TVR : from March, 1st 2022 on Twitter! by Janet

For those who don’t know it yet, Edra has joined TVR on February, 1st, 2022 as a Digital Marketing Assistant and she will be contributing to the launching and positioning of TVR 3.0 as soon as the new Concept goes live. She’s been working on it for over 3 weeks now. One of her responsibility will be to take care of the Twitter account of TVR and bring it live to make it’s interesting and entertaining as possible.

Two years ago, TVR tried to go on Instagram but it was a total flop for two main reasons:

– It was not the right social media platform for our concept

– the person in charge back then (Chantal, I don’t know if you guys remember her) rapidly lost motivation and interest in managing our Instagram account. She probably realized pretty quickly that it requires work, consistency and diligence to build and maintain a social media image with a valuable contain. Therefore, we had to close our Instagram account after only a few months of activity.

For TVR, daring to be on Social Media, someone should be appointed to it. Edra is of another “league” and the Twitter Editorial Calendar (meaning that what will be posted has been thought over, planed and scheduled a few weeks in advance. So, no spontaneous and unimpactful publishing) she has provided for TVR speaks from itself. She shows great interest in Digital Marketing and will be the one taking over the TVR on Social Media strategy.

Thanks to its qualitative contain, our TVR Twitter account will have three main aims:

* promoting our website to potential escorts (especially those who are already very active on Social Media)

* having a permanent exposure on an international scale (outside of Switzerland)

* attracting more upscale clients (especially those living overseas) who may visit our website during her trip to Switzerland

Of course, it’s a process and all won’t happen over night. However, if TVR Twitter account is strategically well managed, it will undoubtedly gain the exposure TVR needs to be known internationally by Escort Girls and International clients. It will then inevitably have a positive impact on the traffic we will gain on our website, which logically will lead to more business for our Models. TVR is counting on Edra’s dedication and her creativity mixed with a hard-working mindset, to make that happen!

If you are a social media user, please, follow TVR on Twitter (The Velvet Rooms (@The_VelvetRooms) / Twitter (! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies : How to get longer bookings as an Escort? by Janet

A few of them dream of it, others have already made it their way of working and for some, spending more than an hour with a client is a real source of stress.

Ideally, most Escort girls prefer to see a handful number of clients, for a few hours or even a few days.

In fact, long appointments are not made for all Escort Ladies. Some perfectly match the profile of the girl being taken to evening events and finer dates, to long weekends or even on a trip. However, many have – by will or in defiance – requests that rarely exceed the hour.

If you are an Escort who would rather spend 6 hours with 1 client than meet 5 in the same time frame, then this article is for you.

How to get longer appointments as an Escorts? Here are some pointers.

Watch your image

Surely you know the French proverb “Habit doesn’t make a monk, but we recognize a monk by his habit”. Well, in the world of the Escorting it’s quite the opposite. The image that your photos reflect of you is extremely important and you have no room to slip up as you could lose a lot of money. Your picture only has a few seconds to capture the attention of the customer.

Men are much more visual than women and when a man is looking for an Escort girl, the photos often decide whether he clicks on your profile or not. If you want to appeal to a specific clientele who has the time, money and desire to spend more than two hours with an Escort, you need to take care of your image first. People who can afford a lot in life tend to be around and seen with people who are similar to them. So, try to adapt and fit in. Choose elegant and natural photos in situations (that present you in situations of daily life but also in public places: restaurant, museum…). The less you look like a sex worker, the more men will want to spend extended time with you.

Manners and languages

It’s not necessary to have a degree, to speak several languages, to be cultured or to express yourself well to become an escort. That’s true. On the other hand, if you want clients who may come back to you and systematically spend more than 2 hours with you, then interesting conversations and good manners help a lot indeed! Generous clients dislike appointed princesses and prefer discreet, attentive women from whom they can even learn something.

Upgrade your minimum time

I understand very well that depending on the local market and the type of service offered, it is sometimes difficult not to offer very short appointments (less than an hour). But if you feel ready to make that change in order to attract clients interested in longer appointments, then start your services with a minimum booking of 90 minutes. It is obvious that this change may cause you to lose some customers (although you could keep the same terms for your regular clients and apply your new terms to new customers), but what is certain is that you will gain new valuable clients over time. Those who better fit the type of experience you want to offer.

If I would decide to work as an Escort, personally I wouldn’t even think of offering any service under 90 minutes. This does not mean that all customers who book less than 90min are not good clients, no, not at all. It has nothing to do with it. It’s simply a matter of quality of service and being able to “connect” with your client and having enough time to create a unique moment between the two of you that will make them want to come back. Sorry but you can’t achieve much in a 30 min appointment.

Mention longer bookings in your ads

Whether it’s on your blog (if you have one) or in your advertising profile, mentioning the opportunity to spend more time with you is a good idea. If this information is not visible anywhere, obviously you will never have requests for long dates.

But it’s not enough to put a price tag on this service. You need to do more. The best is to talk about it. If you have a blog/website, share what a “Diner Date” with you would be like, describe an evening or a weekend with a unique client like him, talk about the Top Chef special (if you offer it) , tell more about the kind of drinks and food you like, that you have never tried before and would like to discover in nice company… How about a picnic together, a bike ride or a visit to the theater? Make it relaxing, interesting and exciting at the same time!

Promote the bond with your regular customers

Take care of the clients you already have by giving them the attention they deserve, as they are most likely to want to see you for longer dates (since they already know you). Pay attention to details, remember what they like or the last conversation you had with them, take an interest in them (without being pushy or intrusive) and make the connection that will make them want to spend more time with you next time.

Be original

Some escort girls are very energetic and show a lot of imagination. Others offer such a varied service that it’s easy for them to surprise their regular customers each time.

