscribed somewhere in the personal history of the individual concerned. Like a seed that germinates in fertile ground… So it can be anything, but never nothing.

And you Gentlemen, what is your fantasy? 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Lydia: “I may not be perfect, but I won’t trick you.” by Janet

Imagine a situation: you finally have such a rare day, an ideal time free from work, duties, routine, when you can do something pleasant, something to please yourself and relax.  As the Danone ad says – “let the whole world wait.”  One of the types of stress relief or leisure activities may be visiting a professional girlfriend. But once you finally make up your mind, everything happens exactly as in the advertising. Expectations don’t match reality.

You go to that Escort portal everybody knows in the German part of Switzerland (it may not be your favorite one, to me far from being the best, that’s for sure but it’s the biggest).  You pick a girl. You contact her. Get ready to meet her.  You put off all important and not important matters and make an appointment.  With anticipation, dopamine level is off the charts. But when that girl opens the door, dopamine level and other vital signs plummet. You’ve met a completely different person.  How do you feel?  If the girl turns out to be better than the fake photos, you can consider yourself being lucky. And if not?  Well, some people like the effect of surprise, while others can remain frustrated for a long time…

This is exactly what I wanted to share with you today, after Janet and I agreed that it is authenticity and transparency (as far as possible) that distinguishes our agency from others. This is not white coat syndrome.  We do not want to expose others for their dishonesty. We are just offering an alternative….  And again … not for everyone, but for those few who care how and with whom such rare hours of leisure are spent, who care about the level of interaction and about what type of aftertaste (sweet or bitter) will be left behind…

I can put my shoes into the ones of a man who visits an escort not only because he has a need to satisfy primitive biological needs, but for whom it is a kind of leisure as well.  It’s like going to a restaurant.  And how unpleasant it must be when you are fooled by impersonating someone else?

I’ve met girls in this industry who had actually several different profiles on that popular website everybody knows. Different names, different phone numbers, different pictures which all convert to the same girl who has even gotten the label “verified” on her fake profiles…

But what drives women to create numerous fake profiles? Here are the six reasons which cross my mind:

* They want to attract more customers.

* They want to remain anonymous.

* They are not sure if they can attract customers with real photos.

* They don’t want to waste their time and resources on an authentic portfolio.

* They are not sure of the service they provide (or, on the contrary, don’t/can’t provide, because at any time they can change their number, change the stolen photos to others…).

* They feel more secure operating that way.

Talking to my colleagues who practice aggressive marketing such as creating numerous fake accounts, I realized that most of them hate what they do. And they do it just for the money. This is by and large just self-violence due to the impossibility of finding another way out of a difficult financial situation. Nobody forces them, they force themselves. And they hate themselves for it. As well as clients who become accomplices in this process without even knowing about it. All this initially incorrect and unconscious approach generate, instead of pleasant moments shared with someone, a cascade of negative emotions, prejudices and demonization of our industry.

And in order not to end on a negative note, I want to remind you that I am not perfect, but I am always me and I won’t trick you.  My photos are real. As well as the photos of all my colleagues of TheVelvetRooms. Our portal is not perfect … but it is … uniquely authentic!

And I am glad that it gathers more and more people with similar views, respecting themselves and those around them, striving for a healthy level of interaction and pleasure, with the Models they choose to spend quality time with.

Dear skeptics, cynics and Pharisees, thank you for taking the trouble to read my article right up to here!  I would be glad to hear your point of view on this matter if we get the chance to meet.

A last word to my dear regular customers: I’m glad that my work has provided me with the opportunity to meet such successful, interesting, positive, intelligent, intellectual, delightful and, no doubt, unique people! 🙂

Your Lydia

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