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All you need to know about Nuru massage!


This combination of words is certainly very familiar to you but although you have heard it dozens of times, you still could not explain what a Nuru massage is. Rest assured, at the end of this article, you will know exactly what a Nuru massage is, how it is performed, its benefits, what makes it so special and much more. The goal is to provide you with accessible and clear information on Nuru massage so that you can try it or why not, choose to add it into your list of services if you are a professional masseuse/masseur.


What is a Nuru massage ?

Nuru massage falls into the category of erotic massages. Erotic massages involve mutual nudity, a touch that stimulates the senses and enhances sensitivity through fluid, harmonious caresses over the entire body, with a particular focus on the genitals. Originating in Japan, Nuru massage has been commonplace in the land of the rising sun since the 19th century. It first appeared when prostitution in Japan was on the rise, forcing the government of the time to ban the activity from public thoroughfares. In order to continue practicing their trade, the "filles de joie" had to set up their own shower-bathrooms within their brothels. From then on, before serving their customers, these ladies offered them the Nuru massage, performed with a special gel called Nuru gel.

In Japanese, the term "Nuru" means "slippery" or "smooth". It refers to an oil made from nori seaweed (edible red seaweed used in Japanese cuisine, which changes color to black or green as it dries). The oil is odorless and colorless, and adheres naturally to the body, creating a sensation of relaxation and softness.


What makes Nuru massage a very special massage?

This intimate and sensual massage has gained popularity around the world not only for its sensual and intimate nature but also because there is a whole technique around this massage that cannot be done just any way. During a nuru massage session, the masseuse (or masseur) uses Nuru gel (which has a slippery and viscous texture), which she will first take care to heat to a medium temperature. This warm gel will then be applied to the bodies of the two protagonists (that of the client and that of the masseuse).

The other specificity of Nuru massage is that it uses body-to-body contact (also known as "Body-to-Body"), which radically differentiates it from other more traditional massage techniques which mainly require the use of hands. During the Nuru massage, it is the entire body of the masseuse that is used, that is to say her hands, her arms, her breasts, her waist to rhythmically perform the sliding movements through the two bodies in action.

In addition, what makes Nuru massage so incomparable to other types of massages is the wish to arouse pleasure and desire by focusing on sensory stimulation, created by touch, the proximity of the two bodies and the slippery texture of the Nuru gel which accentuates pleasure, reinforces intimacy, and establishes the erotic connection between the two partners.


Is Nuru massage legal in Switzerland?

It is important to point out that since Nuru massage is an erotic massage, its practice is not legal in all countries. Although the aim of this massage is not the practice of sexual acts, it is possible, when performed correctly, to achieve orgasm. But in many countries, it is a crime because it is considered as a type of service in which sexual contact occurs.

In Switzerland, the question does not arise since the practice of erotic massages is completely legal and regulated (this regulation varies from canton to canton) which makes Nuru massage an authorized practice, as long as both partners are adults and consenting.


What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

The sensuality and sexual pleasure provided by the Nuru massage is not the only benefit of this technique. This massage has been proven to provide numerous physical and psychological health benefits, such as relieving muscle tension and pain, stimulating blood circulation, increasing the quality of sexual intercourse, or reducing muscle pain. stress.

For those who would like to try this experience but who are still hesitant because they wonder about the safety aspect of the practice, know that an article from the website Medical News Today, published in January 2022 tells us that the practice of Nuru massage not involving exchanges of bodily fluids, is very little exposed to situations favoring sexually transmitted diseases.

This is why Nuru massage is often considered a way to explore and express one's sensuality in a consensual and safe environment.


What type of clients is the Nuru massage made for?

The typical client of a Nuru massage is a relaxed and mentally stable person who is not looking for sex (those looking for sex will rather turn to escort girls offering erotic massages and much more…) but for a steamy, sensual dance with another body (usually the opposite gender). That client is looking for intimacy above all. He (because most of the clients looking for Nuru massage are men) can be described as someone with a good sexual confidence and who can allow his inner sex drive to run freely. 

Looking for a different experience, an extraordinary source of ejaculation, a physical symbiosis and stimulation of all parts of his body, the Nuru massage client wants above all to experience a different scenario of what he knows, an experience which will also allow him to better discover himself intimately.


What boundaries are attached to a Nuru massage?

Through sensory stimulation, physical touch, and emotional connection, the client of a Nuru massage will explore relaxation and intimacy. However, like any form of intimate touch, consent and open conversation are crucial during a Nuru massage.

