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Escort work in Switzerland: How to find an apartment as a Sexmodel?


When a Sexmodel travels to Switzerland for the first time for the purpose of escort work, she generally looks for two types of information: escort jobs and apartments for escort girls. These are the questions that come up most often among Escort Girls who have never worked in Switzerland or among who have been doing escorting independently. Some are only looking for a place to work, others really want to find an apartment that is both private and discreet, to receive their clients with complete peace of mind. In this article, I give you some insight and some advice if you are a Sexmodel preparing to travel to Switzerland for some adults work escort.


Why choosing a private apartment for escort work?

Private apartments appeal more and more to independent escorts but also to clients. Since the desire of many governments across Europe (and Switzerland is not an exception) to reduce street prostitution, sex work in Switzerland is now mainly happening in rental apartments, apart-hotels, or apartments such as Airbnb for example. Escort clients are also happy to be able to have their erotic encounters in private apartments, out of sight (not seeing anyone and not being seen). The price of hotels in Switzerland can be exorbitant, a private apartment seems to be a good alternative because: the incall accommodation is often larger than an erotic room or a hotel room, it is often equipped with a kitchen (this which allows you to save money because as a general rule, everything costs more in Switzerland, food included) and one doesn’t have to share it with other people who are strangers to us (this is often the case in many erotic apartments in Switzerland). Finally, independent girls who like to organize their escort work the way they want, appreciate the freedom that a private apartment gives them.


Do Escort Girls have the right to rent a private apartment in Switzerland for escort work?

In Switzerland, prostitution is legal throughout the country. On the other hand, cantonal legislation also applies to each Canton (and even often, to each district, within the same Canton). Which means that escort work that is possible in Zurich may not be possible in Lucerne or Basel. As a Sexmodel you should therefore inform yourself carefully when deciding to rent a private apartment in Switzerland to follow the local law.

For example, in Zurich, if there are no complaints, the police tolerate the work of Escort Girls throughout the city. When the police carry out a check/control, it is mainly to check that the girl is legal in the country and registered for the activity she is practicing (this registration is done online and you must provide your personal information, the address where you work and the length of your stay). As long as the Sexmodel is registered and no one has complained about her presence, the girl will not be bothered by the police. The same applies in the Cantons of Zug and Schwyz for example. In other Cantons like the Canton of St. Gallen for example, the law is different, and it is preferable to only rent from official erotic places/apartments that are licensed to practice. Otherwise, you may expose yourself to getting a fine and the obligation to cease the activity immediately. This is why, in this case, it is advisable to turn to people who have legal apartments for rent, in these Cantons which are sometimes more restrictive in terms of their law on prostitution.


As a Sexmodel, what should you pay attention to before booking an accommodation for escort work?

Many Sexmodels insist on wanting to see photos of the apartment they want to book. It's a logical approach but I think that's not the most important thing. Why? Because photos can be misleading. Photos today are no longer synonym of truth, and it is not because a property seems to look good in a photo that it guarantees you the same experience once at the location.

On the other hand, I would advise focusing on other, much more important aspects:


* The location of the apartment: the neighborhood from which you choose to do your escort work is essential. There are places where very few customers will agree to visit you. To find out more, here is an article written by TVR on the subject, for escort girls who wish to work in Zurich and who do not know which area of the city to pick.


* The door opener: this is not always an essential criterion. On the other hand, when you rent an Airbnb or an Apart-hotel for example, there may be cameras in the corridor so to minimize comings and goings and to maximize discretion, it is preferable that the apartment be equipped with a door opener.


* Access to laundry: if the apartment does not have a washing machine or dryer (in-suite laundry), make sure you have access to the laundry room. It's extremely important to be able to access it whenever you want. I emphasize this point because in Switzerland, in many apartments, access to the laundry room is often limited to one or two days per week...


* An elevator. Avoid staying at a place which is located on the 5th floor without an elevator, even if the rental price seems attractive. Not only will you have difficulty carrying your suitcases up 5 floors, but it can also chill customers who will come to see you once but perhaps not twice... As a Sexmodel, it may affect your escort work so, think twice if you are tempting to go for such an option.


