TVR-Members v/s non-Members : Why so? by Janet

For over 3 years now, we have a policy at TVR which diffears from most of our competitors. We foster quality encounters overs quantity and appreciate clients and Models who share the same views as we do.

This policy distinguishes Member clients from Non-members. Being a member on our website is :

* Free
* Anonymous
* Quick and uncomplicated
* Gives you access to a special offers such as the “Combo” and the “TopChef
* Gives you access to our private News section (only for Gold, Silver and Bronze Members)
* Allows you to enjoy the regular rates

Nobody is forced to be a Member in order to visit one of our Models but non-Members are subject to an additional fee which is 50 CHF on top of the regular rates.

This has been like this at TVR for over 3 years now. Thanks to the implementation of that policy, we survived the Covid-19 crises. Thanks to this price policy, our Models are still earning well at TVR, especially those offering a full GirlFriend Experience Service.
Our Model enjoy the quality of clients TVR allows them to meet and the Gentlemen appreciate the level of service they are being given by the Models who represent TVR. It’s a win-to-win situation for both parties, while making sure to keep a high level of service and a solid quality of the encounters.

I can understand that some clients don’t like this aspect of our concept and I respect their position (see picture above. This former client is now part of our Blacklist as it’s clear in his message that he deeply dislikes TVR). Many may have been confortable with our practice before (during the Covid restrictions, some took a great advantage of this system but now are spitting on it, like the author of the messages above) but no longer wish to take part of it. That’s fine. In this case, they should find their luck elsewhere, as they obviously do not value what TVR has to offer. And if they keep on contacting us, this means clearly that we do offer value. But this value should be appreciated by clients and cannot be taken for granted.

As for the TVR-Models, 80% of you are following the policy and it’s a great feeling to see them embracing the sense of belonging to TVR. The other 20% of them are sometimes making things complicated for the team, which leads to having clients devaluating the quality of what our concept has to offer. These Girls should know that this is conterproductive and in the long-term, they are put at a considerable disadvantage, if they want to remain part of TVR.
Please lady, stick to the rules as they are actually made for you, to help you work better, in a safer and friendlier environment and meet nice clients who really care and who will be considerate towards you.

One more thing: remember that the Sex Worker industry is becoming incredibly competitive. Keep your heels and standards high or you will quickly earn less than the cashier of your grocery store, for the same weekly working hours. But the difference between you and the cashier is that her job is considerated as being “acceptable” by the society. Yours not. So, as you can’t make it “acceptable”, make it at least “respectable”.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 

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Ukrainian Escorts : soon in Switzerland. by Janet

Just when we all thought that the end of Covid-19 would finally allow us to regain part of the life we had before March 2020, now a European war takes over and reminds us that in fact, the real economic crisis that we have all been waiting for has just begun.

A two-sided medal

Since the beginning of the conflict, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe has exceeded 2 millions.

As you probably already know, a mechanism allowing immediate protection in the European Union for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict has been approved. This is a one-year residence permit renewable twice in the country of their choice and will therefore allow them to have immediate access to the European labor market.

Switzerland, which is not a member of the European Union, will follow the example of Brussels and abolish the three-month period normally applied before allowing refugees to work. Access to work in Switzerland for Ukrainians will therefore be immediate and thanks to their Swiss work permit, they will also be able to travel freely within the Schengen area (of which Switzerland is a part).

This initiative is two-pronged. On the one hand, it is a remarkable and indisputable humanitarian gesture towards a population that currently needs huge help. On the other hand, these decisions imposed by European governments will have inevitable and questionable repercussions on an already fragile labor market in many European countries and Switzerland is not exempted.

Some countries, such as Switzerland and Luxembourg, for example, have always been considered by foreigners as economic El Dorados. So, in times of crisis or war, these countries are naturally even more popular than the others.

Whether we like it or not, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will obviously accentuate the competitiveness of the job market in certain sectors of the economy and even if the media does not speak about it (not yet), the sex industry will not be spared, quite the contrary.

Russians and Ukrainians in Europe

Russians and Ukrainians are among the most beautiful women in the world. They have always been present in Europe and have always traveled and/or worked there (even illegally). It is well known that many of them have always worked in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium… as an escort but not always legally. Last year alone, more than thirty of them contacted me asking if they could work here in Switzerland. Not holding a European Union passport, I always had to decline.

