Escorts & communication: when written words count. by Janet

For me who loves writing and who is sensitive to words, I have always considered written communication as important as other forms of communication such as oral, gestural and non-verbal communication.

I have also made it a selection criterion. I believe that a “Hello”, a “Thank you” or a “See you soon”, are not forms of politeness exclusively reserved for oral communication. Since the monopoly of social media, a large number of people (and not only the young generation) transgress these marks of respect which often facilitate disagreements, misunderstanding of the message shared or which even in certain cases, reveal quirkiness, ignorance, distance or aggressiveness where there is none.

In this adult industry where clients and escorts strangely prefer not to speak to each other before meeting – while the possibility of exchanging a few words is accessible to them – knowing how to write a clear, concise, polite, well-punctuated SMS/WhatsApp/Email message and with as few mistakes as possible is rather a rare commodity.

They charge 300 CHF an hour but write as if their time was not worth more than 50 CHF. For some who read these lines, it may seem like a trivial detail, but what they may not know is that the way we write, the words we use, the idioms we choose to use and the style of our sentences says a lot about the nature of the service that will be offered to the customer. What they seem to ignore (which goes without saying, however), is that a client with a minimum of education will be sensitive to this kind of detail, which will inevitably influence his decision to meet this girl, or not.

When we are deprived of the crutch of gestures, voice and facial expressions that support our oral discourse, the slightest editorial clumsiness is likely to add fuel to the fire… with a lesser possibility of catching up or even to identify it. In written exchanges, words are wy more charged with meaning as they take on a much greater importance than in the oral.

Here below, discover 5 tips to increase the quality content of your SMS/WhatsApp/Email messages and not appear “Ghetto” (unless this is the desired effect…):

* Always include marks of politeness

“Hello”, “Thank you”, See you later”… It costs nothing and it immediately shows the customer that you are a well-behaved girl.

Beginning with a formula of cordiality is all the more essential as this first sentence privileges the relationship before entering the heart of the matter. On the other hand, do not start with a negation or a term with a negative connotation.

* Answer the question asked

There is nothing more frustrating for a client than asking a question and not getting a response to it. Even if you are not comfortable with this question, try to answer it in a direct or indirect way so as not to appear ostentatious. If, on the other hand, the message addressed to you is written in a vulgar language, it is best not to reply to it at all.

* Avoid overly emotional emoji

To appease the client, escorts tend to overuse emojis such as the heart, the lover… (😘 😍 ❤️). Note that these are strong vectors of communication that can betray you or insinuate things/feelings that you do not necessarily share. My advice: stay professional without overdoing things. Instead, choose emojis that are more neutral (🌹🤗 🌻) and devoid of double meaning.

* Look at your punctuation and minimize spelling mistakes

If you don’t speak the language of the country you work in (or if you speak it badly), use Google Translator (or a similar tool which may not be perfect, but certainly way better than your level in that language). There is nothing more repulsive than a poorly written message, without punctuation and which also contains vulgar or aggressive words. Because of this kind of icy response, some customers won’t even respond to you. Indeed, some clients “judge by the book”.

Note that in this specific context, making minor mistakes in writing in a language which is not yours is not a big deal. On the other hand, trying to write well is highly valued.

Therefore, if you do not master the language, avoid that the words betray you and use a translator to express yourself in writing and to read the client’s response in your mother tongue. This will allow you to translate your answer correctly, to master communication and thus to better manage your appointments. When you work in a country whose language you don’t speak or when you can’t speak English properly, you can’t afford to communicate poorly in writing, in which case this handicap will be reflected in your earnings.

* Refrain from writing in capital letters

A single word in all caps amongst other words gives that word an extra emphasis and draws more attention to itself. A vocal equivalent would be a spoken word that is vocalized louder than other words. This is why writing in all caps is taken as “shouting” via SMS/WhatsApp/Email; shouting is aggressive. Avoid using capital letters at all means while texting with clients.

Finally, remember that regardless the content of the message written, proofreading is indeed the phase that should not be neglected before pressing the “send” button.

Too many Escorts choose written communication to the detriment of oral communication because it seems easier to them when in reality, communicating well in writing is a difficult exercise.

Keep in mind that in any form of communication (including in writing communication), you only have one chance to give a first good impression!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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