Does working as an Escort in Switzerland on Fridays still worth it? by Janet

Those of you who have been Escorts in Switzerland for a few years now, you have certainly noticed that since the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, Friday – which was statistically one of the best days of the week – has become one of the worst. Isn’t one thing you noticed?

Before March 2020, Friday was a very busy day. It was also the last day of the week, one of the favorite days for Escort clients to allow themselves a little pleasure before returning home to spend the weekend with their family. Since then, things have completely changed and the customers who can still come to visit you on Friday have a different profile from those who came before March 2020. Friday has become one of the worst days of the week. So of course, I am making a generalization here and I know that there are many exceptions. What I mean by this is that as an independent Escort in Switzerland, you can no longer count on Fridays. It has become too uncertain a day in favor of Thursday (often a good day) or Saturday (nowadays usually a better day than Friday, which was the opposite before the Covid-19 crisis).

So, why do Escorts’ clients in Switzerland visit them less often on Fridays?

* Home-Office

Thanks to the possibility of working from home, some men are actually at home on Fridays… so it is very difficult to get away, especially when their wife/partner is present.

* Shorter work week

Many companies in Switzerland are experimenting with the 4-day workweek, making Friday a day off (or allowing their employees to leave much earlier on Fridays). This means that some employees work until Thursday and are free from Friday to Sunday. Thursday therefore becomes the former Friday. As the weekend is longer, people take advantage of this time and spend it with family, friends or even short weekends abroad or in other Swiss cities.

* People spend differently

Although the economic situation in Europe is globally alarming, in Switzerland, things are going well despite the slight inflation observed in recent months. However, since Covid-19, even the Swiss have changed the way they spend their money. Less spontaneity than before, more anticipation and they focus more on sure values. The consumption and spending habits of the Swiss have changed. Clients of escorts in Switzerland are consuming less than before but have more expectations than previously. As they come to see Escorts less regularly, when they finally give it a go, they want everything to be perfect: the right girl, the right service, the right time, the right location.

So, is being available the whole week working as an Escort

in Switzerland still worth it?

Definitely! Why? Because you never know what turn the week will take. In addition, since no working week is alike, it is impossible to predict which day (Thursday or Saturday) will compensate for Friday (which is only a good day in 50% of cases whereas before the Covid, the Friday was almost always a very good day). This is also the reason why to maximize your chances of working better as an independent Escort in Switzerland, it is important to be available the whole week and to avoid arriving in the middle of the week. Ideally, you should arrive on Sunday and leave the following Sunday (for those who only plan to stay for a week). Arriving in the middle of the week is not a strategic choice and can make you waste money and/or time.

Is offering a special rate for customers on Fridays a good idea?

Lowering prices to hope to win back customers is a mistake made by many sex workers in Switzerland. To me, “sales”, “good deals” and “low prices” aren’t always a good idea. While working as an Escort in Switzerland, keep in mind that when you lower your Escort prices, your competitors will also do the same at some point which will oblige you to go even lower if you want to keep on making money… and offering cheap deals will only attract escorts customers who will never use your escort services at full price. Is this what you are looking for? I don’t think so. Always keep in mind that clients of Escort-Girls who buy “on sales” are economic consumers who will leave you as soon as they can find another Escort-Lady charging less. That’s what has been observed in this industry. Therefore, even when days are hard – like a Friday can be – never forget that when your rate is the reason a swiss escort client comes to you, he fails to appreciate the real value of the service you provide.

And remember this: Friday or not Friday, if a client is really into you and what you have to offer, he will always find a way to visit you. 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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The 10 misconceptions “wanna be Escorts” have about being an Escort by Janet

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been receiving more and more messages and emails from girls who show some interest in becoming an Escort. They have seen documentaries on television, have read articles in magazines or have an acquaintance who does this work. In view of all the information they have been able to collect, they think they know exactly what this job consists of and feel capable of being an Escort. One day, one of them even said to me: “I know a not very pretty girl who has been doing this job for a few years and who seems to be making a good living. So, if she manages to do it, it shouldn’t be that complicated for me because without bragging, I’m much prettier than her”.

So, for all those who want to become an Escort in Switzerland, here are 10 misconceptions that you certainly have about Escort work. Make sure to get rid of them if you are seriously considering to become an Escort:

1- You have to be beautiful to be an Escort

NOT NECESSARILY. Physical beauty is important, but it is not the most important. I would say that you have to have charm and know how to play it. If in addition, you have an inner beauty and you know how to reveal it, this is what will put you on a footing compared to other Escorts. In the eyes of the client, your real beauty will bloom with your ability in making him feel special in your company.

2- One should be slim to be an Escort

FALSE. More and more Size Plus Escorts (wearing XL or XXL) have been able to build up a good clientele. Indeed, there are men who prefer women with curves. Indeed, many of them have a natural body, which is what many men are looking for. A large number of clients rather go to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) over the slim ones as they tend to be on average more laid-back, less arrogant and more approachable and a lot more friendly.

3- You must have big breasts to be an Escort

FALSE. Against all odds, this is the most common prejudice! All girls get their breasts done because they think that’s what men prefer and/or they’ll work better with silicone breasts. Well, you will be very surprised to know that more than 70% of Escort clients prefer natural breasts and many even have a preference for small boobs. 🙂

4- Escorts over 30 years old are less in demand

FALSE. Clients prefer women or girls and for many, the ideal age for an Escort is between 28 and 40 years old. Note that many women over 40s (also known as MILF) are among the best Escorts! However, there is no age limit to be an Escort in Switzerland (from 18 years old). Beyond a certain stage, age does not matter if you know how to create this magic between the client and you.

