03 / 08 / 2021
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Escort Girls and Instagram : Gentlemen, these perfect bodies don't exist!


You love Instagram ... maybe you've already become addicted to it? The girls you follow on this platform make you dream ... and some turn you on tremendously? Wait wait ... have you ever wondered why in "real life" you rarely meet this kind of phenomenal-looking (almost unrealistic) women but they seem to be all over social media?

Come on Men, wake up!  Instagram is actually a mecca of fraudulent behaviour.

Before diving into the heart of the matter, here is a quick reminder of the definition of the word fraud.

Fraud : "A person or thing intended to deceive others by unjustifiably claiming or being credited by accomplishments or qualities."

Deception for personal gain is the reason why Instagram is full of frauds.

The 3 main ways of beautifying an image

To embellish their image on social media and deceive you, people will use three means:

* Makeup. Gentlemen, you cannot imagine how much great makeup transforms a person's face. Make-up is a precious weapon that has magical powers. Do you doubt it? Watch this breathtaking video:


* Poses. Do you know that two different poses can show a person in two different results making her appear like if she was another person?

* Filters. Thanks to social media, it is now possible to embellish everything. Photos, selfies, videos, everything can be edited with one click and without the slightest effort. Most smartphones have this option integrated and can automatically edit the photos taken. It has become rare to see selfies / photos or even natural videos. Everything is retouched and it would seem that without these retouching, women nowadays find it difficult to accept their natural image.

The influencers

These women/celebrities (there are also men but definetly more women) who are actually normal girls, are the ones who have the most influence on other girls (including Escorts, of course).

Despite what they try to make you believe, they don't look like Supermodels but like normal girls, as 98% of the girls on this planet are.

The term influencer get thrown away a lot as it is an outcast profession. But social media influencers have real influence on the people consuming their content.

Advertisers are willing to pay good money to have their product or service put in front of a large audience, being promoted by someone the audience trusts. Brands finds influencer marketing to be very important to their advertising campaigns.

Influencers are incentivized to get your attention in any way possible. Unfortunatly, most influencers are going to extrems to alter their appareance to receive views for the content.

Body image issue

Why in my opinion, is Instagram rising a body image issue in our society?

The new role Models of our youth are instagram influencers who use deception to promote a beauty standard which is unattainable. The highest paid and most popular beauty influencers can’t even attain the image they present to the public naturally. Whether it be through Photoshop, FaceTune, Makeup or Plastic surgery, they are using devices to trick you into thinking their image is attainable.

The result is obvious : young women feeling the need to get plastic surgery. The subconscious messaging that is being perpetuated is that young women’s only value is in how thick they are on social media.

I see nothing wrong with people getting cosmetic surgery. The problem I have is when influencers aren’t transparent about their surgeries, use of FaceTune in Photoshop or consumption of steroïds. What makes it even worse is when these same people lie about their procedures and then sell products based on a false image.

Most photos form beauty or bathing suit influencers are deceptive which I consider fraudulent. They are not displaying how they really look and then selling the image as being attainable by buying their mascara or eyeslash extentions. Even influencers who haven’t had any cosmetic  surgery or who don’t use crazy filters will rely on unatural poses to appear to have a physique more alluring than the one they really have.

Due to all this, depression, suicide thoughts and mental issues are rising among adolescents and young adults.

Dove self-esteem project found that 85% of girls were using retouching apps and filters by the age of 13. Check out this video :



Underage young girls (and boys too) are already negatively influenced to dislike their body enough to use filters before posting photos online. Freaky and sad... very sad.

Sex workers and Instagram

Although they cannot publish explicit content, the majority of Escorts use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat ...) to directly or indirectly promote their image/services.

On Instagram, Escort Girls are not immune to the influence of other girls and of course edit their photos to look younger, slimmer, more muscular ... Despite appearances, 80% of Escort Girls lack of self-confidence, are full of insecurities and constantly need validation of their beauty and / or attractiveness. For some, being an Escort helps them to gain self-confidence and to learn to love and accept themselves. Compliments from clients help build acceptance of who they really are. Insults and criticisms from men (and from women) can have the opposite effect and further undermine their self-esteem.

It’s very rare to meet Escorts who present themselves without disguising their image.

At TVR, 70% of the Models are Velvet-Label. This means that TVR guarantees that the photos were taken by one of our photographers and that they have not undergone any retouching or filtering. The girl is presented to you as she really is (mainly with minimal make-up on but nothing exaggerated), with her plus and her "beautiful imperfections" that make her a genuine person, the REAL girl who will open the door for you when you eventually meet her.

Gentlemen, since even selfies and videos are not spared by retouching and filters, direct your choices towards an Escort who uses natural content (selfies, photos, videos), without any retouching. There are very few out there, but you can still find them. Prefer those who don't lie to you, selling a fake image of themselves when they haven't even met you yet.

Finally, do not trust Portals where some girls have the "verified" label because very often, it does not mean anything. Indeed, to get this mention, you just need to send a copy of your ID (which could be a fake one, they have no way to verify it) or a selfie (which can be edited just like the photos of the profile, they have no way of verifying it) holding a piece of paper with their name and the date the photo was taken. The profile is thus automatically granted the mention "verified". This kind of pseudo-verification has no intrinsic value, since verification is in fact not a real one.

Besides, I'm sure that many of you Gentlemen have already met at least once, a Escort Girl with a "verified" profile who had nothing to do with the girl who opened you the door. Haven’t you?

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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