Why certain Escorts won’t see black men? by Janet

“Sorry but I don’t see black men”.

This phrase may certainly shock you, but for some of you dark-skinned people, it is a familiar response. An unpleasant refrain that you have already heard many times.

And yes, many Escorts do not see black clients. They do not hide it and many of them even show this detail in their ad.

Although it may be entirely understandable that we are not all physically attracted to all ethnies, it may be difficult to accept that an Escort may reject a certain type of client simply because of their skin color.

At TVR, I have often been confronted with this type of questions from certain clients: “Does this Model agree to meet men of color?”, “By the way, I am black. Is it a problem?”.

I have always been unpleasantly surprised by the uncertainties of these customers who preferred to announce their race in order to avoid having to suffer rejection.

Being myself a black woman, this subject touches me particularly. In this article, I will first expose a few reasons why some Escorts have a discriminatory attitude towards black (and/or Arab) clients. I will then share my advice with these gentlemen who feel unfairly excluded so that they can better understand this issue.

Why this “no black men” policy?

Who are these Escorts who refuse to see clients of African, Black American or Arab origin? Among them are caucasians Escorts, Asians but paradoxically, also a lot of black Escort-Girls.

They justify their position by giving a few reasons. Some may be justified, others are sadly ridiculous.

* Fear of the Pimp

Escort-Girls, especially young Independent Escorts are often approached by Black men who are wannabe pimps and who want them under their wing. These Black men are usually in their 20’s and 30’s. Escorts are afraid of these type of guys because they are the most likely to want to play the pimp game. Unfortunately, the negative stereotype of the Pimp man portrayed on TV is young, black, drug dealer and aggressive with a lifestyle matches with those characteristics. These girls should know that a lot of Pimps are white as well. Moreover, a lot of Black men are also successful bankers, entrepreneurs, pilots, engineers, university professors…

* The fear of catching a disease

What the hell are you talking about? I’ve heard this stupid argument, many times. It’s just confirmed the idiocy of these girls and their low intellectual level. Girls who themselves do not get tested regularly. You would be surprised to know how many sex workers in developed countries have no knowledge or curiosity to learn about sexually transmitted diseases. It’s almsgiving that doesn’t give a damn about charity! For your information, on a global scale, more than 50% of transmitted STDs result from male-male relationships and heterosexual relationships in sub-Saharan Africa. Why do these girls think that being black and well-integrated7established in the West should be a justifiable status?

* Fear of the big dick

Blondes are stupid. White people can’t dance. All Asians are smart. Fat people sweat all the time. Indians smell strong. Black men have big dicks…

These are offensive stereotypes and usually media perpetuate these beliefs and keep them alive forever.

No ladies, not all black men have a big penis. There are differences in size across every race — very short penises and extremely long ones. But, overall, most men fall close to the average lengths, ranging between 14 and 16 centimeters.

The size of a man penis has nothing to do with his race. Individual genes are unique to each person and can influence penis size, as well as hormones and nutrition. Genetic mutations may contribute to penis length and appearance as well.

Prejudices die hard. Faced with Escorts who do not necessarily have a very advanced intellectual level or an open-mindedness that one should expect, this kind of state of mind does not surprise me.

Should I inform the Escort of my skin color?

The fact of having to ask yourself this question is simply “disturbing”. Why should a black, an Indian, an Arab or an Asian “warn” of his origins before contacting an Escort when this is not being expected that from a Caucasian?

Me, personally, I won’t do that. Of course, it is at the risk of finding myself  face to face with an Escort who finally decides not to open the door to me when she realizes that I am a person of color (and she has an issue with that). But personally, I feel that I don’t have to apologize for being the way I am. On the other hand, it will simply mean that she has not deserved neither my time nor my money.

If you prefer not to take this risk and choose to inform the Escort-Girl of your ethnicity, make sure to approach her by breaking the prejudices she may have about black people. Here is what I would advise you to maximize your chances of getting a positive response from her:

* During the first contact, choose to write to her rather than to call. If she has an email address, prefer this means of contact. Watch your writing and your turns of phrase, briefly introduce yourself (age, social status, origin, profession, etc.). Offer to call at her convenience.

* Do not discuss her rates and book at least one hour in her company. Don’t ask her for services she doesn’t offer.

* Arrive at the date on time and dressed very elegantly and remember to bring her a gift together with her donation (in an envelope) that you give her within the first 5 minutes of the encounter.