5- You don’t have to be smart to be an Escort

FALSE. In a competitive market as the one we are currently in, being a smart Escort can set you apart from the rest. Men have become super picky. The way you speak, write, interact with them does matter and tend to influence their decision in dating you or not. Although intelligence is measured in various ways, it is clear that a girl who has “nothing up there” will not work as well/much or not at the same rates as an educated girl, who speaks several languages ​​and who has studied. The smarter an Escort is, the better her chances of making a good living as an Escort (better clients, longer dates…)

6- Being an Escort does not imply intimate relationships

FALSE. That’s the thing I hear most often. But from whence did they acquire this information? Do you really think that a client is going to pay 300 CHF to spend an hour with you having a drink and talking about the beautiful weather? Uh…no, not really. 95% of the time, the client comes for a GFE, deep French kiss, natural blowjob, sensuality, tenderness and a moment of relaxation. It’s mainly all about him and you are here to help him feel great. If you are not ready to provide this kind of service, forget about becoming an Escort, it is definitely not for you.

7- Escorts earn a lot of money

FALSE. Many, struggle to make ends meet. Other make between 3000 and 6000 CHF a month and the ones who have understand what it takes to be an Escort are easily making way over 12 000 CHF a month for not even working full time. The money you earn will be directly correlated with your positive attitude towards the customer, the quality of your service, the consistency of your service, your versatility, your patience, the regularity of your presence, your professionalism and your ability to adaptation. If you are not able to juggle with these essential and necessary qualities to earn very well as an Escort, you will become disillusioned very quickly. Along the same line, if you used to make a good living as an Escort and you start to slack off your professionalism, you will logically lose clients and money.

8- All Escorts hate this job

FALSE. Despite what feminists want us to believe, not all Escorts are victims. Some women have chosen this work deliberately and find great pleasure and satisfaction in it. Let’s not put everyone in the same basket, please!

9- I can start as an independent Escort without any investment

FALSE. You won’t believe how many girls want to start working as an independent Escort but are completely broke, have a “me-me-me” attitude and nothing to show for it! It takes money to make money. Having beautiful photos/videos, booking your apartment/hotel room, preparing your advertising… All this costs money and requires a minimum of organization to avoid burning your wallet… If you are poorly organized as an independent Escort and puts no money into marketing your services, you just can’t possibly get this kick off properly and your earnings will feel it badly…

10- Being an Escort does not require any special skills: anyone can do it

FALSE. Oh really? Ask one of your friends if she is able to open the door to a stranger, behave towards him as if he were not a stranger, look at him with a smile, talk to him and listen to him, as if all this was natural. Have sex with him as if he were her boyfriend, whether she physically likes him or not. Would she be able to ignore her own feelings, opinions and make this man feel the most valuable in the world within a time frame of an hour or two, without even knowing that she would see him ever again?

Can your friend do that? And how about you? Can you really do that?

Anyone can be a prostitute but not anyone can be an Escort. It’s NOT the same at all. Being an independent Escort is not for everyone. The girls attracted to this industry only see the financial aspect and attach no value to this profession, which they do not consider as such. This is exactly where the problem lies. Being an Independent Escort is a job. Not a common job but a job all the same and certainly much more challenging physically (it can be heavy on the body which constantly has to “perform” and “deliver”), psychologically (the importance of not losing the face in any circumstances as the client satisfaction comes first) and morally (having to hide it constantly to your friends and family makes lies an instinctive reflex to protect ones privacy) than many other jobs out there. Money can be great in this industry but there is also a price to pay for it and not everyone is willing to make these kinds of sacrifices…

Being an Escort may or may not be something for you. Give deeper thought to it before making that big leap.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms 


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Tips for Ladies : 10 tips to save money as an Escort in Switzerland by Janet

There are no small savings, even when working as an Escort in Switzerland or elsewhere. Being an Independent Escort or an Independent Erotic Masseuse involves organization but also investment in time and money. Each year, the cost of living increases a little more although wages do not follow…Therefore, think before you spend!

Here are 10 tips that I hope will help you be more careful with your spending. Switzerland is a country much more expensive than the average European countries. If you do not pay attention to your expenses or if you spend impulsively, you will be left with the impression that your stay in Switzerland will not have been profitable at all.

Here’s how to avoid this:

1- Book your flight ticket in advance

In case you haven’t noticed by now, flight prices have gone up 25-50% in the last year. The later you book your ticket, the more it will cost you. It was already a reality before, it is even more so today. Planning ahead can save you a lot of money.

2 – Anticipate the search of your Incall location

Booking an apartment or a hotel room that meets the criteria you are looking for takes time. In general, in Switzerland, specialized apartments for erotic work are pre-booked by Escorts or Erotic Masseuses weeks in advance. The best apartments are rarely available at the last minute. Just like for your plane ticket, the search must be done well in advance so that you can have the choice of the place and that the price is in your budget. If you start too late, you will have no choice but to take what is left: low-end or mid-range apartment/hotel but at an already too high price, location too far and/or badly connected… And if these options are all too expensive for you, you will find yourself having to go to work in a brothel or in an Erotic Club when your first wish was to work as an independent Escort in Switzerland. Also find out about the law and regulations governing this industry in Switzerland to avoid unpleasant surprises that could cost you dearly…

3- Buy your supplies in bulk

Whether it’s your work products and accessories or even the drinks and sweets you offer to your customers, try to limit single purchases. Buying large quantities of a particular item, such as buying candles or condoms in bulk, can save you a lot of money.

In a long run, it can be a big money-saver.

4- Stop eating out

Did you know that Switzerland has been ranked the second-most expensive European country behind Iceland for consumer goods, which are 60% higher than the European Union average? Food and non-alcoholic drinks are particularly pricey in Switzerland.

