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Dear Readers,

Did you know that one in five prostitutes carries a disease?

To learn more about it, I strongly invite you to read this very interesting article (in German), dating from 2018 and published in the famous Swiss Tages Anzeiger newspaper :

Here is a taboo subject which almost nobody talks about. It is nevertheless an extremely important topic. Why don’t we talk about it in Switzerland? Because Swiss law on this subject is in my opinion very lax … I will describe it as bizarre, alarming and I will even dare saying that I find it very irresponsible. Indeed, in Switzerland Sex Workers are neither obliged nor encouraged to be tested regularly. Here is what the law says about it.

„In any case, the ordering of an obligatory HIV / STD test by a Club, Studio or Agency Manager is not permitted in Switzerland. The legal situation in this regard is clear:

The use of condoms and HIV / STD tests always fall under the self-determined practice of sex work. The decision of the sex worker whether she wants to undergo a medical test or medical treatment remains voluntary in any case. If a woman takes a test voluntarily, she does not have to report the result, even if it is positive.

The ordering of an obligatory HIV / STD test would constitute an encroachment on the privacy of Sex Workers (Art. 28 Civil Code). „

In Germany, exactly like in Switzerland, prostitutes are not obliged to be examined for sexually transmitted diseases.

However, Austria is an example to follow! In this country, Sex Workers must be examined for sexually transmitted diseases every six weeks. It is an obligation which must be respected under penalty of fine.

At TheVelvetRooms, our Models have always taken care of their health. Quarantine has changed us – and it’s not all bad. We are in June 2020 and the whole world has just spent 3 very difficult months, fighting against the Covid-19 and its devastating human, moral and economic consequences.

We at TheVelvetRooms now wish to appear even more transparent towards our customers (especially towards our regular clients). This is why, all our Models have voluntarily agreed to be tested at least twice a year. In order to preserve data protection and medical confidentiality, the results of their tests are not visible on our website but have been communicated to the TVR team. TheVelvetRooms undertakes the responsibility to confirm that all the Models having on their profile the “Health check approved” claim have provided a health test in the last 6 months. This test obviously shows negative results.

By September 2020 at the latest, all our Models will have carried out these tests, which will be renewed at least every 6 months.

What exactly is being tested?

Syphilis can show up on the body in sores and rashes. Gonorrhea and chlamydia can lurk with no symptoms. They’re all generally easy to cure with a prompt antibiotics prescription. But when left untreated, they can lead to infertility or life-threatening health complications. But the good news is that getting tested is no big deal, and most STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are easy to treat. Unfortunatly, most Sex Workers in Switzerland do not get themselves tested and do not make it a priority.

There are numerous STDs. At ThevelvetRooms, the test that our Models undertake at least every 6 months is better known as “The Big 5 STDs”: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis B.

These 5 sexually transmitted diseases are the most tested among Sex Workers. Our Models can get these tests done in Switzerland or in their country of residence.

Why do our Models get tested ?

Our Models care about their job but they care even more about their health. They know that getting tested for STDs is important: It’s the first step to feeling better if one is having symptoms. And many STDs don’t have symptoms, so getting tested regularly will give our Models peace of mind.

It is also a way for them to protect and reassure our clients. Being transparent to reinforce the trust already established with customers who have known us for a long time but also with those who still hesitate to come and meet us.

At TheVelvetRooms, the intercourse/anal is ALWAYS practiced while using a condom. However, some Models provide certain services such as natural oral or rimjob for example. In these cases knowing that our Models are regularly tested is a relief for you Gentlemen. It is a very important element which for many men plays a decisive role in the choice to meet an Escort or not.

Choosing to go to an Escort-Girl who works from a private location, in a clean environment and who in addition makes her health a priority is an extremely important criteria for many men. Going to see a Sex Workers who is tested regularly is the best option for all Gentlemen who seek discretion and who want to make sure to take the least risk possible and above all, not to bring any disease back home …


For over three years now, TheVelvetRooms has been working very hard to change the image assigns by the media – often wrongly – to the world of prostitution. Forced prostitution undoubtedly exists, but contrary to what many feminists would have us believe, prostitution by choice also exists and deserves to be recognized and respected.

Since 2017, our professionalism, transparency and reliability strengthen our reputation a little more each day. As I keep saying, at TheVelvetRooms, it is not about the quantity but the quality. This quality, can be felt at TVR because our Models (unlike other places) are not there by obligation but by choice. Because they love their work, they take care of their health and make it a priority. Because they appreciate and respect their customers, they get tested regularly and hope through this initiative to gain your trust, your respect and your assistance.

Gentlemen, think about your health and support TheVelvetRooms!


by Janet

The Velvet Rooms