Covid-19 Vaccine

More and more people are choosing to be vaccinated against Covid-19, for health reasons and / or for practical reasons, in order to be able to envisage a future and freedom of movement, “almost” as before …

Some of our Velvet-Models have made this choice which they believe will reassure a good number of customers.

Models with a red icon representing the Covid Virus are those who have been fully vaccinated. This means that they have received the two necessary injections which confirm that the vaccination has been completed.

Many of them are waiting for an appointment or have already received their first injection. Once the two injections are done, the Model has the choice to see this information being added into her profile or not.

If it is her choice, she will have communicated this information to me beforehand, which I can verify before affixing the “Covid Vaccinated Completed” icon at the bottom of her profile, just below the “Healthcheck” icon.

The point of all this? Reassuring oneself and reassuring hesitant customers, although (at the time of this writing, Junie, 5th 2021) life in Switzerland seems to have gradually returned to a certain kind of normality …

by Janet

The Velvet Rooms