Don’t waste your money on a fancy restaurant or take aways! Save money by eating at your Incall place (apartment you rent to work and live in and where you also welcome your clients). Girls who cook at home more often, rather than eating out, tend to have healthier overall diets without higher food expenses.

5- Use public transportation

Swiss taxis are Europe’s most expensive. Using Uber can be a more affordable option but still, prices vary a lot from region to region and note that Uber is not available everywhere in the country. If you choose to come by car from your country, think about it carefully. Between petrol, tolls, road tax, parking once there (if you are not lucky enough to be able to park for free here in Switzerland), speeding fines and the few fines that you will certainly take because of poor parking or prolonged parking, it is not always profitable to come to work in Switzerland by car.

To save money, my best piece of advice is to use public transport. Switzerland offers the most comprehensive public transport system in the world. It incorporates trains, buses, boats, lake steamers, funiculars and cable cars and makes traveling in Switzerland easy. The Swiss Half Fare Card is a travel pass for tourists. It allows you to buy 50% discounted tickets for nearly all trips in Switzerland for a period of one month. Go to any train station in Switzerland to get more info about this.

6- Lingerie and outfits:  target the sales!

Do you want to impress your clients with lingerie and shoes such as La Perla, Agent Provocateur or Christian Louboutin? Sorry to kill your mood but 90% of the clients don’t care about the brands you are wearing when they come to see you. That’s not why they are coming for. So, the expensive brands won’t make you work more. Therefore, save your money and rather go for affordable lingerie which looks beautiful and comfortable to wear.

And if you are still into big brands, make sure not to buy them at full price! Wait for the sales. You will get more of them at an interesting price.

Remember that, as an Escort or an Erotic masseuse, you should always be wearing something new (outfit, dress, skirt or lingerie). A client should never see you twice with the same outfit 8unless he asked for it). Go for nice lingerie at a friendly price.

7- Advertising: less is more

Many Escort-Girls and Erotic Masseuse think that to make more money, they have to be seen everywhere. So, they make sure to spend a lot of money and be seen on every single Escort portal in Switzerland (or in the region they are working in) without being picky and needling down which ones are worth it, which ones are a waste of time and money. Interestingly enough, they feel better when the phone rings 50 times a day even if only 1 client shows up instead of valuing their 5 calls a day which had them seeing 4 clients out of these 5 requests. Moreover, for some customers, it can be confusing to come across an interesting profile published on a platform with a bad reputation.

To avoid timewasters, spend money on a qualitative portal that will worth the money and bring you the nice clientele you are looking for. Be choosy: go for 1 or 2 platforms maximum but of higher quality.

8- Avoid exchanging your money at the airport

After a few weeks working in Switzerland, you may want to exchange your swiss francs into the currency used in your country of residence. As a general rule, try not to exchange your money on Sundays and avoid doing it at the airport (Zurich, Geneva, Basel), by all means. Currency exchange shops in airports are not the best place to exchange money. If you do so, you will simply lose a lot of money resulting in poor exchange rate and unnecessary fees and charges. Instead, plan to exchange your money during the week at a local bank or even at the post office. This way, you will get more bang for your buck!

9- Be an early riser!

Do you know the famous French proverb that goes: “ The world belongs to those who get up early.”? Do you also know that the most successful and the wealthiest people wake up early as this morning routine increases their productivity? In your Escort industry, getting up early means expand your chances of worker more and better. Influent people don’t party all night. If so, they won’t be able to afford the lifestyle they have today. To be successful, they had to lean over the years to wake up early.

Too many Escort-Girls wake up at noon or even in the middle of the afternoon. By that time, half of the day is gone already and those nice, interesting, polite and affluent Gentlemen don’t have time anymore for even considering to visit you. By not waking up early, you are missing a chance to meet good clients and to make more money. If you don’t make money, then you lose money.

Choose to be an early riser too and rather meet people in the morning than later at night. Indeed, in the middle of the night the type of clients calling is just not the same “caliber” as those you will encounter in normal hours…

10- Save automatically

Too many independent Escorts in Switzerland are constantly broke, although they earn more than the average citizen. How to put extra cash out of sight and out of mind? You need to start saving at regular intervals, whether that’s monthly, weekly or daily. “Start small. Think Big”. Set yourself short-term goals. For instance, committing yourself to saving 30 CHF a week in a period of 6 months is much more attainable than setting a goal to save 500 CHF a month for 12 months. Once the short-term aim has been reached, you will have created a habit of saving and you will be able to keep going strong with a new goal.

I hope these tips will help you better manage your unnecessary expenses. Just because an Independent Escort makes a good living doesn’t mean she has to spend lavishly.

And remember this: “Never spend your money before you have it!” :-).

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Escorts & communication: when written words count. by Janet

For me who loves writing and who is sensitive to words, I have always considered written communication as important as other forms of communication such as oral, gestural and non-verbal communication.

I have also made it a selection criterion. I believe that a “Hello”, a “Thank you” or a “See you soon”, are not forms of politeness exclusively reserved for oral communication. Since the monopoly of social media, a large number of people (and not only the young generation) transgress these marks of respect which often facilitate disagreements, misunderstanding of the message shared or which even in certain cases, reveal quirkiness, ignorance, distance or aggressiveness where there is none.

In this adult industry where clients and escorts strangely prefer not to speak to each other before meeting – while the possibility of exchanging a few words is accessible to them – knowing how to write a clear, concise, polite, well-punctuated SMS/WhatsApp/Email message and with as few mistakes as possible is rather a rare commodity.

