12 / 01 / 2021
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Tips for Ladies - The olfactory: your best ally!

Dear Model,

Here is an article that I have wanted to write for a long time now and which I hope will teach you something and help to further improve the quality of your Escort service in Switzerland.

Because by now you have certainly understood that being one of the best Escorts in Zurich is not only about having a great plastic ... it is much more complex than that (despite what many people may think).

In this article, I'll tell you about the powers of scent marketing. You've certainly never heard of it. However, some Escorts (unfortunately too few, which is why I am writing this article) understand and apply it very well and the results (their frequency of work) are proof of it.

So what exactly is scent marketing?

Did you know that 75% of consumers think they are likely to stay in a store longer if they enjoy the music, the visuals and the smell ? And do you know why? This is because our senses provide direct contact with our emotions and smell is the most memorable sense (the one we remember the most). Indeed, smell is closely linked to areas of the brain associated with emotions, affectivity, but also those of memory. And when there is a good smell in the air, your client is positively affected by that smell even before he has approached you.

A good smell contributes to the development of a feeling of well being in your client. You can't risk to greet him in a room that smells of chips, fish or musty. Your client will smell it, he will not tell you anything but this smell will create in him a feeling of restraint towards you. Too many girls are paying too little attention to this crucial detail. Staying in your apartment for hours with the doors and windows closed doesn't help you to realize that your apartment does not smell good. Having a 4-day-old garbage that gives off bad smells and not realizing it is not normal ... Cooking garlic or fish during your working hours is also a bad idea. At your place of work, abstain. You will cook whatever you want when you get home. There are things you cannot afford doing as an Escort because it turns away clients, who will never tell you the truth face to face.

Welcoming your client in an apartment that smells good is a way to mark your territory, the client knows where he is, at a time when differentiation is crucial, this is a significant asset. It’s as important as a good service. It's as important as your personal hygiene. The good smell of your workplace is part of the first impression your client will have of you. The client can then ask himself questions such as : a girl who smells bad may be a dirty girl who pays little attention to hygiene ...

The smell in your apartment should not be confusing to your client who - remember it -, will never tell you that it smells bad so as not to upset you or make you feeluncomfortable, but he will remember it for a long time. Maybe even this experience will be a foil for him and he won't come back to see you anymore ...

A few tips

Consider the olfactory atmosphere that must reign in your room/apartment as a way of shaping and developing your image. The sprays are unfortunately not always effective because after a few minutes, the smell they give off evaporates. Opt instead for more sustainable solutions such as: scented candles (Yankee Candles, Rituals which must be lit permanently and assure a long lasting good smell), Incense, Essential oils for electric use (Air Wicks ...), Stick-diffusors (Kukui. ch…), extremely concentrated room fragrances (durance.fr, mathildem.fr…), Utrasonic scent diffusors (saje.com…)… There is plenty to choose from! Buy enough to make sure the living room, bedroom and bathroom smell great! Yes, this involves a certain financial investment but I can assure you that your return on investment will be quick because a positive olfactory atmosphere will subconsciously create in your clients an emotional and memory reaction attached to you.

Another piece of advice I can give you: don't mix scents and don't always change your room scent. Choosing your room fragrance should be a consistent choice. Instead, choose a unique scent that you particularly like (for example: vanilla, lavender, rose…) which will define you, which will characterize your space and which will remain in the memory of your clients, like an unforgettable memory, linked to you.

A study by the Rockefeller University in NY showed that people can remember: 5% of what they see, 20% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch, but 35% of what they smell.

Lady, remember that a well-chosen fragrance is like a magical potion, can attract your clients, make them feel comfortable, which contributes to increasing the time they want to spend with you and creates a memorable experience for both of you. The smell has an impact on human behavior. As an Escort, your goal is to develop a regular clientele that you can always count on, economic crisis or not.

Among our 5 senses, it is physiologically proven that smell is the sense most intimately linked to emotion and memory. Everything we see and hear, visual and auditory memory, we remember between 3 seconds and 3 months. Everything we smell, our brain remembers from 1 to 3 years old, it's amazing! Smell is indeed part of the limbic system, the crossroads of emotions and memory. That’s why when we talk about smell, we touch on something very personal. A positive olfactory experience can therefore trigger a notion of memorization and attachment between your client and yourself.

This detail is very important, but unfortunately it is too lightly taken by the majority of Escorts. Remember, Gentlemen are paying for an experience, which begins as soon as they walk through your door.

Invest in your image and your clients will invest in you! :-)

Janet for TheVelvetRooms

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