Prostitution in Spain: soon to be abolished. by Janet

Haven’t you noticed the number of Spanish escort girls advertising in Switzerland? They have never been so many before and their number won’t stop growing. Have you asked yourself why?

A law that plans to abolish prostitution, bit by bit…

Well, Spain, long known for being one of the laxest countries on prostitution in Europe, now aligns itself with France and Sweden. Indeed, a voted bill accepted by a large majority in 2021 is in the process of being put in place. Have a listen to this: 

Soon, it would make it a crime to buy sex, rent a property used for sex work, help a sex worker to do her job and introduce tougher penalties for pimping – seeking to effectively end prostitution and sex trafficking by tackling demand.

The police have already started ‘cleaning up’ in parts of Spain and advertising that promotes paid sex is now banned in Spain. All websites of this kind are not shut down yet, but it seems that it is only a matter of time.

It’s clear that this measure will not penalized sex workers but basically make it extremely difficult for them to earn money and will increase illegal work and push prices down (knowing that they are already at the bottom in Spain).

One option: to seek fortune elsewhere

Many Spanish sex worker are already affected by this progressive law change and are looking for other alternatives in Europe. This is why more and more of them dare to leave to work in other European countries because in theirs, prices are very low (and are constantly falling), competition is fierce and the new law will only worsen the working conditions of those who will not have the means to travel in hope for better earnings.

Many (Spanish girls but also of other European nationalities) are trafficked in Spain and their pimps are now looking for a new, more lucrative playground because in Spain things are getting more complicated.

In Switzerland, the presence of this problem is palpable. The increased number of Spanish Escorts is obvious and some of them do not hesitate to charge what they would ask for in Spain (50 EUR for 15 to 30min of service), thus jeopardizing the Escort market in Switzerland. But they don’t really care, as long as they make money.

Since many of them do not have the money to start as an independent escort in Switzerland or are hampered by the language barrier, it is in sex studios, brothels, sex clubs or in single rooms that we will find them in greater numbers. Most often, a pimp will answer the phone for them because they barely can speak English and no German of course. But that’s all fine for these guys so they can have a better control over them.

Prostitution in Switzerland: the low-end cantons and the cyberattacks

Working in Switzerland as an escort is becoming more and more difficult, especially for those who want to do this job at a certain level. They find themselves indirectly in competition with girls who have neither the same values ​​nor the same motivations or who find themselves in an emergency state and will do anything for a bit of money.

Of course, like everywhere, there are high level Spanish Escorts, who offer a superb service but in the present situation, it is not these girls who decide to come to Switzerland unfortunately… The more there will be girls willing to work for almost nothing, the less interesting it will be for sex workers who are worth your time and who like their job, to continue working as an Escort in Switzerland.

Among the Swiss cantons that have seen the level of pay sex drop shockingly over the past years are the cantons of Geneva, St. Gallen, Aargau, Schaffhausen, Graubünden, Basel City, Thurgau and Lucerne. Lucerne, which was for a long time one of the Cantons of the German-speaking part of Switzerland with very low sexual rates, has just put in place a law which will gradually but considerably reduce the number of Escorts on their territory (in German only) : Merkblatt_Sexgewerbe.

An article of this regulation (§ 29c Abs. 3 GPG) also stipulates that in the Canton of Lucerne, no apartment can be rented to an independent escort for a period of less than one month (4 weeks) and that no more of a person cannot work in the places simultaneously. The most active among you have probably noticed the large number of apartments that have closed recently in the Canton of Lucerne and all these small salons trying to sell their activities? Now you know why…

In Switzerland, generally speaking, prices for sexual services are constantly falling. Dear clients, by agreeing to pay only prostitute rates (50 CHF per quicki, between 80 and 100 CHF per half hour and 150 CHF maximum per hour), you will be treated as a client of a prostitute.

On top of that, what you don’t know is that many of these good deals are a way to have you jump in another trap. A much bigger one. Indeed, as time are getting harder, these pimps have found a way to blackmail clients using their phone number through which they will then trace their identity. This is what happened to a client who chose not to meet a Model from TVR but to contact another one on xdate. He broke into a cold sweat and even had to change his phone number because he was being harassed day and night. The Swiss police in charge of cybercrime has since this year set up a prevention website, for sex workers but especially addressed to their clients. Since they cannot reach these clients directly, they go through Escorts hoping that they will spread the message to as many people as possible. I strongly invite you to consult this link Gentlemen (sorry, the website only seems to be available in German): 

By choosing to meet an Escort (who wants to be there as much as you do) and to live an experience where you will feel appreciated and good about yourself, you are choosing the best outcome. Gentlemen, if you have a need to see Escorts, at least do it the right way.

TVR: the ultimate choice of those looking for more than just sex

TVR anticipated the fall in pay for sex prices in Switzerland and more than ever wants to position itself as the choice of men who want more than just emptying their balls. We also want to be a secured platform of trust for our local customers who are cautious, demanding but who we know are loyal when they are satisfied with the services they get.

Warned of this trend, within 2 years, we closed half of our apartments in multiple cantons that we now consider too risky for TVR’s reputation. In the spring of 2023, we will close our location in Geneva as well as one of our apartments in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg in order to focus on the 2 Cantons in which it is still worth working as an Escort in German-speaking part of Switzerland: Zürich and Zug. However, even in these two Cantons, there are men who do not deserve our time and whom we do not hesitate to add to our blacklist which is growing day by day. But in general, it is the region of German-speaking Switzerland where TVR is strongest.

We will regret not seeing the very good customers that we have met throughout Switzerland over the past few years because we know that there are excellent customers everywhere but they are often not in sufficient numbers to allow us to keep a location in the concerned areas. We would like to thank all these Gentlemen and hope that they will make the trip to our other apartments, in Cantons further away from theirs.

Since September 2022, TVR has been contacted on average by 5 to 20 girls weekly who want to work in Switzerland as an Escort. More than half come from Spain. TVR does not feel threatened by the influx of Spanish escorts and wants to plan to continue to expand, within a limited scope though, but where the most stable, loyal and interesting clientele seems to have taken up residence. Those who trust us, who above all seek discretion and who value quality more than quantity. These are the customers we want and who want us.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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