* Always be polite and listen to her need during the date. Go at her pace.

* Finally, thank her for this beautiful rendezvous.

In short: behave like a Gentlemen. She will certainly not expect that… Why such an approach which is like walking on eggshells to avoid rejection or disappointment? To sweep away prejudices as much as possible.

Deconstruct prejudices

Prejudice is one of the main obstacles to improving human relationships. Lightening your weight completely changes the relationship to others. It allows a real contact and makes possible processes of collective intelligence and the valuation of the contributions of each one.

Many independent Escorts have chosen this status to allow them to decide where, how, when they want to work and what type of clients they want to see (conversely, it is perfectly legitimate for a client to be more attracted to one type of escort than to another.). No one has a say about these choices which are personal to them. Many of them are very open-minded and tolerant. Others, on the other hand (like the vast majority of our populations) let prejudice dictate their actions.

The latter have more or less relevant beliefs. These beliefs are applied to an entire group regardless of individual differences. These Escorts who do not want to see black clients are filled with prejudice, which is natural because it is linked to the functioning of our brain and our life in society. It is therefore impossible to escape it. On the other hand, it is also the primary driver of discrimination. Discrimination that sex workers themselves face, on another scale.

At TVR we do not accept racial/gender discrimination and all customers are very welcome as long as they show respect towards our Models.

However, we are aware that ethnocentric discrimination is very present among Call-Girls. As a customer potentially victim of this discrimination, you have two very simple choices. Either you put your ego aside and contribute to the hard work of deconstructing these common stereotypes, or you move on. Which in my opinion, isn’t such a bad idea either. In fact, you can’t please everyone. In addition, changing mentalities is often an obstacle course, sometimes lost in advance. Save yourself unnecessary anxiety and stress. Her time and service certainly don’t worth it anyway. Instead, turn to those Escorts who accept you as you are.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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What’s happening on the biggest Erotic Portals in Switzerland? by Janet

If you are an Escort who regularly works in Switzerland, you certainly know by heart the different Escort directories in Switzerland where all the girls who work here advertise.

You must have noticed a significant difference between the period before March 2020 and that of March 2022. Indeed, the money you do invest in these advertising Escort sites in Switzerland no longer guarantees in 2022, the calls you use to get in 2020 of these same Escort platforms. If you are one of those who worked in Switzerland before March 2020, you have surely been able to retain a few regular customers. However, to grow properly, any business needs new clients.

Regardless how often you update your profile picture, modify your text, add more photos or change the catchphrase of your ad, nothing helps. The phone remains silent.

But why has it become so challenging for an Escort in Switzerland to acquire new clients?

The Swiss market: uncompetitive despite appearances

Are you complaining that there are more and more girls coming to work in Switzerland? Well what you don’t realize is that in Switzerland, the market is certainly less competitive and more secure than elsewhere. Indeed, in the countries of the European Union, the number of girls who praise their charms is even higher, mainly for 2 reasons:

* The free movement of people and their right to settle and work anywhere in the EU without constraint or without holding an EU passport (a permanent residence from any EU country allows you to live and work anywhere in the EU) makes the market extremely accessible.

* More than half of the countries of Western Europe have either legalized/regulated prostitution (this is the case in Germany, Austria and Holland for example) or tolerates it by letting it evolve in a grey zone (this is the case of Italy for example). This makes prostitution in the EU an activity devoid of criminal penalties (and if any penalties at all, they are minors) for the service providers.

In Switzerland, prostitution is legal and highly regulated. The market here is less competitive than elsewhere in the rest of the EU because only people with an EU passport have easy access to the Swiss marketplace. For a Brazilian or a Colombian Escort-Girl, unless she holds an EU passport, working legally as an Escort in Switzerland is almost impossible for her. While in the EU space, she can travel and work freely just with an EU residency card.

In addition, the criminal and financial risks to which the persons in charge/managers of activities related to prostitution in Switzerland are exposed mean that they prefer not to accept girls who do not have an EU passport.

Finally, life in Switzerland being expensive, the Swiss Confederation is not necessarily one of the very first countries Escorts think of when they want to work in Europe. Unless they know somebody, who has worked there or already have a contact on the spot, without knowledge of the language(s), many do not prefer to take risks and choose to abandon the Swiss adventure or put it off until later.

In short, the competition in Switzerland is less important than elsewhere in Europe, that’s a fact. So why does it seem more difficult than ever before for an Escort to work well in Switzerland?