They charge 300 CHF an hour but write as if their time was not worth more than 50 CHF. For some who read these lines, it may seem like a trivial detail, but what they may not know is that the way we write, the words we use, the idioms we choose to use and the style of our sentences says a lot about the nature of the service that will be offered to the customer. What they seem to ignore (which goes without saying, however), is that a client with a minimum of education will be sensitive to this kind of detail, which will inevitably influence his decision to meet this girl, or not.

When we are deprived of the crutch of gestures, voice and facial expressions that support our oral discourse, the slightest editorial clumsiness is likely to add fuel to the fire… with a lesser possibility of catching up or even to identify it. In written exchanges, words are wy more charged with meaning as they take on a much greater importance than in the oral.

Here below, discover 5 tips to increase the quality content of your SMS/WhatsApp/Email messages and not appear “Ghetto” (unless this is the desired effect…):

* Always include marks of politeness

“Hello”, “Thank you”, See you later”… It costs nothing and it immediately shows the customer that you are a well-behaved girl.

Beginning with a formula of cordiality is all the more essential as this first sentence privileges the relationship before entering the heart of the matter. On the other hand, do not start with a negation or a term with a negative connotation.

* Answer the question asked

There is nothing more frustrating for a client than asking a question and not getting a response to it. Even if you are not comfortable with this question, try to answer it in a direct or indirect way so as not to appear ostentatious. If, on the other hand, the message addressed to you is written in a vulgar language, it is best not to reply to it at all.

* Avoid overly emotional emoji

To appease the client, escorts tend to overuse emojis such as the heart, the lover… (😘 😍 ❤️). Note that these are strong vectors of communication that can betray you or insinuate things/feelings that you do not necessarily share. My advice: stay professional without overdoing things. Instead, choose emojis that are more neutral (🌹🤗 🌻) and devoid of double meaning.

* Look at your punctuation and minimize spelling mistakes

If you don’t speak the language of the country you work in (or if you speak it badly), use Google Translator (or a similar tool which may not be perfect, but certainly way better than your level in that language). There is nothing more repulsive than a poorly written message, without punctuation and which also contains vulgar or aggressive words. Because of this kind of icy response, some customers won’t even respond to you. Indeed, some clients “judge by the book”.

Note that in this specific context, making minor mistakes in writing in a language which is not yours is not a big deal. On the other hand, trying to write well is highly valued.

Therefore, if you do not master the language, avoid that the words betray you and use a translator to express yourself in writing and to read the client’s response in your mother tongue. This will allow you to translate your answer correctly, to master communication and thus to better manage your appointments. When you work in a country whose language you don’t speak or when you can’t speak English properly, you can’t afford to communicate poorly in writing, in which case this handicap will be reflected in your earnings.

* Refrain from writing in capital letters

A single word in all caps amongst other words gives that word an extra emphasis and draws more attention to itself. A vocal equivalent would be a spoken word that is vocalized louder than other words. This is why writing in all caps is taken as “shouting” via SMS/WhatsApp/Email; shouting is aggressive. Avoid using capital letters at all means while texting with clients.

Finally, remember that regardless the content of the message written, proofreading is indeed the phase that should not be neglected before pressing the “send” button.

Too many Escorts choose written communication to the detriment of oral communication because it seems easier to them when in reality, communicating well in writing is a difficult exercise.

Keep in mind that in any form of communication (including in writing communication), you only have one chance to give a first good impression!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies : How to get longer bookings as an Escort? by Janet

A few of them dream of it, others have already made it their way of working and for some, spending more than an hour with a client is a real source of stress.

Ideally, most Escort girls prefer to see a handful number of clients, for a few hours or even a few days.

In fact, long appointments are not made for all Escort Ladies. Some perfectly match the profile of the girl being taken to evening events and finer dates, to long weekends or even on a trip. However, many have – by will or in defiance – requests that rarely exceed the hour.

If you are an Escort who would rather spend 6 hours with 1 client than meet 5 in the same time frame, then this article is for you.

How to get longer appointments as an Escorts? Here are some pointers.

Watch your image

Surely you know the French proverb “Habit doesn’t make a monk, but we recognize a monk by his habit”. Well, in the world of the Escorting it’s quite the opposite. The image that your photos reflect of you is extremely important and you have no room to slip up as you could lose a lot of money. Your picture only has a few seconds to capture the attention of the customer.

Men are much more visual than women and when a man is looking for an Escort girl, the photos often decide whether he clicks on your profile or not. If you want to appeal to a specific clientele who has the time, money and desire to spend more than two hours with an Escort, you need to take care of your image first. People who can afford a lot in life tend to be around and seen with people who are similar to them. So, try to adapt and fit in. Choose elegant and natural photos in situations (that present you in situations of daily life but also in public places: restaurant, museum…). The less you look like a sex worker, the more men will want to spend extended time with you.

Manners and languages

It’s not necessary to have a degree, to speak several languages, to be cultured or to express yourself well to become an escort. That’s true. On the other hand, if you want clients who may come back to you and systematically spend more than 2 hours with you, then interesting conversations and good manners help a lot indeed! Generous clients dislike appointed princesses and prefer discreet, attentive women from whom they can even learn something.

Upgrade your minimum time

I understand very well that depending on the local market and the type of service offered, it is sometimes difficult not to offer very short appointments (less than an hour). But if you feel ready to make that change in order to attract clients interested in longer appointments, then start your services with a minimum booking of 90 minutes. It is obvious that this change may cause you to lose some customers (although you could keep the same terms for your regular clients and apply your new terms to new customers), but what is certain is that you will gain new valuable clients over time. Those who better fit the type of experience you want to offer.

If I would decide to work as an Escort, personally I wouldn’t even think of offering any service under 90 minutes. This does not mean that all customers who book less than 90min are not good clients, no, not at all. It has nothing to do with it. It’s simply a matter of quality of service and being able to “connect” with your client and having enough time to create a unique moment between the two of you that will make them want to come back. Sorry but you can’t achieve much in a 30 min appointment.

