The VelvetBonus

At TheVelvetRooms, we always think of you! 🙂

We would like to reward our loyal special Friends with a special bonus valid until December 31st, 2022: “The Exclusive VelvetBonus for the Pink profile Models”.

Loyalty is rewarded with us! Meet one of our beautiful Pink profile Models for a date of a minimum of 1 hour and secure you the VelvetBonus. Already after 3 meetings you have enough bonus to receive a very special, Exclusive Velvet present!

What does the VelvetBonus look like?

Book three dates of 1 hour each and at the fourth encounter, you can stay twice the time, at no extra cost with the Pink profile Model of your choice.

For example :

Peter visited Model-1, Model-2 and Model-3 once, for 1 hour each time. He can now benefit from the VelvetBonus. Next time, he will date with Model-4 and spend 2 hours in her company. This fourth date be for 1 hour as well. He will pay for an hour time only. Indeed, Peter will be able to stay 2 hours for the price of one.

Velvetbonus = Pay for 1 hour and stay 2 hours at no extra cost. Enjoy the heavenly experience without time pressure at every 4th meeting!

Note that the VelvetBonus is only valid for bookings of 1 hour minimum.

How do you secure your VelvetBonus?

Just 3 simple steps and you’re there!

  1. Choose one of our Pink profile Models
  2. Always book your appointments with your Pink Profile Girl via email (telephone bookings are not possible with this offer): (don’t forget to mention: who do you want to see, when, where and for how long)
  3. Book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

TheVelvetBonus is a great way of saving money on your favorite hobby! Take advantage of it! 😉

The Velvet Rooms