Therefore, as a client of a Nuru massage, do not hesitate to communicate your preferences and limits. And the masseuse should always inform the client as what to expect from a Nuru massage (professionalism, Relaxation, unique experience, use of a shower, friendly and atmospheric environment) and what not to expect from a Nuru massage (uncomfortable touching, sexual activity...). Clear communication (before and during the massage session) between the client and the masseuse is extremely important to ensure that the experience is consensual and mutually enjoyable.


How to spot a real Nuru massage specialist?

The popularity of Nuru massage quickly democratized the practice but also decontextualized it. Indeed, since in Switzerland it is not necessary to have a title of professional masseuse or to hold a diploma or even a certificate to offer a Nuru massage, anyone can proclaim themselves being a specialist in Nuru massage. At the time of writing this blog, there is no training school in Switzerland to learn Nuru massage.

Moreover, many masseuses offering exclusively erotic massages do not know what Nuru massage is or are not competent to perform it (even if some of them would like to acquire this knowledge).

This is why one should be very careful when looking for a masseuse offering the Nuru massage service because there is no way of checking what her level of skill in this area really is. On the other hand, other elements can be used to judge whether you are dealing with the right person. Here are a few ones:

* During the massage, the masseuse (who can also be a masseur) should user her hands, forearms, elbows, and her entire body to provide you with different sensations and stimulate various pressure points. 

* You can spot a specialist if she also includes in this massage long sweeping strokes, gentle kneading, and even some stretching movements to release tension and promote relaxation.

* A Nuru masseuse with experience will pay special attention to your erogenous zones, such as the buttocks, inner thighs, and genital area, to enhance arousal and heighten the sensual experience.

* Throughout the session, a professional Nuru masseuse will have you engaged in open communication to ensure that the massage is enjoyable and comfortable for both parties. A Nuru masseuse specialist will always provide feedback on pressure, adjust the pace of the massage, or express desires or boundaries.

* Given the very particular nature of this massage, it is advisable to favor Nuru massage specialists who have a website. Without a website, the legitimacy of the person offering this rare and unique service can quickly be called into question. Someone who offers Nuru massage is capable of talking about it, wants to give a solid first impression while reassuring potential customers that they have chosen the right person.


How does a Nuru massage take place?

Each Nuru masseuse specialist will bring a variation to the course of the massage she offers but normally, the session will roughly follow the following outline:

You will take off your clothes and the masseuse will do the same. Often, she will start by undressing you and you will then undress her. After relaxing and showering, you lie down on a special table in an atmosphere of dim lights and relaxing music. Your body is first massaged with the hands to end in a sensual body-to-body fight between the masseuse and you.


Where to get a Nuru massage in Switzerland?

Nuru massage is a particular massage technique which requires enough space (it should not be carried out in a narrow place), a relaxing atmosphere (candle and soft music) but also specific equipment such as an inflatable mattress and/or or protective sheets (on which the massage usually takes place).

Therefore, one needs space and an enjoyable context to rightfully perform the Nuru massage. Generally, naturist massage institutes do offer Nuru massage. The other alternative is to visit an independent erotic masseuse who offers Nuru massage, such as Anako Waterlily, an asian Nuru masseuse who is based in the city center of Zurich. Anako Waterlily made of the Nuru Massage her most popular service and welcomes you in her warm bubble to explore to explore that unique experience.

The independent escort girl Elena Brown also offers to transport you to distant horizons with a Nuru massage session, a massage that she has been practicing for a long time. Her slender and sporty body makes her the perfect partner for your Nuru massage, especially if it is your very first experience.


How much does a Nuru massage cost?

The Nuru massage is known to be a pricier massage than other erotic massages. This can be explained by two major reasons:


* The price of Nuru gel which is expensive

* The limited number of competent Nuru masseuses who offer that service


These two factors have an influence on the price of a Nuru massage which is normally between 300 CHF and 400 CHF for an hour.

The duration of the session will depend on your preference, but it is rare to see this massage being offered for a duration of less than 45 minutes. On average, it is advisable to go for a session of one hour (at least), 90 minutes or even two hours because generally, it will take you around 20 minutes to completely relax. This is why going for a longer session will enable you to fully benefit from that experience.


To conclude

In this article, I have summarized the key points of what a Nuru massage is about. The thing to remember is that Nuru massage is above all a sensual and intimate form of body art, focused on increasing pleasure, relaxation, and erotic connection between two partners. To benefit from the best possible Nuru massage experience and thus avoid disappointment, do not take it lightly. Choose the right person, the one who has experience in this type of massage (professional attitude, focused on hygiene, prioritizing communication, comfort, etc.) and who has already built a reputation as a Nuru masseuse.


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