Mention longer bookings in your ads

Whether it’s on your blog (if you have one) or in your advertising profile, mentioning the opportunity to spend more time with you is a good idea. If this information is not visible anywhere, obviously you will never have requests for long dates.

But it’s not enough to put a price tag on this service. You need to do more. The best is to talk about it. If you have a blog/website, share what a “Diner Date” with you would be like, describe an evening or a weekend with a unique client like him, talk about the Top Chef special (if you offer it) , tell more about the kind of drinks and food you like, that you have never tried before and would like to discover in nice company… How about a picnic together, a bike ride or a visit to the theater? Make it relaxing, interesting and exciting at the same time!

Promote the bond with your regular customers

Take care of the clients you already have by giving them the attention they deserve, as they are most likely to want to see you for longer dates (since they already know you). Pay attention to details, remember what they like or the last conversation you had with them, take an interest in them (without being pushy or intrusive) and make the connection that will make them want to spend more time with you next time.

Be original

Some escort girls are very energetic and show a lot of imagination. Others offer such a varied service that it’s easy for them to surprise their regular customers each time.

If you don’t find yourself in either of these two profiles, don’t worry. Even if your service itself doesn’t change much, you could still add some originality to it, so your client doesn’t get bored. If your service (even excellent) is too repetitive, some good customers (who may have seen you for 2 hours or more) will not come back. Make sure not to become boring in their eyes.

What to do to remain One-Of-A-Kind with your regular customers? Here are some tips from me: avoid wearing the same dress/underwear twice (this requires some organization and notes), always create a different atmosphere in your apartment (this could be the smell, the candles, the brightness, the background music…), style your hair and your make-up differently, change your perfume/scented cream regularly…). For Incalls of at least 90 minutes, use your imagination to make the encounter unique every single time.

Do you wonder what’s the secret of the Escort Girl who manages to work only with long bookings? Her ability to surprise her customers each time, even the regular ones! 😉

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies: Why low prices can scare off Escorts’ clients? by Janet

You’ve certainly noticed that more and more Escorts in the internet are offering their services at low rates.

Why so? They may be entering the business and therefore, have no idea what’s a hourly decent price is in this industry. They might not understand the price market (in the country they are working as an Escort, which probably has a stronger currency than their home country), which lead them to charge any price as long as it’s higher than what they will earn in their native country. Their revenue has dropped considerably so to compensate that lost they are willing to work for cheaper than they used to. Or maybe, they are simply very low-end sex workers who have always worked at rock-bottom prices.

Of course, a product’s price doesn’t always reflect its quality. Although low-pricing strategies can work for some Escorts, they are not a great idea for most of them.

I guess you don’t fit in any of the categories listed above. Your services worth much more than that. You are either a middle-end or a high-end Escort and you want to make sure to avoid the “low-price, low-quality” perception. I completely agree with you on this. Even through slow times and hardships you should stay away from the temptation of sinking your rates and here is why.

Many Escort girls have a significant opportunity to enhance their top- and bottom-line growth by improving their image and their working-style on pricing but choose not to do so. Why? That’s a good question.

While all clients of Escorts love good bargain, low prices can often harm your reputation and the way clients look at you. Instead of getting a service for a great deal, they believe that they get what they’re paid for.

When you are selling your services as an Escort, you want to set a donation that achieves a positive outcome. Did you know that strategic pricing isn’t just about dropping prices? Client perceptions also plays a big role. So, how can you set the right price that works for you and for your client, without looking cheap?

How clients perceive escort girls with low prices?

Well dear, cheaper isn’t necessary better! Indeed, low rates can backfire on you because many clients see low prices as a sign of low-quality service, or as good deals. Meaning that, how your potential clients think about a price is just as important as the actual price of your service.

The thing is to get the right price versus the value of what you are offering to your clients.

How do I increase my rates as an Escort?

Remember that not every man is your ideal client and that’s OK. New price structures can improve your customer relationships and can also be the best way to get rid of unprofitable clients and timewasters.

With the right approach, however, the benefits of a solid pricing strategy far outweigh the fear of losing clients.

Indeed, once you’ve identified what kind of clients you would like to have, you can narrow your marketing efforts to attract mainly these specific clients, leaving them less likely to question your pricing. This is how some Escorts still manage to raise their rates while increasing the value of the experience they’re giving to their clients. They know how to combine value and convenience so the client feel they are getting their money’s worth. Introducing an improved service that’s still competitively priced can increase the odds of successful revenue for an Escort and help build faster your customer loyalty.

To increase your chances of retaining clients while raising your prices, think of rewarding long-term customers with a special rate or an extra-special service they won’t get elsewhere. If you decide to increase your fee, make sure that the value of the service offered to the client increases too. Position your image the right way and be always very transparent in your communication in order to avoid misunderstanding and/or lose existing clients (ex: be transparent and detailed about what’s included in the price).

You want to charge more? OK but the price has to be right. Making sure that your service is different is critical, especially if you want to justify a high price. Watch that you don’t price yourself out of the market. The best is to strive to offer high quality and value at a price comparable to that of the competition and still capture some profit.

Understanding the Swiss mentality

If you are an Escort working in Switzerland or if you are a Swiss touring Escort, try first to understand the way swiss people think as on the long run, it will help you to work better.

Low pricing can affect the volume of your work – up or down. Some escort girls deliberately price their service low to get the attention of clients to whom they hope to sell other more expensive services. But swiss clients sometimes fear the quality of a service is poor if the price is too low. Many look for value and not just for the lowest price. Swiss men who want to meet an Escort girl providing a good service are usually willing to pay the price that the services are worth.