Very beautiful women

Among their strengths? Their physical attributes. They are very beautiful women. Ukrainian women also have a reputation for being kind, gentle and many of them speak English well. Soon it is easy to imagine that a client will prefer to see a Ukrainian rather than any other girl from another Eastern European country. Especially since the Ukrainians who before this conflict were already traveling all over Europe to work as Escorts already had a solid reputation: excellent service and good value for money compared to the local market. If I were a customer, it is clear that I would let myself be tempted…

The Swiss market now accessible

In Switzerland, there have always been fewer Ukrainian Escorts than in the European Union because the risks and controls are higher here. Indeed, Escorts who do not have a European passport and are caught working illegally in Switzerland risk a fine, the confiscation of all the money earned in Switzerland and an expulsion from the territory ranging between 2 to 5 years.

Since June 2017, Ukrainians with a biometric passport can travel up to 90 days in a row in the Schengen area, without the need for a visa. From now on, all those fleeing the conflict in their country, can work legally in any country of Europe, including Switzerland.

Ukrainian escorts, soon in Switzerland

It is only a matter of time before the first Ukrainian Escorts officially appear in Switzerland. Within 6 months to a year from now, their presence should be felt in the sex industry all over Europe. This will logically put pressure on the competition and because of the recession that we will all face, the number of girls wanting to come to Switzerland to work will simply increase. Between those who will no longer earn enough in their country and those who will enter the industry out of necessity, the competition promises to be very tough.

What to do to continue earning a living as an Escort?

Good question. If you read my blog regularly, this is a question I answer very often.

As an Escort, your income greatly depends on the economic situation. If on top of that, you haven’t been able to retain enough customers, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting out of the game, especially if you’re starting in this industry in the midst of a recession or if your service has been stagnating for years.

For those of you who have been Escorts for a long time and who have a regular clientele, do not rest on your laurels because it is very easy to lose regular clients today.

Make sure to:

* Provide even a better service than before

* Create an offer/service for your regular customers only. Don’t take repeat customers for granted. Just because they come to see you regularly doesn’t mean they’ll always come.

* Invest in your virtual image (photos, videos, website) in order to stand out more easily/faster. When you find yourself on an advertising portal where there are more than 2500 other girls, the chances that good new customers will click on your ad are very slim, unless your profile is really special.

* Invest in your body (stay natural by taking care of your appearance, paying attention to details that often do not leave customers indifferent. These are the details that will make them come back to see you or not.)

* Avoid scattering yourself. Some of you are everywhere: OnlyFans, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Touring Escorts…. Refocus your energy on 1 strategy to maximize your chances of success. Have 1 backup option (in case plan A does not work according to plan) and that’s it.

* Learn how to save money today. Prevention is better than cure. Being an Escort is more and more difficult and uncertain (especially for beginners who do not necessarily have the right body and/or the attitude for the job or for those who have been on the market for too long and struggle to provide a service as good as before).

* Try to project yourself into a long/medium-term future and consider a transition that can take place smoothly when you will be ready for it (do continuing education, learn another job, make a real estate investment, a banking investment, etc.).

To avoid being trapped in an increasingly competitive industry that constantly expects from you a lot more effort than before but for the same earnings, it is important to be pro-active and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by the circumstances. This is especially true if Escort is your full-time job.

Redouble your efforts

If nevertheless, you still want to continue in this industry, so much the better. However, you have to know one thing: you will have to set the bar very high in order to be able to maintain high rates. Because in the very near future, the world of prostitution will have become like that of Social Media. Everyone will be welcome but only a handful of girls will be able to earn their living very well as an Escort. The others (not pretty enough, not young enough, not interested enough in this line of work, not communicative enough, not open-minded enough…), despite all their efforts and their head full of dreams, will only contribute to strengthening the reputation of those Escorts who are already well established.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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You recognized your client in a public area: how to behave? by Janet

Last Saturday, something weird happened to me. I had just finished checking-in a Model who joined TVR a few days ago. My last piece of advice being shared, I left the place quickly because her first appointment was expected 10 minutes later.

I greet her, wish her a nice afternoon and head for the exit. At the front door, someone was waiting at the door (which is always locked in the afternoon). I didn’t particularly pay attention to him because meanwhile I had received a call and already had my headset in my left ear, attentive to my interlocutor, on the other end of the line. So, I quickly pass the door, leave the building and go to my car, parked just in front.

I had barely opened the car door when I heard someone call my name: “Janet! Janet! Janet!”

In fact, I understood that he was already shouting my name for a few seconds already, but I hadn’t realized it immediately since I was on the phone. When I noticed that it was in fact the client of the Model who was almost 10 minutes before the schedule and who had somehow guessed that it must have been me, Janet who was leaving this building (I specify that it is someone I have never seen and who has never met me), I was doubly shocked.

