Who do we target?


If you have already had the opportunity to read the articles of our blog, you already know how much we understand men, their strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs.

TheVelvetRooms spirit is free of judgment and is intended to be the best secret garden for any man who needs a change, entertainment, tenderness, relaxation, relief, or passion to better manage the difficult moments of daily life and to feel valued.

However, as globalization expands, gender relations become more complex. In the best of worlds, we would wish our first love to have never end, to have remained intact because everything was so perfect at that time… but here we are : People change, you change, we all change. Change is a fact, (in some cases inexplicable) but from which no one escapes and everybody has to cope with…

Sometimes, feeling listened to and desired is the thing that is missing in your life to give you back the necessary ernergy to best fulfill your role as a business leader, a father, a husband or a single man who is still looking for his own way….

Whether you are young, more mature, married or not, with or without children, the choice to meet an Escort has probably crossed your mind at least once. If you haven’t taken that plunge yet, don’t be shy. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Don’t feel guilty because you’re not doing anything wrong. On the contrary, this pleasure shared with a stranger will keep you balanced and will contribute to your mental and physical well-being and, paradoxically, to the well-being of those who are dearest to you.

Remember also that you are not the only one in this situation. Among friends, this subject can be a taboo but can I assure you, that at least 1 Gentleman out of 2 makes this easy, convenient and no string-attached choice to meet for a few hours at a private and discreet location, a soul who will know how to awaken their senses and warm their hearts, if only for an ephemeral moment…

Why don’t you think about yourself for once? You deserve it! 🙂


The Velvet Rooms