The EU, economically weakened

For many years, the debt of European countries has been steadily increasing. Some, like France for example, doubled their structural debt between 2019 and 2022 during the period of restrictions linked to Covid-19. In Spain, that debt has increased by 10% in two years.

As the Health crisis is no longer on the agenda, here are the prices of energy, fuel and raw materials that are soaring…and sadly, this is just the beginning.

Despite what all the Western European media tries to make us believe, the price spike is not related to the conflict in Ukraine. The prices increase is linked to the consequences of the unilateral sanctions that the EU imposes on Russia instead of negotiating with it in order to find a consensual solution. And once again, it is the populations who pay the bill for the egocentrism of the leaders.

These consequences are felt in many sectors and the sex industry is not spared. Bills are rising for the middle classes and people have less money to spend on their pleasures and/or non-essential needs. These Europeans who previously worked as an Escort in their own country and/or those who had a regular clientele are facing lower rates and clients who are becoming rarer or who can no longer afford to go see an Escort, even occasionally.

These service providers are seeing their incomes plummet and are looking for other options. Many in possession of a passport from the European Union, consider Switzerland as an alternative. The problem is that more and more of them are coming to Switzerland, which is gradually saturating the Escort market in Switzerland. To the delight of customers? Not necessarily.

And6 and FGirl: are the 2 biggest portals still profitable?

If you work in German-speaking Switzerland, your Escort advertisement inevitably appears on And6. If you work in French part of Switzerland, your profile is certainly on FGirl. These are the two largest advertising portals in Switzerland. But does this mean that all you need to do is put your ad, a nice description and a few photos and your profile will get lots of calls? Well, actually, the answer is: No.

For your information, before the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions, the biggest Sex Portal in the German part of Switzerland had around 1200 to 1400 profiles in its busiest weeks. Today we are in April 2022 and this same portal has an average of 2000 to 2300 girls per week who advertise on their site. And you will see, that number will keep growing…

So, who benefits from all this? The big winners are of course the big sites which see their turnover explode. Paradoxically, Escorts do not see their number of calls double, quite the contrary. The sad reality is that the more girls there are on these portals, the more your chances of making money will decrease. Here are the main reasons:

* The large number of girls has exploded the competition on Escort directories in Switzerland where anyone can insert a profile whose content is generally barely controlled, selected, verified.

* The vast choice makes it harder for customers to choose and takes longer to decide before calling. Good clients, who always value quality over quantity, suddenly have a harder time finding the right girl they’re looking for. The exposure promised by these established Escort sites is therefore seriously compromised, both from the point of view of the client and the girl.

* Hoping to earn some money, some girls lower their rates, which directly affects well-settled Escorts in Switzerland

* Some customers witnessing the prices drop play the same game and no longer want to pay the regular price. They negotiate constantly and contribute to making the job very difficult for Escorts in general and for those of high standing in particular.

* Among this mass of profiles, many girls create several profiles to increase their chances of working, even if it means creating fake profiles. A deceitful and often unprofitable strategy.

Therefore, new Escort-Girls who come to work in Switzerland for the first time find it more difficult to do well compared to those who already have an established clientele. This is why, it is often better for them to start at a place wish has already gained an excellent reputation and which has a secure base of regular customers. Usually these places do well and are appreciated by Swiss customers whose mentality and habits encourage them to stay true to what they already know and where they have already been satisfied.

A multipolar online market ?

Just as a new world is emerging that challenges globalization to make way for a multipolar sphere, the same phenomenon is happening in the world of Escort advertising in Switzerland. The pandemic has put the accent on girls working in private apartments and this is a trend that has remained and will continue to be (which explains the large number of brothels and erotic clubs that have closed in Switzerland since 2020).

The current conflict in Europe has resulted in an impressive number of girls coming to work in Switzerland while the number of clients consuming Escort services in Switzerland is not increasing exponentially.

We can therefore expect the big portals to continue to pick up the biggest share of the cake in terms of profit (because they have no competitors they fear and because they have been established for a long time) but on the other hand, many girls who are looking for exposure and profitability will no longer cover their costs by advertising solely on those platforms. Then will have to look for alternatives.

This situation will result in the ventures of opportunities for smaller Escort directory websites to find their place in this empty market, provided they offer something different and/or complementary that will allow them to dissociate themselves from the larger and to gain the confidence of the Escorts, allowing them to generate the income that the big Escort websites no longer guarantee them.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms




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