Setting prices too low can convey the message to those clients that your service isn’t as good as other similar Escorts on the market. While low prices may not earn you greater profits, the more of a service you sell the more profit you make (and the more you are putting your mind and body into hardships…). Then again, low pricing may not generate enough profit to cover costs, especially if despite all your efforts, you are still having a low volume of clients. And don’t forget that once you’ve marketed yourself too low in price, it’s often extremely difficult to go back to high rates…

Janet’s piece of advice

Even in the adversity, I would advise you to avoid lowering your rates. Low prices often go hand-in-hand with poor-quality service.Is this the image you want to create for your business?

Instead, concentrate on building up your regular clients rather than cutting prices to make quick money.  Think long-term. With a long list of regular clients, come rain or shine, you will always be fine.  In most circumstances, your clients decide to come back to you because of the benefits offered by your services and how special you make them feel, along with your price. It is rare for the decision to be made based, solely on how much you charge.

Too many Escort girls underestimate the power of pricing, and the unanimous advice from pricing experts in this troubled economy is to price with courage and creativity. In the sex industry businesses where demand has plunged and offer has exploded, slashing prices may be a terrible idea—and it may not be necessary at all.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Being an Escort Girl : the “Dos and Don’ts” (from a Gentleman’s perspective). by Janet

Hi Ladies,

Despite all the advice available on this site and in my blog, specially dedicated to you Escort Girls, many girls still think that being an Escort is not really a job. Well, let me tell you that you are wrong. It’s a job and this statement has probably never been so true now that more and more girls are entering this industry. So, the only thing that will help you stand out from the competition and find a your place in this industry (meaning having a lot of regular clients, no matter the economical situation we are in) is your professionalism and the degree of appreciation you have for this work.

If you are an Escort girl only for the money, you will not last and it will be more difficult for you to build a clientele and earn decent money.

A few days ago, I received an email from an excellent TVR customer. In this email (below), this gentleman shares his point of view as a client and how you, as an Escort, can improve yourself and your service to increase the overall satisfaction of your clients and make them want to come back. He is a very loyal customer (who wishes to remain anonymous and I love his elegant frankness) who is addressing you, on behalf of all demanding customers like him.

Starting from January, 2022, this list of ” Dos and Don’ts” will be displayed in all TVR apartments, just to make sure that you girls do not forget them. It’s about giving an upscale service, nothing more, nothing less.

And here is a general message to all Girls who want to become an Escort: If you are not willing to give your really best, don’t become an Escort because nowadays, men are only willing to pay for what REALLY worth it.

Happy reading girls and take some notes please !!! 🙂




Hi Janet,

I have put together a list of helpful “dos and don’ts” for escorts from this gentleman’s perspective. As you know, I am a very happy customer, who has enjoyed every TVR date, but there’s always room for improvement 😉

* An obvious one, but please don’t be late. That’s never a great start to a date.

* Do not chew gum. It’s incredibly off-putting.

* Do not fully undress when the gentleman is in the shower. You’re depriving the gentleman of two erotic moments: (1) seeing you in your sexy lingerie; (2) seeing you take it off!

* On the other hand, undress at some stage. Don’t leave your bra (or dress/trousers) on. We would like to see your beautiful body.

* Do not kiss me as if you’re my grandmother. Deep kisses with feeling are very much appreciated.

* Do wash yourself before the date. Body odour is rarely an aphrodisiac. You know this, which is why you ask us to take a shower.

* Turn off the television. It’s a major mood killer.

* Similarly, turn off the “big light”. Ambient lighting was invented for a reason.

* Also turn off your phone. We know that you’re popular, so there’s no need to be reminded of this by hearing message announcements every few minutes.

* After a gentleman has subtly included the “gift” in an envelope with your name on, please do not ask if he has forgotten this at the end of the date.

* If a gentleman has requested GFE, please do not feel the need to encourage him with porn star expressions like “Come on, baby, give me your sperm!”

* Do not leave chocolates and flowers from previous clients in full sight, especially if they make our efforts seem trivial in comparison 😉

* We understand that you cannot reply to our texts/WhatsApp messages immediately, but it would be great if you could respond within a decent time.

* It’s lovely if you can hold a good conversation for a genuine GFE, but if you are so talkative that you frequently interrupt the gentleman, that’s a bit too much.

* Please do not tell us *all* of your problems. We’re here to have fun, not act as an unpaid therapist.

Please take this in the positive spirit intended, as it is genuinely not meant to be criticism, but I thought that you might appreciate it. I’m sure that you probably give the girls similar guidance yourself.

A loyal anonymous TVR Gentleman

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Tips for Ladies : What do Swiss clients like about Escorts in Switzerland ? by Janet

Switzerland has long had a solid reputation among international Escorts who choose to come and work there. Despite the high cost of living, the economy is stable, wages higher than in the rest of Europe and prostitution is legal and regulated.

However, many girls (already active in other European countries) who come to try their luck in Switzerland leave without wanting to come back. They have often worked very well in France, Spain or Germany and don’t understand why things seem more difficult in Switzerland.

Well, everything is more difficult in Switzerland because the Swiss people are different. More demanding but also more faithful if they find “the right match”.

In this article, I will briefly try to share with you some key information that hopefully will help you to better understand the mentality of the Swiss clients but also to better prepare yourself if you plan to come to work in Switzerland as an Escort. I would like to point out that these tips apply to Escorts who are looking to meet a clientele of average to excellent quality.

Of course, since you need everything in this world, you will also find low-end prostitution in Switzerland to satisfy low-end customers.

However, our article is aimed to Escorts who are targeting a more upscale clientele.

