Escort Job in Switzerland

Are you looking to work in a reputable country where sex work is legal?  Are you looking to work as a real service provider by getting some support that can guarantee you to make money and help you get to the highest level of earnings possible in the German part of Switzerland ?

Are you looking to work as an escort in Switzerland but don’t know where/how to start?

The good news is that we, at TheVelvetRooms, help European citizen ladies from all races, age ranges and body types. You will certainly be what we are looking for, if you are an enthusiastic, open minded lady who loves meeting new people.


There are so many advantages on your part, by working as an Escort in Switzerland. One of them is that money will not be a problem for you anymore. If you are new in the business or working at a brothel or a massage parlor and sick of always struggling to make ends meet, turning independent or working with an Agency is undoubtedly the line of work for you.

When giving it a try at TheVelvetRooms, you can be sure that you will earn an amount each week, that is far greater than many other places in the German part of the country, you could choose to work. Buy that apartment you have always dreamed of, go on that luxury holiday, save money for your future… Your life will instantly take a turn for the better!


Another wonderful reason to become an Escort at TheVelvetRooms is that you can fit work around your home life, by picking what weeks and hours you work. Of course, you do need to be punctual and stick to the hours you choose… But this is not a problem when you are the one choosing.

No longer do you have to miss that important wedding or event. Just take a week off and enjoy your life! There really is no better way to work, than with us.


Not many people can say they go to work and actually enjoy what they do. At TheVelvetRooms, our Models do enjoy what they do and this is why they are good Escorts and some have even excellent reviews! Many of them meet with men from all parts of the world and backgrounds. Imagine coming to work and being appreciated… It is something that happens every day you work here. For most Escorts, this is not a job but something which they gain enjoyment from.

At TheVelvetRooms, we do our best to ensure that an excellent working environment is created for you, by both ourselves and the gentlemen you meet.


This goes without saying… but we are going to say it anyway…

Clients and ourselves uphold your discretion to the highest of extent. We do this, by blurring your face on our website, if you wish and by not sharing your information with any unknown third parties. You simply come to work, enjoy yourself, earn money without having to worry about anyone finding out about what you do and where you are.


We have a good set up for the ladies who work with us. We do our best to help ensuring your safety and that your enthusiasm for your job doesn’t fade. If you wish to proceed further, we will discuss with you in a lot more detail, by explaining to you exactly how we work. But, just know that we really do look after our Models. Striving to make you as happy and comfortable as possible!

Do you feel like joining the team?

Then do not wait any longer, fill out the application form in our website and we will get back to you within 48 hours: Apply here.

See you soon in one of our VelvetRooms!

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