If you don’t find yourself in either of these two profiles, don’t worry. Even if your service itself doesn’t change much, you could still add some originality to it, so your client doesn’t get bored. If your service (even excellent) is too repetitive, some good customers (who may have seen you for 2 hours or more) will not come back. Make sure not to become boring in their eyes.

What to do to remain One-Of-A-Kind with your regular customers? Here are some tips from me: avoid wearing the same dress/underwear twice (this requires some organization and notes), always create a different atmosphere in your apartment (this could be the smell, the candles, the brightness, the background music…), style your hair and your make-up differently, change your perfume/scented cream regularly…). For Incalls of at least 90 minutes, use your imagination to make the encounter unique every single time.

Do you wonder what’s the secret of the Escort Girl who manages to work only with long bookings? Her ability to surprise her customers each time, even the regular ones! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies: Why low prices can scare off Escorts’ clients? by Janet

You’ve certainly noticed that more and more Escorts in the internet are offering their services at low rates.

Why so? They may be entering the business and therefore, have no idea what’s a hourly decent price is in this industry. They might not understand the price market (in the country they are working as an Escort, which probably has a stronger currency than their home country), which lead them to charge any price as long as it’s higher than what they will earn in their native country. Their revenue has dropped considerably so to compensate that lost they are willing to work for cheaper than they used to. Or maybe, they are simply very low-end sex workers who have always worked at rock-bottom prices.

Of course, a product’s price doesn’t always reflect its quality. Although low-pricing strategies can work for some Escorts, they are not a great idea for most of them.

I guess you don’t fit in any of the categories listed above. Your services worth much more than that. You are either a middle-end or a high-end Escort and you want to make sure to avoid the “low-price, low-quality” perception. I completely agree with you on this. Even through slow times and hardships you should stay away from the temptation of sinking your rates and here is why.

Many Escort girls have a significant opportunity to enhance their top- and bottom-line growth by improving their image and their working-style on pricing but choose not to do so. Why? That’s a good question.

While all clients of Escorts love good bargain, low prices can often harm your reputation and the way clients look at you. Instead of getting a service for a great deal, they believe that they get what they’re paid for.

When you are selling your services as an Escort, you want to set a donation that achieves a positive outcome. Did you know that strategic pricing isn’t just about dropping prices? Client perceptions also plays a big role. So, how can you set the right price that works for you and for your client, without looking cheap?

How clients perceive escort girls with low prices?

Well dear, cheaper isn’t necessary better! Indeed, low rates can backfire on you because many clients see low prices as a sign of low-quality service, or as good deals. Meaning that, how your potential clients think about a price is just as important as the actual price of your service.

The thing is to get the right price versus the value of what you are offering to your clients.

How do I increase my rates as an Escort?

Remember that not every man is your ideal client and that’s OK. New price structures can improve your customer relationships and can also be the best way to get rid of unprofitable clients and timewasters.

With the right approach, however, the benefits of a solid pricing strategy far outweigh the fear of losing clients.

Indeed, once you’ve identified what kind of clients you would like to have, you can narrow your marketing efforts to attract mainly these specific clients, leaving them less likely to question your pricing. This is how some Escorts still manage to raise their rates while increasing the value of the experience they’re giving to their clients. They know how to combine value and convenience so the client feel they are getting their money’s worth. Introducing an improved service that’s still competitively priced can increase the odds of successful revenue for an Escort and help build faster your customer loyalty.

To increase your chances of retaining clients while raising your prices, think of rewarding long-term customers with a special rate or an extra-special service they won’t get elsewhere. If you decide to increase your fee, make sure that the value of the service offered to the client increases too. Position your image the right way and be always very transparent in your communication in order to avoid misunderstanding and/or lose existing clients (ex: be transparent and detailed about what’s included in the price).

You want to charge more? OK but the price has to be right. Making sure that your service is different is critical, especially if you want to justify a high price. Watch that you don’t price yourself out of the market. The best is to strive to offer high quality and value at a price comparable to that of the competition and still capture some profit.

Understanding the Swiss mentality

If you are an Escort working in Switzerland or if you are a Swiss touring Escort, try first to understand the way swiss people think as on the long run, it will help you to work better.

Low pricing can affect the volume of your work – up or down. Some escort girls deliberately price their service low to get the attention of clients to whom they hope to sell other more expensive services. But swiss clients sometimes fear the quality of a service is poor if the price is too low. Many look for value and not just for the lowest price. Swiss men who want to meet an Escort girl providing a good service are usually willing to pay the price that the services are worth.

Setting prices too low can convey the message to those clients that your service isn’t as good as other similar Escorts on the market. While low prices may not earn you greater profits, the more of a service you sell the more profit you make (and the more you are putting your mind and body into hardships…). Then again, low pricing may not generate enough profit to cover costs, especially if despite all your efforts, you are still having a low volume of clients. And don’t forget that once you’ve marketed yourself too low in price, it’s often extremely difficult to go back to high rates…

Janet’s piece of advice

Even in the adversity, I would advise you to avoid lowering your rates. Low prices often go hand-in-hand with poor-quality service.Is this the image you want to create for your business?

Instead, concentrate on building up your regular clients rather than cutting prices to make quick money.  Think long-term. With a long list of regular clients, come rain or shine, you will always be fine.  In most circumstances, your clients decide to come back to you because of the benefits offered by your services and how special you make them feel, along with your price. It is rare for the decision to be made based, solely on how much you charge.

Too many Escort girls underestimate the power of pricing, and the unanimous advice from pricing experts in this troubled economy is to price with courage and creativity. In the sex industry businesses where demand has plunged and offer has exploded, slashing prices may be a terrible idea—and it may not be necessary at all.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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