* Duration: Go for an apartment available for a period of at least 4 to 7 days. In many countries in Europe, escort girls stay between 2 and 3 days maximum at the same address and then go elsewhere. In Switzerland (at least in the German part of Switzerland), it is advisable to plan to be there for at least 5 days, ideally a week is preferable.


* Single-Apartment: Make sure that this is an apartment where you will be alone and not a single room where the bathroom and kitchen are to be shared with others... Regardless of its size, the most important thing is that you can get a place that secures you a certain privacy. Hence the importance of reading the rental ad carefully. Often the photos or description are not clear and can mislead your choice. When such an error occurs, it is possible that you will not be reimbursed and that in addition you will not be able to offer the discretion that you wanted to offer to your customers...And given the circumstances, it is even very possible that in the end, you won’t be able to do any escort work there at all.

As a Sexmodel, finding the right apartment for your escort work is something you should prepare for. Don't underestimate this important step of your escorting journey in Switzerland.


Apartment owners: should you let your property to an escort girl?

For their own reasons (fear of losing their reputation, what people will say about it, prejudices about the sex industry, fear of disturbing the neighbors, fear of noise, etc.) many Landlords refuse to rent their apartment to a Sexmodel. Prejudices die hard...

Their position is often very biased by everything negative that is to be read and heard about the sex industry in general. It is said that it is an unhealthy, dangerous, or even violent industry. I am always surprised by this stand when I regularly hear about the scandals of the Catholic Church, the statistics of the increased consumption of hard drugs in the financial sector or the impressive number of domestic violence existing in Switzerland. No, the sex industry does not carry all the misery in the world and no, escort girls are not necessarily worse tenants than people who are not evolving in this industry.

Very often, you will be surprised to find how loyal and discreet a Sexmodel can be. This is very often the case when she has found an area where she works well and would like to be able to return there on a regular basis.

If you are considering renting to a sex worker, I suggest choosing those who truly work independent escorts, those with whom you can communicate well (in English, German, French, Spanish, etc.) and those who have a discreet look (from their appearance, nothing suggests that they are escorting).

Finally, you do not have to make the Sexmodel feel that you know what she is doing. This may make her uncomfortable and, in any case, she will eventually realize that you actually know about her activity.


How about doing some escort jobs from a Hotel room?

The Sexmodel who did not find apartments for escort girls may consider doing her escort work from a hotel room.

Escorting from a hotel room can be tricky. Although hotels are becoming more and more tolerant of Escort Girls, they are only really easy going with those who are extremely discreet. If the hotel is well located (good location in the city, nearby public transport, or easy parking) and the reception is not directly facing the elevator, it is a possible option for girls doing some adults work escort. Generally, the larger the hotel, the more discretion it guarantees. There are still two major drawbacks that makes escorting from a hotel challenging:


* Many hotels require the room card (which serves as a key) to access the elevator


* Not having access to a laundry room and unless you sympathize with the maid, it can be difficult to get the towels and sheets necessary daily (question of hygiene) to work well as an independent Escort Girl.


Nevertheless, the hotel can be a very good option for daytime meetings. More and more hotels are offering to rent their rooms by the day with very wide availability timeslots (and often very advantageous daily rates). In this case, an organized Sexmodel will bring in her suitcase what she needs for the day, including extra sheets and towels.


Conclusion: What to remember when it comes to escort work in Switzerland ?

Because many girls wanting to work as an escort in Switzerland often do not find escort jobs before arriving in the country, they often find themselves in a difficult situation. Remember that planning to go to a country you don't know, where you sometimes don't speak the language to find some escort work, is a process and you must prepare yourself for it. It is the Sexmodel's way of working and the context that often will determine whether she will seek to do her escort work from a private apartment, from a hotel room or whether she will initially choose to start in an erotic studio. Anyway, escorting aboard like any trip requires preparation to increase the chances of it being a successful experience!


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