*** 11 Tips for Escorts who come to work in Switzerland *** :

The Language

Master several languages ​​including German, English or French. Swiss customers like to talk and get to know you. Communication is very important to them. Although English may be enough to work in Switzerland, in some cases, it’s not sufficient to earn well. Basics knowledge of German or French are strongly recommended. A girl who speak the official language of the Swiss region where they have chosen to work will (in the vast majority of cases) always earn better than the others, even if she is less pretty than her competitors. The Swiss generally favor communication and the girl’s personality.

The Photos

Swiss clients like natural photos with little / no editing. Some girls spend a fortune on professional photos that are often far too retouched. It’s useless because it does not guarantee that you will work better and if the client is disappointed when they see you, you can be sure that they will not come back. Instead, work with simple, natural and recent photos.

The Workplace

If you want to work with a better clientele, always go for a private and discreet apartment where you work there on your own. Above all, avoid erotic studios and hotel rooms.

The Services

Be transparent. Don’t sell services you don’t offer. The Swiss mentality knows how to appreciate and reward honesty.

The Hygiene

In times of Covid-19, Swiss customers are twice as careful about hygiene compared to before 2020. I am talking here about your personal hygiene but also that of your apartment. Make sure everything is perfect so that the client feels very comfortable and wants to extend their time with you and / or come back to see you.

The Donation

As strange as it may seem, the good Swiss customer has principles they hold dear. In general (even if you look like Claudia Schiffer or Naomie Campbell), he is not ready to pay above a certain amount that he has set himself and he will also refrain from paying for a service that is too low price (which usually leaves him suspicious). Despite their high salaries, Swiss clients do not like to spend their money for something that does not really worth it. So, don’t arrive in conquered territory, analyze the local market prices and adjust your rates accordingly.


Most Swiss men are fairly conservative, a bit reluctant to change, and fairly true to what they already know. Therefore, if you are a new Escort in Switzerland, you will certainly need a lot of patience (from several weeks to several months) and rigor before building a solid clientele in this country and thus have a comfortable income. If you don’t have this patience, Switzerland may not be the best country for you to do this job as an escort.

Invest in your image

Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about cosmetic surgery here. No, not at all, moreover the Swiss tend to prefer girls with a natural body (preferably without silicone implants or lips enhancing). Here I am referring to something else: taking new photos three to four times a year, investing in professional videos or launching your own website. Indeed, the more your image will look professional, the more you will stand out and will not leave indifferent, the high-end customers. If in addition you like to take selfies / photos, write news, blog articles … having your own website could be the perfect link to maintain contact with your already established clientele and make yourself known to those who haven’t yet discovered you.

Be consistent

If you haven’t worked in Switzerland yet, you probably don’t know that the vast majority of Escorts here work over 70% with their regular clients. Which means that without regular clients it is very difficult to work properly. To build this clientele, it’s essential to come to Switzerland on a regular basis but also and above all to be consistent in your service. If your service is up and down, it will take you months, even years, before you can make a living from this profession in Switzerland. In this case, it is certainly best not to even try!

Swiss: the GFE lovers

It’s an indisputable fact: the Swiss love Escorts who provide a full GFE service. In other words, they like Escort girls who are gentle, caring and who give deep French kiss AND offer natural fellatio (BBBJ). This does not mean that if you do not offer these two services you will not work. Of course, you still may work, but nothing in comparison with a girl who offers these two services (often automatically included in her basic donation).

More Incalls than Outcalls

If you are a girl who prefers Outcalls over Incalls, note that in Switzerland (especially since March 2020), 90% of your appointments will be Incalls. The vast majority of customers who use our services are married men and / or wishing to remain very discreet. Therefore, they will always prefer to come to your place.

If you live permanently in Switzerland and your schedule is flexible, you can consider Outcalls (requests that will still be rare).

If you are a Touring-Escorts, remember that in Switzerland, what works most are Incalls. Usually girls are available in the same city for at least a week (2-3 days is way too short) and then change location.

In a nutshell

As you will have understood, the Escorts market in Switzerland has changed a lot over the past 10 years and is not as simple as you may have thought it was. On the other hand, it is still a solid and stable market. If you are willing to give it a try and to keep being persistent, you will quickly realize that Swiss Gentlemen are among the best escort clients in Europe!

Janet for TheVelvetRooms


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Tips for Ladies : Escort name, which one to choose? by Janet

Too many Escorts place little importance on the name they choose and which will be their “stage name” during their years as an Escort . Most of them choose a name that they like, without asking themselves any other question. Actually, what they don’t understand is that the image they will reflect to a potential clientele will start with the name that they have chosen to use.

A pleasant sounding name can be an element of success in an Escort career.

How do Escorts choose their name?

In general, it is an impulsive choice with no deep reflection around it. An Escort chooses a name because she likes it, even if for the majority: it sounds weird, it is unpronounceable, it includes letters that the Swiss alphabet does not use, it recalls the name of a celebrity or a Top-Model who has nothing to do with the girl in question, it reflects a negative image or recalls a porn actress, while the service offered by this Escort-Girl is not pornographic. In short, an Escort first name should not be picked just like that,  but must be matured and thought through. It should also be in accordance with the type of service one wishes to offer as an Escort.

What types of names dominate the Escorts market?

Strangely, Escorts like to choose unoriginal names, which lots of Escorts before them have had and on top of that, the vast majority of these names have an American sound. They find it “cool”. Whether consciously or not, they choose an American name that is reminiscent of the pornography industry, which is dominated by the United States …

A name like “Pamela”, “Jordi”, “Jessie”, “Cindy” or “Barbie” has a pornographic connotation to many men and the way they may talk to you on the phone or behave with you will demonstrate it.

