31 / 03 / 2024
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From a brothel in Germany to independent escort in Switzerland: Part 3/3


Hello everybody!

I hope your week has been both productive and enjoyable.

This is the last part of a long blog. If you have missed the part 1 and the part 2, I invite you to read them first before continuing this one.

As I told you, I found the number of The Velvet Rooms (TVR) on a well-known website where job offers are published (what is important to mention is that back then, TVR had another concept. But since July, 2023, TVR is exclusively an advertising portal for independent escorts in Switzerland). 

I remember, it was a December evening 2017 around the Winter Holidays. On the other end of the phone, a woman's voice answered. Warm, and nice but you felt that this person was strong and worthy of respect. I talked to Janet for more than an hour and a half on the phone, she explained what exactly to expect when I will get there and that men in Switzerland have different expectations from those in Germany and that they put more emphasis on quality of service and discretion. We agreed to meet at the end of January (about a month later, because the year was already ending). When it was time to arrive in Switzerland, I got all the details of my arrival and what was going to happen.

When I arrived, Janet was waiting for me in front of the airport, very smiling, I was shy...a little afraid of the unknown but she reassured me a lot. Arriving at the office I met Pascal, who in turn helped me to understand some things and still does today, showing a lot of understanding and patience towards me.

On the same day, I had a photo session, because I needed pictures for my profile. The next day, I left for the place where I was supposed to stay for a week, St Gallen...quite a nice and cozy apartment, I liked it. St Gallen is a nice little town; the location was right in the city centre (perfect for shopping). Regarding work, I had a shock about the incoming calls and messages, which changed radically (at least for me, after Corona virus). Every day without exaggeration, I received more than 50 calls and messages and, in the morning, when I woke up, my phone was still full of calls and messages received overnight. It was a successful week without any doubt. Finally, Janet was right about the difference between men here and in Germany.

And besides, most of you who know me, my list of services was very limited. I should mention that Janet warned me that this may affect my work on the long run…

And she was right, I was super good to a point but over the years I things got more difficult and competitive. Nevertheless, I chose not to change my service. That's the risk I took.

Weeks went by, I was already used to the concept and the cold here, the market’ prices were twice as expensive as in Germany, I was also used to the people, Janet and Pascal were no longer strangers to me and they always showed a lot of support.

As for the customers, I also met people with whom I felt from the beginning that there was no connection between us, I also found people who hung up on me simply because I didn't speak German well, I also received messages or offensive calls sometimes...but what to do? You can't please everyone and get a minimum of respect no matter the field you work in. Not everything has been rosy in all these years. I have had times when I felt my patience was running out, I have had days and weeks when the work was not quite right. I have had challenges that I did not expect to face, but all the while Janet has always encouraged me and given me moral support.

Many of you think that this escort job is easy and that you always earn a lot of money. The truth is that you can earn money but what goes on behind the curtains and the smiles that the girls greet you with at the door, there is a lot of worry, stress and maybe sometimes sleepless nights. There are days when you may not feel quite ok, there is the time you spend away from your family, there are bills to pay... There's rent and advertising to pay and sometimes when you draw the line you might have less money left than you would have if you had a "conventional" job.

Clearly not everyone is like that but in general it's not as glamorous as you may think and as some men have told me. Not all independent escorts in Switzerland make a lot of money, and it is never easy. It may be fast, but it is never easy. Sometimes that money doesn't make up for what's behind the work. Very often, girls must give up an active social life and focus more on work to raise money.

And now I am addressing to girls who want to choose a job as an escort.

You must arm yourself with a lot of patience. This job is not only a job that involves physical work, but also and mainly mental work, for sure.

There are girls who will immediately work well, there are girls who will always work well but the average does not hit the jackpot so quickly. And the vast majority needs to approach this industry in a very professional way to be able to raise for themselves a comfortable and sustainable income over the years.

Don't think that if you come as a new escort in Switzerland, you will make a mountain of money. Not really: you need patience, a lot of patience. At first, some men are reluctant to visit you. Some wait for someone to leave you a comment on their encounter with you and then, the undecided will decide to visit you. It takes time to build up your clients and transform them into regular customers. Don't work superficially and going on the premise that quantity matters and not quality of service, as you will never be a successful escort in Switzerland. That’s for sure.

Pay attention to your advertising content, always come up with new pictures, new videos, new content... And pay attention to your behaviour, your consistency, your regularity and your reliability. Swiss clients are very sensitive to these details.

After almost 6 years, I've gone over to the other side of the TVR curtain. And I must admit, Janet offered that opportunity already 3 years ago. What did I wait for? I don't know. Maybe just fear of the unknown and taking on responsibilities I was not used to. But I received and still receive encouragement and support from Janet and Pascal, and I thank them once again for their patience and understanding. There are new things I do daily, and I have the feeling I am getting better at it. Some responsibilities are easy, some tasks are hard. Some I understand, some I don't or at least I don't understand so quickly and because I'm often afraid to do things the wrong way, that's exactly when I do mistakes. But I was told that doing mistakes is the only way to learn. So, I am trying to be a bit less hard on myself when it comes to that, while always trying to do my very best.

Now that I am on the other side of the fence and have maybe even more responsibilities, I try to be with the Models as much as I can and I am allowed to because I know what it is like to be in a place where it is just you and you alone and sometimes you feel the need to talk to someone or you need some advice about work...If I can assist them, I do it with great pleasure.  

I would like you to learn from my story that patience is the key to everything you want to do. The desire to evolve, especially when people come your way who see in you a potential beyond the level you are at that moment.

If a door opens in front of you, enter...it might not open a second time. And remember : everything changes, nothing ever stays the same.

When you get the chance for a new start in your personal life or in your career, take the opportunity to never stay in the same place.

Evolve and don't forget the people who gave you a hand to you and may have been behind you when you didn't know they were making sacrifices to help you.

Thank you, Janet! Thank you, Pascal! Thank you, ladies, and thank you gentlemen!

Take care everybody and thanks for reading my story.



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