At this precise moment, he continued shouting my name in the middle of the street while I opened the door of my car and prepared to drive off. Embarrassed, I was confused in my head but I chose to ignore him. Without looking at him, without turning around, I simply asked myself: “How can a regular customer behave in such a disrespectful way?” As I asked myself this question, I heard knocking on the window on the passenger side. It was this guy who continued to shout my name and sought a reaction from me, which he never got.

I had chosen to behave as if he were invisible, to act as if nothing had happened, as if I had seen nothing, heard nothing in order to preserve my identity, in this district of Zurich where I use to live and where I am almost every day.

This experience still leaves me speechless today. This client tried to call me a bit later, I preferred not to pick up. Today, it is possible that he still does not understand my reaction which for me could not be clearer.

Maybe he just wanted to greet me, introduce himself but his insistent, pushy and obvious attitude was a NO-GO, in my opinion.

All this happened in less than 1 minute. This experience was very unpleasant for me. This is why I would like to share with you some advice that I consider essential to know if you ever meet by chance your client or your Escort in a public place:

* If she/he is accompanied, it’s preferable to remain indifferent. Indeed, you don’t know what the accompanying person represents for him/her or if he/she is aware of his/her private life. Indifference is not a form of rudeness in this case but rather a mark of respect.

* If he/she is alone and the context permits (isolated, no people around), a discreet sign of the head as a greeting, together with a timid smile, is sufficient. Nothing more. Don’t go to her/him. Why? You don’t want to make him/her uncomfortable. You don’t know if this is the neighborhood where he/she lives in, you don’t know if he/she wants to talk to you at this specific moment.

* If he/she approaches you in an unsolicited way (he/she walks towards you or shouts your name): either you ignore him/her and change direction (leaving is the best way to avoid an unwanted confrontation), or you shake your head  as a way of saying no and he/she will understand that at this precise moment, you don’t want him/her to entrain your vital space without your consent.

* If someone calls you from afar by screaming your name (I am thinking here especially of Escorts because in general, Escorts don’t necessarily remember the names of their customers but clients rarely forget the names of Escorts they have seen regularly), especially do not look back. He will call you by your Escort name which (in most cases) is not your real name. You have no reason to turn around, especially not in public. Carry on as if nothing had happened.

Independent Escorts in Switzerland, particularly those who work at a certain standing, want discretion at all costs. Clients who trust an Escort also prioritize discretion. This discretion is not limited to the four walls where the dates take place but also outside, in public spaces, whether during an official or unexpected encounter.

Clients or Escorts, we all have a private life that we wish to protect or that we don’t want to see exposed to anyone/anywhere/anytime. Whoever we choose to be during a date with an Escort or during an appointment with a client is often a character slightly different from who we really are.

Vital space – this invisible protective bubble, this distance that we unconsciously impose on ourselves and which varies according to the people and the context in which they find themselves – is a sacred territory that each of us possesses and which is necessary for our well-being.

Bare in mind that i’s not because an Escort/client willingly let you cross their vital space at a given time that you have the right to cross it whenever you feel like it.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Why becoming an Escort is more challenging than ever before? by Janet

There was a time when being an Escort was even more taboo than it is today. The media coverage of the industry and its democratization via the Internet has made this work more accessible, less taboo and more exposed.

Having more girls getting into the sex business also means more competition and that pushes prices down.

To hope to earn properly in this profession, you have to make efforts that were not necessary 10 or 15 years ago. In order to earn a very good living, an Escort must become a real organized “entrepreneur”.

So, what are the qualities of a successful Escort? What challenges does she have to face? How to dissociate yourself from the competition? These are the few questions we will try to answer in this article.

The Escort preferred by customers: natural and smart

Contrary to all expectations, the stereotype of the blonde Escort with big boobs and the service of a porn star is definitely a cliché. Admittedly, these girls “catch” the eye of many customers who will certainly let themselves be tempted once or twice, but she’s not the woman who makes them dream. She’s not the one they will go to see again and again on a regular basis.

Customers who have the means, will prefer a girl-next-door (without silicone and without botox in the lips), with natural shapes, short and manicured nails, long hair, wearing discreet make-up and always dressed elegantly. They will also appreciate her communication skills, her hobbies that she likes to talk about (other than shopping and social media), as well as her hospitality, kindness and gentleness. They will always prefer the one who knows how to be discreet, who is 100% an independent Escort and who offers a real GFE experience.

Finally, the Escort they will always go back to see is the one who is non-judgmental, who knows their habits and who offers a very constant service. And this, regardless of the social background where she comes from, her physical appearance or her skin color. If she can make her client feel “special” in her company, then he will always go back to see her, no matter what.