In addition, because they come from television culture and are widely acclaimed by the working classes, these first names of Anglo-American origin are frequently victims of the prejudices associated with these circles.

Choices to Avoid.

The very common misstep: the names of famous actresses or singers. How can you choose a first name like “Beyoncé” or “Rihanna” and be taken seriously, especially when you physically have nothing to do with these international singers (who we must admit, are very beautiful)? A little modesty, dear! By choosing this kind of name, you risk exposing your lack of intelligence and/or self-confidence, even before having had the opportunity to meet a client.

Unoriginal first names like Eva, Maria, Alexandra, Elena have been used thousands of times. They represent everything that is most common in the industry. Why not taking the time to choose a name that will make you different from others, stand out from the crowd and that will not be forgetten that easily?

Avoid at all costs first names that have too much social stigma (here, I deliberately do not give any example).

Compound first names (Marie-Charlotte or Eva-Louise …) or first names accompanied by a last name (Emilie Hennessey, Miss Chloé, Veronica Tomasi, Wendy Wednesday …) are a good idea to stand out and add a classy touch to your image as long as they are not too long. They sould also be easy to pronounce and identifiable. A customer should be able to remember your name name, especially if your service is excellent.

So, which Escort name to choose?

Your Escort name is a brand name and indeed a brand name must be recognizable, pronounceable in the language of the country in which you wish to work as an Escort.

Make sure that this first name is medium in length, pronounceable and has a positive connotation or at least correlates with the type of service you want to offer your customers. Choosing a name that recalls a PSE service when you exclusively offer a GFE service will make your life as an Escort more complicated than it should be …

Not all names are equally popular. Some leave people indifferent, unpleasant, irritating or even arouse mockery. Others predispose us favorably towards a person and make us want to get to know better.

Having a pleasant Escort name will facilitate (consciously or not) not only your power of seduction but also that of persuasion (if you know how to be persuasive).

Choose a classic and unifying first name because you certainly do not realize it, but choosing your Escort name is like a real marketing decision. From this strategic act will indeed result, your popularity in this industry.

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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Tips for Ladies : How to screen red flags? by Janet

One of the biggest issues that Escort Girls face all the time is the time wasted due to suspicious clients who want to spend time with an Escort (talking, exchanging messages, photos …) without spending any money.

Ladies, whether you are a beginner in this industry or an already established Escort, you may still be distracted by these attitudes which must be “Red Flags” for you. Those are signs that tell you that this man has no intention of paying for your services and therefore he is just a timewaster.

Here are my 7 “Red Flags” which will allow you to quickly identify and block Escort clients considered undesirable (of course they are many more but in this article, I will just focus on 7 of them).

Red Flag 1: “Send me a picture of you.”

Some men ask for a photo of your face, your boobs and even of your pussy.

Why sending additional photos when there are enough of them on your profile? Why sending a photo of your face to a stranger while you have decided to blurre it for privacy reasons? Why sending photos of your genitals when you want the company of a man of a certain social and intellectual level (who will never make this kind of request)? And all this free of charge, to certainly masturbate looking at photographs received for free and on demand? No way.

Red Flag 2: Text messages or phone calls asking for a specific act in exchange of a specific price.

Can I get a blowjob for 50 CHF? Can I get anal sex for 100 CHF? Can I get sex without for 300 CHF?

I want to point that clients asking for intercourse without protection can have a poker face. They will visit you once or twice and behave properly and the third time they will suddendly show their real face. If he is asking for this, it means he got it elsewhere. He is actually a risky client with dangerous behaviours (dangerous for you, for his family and for himself).

As you are not a street prostitute but rather want to belong to the a High Class Escort category, never response to these kind of cheap resquests. These are not the clients you are looking for. No way.

Red Flag 3: Clients who want you to be available in the next 5 to 10mins or so …

In order to become a good Independent Escort Girl in Switzerland and provide the best Escort Service possible, you need a proper amount of time to get ready for your client. Why should you compromise on this and let any client rush you (especially when it is someone you have never seen before) to be ready for him within 5min? No way.

Red Flag 4: Men using slang language while contacting you or writing never ending messages.

Those who write novels, ask 1000 questions without ever asking for a date are wasting your time. Conversing with you turns them on and that’s enough for them. Don’t let them take over your time for free and stop the exchange quickly.

If a client is not capable of expressing in a clear way what he wants or what he is looking for, why should you even spend your time answering him? No way.

Red Flag 5: Calls from hidded numbers or messages sent from Text-Apps.

I’ve written endlessly about this topic: do not answer unknown phone calls. He says he needs to protect his identity, well you also need to minimize the risks related to your job as you are about to have sex with someone you don’t know. The minimum is to be able to retrace this person if anything goes wrong. Moreover, avoid answering phone calls having for area code a country you are not working in currently.

Text-Apps are associated with scammers. Do not reply to them. Should you make an exception especially if you had a bad day? No way.

Red Flag 6: The very last minute cancellations.

This client canceled his appointment at 3:55pm when he was supposed to be there at 4pm. Why should you believe in his bullshit story? No way.

Red Flag 7: Dick pics senders.

Guys, don’t send a dick pic to an Escort. Just don’t. If you do, here are the two reactions you can expect from that Escort Girl: either you will get no answer and she will block your number forever. Or she will answer in an aggressive way and block your number forever. In any case, you will never meet this girl if this was your intention.

As a general rule, don’t send unsolicited pictures to any women. It will not take you anywhere else than in her bullshit category.

Last but not least…

Ladies, never let any client show disrespect towards the time and the efforts you dedicate in being a great Escort Girl. Remember that many of them do not see your job as a respectable job. They will often make you feel like their time is more valuable than yours. Don’t give them the opportunity to confirm what they really think deep down.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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