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Livia: back?

* For the second time in a row, Nicoletta has postponed her arrival in Switzerland. She should be there next week but given the reliability of her words, I can not guarantee …

* Nalla had to cancel her stay at the last minute … indeed, returning from a long trip, quarantine was imposed on her. We hope to see her again in January 2022.

* Our beautiful Chloé will celebrate her birthday on December 17th: Please, don’t forget about it !!! 🙂

* Since leaving TVR last October 31 rather abominable and without explanation, Livia tried to contact me 3 times begging me to have her back … Today, she wrote to me again and I told her that the only thing that will make me reconsider my position is for her to make a public apology. The way she left is unacceptable and unfair towards our clients, other TVR Models and to myself. Let’s see what she ultimately decides to do.

* For the second time in a row, Gabrielle canceled her stay in Switzerland at the last minute (last month in Flamatt and this week in Wetzikon) when we were already on our way to pick her up at Zürich station. Gabrielle used to be different…

Christmas and New Year

* Isabel interrupted her stay abruptly for a vague reason … No idea when or even if she will return to TVR

* Nicoletta‘s arrival next week is still unconfirmed. If this information reaches me at the last minute, it may be that next week it will not be available in Chur but in Auw.

* For Christmas and New Years, we will have very few girls available at TVR:

Christmas week: Annabelle (in Opfikon), Selena (in Flamatt), Charlize (in Unterägeri), Emilia (in Geneva), Robi (in Zürich).

New Year’s Week: Daniela (in Rheineck), Robi (in Zürich), Charlize (in Regensdorf), Selena (in Flamatt), Ivy (in Unterägeri), Annabelle (in Küsnacht-Zürich), Emilia (in Geneva).

New Models are expected to join TVR in January and February 2022.

Carolina : next week in Regensdorf.

Carolina’s profile (naturalized Italian and of Balkan origin) will be online tomorrow morning and will include her professional photos and some selfies. She will be in Regensdorf from Dece,ber, 6th-12th.

Louise wrote me a nice message this morning telling me that she’s leaving TVR. Her profile has been removed from the website.

Nicoletta was supposed to be present in Chur next week but will not come until the following week (from December 13th to 19th).

Fresh news for the coming week …

* Elsa did a photoshoot yesterday. The pictures are gorgeous and will be available on her profile from the middle of next week.

* I remind you that our apartments in the Canton of St. Gallen (Rheineck, St. Gallen and Trübbach) will remain unoccupied at least until mid-December. Decision taken due to the lockdown currently taking place in the country bordering this Canton (Austria).

* Carolina is a new Model who will join TVR next week. You will be able to meet her for 2 weeks in Regensdorf. This 30-year-old is blonde, very pretty, with natural breasts (C cup). She speaks English, Italian, Spanish and even has some knowledge of the Greek language! Her profile will be online in a few days.

* I already mentioned it in a news a few months ago but for those who have missed it, here you go. TVR will be separating from its apartment in the city center of St. Gallen on February 1, 2022. However, it is very likely that we have found a good acquaintance interested in taking over the management of this lovely apartment in a great location. This exchange of good process would be excellent and would allow TVR Models to continue working at this location, although it will no longer be managed by TVR. I will tell you more about it after Christmas …

* Luna is another girl of color who will be joining TVR next week. Until the end of 2021, you will only be able to meet her at our location in Montreux, but from the start of next year, she should also be available in the German-speaking Switzerland. Luna speaks French and some basic English. Her profile will be online early next week.

Lydia’s video

Have you already discovered Lydia‘s profile? In addition to her selfies gallery, a video will also be added today. Do not miss her! This beauty (who also speaks German) can be visited from Monday (29th Nov) morning in Opfikon.

Canton St. Gallen

* The new pictures of Dana are now online.

* Due to the lockdown announcement in Austria starting from Monday, November, 29th, our locations near the border of that country (mainly in Rheineck and in St. Gallen City) will remain vacant at least for the next 2 weeks. Indeed, this news is not really a good one for our industry based in that region of Switzerland because of the increase of the unbalanced offer versus the current demand. We hope that the situation will stabilize soon while we’re approaching Christmas time.

Fresh News…

* I have removed Jeanne and Sophie’s profiles from the homepage. Waist of time.

* Lydia was in my office today. We talked  for 3 hours and she will start in Opfikon on November 29th. I find her very pretty (she is Polish but speaks some German and good English), polite and you can tell that she has read a lot about TVR. Her profile will be online before Sunday.

* Dana has a new hairstyle !!! The pictures will be online this weekend!

Interesting documentary about sex workers in the USA

What a week!

* The pictures of Kélia are now online. Check it out!
* Annabelle is already available in Zürich City (Kreis 1)
* Nalla will be available today, Saturday, November, 13rd from 3pm in Biberbrugg-Feusisberg (SZ)
* Christal will no longer be in Chur this week but in Opfikon. Why? Because Sophie did not show up today at her photoshooting which was scheduled a few days ago, to take place today. She confirmed on Wednesday that she will be there but finally did not even send me a message cancelling the appointment.

What a week! Google (Noto Emoji v2.028)

Charlize looks very different!

Charlize has changed a lot physically. This is no longer the innocent young girl you may have met 2 years ago …
I also inform you that in winter 2022 she will have an operation to enlarge her breasts … So, for lovers of small natural breasts, meet Charlize now because after New Year she will have silicone breasts …

Elena in Opfikon
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