The TopChef Experience

It is well known: Men prefer women who know how to cook. No one will tell us otherwise!

And when a woman cooks for them, it makes them happy! If in addition this woman is very pretty and promises him a bit more after the meal, he would immediately jump at the opportunity!

What do you prefer to do: make love or eat? No need to choose! The TopChef Experience allows you to treat yourself to both of these pleasures at the same time!

Spend a pleasant time with one of our Models, around a meal she will have prepared at home (Incall place) for a romantic lunch / dinner, one-on-one.

What’s the goal?

This Experience gives the Model and her client the chance to get to know each other better in a more familiar and more spontaneous context in which the two protagonists have more time to “break the ice”, to be comfortable and open up to each other.

This Experience also allows you to establish a form of “relationship” with your favorite Model(s) which can help strengthen the chemistry already existing between you and / or make your intimate moments even more intense. All of a sudden, the mysterious Escort is no longer a stranger, but has become someone you know and you feel close to…

For the Model, this experience is an additional opportunity to create even more magical moments with her favorite clients or to welcome newbies to this “unique hobby” in a more gentle way.

Some of our Models love to cook, so they’re waiting to welcome you!

The TopChef Experience: for whom?

This offer is for all Gentlemen wishing to spend a more relaxed time with one of our Velvet-Models. This offer is for all men who do not want sex only but rather a moment of escape in the company of a beautiful, interested and interesting woman. A woman who in three hours will know how to relief the stomach, the mind and the sexual fantasies.

The TopChef Experience in summary!

3 hours: 1.5 hours of meal (lunch or dinner) at the Model’s home + 1.5 hours of GFE = 500 CHF.

Useful Info :

  • The meal is prepared by the Model, at her expense, before the appointment time.
  • This Experience can take place in the middle of the day (lunch) or at the end of the day (dinner)
  • To maximize the Experience and make it interesting, be sure to choose a Model you can communicate well with (no language barrier)
  • Note that some of our apartments do not allow you to fully benefit from this Experience. Check beforehand with the Model whether this Experience is possible in the apartment where she is located.
  • If you are allergic to certain foods or are on a special diet, share this information with the Model at least 3 days before the appointment.
  • The TopChef Experience must be booked and confirmed at least 3 days in advance. Requests within less than 48 hours may be refused.
  • Although the meal is offered to you, Gentlemen, do not show up with hands full of nothing! A bottle of wine to share is always a appreciated!;-)
  • Please, within the first 15 minutes of your arrival, give the donation to the Model in an envelope with her name. The donation is preferably given at the start of the meeting and not at the end.
  • Some Models may not offer this service to all customers. Contact them in advance to find out more.

The final word.

Cooking is the art of welcoming, of bringing joy to those around you. It is the art of bringing softness into a sometimes harsh everyday life. It’s the art of giving your full attention to the person you want to seduce …

Here are the Velvet-Ladies available for TopChef:

The Velvet Rooms