The „6 to 9“

Did you know that having sex in the morning has a lot of benefits on your body and brain? Morning Sex is a natural sex-reliever and gives you a good mood all through the day! Why don’t you do it more often?

Studies have shown that men perform better at work when they have been „satisfied“ in the morning.

At TheVelvetRooms, we think of our „Early Birds“ busy Gentlemen who do not always get the chance to have a great intimate time before a very long day of work and stress begins.

A few of our Models will wake up early and make themselves desirable for you. From Monday to Friday, between 6:00 am and 9:00 am, they offer you a 45 minutes encounter at a fix price of 150 CHF.

To profit from this very special offer, your booking must be requested and confirmed via email ( at least 24 hours prior the appointment and you should already be a VelvetRooms Guest. You will be asked whose Models of ours have you met so far. Unfortunately, brand new clients who have never used our services before can not profit from the Early-Birds special offer.

The „6 to 9 Experience“ is a priviledged moment to maximize your chances of having a very productive day: grab it now! 😉

The Velvet Rooms