The challenges when starting out as an Escort

Becoming an Escort in 2022 is not a piece of cake! Basically, because of the fierce competition that now exists in the market. Although, there are still far fewer Escorts offering their services than clients willing to pay for these services, clients have nowadays a larger choice than 10 or 15 years ago.

Competition is everywhere: on the internet (specialized websites but also totally amateur sites), in brothels, in Escort Agencies, in massage parlors (which often offer more than what is advertised in the display window), classified ads in free newspapers, dating applications such as Tinder but also the emergence of another form of prostitution: the Sugar-Daddy and Sugar-Baby relationship.

Also, customers tend to be pickier. They pay more attention to details that were of little importance 20 years ago. Today they want their money’s worth. The girl must be beautiful, have generous assets, have an interesting range of services, be able to communicate in his own language, have flexible availability and be responsive. If so, they will look elsewhere.

The economic difficulties the world has been facing for the past 2 years and the upcoming crisis linked to geopolitical conflicts are gradually increasing the cost of living on a global scale. Middle-class customers (who represent the majority segment of Escorts customers) are more cautious about spending. Either they remain regular customers but spend less, or they spend the same amount of money but come less than they use to. In both cases, it’s less money for the Escort.

Finally, the downward pressure that some girls exert on their rates is making the sex market fragile. Some desperate girls are ready to do anything for a few Swiss francs. Indeed, when you have on the same advertising platform price differences that range from normal to bottom-low, it’s clear that things get complicated for those who offer an upscale service. As a general rule, the customer never complains about a price that is too low but will moralize you because of your prices which (yet commensurate with your service) will seem disproportionate to him.

Tips for a good start

Whether your goal is to be an occasional Escort or to make it your main activity, it’s important to understand that you no longer become an established and in-demand Escort in just a few months.

That era is well and truly over. Today patience and consistency are necessary to hope to earn a very good living as an Escort Girl.

So how do you get off to a good start to maximize your chances of being a successful Escort? There are of course a lot of tips to share on the issue but unfortunately, I will not have time to address them in this article. However, here are 6 basic tips that I advise you to follow:

* To get started in this industry, choose a country whose language you’re familiar with (or, if you speak English, where English is not a problem). Communicating and exchanging ideas with customers makes up 50% of the work. This aspect can be a major handicap where you don’t give yourself the best chance of earning well.

* Pick a name and style and stick to it. Men are creatures of habit and routine. When we disrupt their routine, they resist. Do not change your name or style (hairstyle, hair color, dress style, etc.) too often. Create a branding around your image and don’t change it.

* Diversify your service. In order to expand your potential clientele, offer different types of service, being careful not to mix radically opposed services. For example, you can offer in parallel to your GFE service, an erotic massage service. But it is a marketing blunder to offer domination services and simultaneously relaxing massages. These are radically opposite services that will create confusion in the client’s head and he will therefore prefer not to contact you.

* Don’t play yo-yo with your rates. Instead, favor fixed prices (neither too low nor too high compared to the local market) that allow customers to find their way around. Avoid charging more in one city than in another. This is a guarantee of stability for the client and it also reassures him because he knows what to expect financially.

* Retain your regular customers. There are different ways to reward the loyalty of existing customers. How to proceed is up to you. It is essential not to overlook this point because your regular customers represent your guaranteed income.

* Invest in your image. So that doesn’t mean redoing your breasts, buttocks, lips… No, I’m talking about photos, videos, selfies that you have to renew at least 3 to 4 times a year (about every 3 months is the right balance). If you have a website, update it regularly and write a few articles on topics that are important to you. If you are active on social media, choose only one of them and be very active on it. Better to have one with interesting content rather than 3 or 4 that you have trouble managing (and whose inactivity degrades your image instead of improving it).

Being an Escort Girl in 2022: still worth it?

Escorts who are still very successful in this competitive market have become real Business Women. They are not necessarily the most beautiful physically. Above all, they are charming, eloquent, intelligent, organized and dedicated to their Escort work, which they take very seriously and practice as an independent Escort. And if you ask them if it’s still worth being an Escort in 2022, they’ll tell you “yes”! One of them recently confessed me this:

“You know Janet, I’ve been an independent Escort in Switzerland for 5 years. I have my own website and a regular clientele which has allowed me to continue to work well over the past two years (Covid period). And even if it’s true that my income has dropped a little bit, I still manage to earn more than 4000 EUR net per week. Really, I am not to be pitied and I have no intention of changing profession”.

So, a word to the wise. 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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